Breaking Down the Texans Wild Card Comeback | Baldy Breakdowns
NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, breaks down the Texans comeback against the Buffalo Bills during Wild Card Weekend.
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  • Andrew /\ H-TOWN
    Andrew /\ H-TOWN

    This is on the official channel ?! 🤣🤣🤣 Jesus Christ buy this guy a new mic

  • Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬
    Martial Arts Junkie台灣囝波萬

    Recorded by Nokia3310

  • rigoagui

    I'm sorry but this fool is wrong, the comeback started when JJ got the sack and held the Bills to a field goal.

  • カーネルヨンダース

    Baldy recorded his voice far away from another galaxy

  • Superb homie
    Superb homie

    Tf wrong with the audio

  • Jap Powell
    Jap Powell

    Elite is not the word for DW4. He's Elected. The world elite people. The almighty King upstairs Elect.

  • Triangle Apple
    Triangle Apple

    Try putting a blanket over your head to prevent echo in your videos if yall just ain't finna spend money on real equipment

  • Vincent Vaughan
    Vincent Vaughan


  • CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate
    CorporalPitts and PraiseSisterKate

    JJW was GAME ON for #BUFvsHOU Credit, Baldy for a Savvy Breakdown from Me and My Lady Kathleen "hey, Kate here. Baldy gets my credit too. thx Corporal for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootballPartner #NFLFantasyFootball #100NFL #HoustonStrong

  • Grand Wonder
    Grand Wonder

    Hail to the Comeback Texans!

  • Ty Sosina
    Ty Sosina

    Imagine drafting Trubisky over Watson...

  • Adam Siegel
    Adam Siegel

    That's the lowest quality thing I've watched in a while! Go RAVENS

  • Smoove Talk
    Smoove Talk

    Cheifs are going to light them up. Texans defense is trash.

    • Smoove Talk
      Smoove Talk

      @Donald Pace yeah but there offense makes up for it. They can easily outscore all there opponents. And when you are not a balanced team you have to be a top offense or defense to make up. Thats why texans and titans are finished this week.

    • Donald Pace
      Donald Pace

      Chiefs defense trash

  • Brian Fike
    Brian Fike

    You are a billion dollar company. With a 2 dollar audio system. Come on man!!

  • Larry Walker
    Larry Walker

    Championship DNA!!!!

  • Alam Solano
    Alam Solano

    “Deshaun has what nobody else has, CHAMPIONSHIP DNA.”

  • Mifoi123

    Baldy is stuck in a well please send the police to get him out quick! Wow, he still making videos out of there what a trooper!

  • Felipe G.
    Felipe G.

    Aliexpress mic :v

  • Gervin Williams
    Gervin Williams

    They're playing prevent defense. What's that do? Prevents winning! Classic.

  • Joe Turner Jr
    Joe Turner Jr


  • Transform Gamer
    Transform Gamer

    My gosh the audio quality

  • Monica Reedy
    Monica Reedy


  • mark fahey
    mark fahey

    you forgot to mention, 3rd and 18, Ed Oliver tackled by Texans No:73. No flag, ref staring at him, but Ford gets a blindside flag? Kroft got a holding penalty on a critical down also. Watt landed on Allen full force without the ball. Even liar announcer said he landed on the side...Yeah...right. I saw it. You know there's a ref who's only job is to watch that, right? Ask Clay Matthews if that's a penalty. He got tagged twice for much less. A lot of people think the games are fixed. I don't think they're "fixed" per se, but calls lean toward the team the league thinks will bring in the most $$$$. You're kidding yourself if you don't think that. Oh...I forgot the Bills had a legit TD called back on the second half KO. According to the rules, it was a TD. There is a video on FB showing a team getting one and it counting. McFarland said "America doesn't want to see that! They went with common sense. HUH??????? I wanted to see it. Game over. that's why it didn't count. They deferred to off field ref substitutes. DOUBLE HUH??????? Common sense? Like when LeSean Jackson tossed aside the ball on a bomb at the half yd line? I'm sure he didn't MEAN to throw it away and not score. Right? If they said "The receiver threw the ball away before crossing the goalline, but didn't mean to, therefore, it is a TD" You'd say "Sure...why not?" The rules are the rules, until they aren't. I'm sure the rapid expansion of legal sports gambling will make this better. Wait til someone gets murdered over this. It was a Bills TD. Play til the whistle, right? No whistle. He threw the ball aside while moving forward. If it were reversed, no Texan fan would be angry, I'm sure. That ended the game, right there. many tune out. That costs money. Can't have that! I'm done. I feel better, anyway.

    • Dorstic

      mark fahey no one read this. Bills suck

  • Ivan Fonkoa
    Ivan Fonkoa

    I swear he records these breakdowns with a tomato can

    • Darnell BoldandRaw
      Darnell BoldandRaw


  • Verious Smith III
    Verious Smith III

    Great commentary but the sound quality is junk.

  • Abdullah Alali
    Abdullah Alali

    Eww the sound

  • Steve

    Josh Allen froze, he choked terribly. And the Texans had the refs in their pocket.

  • JJSugar

    How is this the official IT-my channel for the NFL and they put out a video with terrible quality visually and audibly?

    • TheLocalLt

      JJSugar this is baldy’s signature video style. On his twitter vids he straight up takes a cell phone vid of his tv screen using his fingers to point out the plays 😂 he’s one of the best analysts tho

  • KOFFIN nails
    KOFFIN nails

    Great work 💯, I love this.

  • Lee Edward
    Lee Edward

    Scuffed mic

  • Archie Ray
    Archie Ray

    Is this guys in Stephen A. Smith's living room while the wife is sleeping again? We have to do better with the microphones people.

  • Sumting Wong
    Sumting Wong

    This man in the studio breaking down football plays in a hazmat suit. That sound quality is on point 👌

    • Angel A
      Angel A

      He had to be careful with all that 🔥 coming through the screen from Watson lol

  • Terri Lynch
    Terri Lynch

    Go Texans Go! Woohoo D'Andre "Nuke" & Deshaun!🥳😁🙃🙂❤💟💜🐾🧡🐾

  • RC Knight
    RC Knight

    No mention of JJ’s sack? That was the real shift in momentum.

    • Ike Rob
      Ike Rob

      @Big Fella No, he single handedly won the game is what you mean right.

    • Big Fella
      Big Fella

      Ike Rob sounds like an idiot. Bills probably would’ve scored on that drive if it wasn’t for that sack. It did not only get the team back together but also the crowd. I was there at the game. Watt single handily gave the whole team energy to win

    • David Lee Roth
      David Lee Roth

      @Ike Rob I see what you are saying, but the Watt sack was a game changer. I was at the game and the place went NUTS when he did. Do I think it should have been mentioned? I don't know nor care, but nothing wrong with Dez and RC mentioning it. It fired up even Deshaun as he mentions it during an interview. Said the whole offense was ready to get to work to finish the game. Watson is who we all know did 95% of the comeback. No other past Texans QB would have done what he did. Heck. Maybe only 3-4 others in the league would have had a chance to get out of that and make that play. Now I am 100% with you on the Brady thing lol

    • Ike Rob
      Ike Rob

      @Dezman Garrett Anyone can make there own narrative on here, which is what RC Knight did. He felt some type of way that the entire post no one mentioned JJ Watts sack. Well they didn't mention all the other players that made big plays in the clutch either, and Knight didn't say anything, what about them. No, he wants to give special attention specifically to Watt. And he feels some kind of way that they are giving it to Watson, and if this is not true Why did he bring it up to begin with if this game is a Team effort. But I get it I'm sure you guys think Brady is the Greatest player quarterback of all times too don't you. I'm sure you can't see the PARTICULAR type of system he plays in, right....That might be too much for you so I'll leave it at that.

    • Dezman Garrett
      Dezman Garrett

      Ike Rob i mean yea he carried us to that win, nobody is saying deshaun doesnt deserve 95% of the credit 🤦🏽‍♂️ we are simply jus saying that jj's sack turned the momentum, had he not got that sack they would have kept the momentum for a while longer and then a comeback would be too late 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • David R
    David R

    It's payback 4 the bills coming back & beating Houston all those years ago in the playoffs even thou that was the OILERS it still was Houston good job TEXANS!! 😎👍

  • Connie B
    Connie B

    Watson = whodini

  • Steve

    Simple, just watch the refs throw the game.

    • Dorstic

      Yep the refs scored 19 while stoping the bills from scoring. Idiot

  • Josiane Nagito
    Josiane Nagito

    Yes yes yes Perfecto Tres Parfait !!!!!!!

  • Richard Edward
    Richard Edward


  • Christopher Lopez
    Christopher Lopez

    Why He sound like the dude from black ops 1💀

    • Shane Williams
      Shane Williams

      “The numbers baldy, what do they mean!”

  • Thunderduck

    Watson is nuts, a great and fun ball player.

  • iceicebuddy

    Last play: Bills D missed takles bc a "roughing the passer" call would put HOU in field goal range to end the game.

    • Rise_Tomato_

      iceicebuddy bruh you’re an idiot no they def didn’t no nfl defender is thinking “oh I shouldn’t hit the quarterback toooo hard I don’t want a flag” they go as hard as they can for a reason they wanted to end Watson there and hit his ass hard but watson has been a magician all year and escapes like that constantly go take your bum ass choking ass back to buffalo (I’m assuming you’re a buffalo fan?)

  • Amber Barrett
    Amber Barrett

    What an awesome breakdown. I'm a Rams fan living in South Africa but watching your vid, I can be nothing but impressed. My team might be out but I still appreciate a winner. #A-wesome

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins

    Chiefs gonna whip dat ass next week. Watch. Mahomes is healthy and the defense is on a different level. Watch out.

    • The Psychopath
      The Psychopath

      andy reid is a choke artist in the playoffs

  • Karl Warner
    Karl Warner

    Two Words: The SACK

  • SolidMGSnake

    The fks up with the audio?

  • HOG

    Breakdown how the refs won the game

    • JustJess

      I guess yall missed the blatant interference call early in the game on Hop... which had it been called I'm convinced that it would have made a major difference, that call was a real buzz/momentum/mood killer I was there I lived thru it and it had pretty significant negative impact in the overall energy of the stadium!!! Not to mention all the times our plays were on like automatic review mode and theirs eh not so much, in fact not at all unless Coach OB challenged it...and of course they wouldn't reverse their original calls anyways so I don't even know why we e even bothered with them. There were some pretty bad calls, on both ends but the entire 1st half they were all pro Bills second half they were more pro us. .Id much rather have just had them have done a better job officiating and calling a spade a spade for all 4 qtrs and let the players battle it out. But we all know that's not realistic, refs tend to suck, and even if they don't suck they will still make bad calls All you can do is hope their not all favoring your opponents!!!

    • Dorstic

      Harlan HOG York CRY

    • Angel A
      Angel A

      @HOG lol lol

    • HOG

      Chris yup yup

    • Chris

      @HOG u mad mad?

  • BryceTheDice

    Gg to the Texans, but there were so many stupid flags that were missed or were called costing the bills some extra yards or points. These past few years, the officiating has been downright disgusting. It has cost countless teams wins. Something needs to be done about these awful officials.

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    Texans getting blasted next week lmfao

    • James Williams
      James Williams

      @JustJess the chiefs defense is vastly improved over the last five weeks so momentum or Not the chiefs have the better offense better quarterback and better coach. The Texans have a history of losing in the playoffs. Mahomes took his team in his second year to the AFC championship game. While watson just won his first playoff game. Sorry but the Texans only have maybe five playoff wins since comming into the league in 2002. So yeah I'm taking the chiefs and by some miracle you make it past are getting destroyed by the ravens so good luck and I'm counting you all out.

    • JustJess

      @James Williams Bills defense is way better than Chiefs, 2nd of all all games are pretty much for grabs, whichever team plays better, has less key players out with injuries, and then its about momentum... being that playoffs in the NFL you only get that one chance one game if you win you advance if you lose your out... unlike baseball and basketball... these are professionals the best of the best period, and any team no matter how great they are How great their record is and all their stats etc if they are off for some reason, if they can't get in sync and get in a groove, which does happen... there's so many things that can happen to shift a game any which way!!! So We'll see!!! Don't be so quick to write us off or any other team at that. Upsets happen every season, in every sport, and yes even during playoffs!!!

    • James Williams
      James Williams

      @Rickeyl Davis umm hate to break it to you but you do know the regular season does not have any effect on how A PLAYOFF game will go..if that is the case you better be glad the Broncos are not in the playoffs point is you barely won at home against the bills the chiefs and ravens are the superior teams BY far either one will beat the texans

    • James Williams
      James Williams

      @Obinna Nwakwue my statement stands

    • Rickeyl Davis
      Rickeyl Davis

      If im correct-Didn't Hou Beat KC in Narrowhead Stadium? Without Watt? Dont think it's gonna be a Blasting- More like Revenge tour for Houston- But really depends on what team shows up-Hopefully the 2nd half team-not the First half team-lol

  • Spam Account
    Spam Account

    Lmao this song is on Saints Row 3

  • Joshua Sumrall
    Joshua Sumrall

    That Mascot!!! Team Spirit!!!

  • channel6

    He sounds like a robot lol.

  • no yes
    no yes

    Your an ass Baldy. Wrong on your annalisis

  • Animelytical

    13 nothing

  • Football Time
    Football Time

    When you work for nfl network but make videos on FaceTime with shitty wifi

  • Nick Mccreery
    Nick Mccreery

    So much for Hopkins not being an elite wr. Dude ate his words

  • TerryMarineBMF

    Announcer on TV, "America doesn't want this." Bible: He gave Himself up. Therefore, no touchdown will be held against him.

  • HTX 713
    HTX 713

    Bill O'Brien is lucky he has Watson wo carry him smh

    • Wuzi Mu
      Wuzi Mu

      watson was the one tripping over his own feet the first half, he starts slow and got beat up cuz of it. he misses open guys, waiting for deep routes, gets pressured and runs out of the throw instead of shuffling and throwing and often gets sacked because of it. these are problems watson had all season. watson made that game way harder than it should have been, the hardest of all for himself. he is so amazing he can overcome when he messes up a lot of times. but he knows his weaknesses and will continue to improve at them. coaching wise o'brien had a good game, the only even questionable thing was the challenge, which didn't matter, but had some potential to be negative but wasn't. both o'brien and watson have shown steady improvement in their weak areas, and look to continue that trend for at least a few more years.

  • Aaditya Patel
    Aaditya Patel

    That’s why you win

  • Cap One
    Cap One

    Wow. 2 free shots on Watson at crunch time and both Bills defenders just bounce off of him. Bills will kick themselves after watching the film.

    • Tori Speaks
      Tori Speaks

      Cap One It’s simple physics, I wish I could explain it better to you.

    • Cap One
      Cap One

      @Tori Speaks No. Bills' Siran Neal & Matt Milano couldn't make the tackle. 4:49 Watch again in slow-mo. Don't see any guys keeping Watson up on those missed tackles..

    • Tori Speaks
      Tori Speaks

      Cap One actually having two guys helped Deshaun stay up, if you notice the directions in which they both come from it propelled Deshaun up.

  • Ryan Flanagan
    Ryan Flanagan


  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner

    Saints are cursed. And I wanted them to lose.

  • Benjamin Hinckley
    Benjamin Hinckley

    Didn’t know “common sense” calls were in the rule books. Along with the so called illegal blindsided blocks. Bullshit game

    • Ty Cobb
      Ty Cobb

      @Benjamin Hinckley The officials make it up as they go, i have lost faith in the NFL. Are the officials cheats or are they useless!!???

    • Benjamin Hinckley
      Benjamin Hinckley

      Ty Cobb I guess I’m just confused when Cody ford used his hands while squared up with a defender and they called it an illegal blindsided block. But if it were to be that then the defender would have to be defenseless and Cody also never used his head or shoulder. I didn’t expect buffalo to get past the divisional round but c’mon.

    • Ty Cobb
      Ty Cobb

      @Benjamin Hinckley The rule needs to be changed, it was BS

    • Benjamin Hinckley
      Benjamin Hinckley

      Ty Cobb okay how about the play clock running to 00 in OT when Houston was 3rd and 18 and the officials not doing a damn thing about it. Everything needs to be focused on especially in overtime and noting was called against the texans

    • Ty Cobb
      Ty Cobb

      There was no ''common sense' call when Dallas won the coin toss a few weeks ago, they said the rules are the rules. The officials in the NFL have a lot of questions to answer!!!!!!!!

  • Juan23 Valdez
    Juan23 Valdez

    O’Brien exists: Deshaun Watson: I’m about to save this mans career

    • Alan Pastrana
      Alan Pastrana

      @Wuzi Mu disagree, he only threw the ball 8 times in the first half, josh allen had long runs and a TD catch but only managed to get in the red zone once in the first drive of the game and then again at the end of the 4th. In between those drives he threw 4 potential ints. 2 of them would've probably been returned for a pick 6. Meanwhile, second half Deshaun Watson threw only one incompletion, and the incompletion he threw was a drop by his TE Darren Fells. So no I dont think Josh Allen performed nearly on the same level as DESHAUN WATSON SON.

    • Wuzi Mu
      Wuzi Mu

      honestly watson was the one struggling out of the two of them. he has started slow like he has done all season. and missed a lot of open guys especially in the first, waiting for deeper routes to open, then would get pressured and ran out of the throw instead of just moving a little bit and throwing. like he did all season he improved his pace the second half. and he is so amazing that he can come up with something even when he messes up. he was still missing some good choices. but he and o'brien seem to understand there weaknesses, and so far in both of their careers have shown steady improvement in those areas.

    • Angel A
      Angel A


  • Sho Sho
    Sho Sho

    Saints is still choke again. 😂

    • Mr Green
      Mr Green


  • Cordae ee
    Cordae ee

    Please get a good mic

  • jargin2

    Audio recorded on potato

  • HTX 713
    HTX 713


    • Kieran Callahan
      Kieran Callahan

      mad gamerguy that’s tuff

    • HTX 713
      HTX 713

      @Umair Zamir 4 is his Jersey number

    • Umair Zamir
      Umair Zamir

      HTX 713 you so I see this a lot what does the 4 mean in dw4?

  • Mark A.
    Mark A.

    The Vikings just won in overtime against the saints with a touchdown!!! Why would the saints get a chance to respond???? Or is it a field goal is when they respond against????

    • Mark A.
      Mark A.

      @Tori Speaks Thanks Tori!!!! I just wasn't quite sure!!!!✌

    • Tori Speaks
      Tori Speaks

      Mark Armstrong it’s a field goal.

  • Gary Fleming
    Gary Fleming

    Two teams tried to win but the referees knew who would win and made sure of that. The same happened in Buffalo's first super bowl against the giants. Buffalo was in position to kick the winning field goal but the referees pushed them back out of field goal range. Just seems the Bills will never be allowed to win because of the referees. Enough said!

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