BUSTED: 5 NEW Kavanaugh Lies! | Louder with Crowder
Steven Crowder runs through the top 5 media lies from the new Kavanaugh accusations.
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  • StevenCrowder

    Many people consider the attacks against Brett Kavanaugh to be a clarifying moment for them in how they view the left and the media. How has it changed your perspective?

    • Theonetruewonderfly

      But we lost the 2018 mid term elections, so....kinda still feels like the media won this round. Which infuriates me to no end.

    • Braca Ganon
      Braca Ganon

      @God Speed Good call on Clarence Thomas!! Soooo similar... Really good analogy

    • Braca Ganon
      Braca Ganon

      I originally loved it... The left was eating itself, but NOW I'm starting to convince myself the it was intentional "DISINFORMATION"... Anyone considered this conspiracy? We all know about "Fake News" but does anyone understand the strategy of "active measures" and "DISINFORMATION"? If I'm wrong it still worked out GREAT for him!

    • I'm Right
      I'm Right

      Why did you kick Sven and Jared out and refuse to pay them, especially as Jared has a kid? Btw you're a fake conservative and fake Christian. All you want is fancy pants.

    • Toob247 Toob247
      Toob247 Toob247

      Jordan Gaetz 2024

  • Ryan Russell
    Ryan Russell

    Well I mean to be fair, as many penises as get stuck in people’s faces at frat parties, it may well be that someone stuck Brett’s penis in someone’s face. Brett wasn’t there, but it’s possible that the penis was there on it’s own. Penises do strange things.

  • Buzzbomb 420
    Buzzbomb 420

    Did the algorithm get lifted? I’m seeing a lot more of your older videos that I’ve never seen before

  • Martin Elliot Edwards
    Martin Elliot Edwards

    Remember the nyt doesn’t care about fact checking or evidence. All they care about is writing a potentially bullshit argument to get money from dipshit subscribers.

  • Martin Elliot Edwards
    Martin Elliot Edwards

    New York Times creates a bombshell accusation. Was any fact checking done, or even questioning the fact that she failed three polygraphs tests. Also is it just me or does it always seem like all of these accusations are a bunch of here-say bullshit.

  • 6 Shooter
    6 Shooter

    Here here Steven......they hate him because he is anti-abortion!!!!

  • Joe

    Women who partake in this bollocks should get the chair IMO.

  • Spinner891

    "Your honor, just because there isn't evidence... *slams table, points finger* doesn't mean it didn't occur!" Dialogue ripped straight out of Phoenix Wright.

  • Kamilla Chmarny
    Kamilla Chmarny

    I just think he’s dumb. If any of y’all even watched the hearing he sounded like a dumbass, that’s why I don’t think he should be on the court.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316

    He still probably committed the crime of sexual assault, and also he is not that much of an unbiased judge. But these new things that people are saying don't really matter

  • M Valle
    M Valle

    I'm Here just to Thumbs down all these videos until #ColdFeetCrowder debates Sam Seder; STOP DUCKING!!!

  • SofaKB

    Kind of amazing how all of these right wing news sources are claiming that she told this to the "New York Times" yet if you search the New York Times website there is no such interview or article to be found.

    • SofaKB

      And then 5 minutes of nonsense. An amazing platform, might clone it myself.

    • SofaKB

      The omitted part of the report wasn't even relevant to the accusation at all, the direct evidence would be from the accuser who declined to be interviewed likely for privacy reasons as to not become more of a national spectacle than they already are, and then the further evidence behind it suggests that her account is being told by other "friends" "We have corroborated the story with two officials who have communicated with Ms. Stier; the female student declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the episode."

    • SofaKB

      The article after that from WASHEX, again heavily right wing based news sources, that don't even post factual articles. "Overall, we rate the Washington Examiner Right Biased based on editorial positions that almost exclusively favor the right and Mixed for factual reporting due to several failed fact checks."

    • SofaKB

      Next article comes from a nearly alt-right media group who's main source is a right wing activists (Molly Hemmingway, what a great source she is) twitter post.

    • SofaKB

      The article about Julie Swetnick you yet again managed to take fully out of context, what she doubled back on was whether or not he was spiking the punch, not whether or not a rape/gang rape had taken place. "In her sworn statement, Swetnick said: During the years 1981-82, I became aware of efforts by Mark Judge, Brett Kavanaugh and others to “spike” the “punch” at house parties I attended with drugs and/or grain alcohol so as to cause girls to lose their inhibitions and their ability to say “no.” In last night’s interview, Swetnick said: Well, I saw him giving red Solo cups to quite a few girls during that time frame and there was green punch at those parties. And I would not take one of those glasses from Brett Kavanaugh. I saw him around the punch, I won’t say bowls, or the punch containers . . . I don’t know what he did, but I saw him by them."

  • thekillingtomat

    This a pretty bizarre witch-hunt.

  • Greased

    4:16 How liberals and feminists see men

  • Old Man Frank
    Old Man Frank

    *What does Kamala Harris know about the pursuit of truth and justice?* 😂

  • Stout Lager
    Stout Lager

    Why did I have to be born in the era where the world went mad? Or has it always been like this and the absence of the internet kept it under wraps better.

  • Mason

    Yo I shit you not IT-my just auto disliked this video from that wtf lol, fuck you IT-my 👍

  • Jacob Price
    Jacob Price

    I truly do wonder if Brett ever thought his dick would be so popular.

  • Imunique Roberts
    Imunique Roberts

    He’s a rapist buddy with Trump, the republicans are all secret pedophiles!

    • Realty First
      Realty First

      You know Trump and kavanua have private rooms at Jeffrey Epstein’s island!

  • David Stairs
    David Stairs

    It would be NICE to see Kavenaugh CIVILLY SUE THE PANTS of all these ptards for slander, defamation and liable..

  • Zach's Channel
    Zach's Channel

    If you accuse someone with zero evidence you deserve to go to jail for life. I hope the zombie apocalypse from the walking dead happens and only the Democrats turn to zombies.

  • Braca Ganon
    Braca Ganon

    The more I hear about this guy the more I'm thinking someone is planting "disinformation" on purpose! It's a little weird that he had 2 other obvious hacks file completely bogus accusations at this guy... Now a third? They REALLLLY want us to think this Kavanaugh guy is above reproach! I originally thought it was funny when the left was eating itself at the Kavanagh hearings but now after a THIRD false accusation im a bit suspicious... One to many fake accusations - I got a feeling someone wants us to think it's ALL FAKE NEWS

    • Braca Ganon
      Braca Ganon

      Really its a brilliant plan! Let's say you have 1 believable woman accuse you of misconduct (not even rape)... You hire 2 other women to accuse you of ridiculous accusations... All of a sudden no one puts any faith into ANY of their stories! The first credible, sincere sounding woman is now lumped together with " those CRAZY SJWs" Brilliant really... It may not be true but it sure did work out great for him

  • Bergy der Meister
    Bergy der Meister

    This whole story is a nothing Burger to me I'm so ugly chicks run the other way they're never around long enough to accuse me of much of anything👍😊

  • Melissa S
    Melissa S

    On Friday Sam Seder will be releasing some embarrassing videos of you on his program. Better get your excuses ready now.😅😅😅😅😅

  • VJ4rawr2

    I prefer vids where it isn't 5 people speaking at once. Maybe tell your crew to calm down a little. It's ok to jump in every now and then, but during video interludes etc, just pipe down. It's too much

  • ayersey

    Stephen, this is a question for your lawyer. Can Kavanaugh not file a lawsuit for slander or defamation against the people and or "news groups" knowingly publishing lies without checking any facts?

  • Joshua Spencer
    Joshua Spencer

    Keep fighting if you can sue the sμ!t out of them be the new owner of this sμ!t

  • Terri McGill
    Terri McGill

    Sheesh Dems are like the IRS with the fact that they start trouble and it takes you thousands of dollars to fix or not fix things, all the same...

  • Toxic74

    lol, Maddie solid portrayal

  • Blaine Steele
    Blaine Steele

    The price of freedom of speech is you must defend the worst kinds of speech* *provided it does not call for direct illegal action such as specific violence. And does not violate defamation laws or any of the well codified legals we have on speech in the USA. HOWEVER lets get real- you will have to tolerate pro pedophile rants; racist black supremacists; holocaust questioners; hell actual klansman and Neo nazis. Grow up. You want freedom. Grow thick skin.

  • Christopher Scagnelli
    Christopher Scagnelli

    If your white, ur a rapist

  • Barry Greenberg
    Barry Greenberg

    Just got my mug!!!!

  • duanecrump crump
    duanecrump crump

    Globalists using old school politics in 21 century. Hurry 2020. The more money God denies the democrats, the more desperate they'll become. And God laughed and laughed and then laughed some more.

  • Jack Dough
    Jack Dough

    Trump 2020 no doubt about it

  • bobicabayo

    A clinton operative

  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R

    They are trying to drive Conservatives out of & away from politics, running for & holding any office by constantly falsely accusing prior to election & then trying to impeach anyone, not Democrat approved, after being elected. Agenda is to drive us so insane with false accusations & lies, thereby rendering any good Conservative not wanting to hold office. What has happened to the understanding of the word SLANDER⁉️

  • The Bridge
    The Bridge

    Just curious. What was your stance on Mike Tyson and his accuser?

  • @GiddGamz

    .. " but the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence".. 😂😂

  • William Esping
    William Esping

    Though in Kamala Harris’ case she was a corrupt prosecutor contributing to our messed up criminal justice system holding people past their sentences and withholding evidence that would have freed someone from death row.

  • Alexandros O'Broin
    Alexandros O'Broin

    That last line was beautiful

  • Bronco Billy
    Bronco Billy

    Ford was a liar who made millions from her lie.

  • Ray Pimienta
    Ray Pimienta

    if Ford hangs herself I'll believe her

  • Jeremy Beadle
    Jeremy Beadle

    I know your not making money from these IT-my videos, BUT it is really nice watching your videos without advertisements. Because of this I find it easier to watch much more of your videos in the time I a lot myself to be on IT-my.

  • R B
    R B

    If the Democrats say impeach the public will give them more money and they don’t have to do their jobs. If they can’t impeach Kavanaugh they plan on stacking the Supreme Court if they get elected in 2020. The Democrats want to destroy this country be damned with its laws they want to be the ruler.

  • Carolina Guy
    Carolina Guy

    Sorry you found my comment politically incorrect Steven. I'm not a PC guy,I was just telling the truth.Still love your show.

  • Warren Smith
    Warren Smith

    Sooooo, The FBI is totally inept regarding investigating these things, but massively effect in trying to support the Democratic agenda. Got it.

  • Jaxson Fanta
    Jaxson Fanta

    Is there some way for kavanaugh to come out as a trans woman and throw this back in their face?

  • oldnotweak

    kamala harris raped me when i was 11 years old. FUCK YOU if you want proof, she is guilty and i expect her to be drawn and quartered on my word alone!

  • kyler baumgart
    kyler baumgart

    Reminds me of the salem witch trials WHERES YOUR EVIDENCE ???

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer

    I'm gonna start turning to the onion for some sanity in between reality

  • LoreleiLee53

    Brilliant content with hilarious delivery!


    I guess the idiot dems think people forgot that a member of the judiciary committee was overheard on a commuter train discussing this very plot against Justice Kavanaugh after he had been confirmed.

  • Michael Hatem
    Michael Hatem

    The ones accusing are the criminals

  • Frank Barrera
    Frank Barrera

    I love your videos, buts its embarrassing listening to you with out headphones!!! Lol

  • harleyblue999

    A Bombshell from them come on another damp squid when threatened the Ink flows.

  • systematic101

    I've had a Ford believer claim that Kavanaugh was guilty because his only proof it didn't happen was he said he didn't do it. She couldn't comprehend that he didn't even have to say that much. I tried hard to get her to understand the accused doesn't need to provide any proof and the entire burden of proof lands on the accuser. She then started accusing me of defending Kavanaugh. At no point did I say if I believed Kavanaugh or not. I'm basically neutral with Kavanaugh and it's up to Ford to move me towards he did it. I then proceed to try showing her why we don't use a prove the negative system by saying asking if I accused you of stealing $1000 from me years ago how would you prove you didn't. She claimed it was a bad analogy and she would just do what Kavanaugh did and say she didn't. Yet she still didn't understand why Kavanaugh doesn't need to provide proof. So I just said " fine you raped me 3 years ago. Now prove you didn't. Until then you're guilty of raping me" got no response to that.

  • Jonathan Lewis
    Jonathan Lewis

    If some guy was walking around with his dick hanging out, I think a few people would have noticed. But where are the witnesses to this?

  • kenneth troutman
    kenneth troutman

    He must have a hell of a penis for another man to grab it and throw it around on peoples faces, without having his whole torso thrown as well

  • therudiment

    Steven, those in The Cult of the Blue Jackass (AKA the democrat party and their followers) are REPROBATES, they are IRREDEEMABLE to God, evil, perverted, sick in ways that even you had not and would not think of. Pathological liars, prevaricators, sexual deviates, pedophiles, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Edward Buck is a prime example, he was operating without restraint and there were those who were aware of this monster and did NOTHING. Satan is here, alive and well and I ask WHERE ARE THE MEN TO PROTECT THE CHILDREN? SOY BOYS ALL? Sperm donors to reprobate women who want a little play thing, the attention and affirmation of motherhood but without a husband or even worse, another female to ruin another child? GOD HELP US ALL!!!

  • Michelle Bryant
    Michelle Bryant

    Shouldn't the victim be Kavenagh be the victim since it was his that was grabbed?

  • Matthew Kheyfets
    Matthew Kheyfets

    Literally the day after the supreme Court says they'll here the gun case from New York state, the "allegations" come out and every democrat is screaming impeach kavanaugh. BULL SH*! They want him to be that vote that switches it so that Democrats can proceed with their communist plans.

  • Tony 1
    Tony 1

    Kavanaugh's family will never forget how evil this was.

  • K _
    K _

    What Elizabeth Warren _really_ said was, "He was *rammed* through the Senate like he *_rammed_* his ballz into that poor girls hands!" "I thought she said it didn't happen. 🤷🏾‍♂️" " Well she can just go ****** herself 🤬. Can someone _please_ open my beer or do I have to put _my_ ballz into some hands; I've been waiting forever 🙍🏼‍♀️ "

  • mythmurzin

    half-Asian lawyer should have clarified that if someone grabbed kavanaugh's member and shoved it in someone else's face, it wasn't kavanaugh's crime, it was the person who grabbed kavanaugh's member. they committed sexual assault against both parties.

  • Callsign: Blaze
    Callsign: Blaze


  • Thomas Squires
    Thomas Squires

    I am a subscriber , and do enjoy your rants ... I just popped over to watch you and just before, I saw a very / did I say important , video that does confirm your media understanding ... perhaps you will allow this reference ---NATHAN RICH : Hong Kong Bracing for Riots ...it directly relates to the supposed authoritative media outlets regarding the humorous news programming ... it is a very interesting perspective ... T...

  • Maximus Desimus
    Maximus Desimus

    She is right it was a sham!!!!! A demoncratic sham a political/personal lynching of this man!!!! He went through weeks of attacks, lies and scrutiny of every inch of his life!!!! LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!!!

  • Edward Leffler
    Edward Leffler

    Crowder have you ever used this to get a hold of the president? www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ And send a note to him on air

  • Mr Greenbuddz33
    Mr Greenbuddz33

    I’ve been holding out but lately other started to become obvious there will be some form of civil war and it’s going to get a lot worse then what it is right now these are the good old days right here

  • Nohwun Yewno
    Nohwun Yewno

    For me it was the moment where the left's mask slipped completely, and I saw what tyrannical monsters they actually are.

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