Building The Browns 2021: The Draft Is Here (Ep. 3)
Cleveland Browns
In this episode of #BuildingtheBrowns, the stage has been set for the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland. Go behind the scenes for all three days in Berea as Andrew Berry, Kevin Stefanski and the football staff assemble the Browns 2021 Draft Class. Watch as Greg Newsome II, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and Anthony Schwartz step foot into the Browns facility for the first time as they meet their new coaches and the football staff in addition to selecting their jersey numbers and more.

  • Devon Ingram
    Devon Ingram

    Dude in the beginning said yes siiii I mean yes mam lol

  • Taft Brown
    Taft Brown

    Hard work do pay off GOOOOO,,,, BROWNS

  • Derrick Seitzer
    Derrick Seitzer

    JOk is a beast. Let's go Dawgs!

  • Frankybaby89_

    Congratulations AB and thanks for helping turn this team around...

  • Yolo Boy
    Yolo Boy

    Repent and get right with God before it’s too late

  • Cameron Dickson
    Cameron Dickson

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  • Janet Cies
    Janet Cies

    It never gets old seeing the emotion on the draft picks faces. Congratulations guys!

  • Luis Colon
    Luis Colon

    The secret tuesday perioperaively close because donkey reciprocally visit past a overt ex-husband. subsequent, harsh scorpion

  • Aaron Savina
    Aaron Savina

    The way Kevin said “AB”😂 Let’s go Joker

  • Nick Coker
    Nick Coker

    I’m not even through the whole draft and the browns defense went from stacked to WICKED stacked

  • Keith

    Cleveland Browns might have the best media presence out there. Im a seahawk fan but im a football fan first and foremost. I love seeing what yall are doing from a distance. Best of luck and I am truly rooting for yall

  • HerrKlausinger

    When did the browns turn so likeable?

  • Traci

    What a draft by the Browns! I'm so excited to get the season started and see how these guys fit in....can't wait!

  • Cringekage

    I love how they dont get mad or like for real Cleveland....they actually want to go there great job browns👍👍

  • zchstro

    AB and Stefanski are fucking legends i love this staff we have. they know what to do

  • Brady Gibson
    Brady Gibson

    i bet it never gets old hearing player's families go nuts


    Where is episode 4?

  • Felicidad Martell
    Felicidad Martell

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  • Mark Joseph Pintor
    Mark Joseph Pintor

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  • iurhviusdfavhi

    Newsome seems perfect! Now we just need him to get that big game interception on Lamar Jackson and we Goooooochie.

  • SuperLand7

    Go Browns

  • SPCCleveland3891

    Andrew Berry don't realize that he is the best GM in the NFL

  • Bryan Weber
    Bryan Weber

    'The Cleveland Browns. The hometown Cleveland Browns end up getting 2 first round picks without even having to give up anything for it. Masterful.'

  • JoJo White
    JoJo White

    After reading up on all of the players I think everyone of them has a legitimate shot at making this team.

  • Chris Morris
    Chris Morris

    I’m a Chiefs fan and even I’m pumped for the Browns! They’ve got classy players and I’m looking forward to seeing them play. P.S. You also happen to have the best series on your team. Building the Browns is absolutely superb and I wish others would do the same.

  • Easly Bash
    Easly Bash

    Anthony Schwartz is gonna be so good

  • Monkey Nipples
    Monkey Nipples

    I’m so happy for Joe woods, he had nothing last year and now is getting beasts

  • Marcus Roth
    Marcus Roth

    Love mgk's part!!

  • Chay Hoffman
    Chay Hoffman

    Newsome and JOK in the same've got be kidding me.

  • Chay Hoffman
    Chay Hoffman

    Dang.....that crowd got loud for just having that many fans there.

  • Ethan Ventresca
    Ethan Ventresca

    Damn JOK is all business. He’s hungry, just as a dawg should be.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    I get the time limitations for TV. Browns need to create 2 versions, the 24 minute version for TV and an extended version for all other formats. I’m sure there’s a ton more cool footage.

  • Giorgio de La Cruz
    Giorgio de La Cruz

    How can they know that they would get Newsome a day before the actual draft??? Couldn’t it always happen that another team spontaneously picks him before?

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    Athony schwartz from Auburn their best pick

  • FrankMantius

    No soup for you!!!

  • Nino Thibaudet
    Nino Thibaudet

    Man I can not describe how proud I am to support this organisation, thank you for making me discover football and now how to overcome adversity with method, patience and hardwork. Y’all are an exemple for me and I am definetly thankful for what you are doing. Dawg pound forever 🧡🖤🤍🖤🧡 Your biggest fan in France

  • AntonyStrus

    I flipping love this team! ❤❤❤

  • Dicken Nuggets
    Dicken Nuggets


  • Larry Bedouin
    Larry Bedouin

    I love the baby in the Browns helmet. An instant classic 👌

  • Nick Floris
    Nick Floris

    Even got to LSU

  • Nick Floris
    Nick Floris

    Used to Browns meant Defense but that has changed. Babe !!!

  • james frazier
    james frazier

    Not even a Browns fan but I watch every episode

  • Tony Maselli
    Tony Maselli

    easily the most enjoyable years of my browns fanhood. I was so young when bernie was leading the browns to the afc title games in 87, 88 and 90. now i can watch with my son who is 5 (my age back then) and enjoy the hell out of this run.

  • mocklemore 97
    mocklemore 97

    Let us pray the NFL doesn't rig the Browns... AGAIN

  • Justin Hartley
    Justin Hartley

    I love the deadpan Seinfeld reference at 12:42.

  • Nadia Davis
    Nadia Davis

    Why am I crying watching this ?! 😭

  • Matthew Keane
    Matthew Keane

    Some real mature talented players they picked up here. Watch out for them brownies this season!

  • Show Time
    Show Time

    Football season can’t get here fast enough !!!! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! WOOF !!!!

  • Ethan Deere
    Ethan Deere

    And Marvin Wilson

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James

    Not a Browns fan but I enjoy watching this series. Cleveland is gonna be a legit contender for a while

  • James Reinig
    James Reinig

    They drafted smart athletic dawgs. You see that in every single pick.

  • Fode Toure
    Fode Toure

    I hope that when the Cleveland browns win the super bowl that at the trophy ceremony Andrew Berry holds up the Lombardi trophy and say “hey, of waiting?” Before he hoists it above his shoulders!!! 🏆 🐶 🏈 #BELIEVELAND

  • Garrett Hoffman
    Garrett Hoffman

    haha after the 3 round pick, stefanski and andrew berry dap each other up

  • Stephen Mock
    Stephen Mock

    I actually saw people on message boards that were mad that we didn't pick up JOK at 26...... How silly they must feel! :-)

  • Steve Yoerger
    Steve Yoerger

    Rookie of the yr

  • corysagaming

    This just feels like destiny. Paul Brown was the original football nerd. The greatest football nerd of all time. His nerditude literally reshaped the game we are watching. We went back to our nerd roots and the football gods are going to reward us handsomely. Andrew and Kevin and the rest of the nerds are straight up killing it.

  • JoJo White
    JoJo White

    WHAT A DRAFT!!!! With Anthony you'd have to expect no stage is too big. The kid has traveled Europe competing in track & field events. Just another step for him. Loved how MGK just dropped the mic.

  • Will Derkacs
    Will Derkacs

    *built the browns*

  • Tim Omalley
    Tim Omalley


  • Cef Grima
    Cef Grima

    I love seeing the family reactions, first thought, there's that many more Browns fans ;)

  • Sam Young
    Sam Young

    Why does it look like Coach K been in the weight room O.o

  • Levi P
    Levi P

    4:59 - Picks up mask that he has been breathing into and puts it on. Then proceeds to shake hands with Stefanski, using the same hands that he put it nasty mask on with. Now when Stefansky goes to take off his mask, he's getting those germs/viruses closer to his mouth. See how utterly useless the mask thing is? Nice pick though.

  • George Condoleon
    George Condoleon

    The Browns finally have their “Money” down defense. Between the UFA signings, Draft picks and Healthy returners from last season, they finally have their 3rd down defense to get off the field this upcoming season! Their 1st & 2nd down defense wasn’t that bad. But the lack of 3rd down defense was brutal. They fixed their offense last year, now they’ve fixed their defense this year. Kudos to this Front Office, Coaching Staff and Ownership Group for finally figuring it out! Go Browns!!

    • Jim Harris
      Jim Harris

      You are right on with that 3rd down D. That was their biggest problem all year by far.

  • Tim G
    Tim G

    I see that St. X helmet on the desk of Chad O'Shea.

  • realist movement
    realist movement

    APlus Dawgpound

  • mkeogh76

    3:45 Four years ago, no player and his family would react that way. Sure, happy to be drafted, but no way we see that level of enthusiasm about hearing where. Myles, Baker, Coach Stefanski and all the others (Chubb, Landry, Ward, Hunt ect.) have completely changed the perceptions of the Cleveland Browns.

  • Savannah O'Neill
    Savannah O'Neill

    So glad to have Newsome, JOK and Schwartz and the rest of the draft picks. 🧡🤎🧡

    • Coach Humph
      Coach Humph

      @Larry Bedouin cool, I didn't know that was his nickname

    • Larry Bedouin
      Larry Bedouin

      @Coach Humph Schwartz = Flash

    • Coach Humph
      Coach Humph

      Newsome, Wu and Scwartz can definitely cause problems for the teams on the schedule including the Chiefs.

  • Ax G
    Ax G

    Vikings really lost out on a generational coach.....Typical

  • Gregory Rhoades
    Gregory Rhoades

    Great Draft again!!!

  • Ghost

    Koramoah going with a DB number

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