Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | November 20, 2019 NBA Season
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Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Clippers - Full Game Highlights | November 20, 2019 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Cookie 37
    Cookie 37

    Game just ended. You guys are fast with the uploads 👌🏻



    • Bruce Lee
      Bruce Lee

      This comment never gets old

    • earlyburd78

      @Altus he knows....

    • IAmTheGreatestThrill

      Feel like they really messed up with the end of regulation. Clips went on a good run to close the lead in the last minute or two but they showed like 1 bucket of it

    • Altus

      @Jay Styles The channel picks what to pin.

  • Young Coconut
    Young Coconut

    Imagine Celtics vs. Clippers NBA finals. That would be the most entertaining NBA final ever.

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia

    God dam, this game was so good. Patrick Beverly with 16 rebounds. You can't lie he was honestly the best player on the court.

  • Grillinnap

    9:30 Celtics fan in a Ray Allen jersey behind the @NBA ad was gonna put the last play on snapchat but deleted it after the Kawhi's block.

  • TheClaw Hwahahahaha
    TheClaw Hwahahahaha

    How's that load management paying off? Is it showing its benefits now? Last time he did it on that other team they were still winning without him.

  • Brandon Montiel
    Brandon Montiel

    Any one realized the scoreboard changed 9:15

  • Keith Witcher
    Keith Witcher

    Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers basketball game was very good. I think Boston is going to the finals. I love Kemba Walker, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart.

  • Gabo Wells
    Gabo Wells

    what a great game💯

  • The Gaming Giraffe
    The Gaming Giraffe

    I’m a Celtics fans and the clippers played like shit and still beat us so you know there REALLY good when they get in there groove

  • Jamar Alexander
    Jamar Alexander

    At 9:11 that was a SMART move 😁

  • El Comandante
    El Comandante

    Win or lose Clippers still suck! Y aren't any Clippers players pissed off due to Mr Load Management taking soo many games off?

    • isaac chin
      isaac chin

      Hes worth it

    • isaac chin
      isaac chin

      Because they knew what they were getting when they picked him up.

  • Jean Castro
    Jean Castro

    This is one of the few times you can clearly call out and spot all the bandwagons in the stands.

  • Danielle Barnes
    Danielle Barnes

    I don't even know this do who is this do Are you I am cowboys I don't play no games on IT-my I need the game with the dice cowboys in pictures James Stacey Robinson Texas mavericks Texas Banditz43 Do you wanna make me stay off the IT-my you gotta find a hit me up on my number or hit me up on Facebook My brother is JJ Watts I am Val in this murder case 210 445400

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business

    take ya pick...we all down 4 a gud tim 252-481-2861 252-864-0275 Taya 252-717-6189 252-367-7697 Teasha 252-325-4095 919-798-1720 252-907-9797 Ladybug 252-833-9563 252-325-4644 919-785-8198 Katrice 252-531-8780 MeeKay 252-419-2104 910-676-9062 252-325-3068 252-933-4299 252-370-8836 252-320-0493 919-738-3160

  • Nick Yung
    Nick Yung

    I said this before and I will say it again. While Kobe reign was ending I predicted Kawhi was next. When Kawhi decided to spend a summer training with Kobe I said it was over. Kawhi will be the face of the league. After Kawhi started getting noticed young Tatum showed up and I said I saw some Kobe in Tatum too. Tatum then went and trained with Kobe too. After Kawhi reign is over Tatum is next.

    • El Comandante
      El Comandante

      #2 will never be #1. Mr Load Management should've stayed with the baby dinosaurs. Clip Joint will always be the Lakers lil snobby brother.


    Tatum is starting to hit his prime early

  • MR. legendry supersaiyan
    MR. legendry supersaiyan

    Rip pg ankles 😭😂


    Two Laker enemies going at it cant wait to see lakes and clips run it back on xmas

  • Joseph Freeman
    Joseph Freeman

    Wow clippers got lucky with a few calls for sure. When they come to boston we will deff beat them.

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth

    You know it is a Clippers game when half the fans cheering for the Celtics in LA. Never happens at Lakers games

  • earlyburd78

    Finals preview... .. rightchea.

  • David Raine
    David Raine

    Please share on

  • Clay G.
    Clay G.

    8:42 Pretty obvious travel. Then again, the NBA doesn't call travels anymore.

    • The Gaming Giraffe
      The Gaming Giraffe

      OMG lol thanks for showing me this

  • Keyshawn Reynolds
    Keyshawn Reynolds

    I wanted Boston to win

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson

    Might’ve already been the Game of the Year

  • Ibro Productions
    Ibro Productions

    7:17 What a fun guy.

  • Eloy Ramirez
    Eloy Ramirez

    As a celtics fan, just seeing tatum have the guts to take the game defining shots in both the 4th quarter and the end of overtime gets me so excited for what this team can do in the playoffs

    • isaac chin
      isaac chin

      Resepct bro

  • Baul George
    Baul George

    PG , KL , & Lou prefer the ball damn near at the same space on the floor (right side) . Crazy

  • San Diego
    San Diego

    Celtics are very talented.... but they need MORE SIZE in the interior. they are never going to win a 7 game series against the best & BIGGEST teams in the league, like Clippers, Lakers, Sixers, Bucks.

  • CashCronicles

    No excuses i fw PG hard but he got dropped Tatum just a dawg😈

  • JuaronTheMan

    The Celtics are too small

  • galaxy eyes
    galaxy eyes

    California has enough firepower to wreck the whole NBA

  • Maxwell Bado
    Maxwell Bado

    7:17 and 7:49 🙄🙄🤐🤐

  • Skyler Dillyn
    Skyler Dillyn


  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy


  • Jordy Burt
    Jordy Burt

    Where’s Hayward

  • andy bosik
    andy bosik

    To HELL with the NBA who are sell-outs to Communist China!

  • Malcolm Sanders
    Malcolm Sanders

    look at Lamar Jackson is in attendance

  • Malcolm Sanders
    Malcolm Sanders

    Lamar Jackson

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. “On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is - can you win or lose like a man?” -Al Pacino (Any Given Sunday 1999) TERRANCE OUT

  • Krod7435

    12 game win streak ended wow the celtics are good :)

  • Pizza Baratheon
    Pizza Baratheon


  • Tyrell Hill
    Tyrell Hill

    They got lucky wasn't a great win when you look at it but good game just bad defensive in the end by the Celtics and nobody else stopped up but Tatum maybe enes kanter should be more involved help in the post when you need scoring and he is a good midrange shooter

  • Nando

    Game of the year so far! Type the fans have been waiting for

  • Kingston Baez
    Kingston Baez

    I'm pretty sure that Marcus smart just sprained his ankle on Monday. Good for him to be playing and not having to sit out Go green!!!

  • keke giles
    keke giles

    MK ultra assets. N IT-my bout to make changes soon where the real bout to get taken off from here n it’s just gone b crap like this

  • keke giles
    keke giles

    Alll talking bout these people but do u kno them. I was a Kobe fan come to find he a chief lucifirian wake up

  • keke giles
    keke giles

    NBA is a gay fraternity n is rigged n is bagpiper circus. Wake up in Jesus name no more deception n deceat. MK ultra assets

  • keke giles
    keke giles


  • shaabo Squeezy
    shaabo Squeezy

    I'm honestly in press by the Celtics, they don't have no big man game tho, ain't no way Pat Bev should have 16 rebounds. Smh, 🤷🏿‍♂️ besides that... This game still went down to the wire #GreatGame and the Refs let them play to😎

  • ?Skoota Handle¿
    ?Skoota Handle¿

    I was so fuckin scared for the clippers n OT but that was a good fuckin game no cap

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia

    Tatum broke pg that was crazy


    Ghetto ball

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    I’m more impressed by Marcus Smart💯💯💯


  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee

    Kawhi, still the best two way player in the game.

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez

    Lou da shit....

  • greatest ever
    greatest ever

    Kemba just a regular lil nigga on the Celtics now he has to play with talent.. And he is not that guy anymore.

  • HiTechKing

    That was such a good crossover to tie the game

  • Ali Deeb
    Ali Deeb

    if we see celtics vs clippers in the championship i wouldnt be too mad about that tbh

  • merKo G
    merKo G

    da lakers.

  • wpaia

    I like it he block that sh×t like it was suppose to happen then walked off. Gangsta

  • israel ramirez
    israel ramirez

    lady commentating still not use to it.

  • Willusion

    Kawhi Leonard had a game

  • Avi Gindratt
    Avi Gindratt

    5:00 Kawhi w/the MJ

  • Genaro D
    Genaro D

    Both teams are great but the Celtics almost win without Hayward...

  • Team Provoken
    Team Provoken

    Paul George and Kawhi Leonard is probably one of my favorite 2 players working together.

  • Edgar Granados
    Edgar Granados

    Bought a dope ass hoodie from and it was honestly worth it

  • S Beans
    S Beans

    a lottt of celtics fans at this game lets go baby C's nation!

  • Aidan Armas
    Aidan Armas

    Tatum is for real

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