BREAKING Girlfriends Phone, Then Surprising Her With iPhone 11
Nyyear AndJalyn
hope you like your surprise Jalyn. Sorry for breaking your phone lmao. If you see this comment "he broke it." We love you guys!


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  • Nyyear AndJalyn
    Nyyear AndJalyn

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    • my name
      my name

      I was standing up in front of him wearing a black long sleeve polo collar button down shirt and socks and my asshole was itchy hairy and sweaty. Sharp pieces of shit was stabbing me in the asshole so I scratched my bootyhole and got shit on my fingers and brought it up to my nose and sniffed my shitty fingers.

    • niya is wavy
      niya is wavy

      I like yall yall funny

    • Satoya McGregor
      Satoya McGregor

      Do you have a son ore a

    • Johnique Jackson
      Johnique Jackson

      I am new to the channel i like it

    • Zakeya Hajj
      Zakeya Hajj

      Nyyear AndJalyn Jalyn & Nyyear 🥰😍😍🥰10.000009.

  • Binnca Prince
    Binnca Prince

    She telling u life her phone is priceless

  • Aaron Gill
    Aaron Gill

    he broke it

  • Bundle Killa
    Bundle Killa

    U look amazing in that outfit jalyn💣💥

  • Tyler Truesdale
    Tyler Truesdale


  • Jackie Washington
    Jackie Washington


  • CM Gaming
    CM Gaming

    Lol she dead crying about her phone 😂

  • Levon Smith
    Levon Smith

    A. love. NJ. Gang💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💯💯💯💯

  • Alexis Erysthee
    Alexis Erysthee

    jalyn stop complaining just take the new phone and be happy like..

  • Wendy Mcswain
    Wendy Mcswain

    Team nyyeàr

  • Shariese Jones
    Shariese Jones

    Nyyear said be happy 😭

  • Bilguissa Barry
    Bilguissa Barry


  • shaquinta Butler
    shaquinta Butler


  • Clarissa Shaw
    Clarissa Shaw

    Why would u do that because like she telling straight facts tho nyear

  • Alexandra Henderson
    Alexandra Henderson

    Money don't grow on trees yes it do because money is made of paper and paper come from trees so...🤑🌳

  • Shenell Bryan
    Shenell Bryan

    Love yall IT-my channel

  • Milan Butler
    Milan Butler

    You should have thought bout the phone because if he gave her the new one and have not broke that one she could have sent those pics to her self and then you could break it

  • Nikkia Langston
    Nikkia Langston

    Team Jailny

  • Bre Holmes
    Bre Holmes

    I rate the both of you 10990000000009999000

  • Felicia Worthem
    Felicia Worthem

    She so mad 😡

  • Felicia Worthem
    Felicia Worthem

    Nyyear gang

  • selena joseph
    selena joseph

    IT-myrs go over and beyond to showcase their monies. I agree with Jalyn!! You don't do stuff like that. Smfh Nyyear you need to check yourself.

  • Tirik Patterson
    Tirik Patterson

    Yh guess I wud not stay mad if I got a new phone tho so yh😂😂💯

  • sha sha
    sha sha


  • Devyn Freeman
    Devyn Freeman

    That was mean

  • Laneeta Marie
    Laneeta Marie

    No I wouldn’t be mad be kinda ion know💁🏽‍♀️

  • Samantha Gruny
    Samantha Gruny

    Just because you have money doesn't mean you could waste it... I can't even buy a proper phone for myself so seeing this have me infuriated. 😡

  • Michelle Outsey
    Michelle Outsey


  • The beast Girl
    The beast Girl

    He broke it (I am so late)

  • Cippy Cunningham
    Cippy Cunningham

    Who like coconut 😂😂

  • Jr Smith
    Jr Smith

    Yes I will be mad if you broke my phone I could sold it but I will still be happy for a no one

  • M.L.B TV
    M.L.B TV

    Money don't grow on trees. It's made out of trees.

  • lance Josephs
    lance Josephs

    Hes laughing

  • Jaona Johnson
    Jaona Johnson

    She was being ungrateful

  • Cynthia Estrada
    Cynthia Estrada

    Laundry is NOT for girls/women🙄. Its a chore that anyone can learn, facts!😎

  • Lise Jhenae
    Lise Jhenae

    When jayln yawned I yawned😂

  • Lise Jhenae
    Lise Jhenae

    I followed y’all on TikTok

  • Siimplyy Yayoune
    Siimplyy Yayoune

    Go follow my instagram account please❤ : it's (@siimplyy._yayoune._)

  • Amir Walker
    Amir Walker

    "you did that bad"

  • Atavia Boone
    Atavia Boone

    Team. Nyyear

  • Raquel Gordon
    Raquel Gordon

    Yoo..Who else yawned when Jalyn yawned🤣🤣🤣

  • Shanel Williams
    Shanel Williams

    this is amazing

  • Zianna Reid
    Zianna Reid

    She should be happy she got a new iphone

  • Zianna Reid
    Zianna Reid

    Jayln is ungrateful

  • Armani Haywood
    Armani Haywood

    He annoying af he don’t know how to listen to his girlfriend

  • Octavia family first Wiliams
    Octavia family first Wiliams

    Shes right money do not grow on trees

  • Octavia family first Wiliams
    Octavia family first Wiliams


  • youngmiemie

    i would not like that


    can u break my phone

  • niya is wavy
    niya is wavy

    Yeah that's crazy she don't need it but take the phone and fix it but love yall❤️❤️

  • Kayy Babyy
    Kayy Babyy

    Go subcribe to her be channel

  • Kierra Benton
    Kierra Benton

    She has all my respect. She is unmatched compared to other IT-myrs. She is so humble!

  • Darius Smith
    Darius Smith

    He’s still a child obviously

  • Brianna Givens
    Brianna Givens


  • Nyeem Starks
    Nyeem Starks

    He threw it out the window again

  • JAHMIAH Bond
    JAHMIAH Bond

    Nyyear jayln forgive but she never forget

  • BELLA Gilbert
    BELLA Gilbert


  • Brezzy127 Boss
    Brezzy127 Boss


  • Jay’s World
    Jay’s World

    I would cuz ion even have a phone at all and my parents can’t afford to buy one 🤧

  • The Kreative Lyphe
    The Kreative Lyphe

    I tell you these IT-myrs are wasteful. Im in Jamaica, and having an iPhone is a definite luxury. Smh. Meanwhile Im here with a Samsung J7 for almost 5 years. It still works fine for the most part. No need to waste money in this manner when that money could be used for a better purpose. Smh #sad

  • TSM_HitmanJr1225

    17:38 nyyear: uon need no phone

  • Shona Njuguna
    Shona Njuguna

    Because u always wash them to much

  • Camps 01
    Camps 01

    I mean i wouldn’t be mad if i get the new iphone and instead u destroy mine lol

  • Camps 01
    Camps 01

    He just threw away an iPhone XS Max 😭😭 im watching ur vids with a iPhone 6 😂 4 the outfit she 10/10 but you bro 11/10

  • CasingADream W.NueCases
    CasingADream W.NueCases

    He so funny

  • CasingADream W.NueCases
    CasingADream W.NueCases

    God gave him her for a reason , baby had he not have Her he’d be going bananas with that money

  • Jarlie Louis
    Jarlie Louis

    When I was little I always got scared of car wash

  • Michyah Davis
    Michyah Davis

    I wouldn't be mad bruh I would be happy because I'm getting a brand new phone and an update.

  • Juss Tren
    Juss Tren

    10 that mask fire

  • Canaan Hill
    Canaan Hill

    Both of y’all 100

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