[BREAKING] Shannon "heated" LeBron's Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed
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[BREAKING] Shannon "heated" LeBron's Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed
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  • Charles Sparkley
    Charles Sparkley

    I hate when skip hums at all of Shannon’s points

  • ReeTheGodly 24
    ReeTheGodly 24

    Shannon shut up its lucky when somebody makes a 3 but it’s pure when LeBron does. What is this dude smoking. LeBron ain’t been in no conversation when it comes to shooting cause he can’t shoot

  • KnockOut1210

    I got him looccked up won't let him out

  • Johnny Figueroa
    Johnny Figueroa

    Shannon “ mmm MICHEAL JORDAN WOULD OF NEVER DID THAT “ lmao SKIPS argument was pointless lol all he did was compliment how good AD was playing which is what AD suppose to be doing 😂 IF Ands Or But’s it didn’t happen lol

  • marlon mangiliman
    marlon mangiliman

    Skip the greatest hater

  • dirtyballs32

    Hilarious people still think bron the goat how you get months of rest and only put up 16 my nigga derozan dropped more than that its ite that lakers got regular season win we all know what lebrons reputation is in the finals *cough choke artist cough* but oh how lakers fans love these regular games 😂

  • LouDaGoat

    AD is a demon that’s what we learned no cap

  • The Locksmith5G
    The Locksmith5G

    Ever since Kobe died. Lebron , changed.. I see a different LEBRON. I see MAMBA'BRON'BRON.. fun what these wierdos talking bout. I see James seeing. His own guilt. Being playout on the court..

  • Eric Carvelli
    Eric Carvelli

    Anthony Davis is the key to the Lakers championship hopes not LeBron James, I know that's not what LeBron's fans want to hear but it's the fact, the problem is everybody knows in the playoff so what you're going to get from LeBron he's going to average close to 30 points a game, but just like when he was in Cleveland he's going to be playing a team probably the Clippers it will have all five starters in double digits, Paul George had 30 points the other night, Kawhi Leonard had 28 then if you add in Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell who averaged 18 points a game, then the Clippers have the highest scoring bench production this season in the NBA... Anthony Davis is going to have to not only have a monster game in the first three quarters oh, for the Lakers to win he's actually going to have to show up in the fourth quarter which up to this point he has not done against the Clippers, in the fourth quarter they have found a way to shut him down all four games that they play

  • Eric Carvelli
    Eric Carvelli

    Don't get me wrong the Lakers have a great team and what I'm about to say might sound like I'm not a fan but I tell you the one thing that scares me. Is it the Lakers can never seem to separate and put the Clippers away when they have the chance, yes they want but it took a monster performance by a d and LeBron playing defense which let's face it he is not done in years and they still were only able to beat the Clippers by two points... what scares me about it it's some people's like well the Lakers are missing players to like Rondo, Avery Bradley, those two players are averaging 7 and 8 points a piece. The clippers for missing their number 3 and number 4 star and Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams Oh, and those two guys average 18 points apiece. So you're looking at last night's game the Clippers left 37 points off the board. The fact is that if those two guys were playing the Clippers probably would have won by double digits. Another scary fact oh, yes Anthony Davis had a monster game but in all four games this season that the Lakers played the Clippers, in the fourth quarter the Clippers have absolutely shut Anthony Davis down. And that's when the Lakers need him the most... Anthony Davis had a huge game, but again in the fourth quarter he only had two points... the Lakers to beat the Clippers in a seven-game series when the Clippers are 100% they are going to need much more production from their bench than they are getting..

  • Sherwin Peters
    Sherwin Peters

    Skip just answer the questing tho y didnt #2 take the shot

  • Pfsappa 907
    Pfsappa 907

    You better keep that same energy because unc remembers all. All the comments skip makes shannon keeps note of.

  • Kimbo Phillips
    Kimbo Phillips

    Uncle shay shay makes this show

  • Will TV
    Will TV

    Lemon pepper lou 😂😂😂

  • Maz1 49
    Maz1 49

    why do the black lives matter wear tshirts? Marginalized groups are hunted all over the world. these t shirts are racist. Human matter!

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    we all know Lebron hasn't played much Defense Miami and maybe his first year back in Cleveland. But when he decides to play defense he is still damn good

  • Jecjec Hildore
    Jecjec Hildore

    Lowwings peperlow oh no beberlow😂😂😂😂😂😂👈👈👈

  • TrinkBruder

    Don't say anything thoughtful

  • Bryant Jackson
    Bryant Jackson

    3:38 Shannon doesn’t know that we don’t sing that song over that song is cancelled . Lol

  • Simple for all
    Simple for all

    I wish paid like Skip to talk bad about a player every time he plays a game just because it is in the script, clean money lol

  • J D
    J D

    Bron Best player on the planet. Period!!!

  • Schmerz Meister
    Schmerz Meister

    Boycott the NBA / Free Hong Kong

  • Schmerz Meister
    Schmerz Meister

    3 Words: FREE HONG KONG

  • Sun Mod
    Sun Mod

    George missed that last shot for 2 reasons 1. He was concentrating more on trying to get a foul that shooting properly 2. He chokes in the clutch

  • L. Bailey
    L. Bailey

    Lakers should be very worried Kawhi and Paul are a commin with some sweet Lou sauce next time. To only beat this current roster by two and almost lost, should have Laker city very worried. Very!

  • 1 Rome
    1 Rome

    Undisputed is more of a comedy than sport show and I love it 😂😂😂

  • Alejandro rubion
    Alejandro rubion

    No home court advantages AD for MVP.

  • Peri'on Real Live Grimm
    Peri'on Real Live Grimm

    @shannonsharp remember that u n @skipbayless made a bet about LeBron free throw percentage being about 80% i think, but ik y'all will remember that bet, it's still on right?

  • t.watson

    Locked up!!! Won't let me out 😅😅😅☠☠☠ in my akon voice

  • Seth Marie
    Seth Marie

    Sharp is sharp in this segment. Also, the game was a feel out game for the Lakers. LeBron wanted to get everybody involved especially A. Davis. LeBron took over in the 4th and won the game. Also, Avery Bradley is not playing for the Lakers either. Others had to step up. JR Smith has to get back into the rotation too.

  • Hhhaja Hahah
    Hhhaja Hahah

    Skip is on Xanax he forgets what he says he's always talking abt the Lakers have all these excuses and LeBron suppose to win no matter what but clippers lose he has 1 million excuses makes no sense haha

  • BorneAgainShell

    "Skieeup skieeup skieeup skieeup skieeup" "mm" "mm" " skieeup" "mm" skieeup ""mm mm" " skieeup skieeup"

  • Gianne Paolo
    Gianne Paolo

    Skip, stop talking trash. Answer the question

  • james bullock
    james bullock

    why does skips outfit look fresher than shannons what reality am i living in

  • Trey Reid
    Trey Reid

    Ooooo it’s one of these channels i was confused on why the full segment didn’t play out I c now

  • KayTee Drex
    KayTee Drex

    When Skip says I have a whole lot of things to say, He meant "I have a whole lot of silly and stupid shit to say" Lmao

  • Great

    The Bulls lost because Kukoc didn’t play when they had MJ, said Skip..🤔🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    First of all Lakers substitutions were terrible last night, Waiters and JR Smith should play more, Danny Green and Caruso played bad, Caruso made a couple of good plays but overall he is not good enough to play the amount of minutes he played last night!!! Put Cook in the game plz

  • JordanForeverGoat 🐐
    JordanForeverGoat 🐐

    He definitely played good defense on KL but y’all blowing the defense on PG13 out the water 😂🤣😂 that was not good defense Paul George just missed 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • john lin
    john lin

    Most dynamic bench doer. Lmao

  • Quarmel White
    Quarmel White

    Skip Smizz Forreal 😂

  • zupastar Yop
    zupastar Yop

    Skip is an idiot as always

  • Jadeer

    Skip was supposed to be a criminal lawyer

  • Ira Bonta
    Ira Bonta

    wonder who will be skip next target after Bron retires🙄🙅🙆🤷


    Goat james -shannon

  • seahawks 12man
    seahawks 12man

    Why you don’t play defense like this all the time?? Good job king 👑 LJ

  • dhannah15

    Would've, Could've, Should've.... If my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle ...lol You can't guarantee what would have happened if they had Montrez and Lou. Furthermore, you can't say what kind of game everyone else would have had if they were available...

  • Greg Mckenzie
    Greg Mckenzie

    What was Skip trying to say...🤷🏾‍♂️. I guess he gets paid to talk, even if its RUBBISH!!


    Blacks playing basketball is culture appropriation!

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright

    They don't have a answer for kawhi Leonard

  • Tommy White III
    Tommy White III

    “Got me locked up won’t let me out” 😂😂😂😂

  • Cedrick Phillips
    Cedrick Phillips

    Skip is the best flip flopper of words in the game.its good long as lebron didn't do it..man Skip Bayless is a joke.

  • JJ_Realm

    I always skip whenever skip talks...I know what this hater gonna say.

  • The King
    The King

    AD is the real mvp of the lakers

  • SalGersGirl

    BLM + Good Skip Sports in general and LeBron in particular = TRASH Skip!!!

  • Bahae El Ayoubi
    Bahae El Ayoubi

    Skip is annoying asf lmao

  • madatgravity187

    SKIP is off big time on LBJ in the final quarter. LBJ closed the game. I do agree that if the Clippers were fully loaded it woulda been a wrap but sweet lou tho...

  • FM-iAnxiety

    Mmm. Yup. 😂😂 entire time

  • Nada BadGuy
    Nada BadGuy

    Anyone who thinks lebron will continue to play well in the 4th or consistently play good defense it out of there mind

  • pa. encema
    pa. encema

    King James scored less than 20 points and still won the game

  • Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons

    But that was a bad game by the clippers the turnovers tho

  • GooogleMan

    How is the “breaking”?!?!


    “He was 100% last night😐”

  • Robert Gabo
    Robert Gabo


  • Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons

    I'll give lebron this win but let be real PG13 was on fire in the 4th and that why #2 pass him the ball then the clips gave up that rebound to lbj

  • Robert Gabo
    Robert Gabo

    Haters dont win

  • andrew garcia10
    andrew garcia10

    called that put back by Lebron lucky but called the lucky bounce shot by Kawhi vs the 76ers clutch! lmfaoo you cant make this shit up

  • KB

    Bruhh I wanna slap the shit out of skip!!!

  • HoodrichDreyon

    Team USA vs clippers ‘ 😂

  • Ryx

    Shannon was on point this time around Skip just accept it for once, come on.

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