Bruce Springsteen - Ghosts (Lyric Video)
Bruce Springsteen
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Director - Thom Zimny
Producer - Adrienne Gerard
Editor - Thom Zimny
Cinematography by - Joe Desalvo, Charles Libin, Antonio Rossi
Photography by - Rob DeMartin


I hear the sound of your guitar
Comin’ in from the mystic far
The stone and the gravel in your voice
Come in my dreams and I rejoice

It’s just your ghost
Moving through the night
Your spirit filled with light
I need, need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I’m alive and I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m coming’ home
Yeah I’m comin’ home

The old buckskin jacket you always wore
Hangs on the back of my bedroom door
The boots and the spurs you used to ride
Click down the hall but never arrive

It’s just your ghost
Moving through the night
Your spirit filled with light
I need, need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I’m alive, I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m coming’ home

Your old Fender Twin from Johnny’s Music downtown
Still set on 10 to burn this house down
Count the band in then kick into overdrive
By the end of the set we leave no one alive

Ghosts runnin’ through the night
Our spirits filled with light

I need
Need you by my side
Your love and I’m alive

I shoulder your Les Paul and finger the fretboard
I make my vows to those who’ve come before
I turn up the volume, let the spirits be my guide
Meet you brother and sister on the other side

I’m alive
I can feel the blood shiver in my bones
I’m alive and I’m out here on my own
I’m alive and I’m comin’ home
Yeah I’m comin’ home

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  • Davide Tagliabue
    Davide Tagliabue

    Meraviglioso Bruce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana Salazar
    Ana Salazar

    Sin duda será una de mis favoritas... Tiene tu encanta el final..👌👌

  • Nicky OldfieldDesciple
    Nicky OldfieldDesciple

    This song is absolutely A W E S O M E. I LOVE IT. 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Drew Cain Actor/Voiceover
    Drew Cain Actor/Voiceover

    It's an emotional song but seeing Clarence at 1.55 then the shot of the sax straight after made it even more poignant for me. Excellent song. Fantastic video.

  • Jeff Conner
    Jeff Conner


  • Jacqueline Plattner
    Jacqueline Plattner

    Love this song 🙏❤️🙏🤗amazing 😀🎼🎸 next tour coming soon ❤️

    • Mike B
      Mike B

      2022 at the EARLIEST unfortunately

  • Oscar R
    Oscar R

    I get goose bumps every time I heart it... every time I imagine a concert with this song... thanks from Spain Bruce... I hope I will see you singing in Madrid again.

  • Bob Macca
    Bob Macca

    The whole album is amazing! :) best of 2020 for me ahead of Rough and Rowdy Ways by Bob Dylan:)

  • Kosta Burgess
    Kosta Burgess

    So simple, and yet so good Love it bruce

  • Dave Allport
    Dave Allport

    God bless the boss

  • Hans Hansen
    Hans Hansen

    Absolutley Awesome Song. Love Your Music! Thanx Bruce

  • Safety Dawg
    Safety Dawg

    The guitar lick at 3:41 is a call out to Pete Townshend and The Who. Well done Boss

  • Chris Scrivener
    Chris Scrivener

    The future of Rock And Roll

  • Bradford Dillman
    Bradford Dillman

    Don't know if anyone wants to read my story written after hearing this song a couple weeks ago. If not, feel free to ignore. Janine’s Ghost A new Springsteen song unearths a flood of memories By Tom Raski Last week, former reality editor and fellow Springsteen fan Andy Vineberg sent me a link to Bruce's video for his new song, “Ghosts.” Truthfully, I didn’t click the link right away. I had seen his last video for the first release from his upcoming new album, and it was OK, but like much of his recent musical output, it didn’t knock my socks off. Not like when I was a young teen in the early ’80s, anyway. I’m not sure if any pop culture anything can match how much I fell in love with the song “Born to Run” when I first heard it on rock radio. I kept my tape recorder on standby for the next time it would play. And it didn’t take long for me to record it. Fortunately, my older cousins George and Janine were already Bruce fans, and I remembered seeing their album covers for “The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle,” “Born to Run,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and the newly released double album “The River.” Wait, these were all the same guy? How can he look like a hairy old man on "Wild and Innocent" and a young Al Pacino on "Darkness?" The power of facial hair, I guess. I borrowed Janine’s 8-track of “Born to Run” to hear the rest of the album, and that led to the “Almost Famous” stage of life. Omigod, the rest of the album was as good as the title track, actually better. In the coming summer (think “Stand By Me” for the next movie reference), my friends and I are sitting around in Al’s backyard, listening to Mark’s insanely large and loud boombox, complete with a suitcase full of cassette tapes. The iPod of 1983. I ask Mark, do you have any Springsteen? Unlikely, given the majority of his tapes are AC/DC, Van Halen, Judas Priest and a few dozen other heavy metal-type stuff. His older sister’s boyfriend was a Bruce fan, and Mark actually has “Born to Run” on tape. Long story short, everything changed, and before high school was over, we all had seen Bruce live in Philadelphia. Anyone who’s seen Bruce live knows what a thing that is. But I’m getting ahead of myself. It was Janine who introduced me to Bruce, and she was more like my childhood best friend. My father died suddenly when I was six, and my mother and I moved from the small town where my father was from to the bigger Wilkes-Barre area where her family lived. We were having a new house built, and in the summer of ’74, we moved in with Aunt Jane, Uncle George and cousins George and Janine while the new house was being finished. Janine was closest to my age and we actually had a ball that summer. I know it sounds crazy after losing my father a few months earlier, but it was certainly the silver lining of a miserable situation. We would draw pictures, play all day and night and listen to the best AM music you would never admit to today. Seasons in the sun, indeed. As middle school, high school and college moved on, Janine and I remained very close. She and I would go on road trips out to Benton, the small rural town I grew up in. She was funny, smart and had great taste in music. But -- there’s always a goddamn but -- after a car crash, she ended up hooked on painkillers, and eventually stronger stuff. I would still take her on roadtrips to Benton and visit her during her long stays in rehab. Sometimes, she was a mess, like the time she asked for french fries at the small convenience store in town. The poor cashier didn’t know how to respond to that one. Other times, she was fine, and even laughed about the french fries thing. But those moments of clarity were short-lived, and in 2015 her mother found her body in the backyard. It actually isn’t clear how she died. Her toxicology was clean. Doesn’t really matter. Dead is dead. The mid-2010s were a nonstop picnic. My mother, Uncle George and my dog died too, all within a year or two. It makes you appreciate being alive, I guess. And that brings me back to Bruce. When I finally listen to “Ghosts,” I’m in my truck drinkin’ a cold Dunkin' coffee, when I start uncontrollably hyperventilating, and openly bawling my eyes out. What the hell is going on? Am I having a stroke? No, it’s the damn song. Bruce is singing about the late members of the E Street Band, Clarence Clemons and Danny Federici. The video features plenty of 1970s concert footage, including the hairy Bruce of the “Wild and Innocent” era. “It’s your ghost, moving through the night. Spirit filled with light. I need you by my side, your love and I’m alive.” That was it. I’m a mess. It comes to me, it was Janine who ultimately introduced me to Springsteen four decades ago, and it’s pouring out of me. And if that’s not enough, it’s the best-sounding Bruce song I’ve heard in years. Not a bad gift on his 71st birthday. Thanks, Boss. Footnote: So I’m debating writing this story in the first place. I mean, who gives a damn anyway? It’s my personal memory of Janine. It’s not like she’s going to see it. Then earlier today, I’m taking a nap and the phone rings (in my dream), and it’s Janine. And for a split second, it’s really her on the phone and it’s perfectly ordinary. But her faint voice sounds like it's a million miles away. I say, “What’s up? It’s a lousy connection.” No answer. Then I realize it’s a dream. Now I’m typing this.

  • Cláudio Basile
    Cláudio Basile

    The boss

  • Michael Pritchard
    Michael Pritchard

    Sneaky drum intro, we take care of our own.👊

  • Mike Roberts
    Mike Roberts

    Great song from the Boss. Still delivering! Long may he run. And the tune is from I ain't ever satisfied by Steve Earle a brilliant song too!

  • Maureen

    I'm already in the Pit, raising my arms bellowing 🎶I'M ALIVE🎶 Oh God may we not have lost this forever. 🙏💖

  • Daniel Tessier
    Daniel Tessier

    Salut le Boss 🤘

  • Jeffrey Seewald
    Jeffrey Seewald

    Who’s listening in 2020!!

  • Sean Reavie
    Sean Reavie

    This song....hit my 53 year old heart the way "Thunder Road" did when I was 17. I wanted to get out. Desperately. The angst of Thunder Road brought chills to my soul. My girl was named Tammy...and I always said, "Tammy climb in" when I pulled to the curb near her home in my 1972 Chevy Nova and we got the F out of there. Ghosts is a reverse angst. The pain of living. The pain of loss. The celebration of remembering what those people meant too us...the lessons we learned. The pain we felt is a distant past to the memories we have from the things that defined us. This is a life pass before eyes video. I've watched this so many times. My heart overflows....with memories of my old pain and how that shaped me into the person I am today. He. Did. It. Again.

  • Henrik in Jönköping
    Henrik in Jönköping

    Best song on the new album!

  • Teenage Wasteland
    Teenage Wasteland

    He never sounded as good as here. He's getting better with every year💯

  • Eric Kuhn
    Eric Kuhn

    Tears running on my face while hearing this. Joy and gratitude deep down from my heart. Thank you and words seem weak regarding the intensity of my feelings. Love and frienship from south Britanny, France


    What an uplifting tune! GREAT. BOSS

  • Ante Škarica
    Ante Škarica

    The boss is the boss

  • Bertha Yuliza Condori Lizandro
    Bertha Yuliza Condori Lizandro

    The boss. Lu

  • Joseph Muscat
    Joseph Muscat

    Clarence and Danny would have loved working on this album. There presence is still with the band and the fans in this song, simply fantastic!

  • Carlos Bonino
    Carlos Bonino

    This man is as honest as you can be when you are so great.

  • liamar ferrera
    liamar ferrera


    • Apenas & Só Letras
      Apenas & Só Letras espero que goste da tradução

  • liamar ferrera
    liamar ferrera


  • liamar ferrera
    liamar ferrera


  • Joe Ranger
    Joe Ranger


  • Céline Olá
    Céline Olá

    Amei a música obrigado pela atenção beijinhos

    • Apenas & Só Letras
      Apenas & Só Letras espero que goste da tradução

  • Megi Sotosek
    Megi Sotosek


  • Maria Ashot
    Maria Ashot

    Thank you for the Genius. Loved every nanosecond of this.

  • nuggetella Citizen
    nuggetella Citizen

    Awesome, love all your work... 🍺❤👍

  • Lisa Flippen
    Lisa Flippen

    Wow -keep us young man

  • Paul Stottman
    Paul Stottman

    I am in isolation I can't feel your blood anymore because life is just a boring way now . Welcome to the new world order prison . I am home now in my cell .

  • TomFoti

    He still has such a good voice.

  • Hugh Michael McNeil
    Hugh Michael McNeil

    Oh, it's a masterpiece all right! With the video

  • george eskiadis
    george eskiadis

    Phenomenal song.

  • Philip Hamm
    Philip Hamm

    Keeping to his high standards The Boss rocks on!

  • Marta Valente
    Marta Valente

    Sei il n1❤🎸

  • Leslie Chandler
    Leslie Chandler

    So fun,I dig it..

  • julio barbosa
    julio barbosa


    • Apenas & Só Letras
      Apenas & Só Letras espero que goste da tradução

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    Qué subidòn!! Pedazo de canción. Gracias Gracias y Gracias

  • Frank Colasanto
    Frank Colasanto

    mehhhhhhhh, same old for the same 10 albums. I'm tired of it.

    • Mike B
      Mike B

      Bye Felicia

  • Tereza de Jesus Toledano Rodrigues
    Tereza de Jesus Toledano Rodrigues

    I love music

  • Shay Killinger
    Shay Killinger

    Loving this new music from Springsteen, can't get enough. ❤

  • Emi emi
    Emi emi

    The Boss The Legend

  • Greg Parry
    Greg Parry

    My favorite song from the new lp. I love the video even more. From his days with the castilles and bits of all the decades up to the present. The images of Danny and "The Big Man" were very touching. You have been and always will be The Boss!!!

  • Gala Arce Raga
    Gala Arce Raga

    I love you music

    • Gala Arce Raga
      Gala Arce Raga


  • Samuel Collins
    Samuel Collins

    The boss is the boss. The president is nothing. Until Bruce has the power of music to push Biden in to that spot.

  • Cédric Chevrot
    Cédric Chevrot

    From the Knopfler fanbase, Bruce is and remains The Boss, we just have to listen.

  • Sherri Richmond
    Sherri Richmond

    I heard this on the radio and thought it was Eddie Vedder/Pearljam. I love it. Playing on repeat 🎶💓

  • Graham Barker
    Graham Barker

    Bruce knocks another great bit of music out the park.....

  • Cristina Framil fontans
    Cristina Framil fontans

    Sencillamente genial!! Escuchándolo en bucle desde Galicia!!

  • Chiang Cheng pun
    Chiang Cheng pun

    Same old boring sound since The River, that was 40 years ago. Hey man he need some serious psychedelics for inspiration 🍄🌄✌🏾 NOW................

  • Claudio Zulian
    Claudio Zulian

    3.59 San Siro, Italy ;-)

  • 123Jokkmokk123

    I can't wait to hear this Live!

  • Petra Theiss
    Petra Theiss

    Ich bin im 7. Musikhimmel. Wir sehen uns im Stadion...danke bruce, danke e street band..

  • Dimitri Dignola
    Dimitri Dignola

    I love this song, the best of the new album!!!❤️💪🤟 grande Bruce

  • giobabi


  • Hugh Michael McNeil
    Hugh Michael McNeil

    What's up with the DOWN votes?

  • Leslie Chandler
    Leslie Chandler

    You got that right!

  • AlfromFL

    Close your eyes and imagine, that when this is all over, going to that first show on the E Street Tour. Opening with this, then right into Badlands. What a cathartic moment that will be. This old man will have tears in his eyes. I pray that we are all still here.

  • Marty Bartek
    Marty Bartek

    Had hopes this would good, but disappointed. For some reason they just haven’t been able to make good music in 25-30 years.

  • jerizwien j
    jerizwien j

    The tour is gonna be FIREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Wikfors
    John Wikfors

    So great. Wonderful song. Makes my really happy.

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