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BRADDISON IS CONFIRMED and We Go Over and Confront Bryce Hall About It, We Go To The Studio to Record a Banger, Then Back To The Sway House Where We Turn The Boy's into Frat Boys! Make Sure To Like and Comment Down Below, Subscribe so we can hit 1 Million Subscribers before August 14th which is Bryce's Birthday, I Also Lost My Allowance from Dixie, being serious though I Love Every Single One!!!
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  • Vibha Kallianpur
    Vibha Kallianpur

    I need to ask for permission!

  • Paige Mann
    Paige Mann

    I’ve never laughed so hard! 😂

  • enzo flores
    enzo flores

    When Bryce did that celebration on 6:41 that was hype af 😂

  • iiBonnies_butterflys

    I'm not gonna shop griff! bc you suck and ur problematic💩😹🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢


    next level playing at the start

  • AK-47Archer P
    AK-47Archer P

    0:05 he disliked one lmaoo

  • JWill Vernon
    JWill Vernon


  • TheKnight 42
    TheKnight 42

    stfu you inbred TikTok Eboys

  • Yang Shan
    Yang Shan


  • Jada Wellman
    Jada Wellman

    blakey bear🥺❤️✨

  • X K
    X K

    ALL set off my Gaydar🏳️‍🌈 on an epic level 🙄

  • Juan Carlos Hernandez
    Juan Carlos Hernandez

    Griffin I'm soooooooo mad for what u did to dixie

  • *Bella Marie*
    *Bella Marie*

    👑For real, this guy is not only the king of clickbait, but also the kung of receiving hate from Dixie’s fans👑

  • Chellin Audrey
    Chellin Audrey


  • Melinee Patayya
    Melinee Patayya

    Omg josh said you might have seen me with his girl friend 3 day ago aka braddison

  • G0RD0NB00

    0:05 griff did u just like a hate comment bout ur own camera man ....?

  • Maria fernanda Oseguera
    Maria fernanda Oseguera


  • Young clan Hi
    Young clan Hi

    Canceled them

  • free edits
    free edits

    And maybe you should have asked Dixie to see other girls

  • Christine Thomas 10B 43
    Christine Thomas 10B 43

    There You go, 14th August , Bryce's birthday, Griffin's 1 Million IT-my Fam! Woahhh!

  • Stephanie Sanchez
    Stephanie Sanchez

    love to see it

  • Natalie Redmond
    Natalie Redmond


  • Naydah khalil
    Naydah khalil

    Why whould we sub to you after you broke dixies heart i am happy she cut your allownace and youl be homeless i will never remeber you as the same person

  • Joseph Rosa
    Joseph Rosa

    He’s too young to be drinking

  • Cartoon_ Roses
    Cartoon_ Roses


  • Foxish Girll
    Foxish Girll

    Also, I dont buy cheaters merch.

  • Amal Khazaleh
    Amal Khazaleh

    bryce: steeling the (i dont know what) everyone:(screaming,shouting,laghing,clapping) bryce: looking at them confused 👁️👄👁️

  • Summer Genson
    Summer Genson

    Bryce did not deny that Addi is his gf

  • Molly Purvis
    Molly Purvis

    Bdog should have 1

    • Molly Purvis
      Molly Purvis

      The first round

  • johny ubankta
    johny ubankta

    I’m just amazed that anyone knows who these guys are and cares!!

  • Andrea Santana
    Andrea Santana

    my question is, was that his actual number? 💀

  • Kyle

    Holy shit this was a stupid video.

  • Tarsis Amador
    Tarsis Amador

    no just no

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno

    I really hope u don’t hit 1m

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno

    Then u joke about it

  • Jonathan Moreno
    Jonathan Moreno


  • lorena flores
    lorena flores

    My birthday is after Bryce’s

  • Frankie Cruz
    Frankie Cruz

    Who is brandon?

  • Hanan Alnamrani
    Hanan Alnamrani

    Is it just me or am I the only one who is looking for a video to watch then see a video from Griffin saying BRADDISON is confirmed me like Griffin said BRADDISON is confirmed!!!!!

  • xtina baj
    xtina baj

    I still don’t understand why they meant by kd

  • Alyssa Parente
    Alyssa Parente

    Why did griffin cheat on Dixie I’m so confused

  • Josh Schoonbaert
    Josh Schoonbaert

    Did anyone else notice that Bryce didn’t say anything when josh said well I was on trending on IT-my with your girlfriend

  • Soph Victoria
    Soph Victoria


  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    Omgg can he like not act like he DIDN'T JUST CHEAT ON DIXIE?!?!?!

  • Amy F
    Amy F

    How did you and dixie breakup

  • Denae Lardge
    Denae Lardge

    I never clicked on a video so fast

  • Jackson Hester
    Jackson Hester

    Don’t recommend this shit again youtube

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov

    Bryce 2020: “What’s up I’m Brad, short for Braddison” 😂😂

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini


  • Sara E
    Sara E

    Anddd they’ve broken up already

  • ChêEsy PoTãtO
    ChêEsy PoTãtO


  • Allegra Meddick
    Allegra Meddick

    My b day is august 14 Share it’s with Bryce

  • Bill Brig
    Bill Brig


    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov

      Dixie : sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.......... griffin : sOmEtImEs I dOnT wAnNa bE hApPy....

  • Amy Hogarten
    Amy Hogarten

    Who’s on top?

  • Henny Cowcow
    Henny Cowcow

    This is how many brain cells you lost during this video! | V

  • RTC 1022
    RTC 1022

    Keep this trash out of my home page ffs. Never touched a single video and the keep coming up.

  • Orges Hoti
    Orges Hoti

    Who thinks that Nessa needs some help (support) , I mean she literally is depressed

  • Rebecca Clark
    Rebecca Clark

    this aged well

  • miko foin
    miko foin

    Bryce 2020: “What’s up I’m Brad, short for Braddison” 😂😂

  • emily morales
    emily morales

    when do they talk abt braddison.?

  • Besa Komoni
    Besa Komoni

    Whos here when addi and bryce broke up lol

  • Green_Up Anthony
    Green_Up Anthony


    • Green_Up Anthony
      Green_Up Anthony

      miko foin I would love her to death if I was him 😪

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      imagine cheating on THE dixie

  • Lore Iel
    Lore Iel

    C'est dommage qu'on peut pas acheter leur sweat en Europe !

  • Kylene Murphy
    Kylene Murphy

    After he cheated on Dixie he is not cute for some reason

  • iiiMøllyiii !
    iiiMøllyiii !

    Dixie paid his stuff so he basically used her I think

  • iiiMøllyiii !
    iiiMøllyiii !

    Dixie : sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.......... griffin : sOmEtImEs I dOnT wAnNa bE hApPy....

  • Lucia Nicholes
    Lucia Nicholes

    This video is confusing

  • Faith Stroud
    Faith Stroud

    Brad said "I got 0 body's" that was the funniest part because pleaseeeee we know its more around 20-30 he been getting it. Mk 😂😂(all jokes)

  • Arisha K
    Arisha K

    Treat dixie like that We'll treat you by unfollowing ;) thats how it works hurt dixie sticks and dixie you get hurt urself

  • Beth Garcia
    Beth Garcia

    I lowkey don’t get “dixie cut off my allowance” does Dixie give griffin money for dating her..?

    • lil PoCo
      lil PoCo

      Its literally a joke dude 😂

    • Zami Harvey
      Zami Harvey

      it’s a joke. no. bc she obviously makes a lot of money

  • Lino V. A.
    Lino V. A.

    Aye my guy, I bet your viewers age average 9-13 learn to be educated and express yourself without profanity nimrod

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