• SypherPK

    Hope you guys enjoy this! Huge shoutout to everyone who participated!

    • why u tripppin
      why u tripppin

      What’s the island code

    • Harry Wills
      Harry Wills

      Junior shot threw the stairs when he hit someone 34 twice with blue burst

    • zaine dobson
      zaine dobson

      why are they all defaults?

    • Niels Aalbers
      Niels Aalbers

      What is the code

    • Roman Salmeron
      Roman Salmeron

      IT-my. Steven. Is. Paly

  • Quin Hand7
    Quin Hand7

    12:03 hhahahahahahahah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


    These are nick and aydans towers

  • marcus clive dela cruz
    marcus clive dela cruz

    What happens if mongraal joined

  • Chemicalz

    6:49 slappie Slappie SLAPPIE

  • Not Collin
    Not Collin

    We kind of new SCOPED was gonna win after all he is Tfue’s duo and trio partner

  • O P
    O P


  • Jimmy Jackson
    Jimmy Jackson

    Plz give the map ID I need to play tilted again 😭

  • Curryiana

    17:35 wtf

  • mama ti je gej
    mama ti je gej

    Bro where is Ninja?

  • Johan Larsen
    Johan Larsen

    SypherPK: So guys we made the OG Tilted Towers! Me: Where the hell is Tilted Towers, just BUILDS!

  • InboundLime

    If they played without turbo building, it would have been nostalgic

  • InboundLime

    If they played without turbo building, it would have been nostalgic

  • Mr dubz
    Mr dubz

    Why does its says 69% is syperpk doing this cuz 69 is a dank number or..........

  • Brad Mcdaniel
    Brad Mcdaniel

    17:28 somebody was possessed

  • Matt 22
    Matt 22

    I love tilted

  • jack caster
    jack caster

    Kick fasts sorem

  • maekin m
    maekin m

    Great idea! I hope you guys do this again with less mats.

  • Fortnite

    What season did you start I started season 3 chapter 1

  • KingAbZ _Cracked
    KingAbZ _Cracked

    Username wewef40

  • LOot_ Mummy
    LOot_ Mummy

    hi nick😃

  • Jay Will
    Jay Will

    Whose the guy with the azeron?

  • Colagji3ro

    next do paradise palms

  • lsu fan
    lsu fan

    That mouse at 3:45 tho 🔥🔥🔥

  • Drew Hartzell
    Drew Hartzell

    The code?

  • Exl

    Its just not the same everyone is cranking and stuff whereas in season 2 to like 4 no one build and it was fun

  • TCG

    Did ANYBODY catch the code to the map in creative???

  • KC

    Mercs 5’9

  • Christian and Marc gaming
    Christian and Marc gaming

    What’s the code

  • Bears Fury Real
    Bears Fury Real

    Man I should have been in this, I was an og I started at season 3 I loved tilted towers but the competitive level was so crazy but I kept dropping thier, I’m also a comment before nick eh 30

  • Remyplayz 1
    Remyplayz 1

    Where is the map code

  • zaine dobson
    zaine dobson

    R.I.P Tilted towers

  • Caleb Rocha
    Caleb Rocha

    Kiwiz is my favorite youtuber in this tournament

  • Shohan Paul
    Shohan Paul

    9:47 that voice crack

  • Nikhil Abhyankar
    Nikhil Abhyankar


  • Senaida Alejandro
    Senaida Alejandro

    What's up with the defaults😭😭

  • J N
    J N


  • Huck McKinnon
    Huck McKinnon

    I see you I see you

  • Move to my other channel pleb
    Move to my other channel pleb

    Remember when Myth vs Ninja was a thing?

  • Viral Instagram lives
    Viral Instagram lives

    Who elese miss tilted😡😢

  • Connor Sarnecky
    Connor Sarnecky

    1v1 Nickeh30

  • NeYRonic

    you should also play with og guns if possible

  • IlluzionFN

    12:01 We love you Nick ❤

  • Emilio Cevallos
    Emilio Cevallos

    So "gorb" the one who was controller player, looks like he/she came out 3rd from last. Can we take back the Controller is GOATED claim Sypher? All the talk about how auto aim is OP and says controller players have a bigger advantage mind of goes out the window when a tournament has controller players in the last places.

  • Jack Alley
    Jack Alley

    Doesn’t look like the tilted I know, it just looks like one big build battle

  • George Roberts
    George Roberts

    Scoped is not og at all


    Nick got cheated out of the round 8 win

  • Fatal Legend
    Fatal Legend

    What is the map code

  • patrick munoz
    patrick munoz

    Stop asking for it ain’t going to happen

  • King Blob
    King Blob

    Map code?

  • Edwin Corvera
    Edwin Corvera

    In the thumbnail, NICKMERCS looks like one of mrbeast's friends

  • RainZ

    Tut so als hätte ich was krasses geschrieben

  • tom bardell
    tom bardell

    Can some1 pls tell me the map code??

  • Captain Kill.YT3
    Captain Kill.YT3

    we all know somethings not normal when nick eh 30 screams.

    • Captain Kill.YT3
      Captain Kill.YT3

      go to 11:50 to see it happen

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex


  • NathanSavageDamage


  • Streamzkid

    who wishes for the old map to come back

  • Nerdperior

    los pollos is the real king of tilted.

  • Nico Johnson
    Nico Johnson

    3:33 what is that called that he’s playing on

  • Darris Payne
    Darris Payne

    My epic is penut_213

  • Darris Payne
    Darris Payne

    I use you code

  • Miracles 死
    Miracles 死

    Map Code?

  • Sinx db
    Sinx db

    Map code

  • Tiffany Cortez campos
    Tiffany Cortez campos

    hi scool me

  • Rayyan Iman
    Rayyan Iman

    Dude wassup 🐶

  • obama.gaming

    do neo tilted next and after that do tilted town and make it so you cant build

  • St34lth_ Hansa
    St34lth_ Hansa

    Hey sypherpk in that map I went under the map check my tiktok @h._hansa

  • Fire_Wizard7

    Yo should of gotten the cheeze-it box ready for slappy

  • Toon Disrupt
    Toon Disrupt

    Ceeday was the king

  • Majd Ashraf
    Majd Ashraf

    Aydan looks so funny that he is bold

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