By the way, Can You Survive AREA 51?
Today Daniel, Hosuh, Stephen, Jay and Ann storm Area 51 with Naruto run. Will their raid be successful? Will they survive area 51? Will they manage to rescue the aliens? Find out in this video!
The meme area 51 is probably gone at this point... #Area51storm
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Assistant: Pau -
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  • Totally Crazy?!
    Totally Crazy?!

    1:35 Whaaaay would they do that?

  • XxhugogachaxX :D
    XxhugogachaxX :D

    YAY Ann the ultimate pancake is back :D

  • alexis karet
    alexis karet

    ann is so wholesom

  • Fast Fletcher
    Fast Fletcher

    2:32 Yuno Gasai

  • Skylor Chen a new ninja
    Skylor Chen a new ninja

    Everyone just going along with Jay's vandalism for once😂

  • Snowy Ominous
    Snowy Ominous

    When Stephan runs at someone with a knife Whoever he’s running at pulls out a gun Stephan:you sure under estimate my power Stephan:pulls out a rocket launcher

  • Pablo Mendez
    Pablo Mendez

    Stephen: “you know how many of the 2 million will show up? 5!” Close enough

  • YeeT Dominate
    YeeT Dominate

    Naruto references everywhere

  • Sapphire Starship
    Sapphire Starship

    why have I never seen this

  • Little koji 9000
    Little koji 9000

    I miss Stephen!😭😭😭😭

  • Anthony Marx
    Anthony Marx

    Title: can u survive Area 51 Mr beast: *yes*

  • Cambria Randall
    Cambria Randall

    Wow an wow also, I LOVE U DAN AND I LOVE STEVE a bit with steve BUT U ALOT also, steve NO KILL ONLY HUGS AND PUPPYS

  • Frankmir Alanza
    Frankmir Alanza

    Pls wer a t shirt

  • Claire Stover
    Claire Stover

    did anyone else thought that bob looked liked Dan

  • Carna Radunovic
    Carna Radunovic

    i cliced new videos and this showed up and ITS 8 MONTHS AGO AND IT-my SAYS ITS NEW!

  • (Cooper) Kitchkun Sakchai
    (Cooper) Kitchkun Sakchai

    somebody :To day! we will raid area 51!!!!!!!!!!!!! every body: wowowowoowo yaaaaassssssssssssss - loud cheeers- somebody:WE MUST SAVE! bob everybody: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Project Zorgo
    Project Zorgo

    Area 51 and the rest of the outposts the president is just developing new biotech weapons and armor and people thought there was aliens in those outposts but the goverment is only developing new armors and weapons for soldiers and turning them into super soldiers for war and kombat and that is why we never mess with these outposts they could use those biotech weapons against us if we tress pass the line and get killed instantly my finale message to the world:NEVER MESS WITH THE OUTPOSTS THAT THE GOVERMENT HAS BEEN DEVELOPING BIOTECH WEAPONS AND ARMOR

  • Andrew Dalton
    Andrew Dalton

    I am your biggest fan if you do the word old is the word and if you die I’ll block up he Naldo no matter what you live you just live I am your biggest fan if you do the word old is alright and if you die I’ll block up Naldo no matter what you live you just live I don’t care about my life just go ahead and live

  • dragonslayer116

    lone mouths WELL 2020

  • Jeff Anthony Basa
    Jeff Anthony Basa

    Anna and hosah are both here

  • Creative 8D
    Creative 8D

    Bob sounds like bomb BOB IS A BOMB

  • B1xck Moon
    B1xck Moon

    Do can you survive Warrior cats.

  • talor zack
    talor zack

    Everyone who's arrested:NOOOOOOO!!! Florida man:First time?

  • MobileGamer223

    Dan: you guys rush to area 51 *Naruto run* I respect you guys ŪwŪ (The naruto runners xD)

  • ツdesnuts

    A uav can see you in there

  • Sarah Baucom
    Sarah Baucom

    Daniel I got a question for you if all your friend love you can just get together and Daniel why you can just join Stevens Channel Stephen want you to do you have never left you in the first place so he told his brother so why you just throwing them I just be alone feels one of your friends make the show so funnier kid made Modern with Jose and Steven and probably was Steven's brother and hoses brother

  • Sujapjkumar Jeyakumar
    Sujapjkumar Jeyakumar

    They have nukes

  • Demis 98
    Demis 98

    Jay: hello Bob, my name is Jay, what's yours?

  • The Hydra
    The Hydra

    Why did they not do the Hunger games?

  • Artymist 024
    Artymist 024


  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog

    The pain of a DM

  • HyperRed Games
    HyperRed Games

    You were close just 10x less

  • jesse de Bruijn
    jesse de Bruijn

    8 months later still relivant

  • Pleb Plays
    Pleb Plays

    Why is Anne so cutie

  • Namjoon's Crab 7
    Namjoon's Crab 7

    Why did I just notice he put naruto and sasuke in jail ._.

  • PinBall Wizard
    PinBall Wizard

    "They can't shoot then all right?" *_*Chuckles in 20MM GAU-8 Avenger_**

  • Ava van
    Ava van

    Ann: Hufflepuff Hosuh: Ravenclaw Steven: Gryffindor Jay: Slytherin AM I WRONG!!!

  • Linda Cochran
    Linda Cochran

    Was that Naruto and Sasuke?😂😂😂

  • Mackenshley Lubin
    Mackenshley Lubin

    0:36 me and the bois

  • Jonathan Kleibscheidel
    Jonathan Kleibscheidel


  • Albertus Aryo
    Albertus Aryo


  • The Meme Supreme
    The Meme Supreme

    Short answer: no, imagine having hundreds of US Marines firing M16s all over the place, spraying everyone around you and to top that off, theres the risk of getting hit by the 737s that occasionally land at Area 51, also imagine the extreme heat of the Nevada desert, and the possibility that there are aliens there ready to fucking kill you on sight doesn't sound very fun to me

  • Sooraiya Samlal
    Sooraiya Samlal

    Bob is adorable :3

  • doge 27
    doge 27


  • CrumpetsOnToast

    Actually basically what happened

  • Chengxi Yang
    Chengxi Yang

    What about Girl Scout cookies?

  • Alexandria Hadcock
    Alexandria Hadcock

    i like how in the beggining of da video i liked how yall do da anime run XD

  • Charis H
    Charis H

    Naruto and Sasuke they be guilty.

  • Amillio Trusty
    Amillio Trusty

    2:18 *Stephen planning on how to kill everyone*

  • Ireland Richards
    Ireland Richards

    Happy 2020

  • xReaper_YT

    DanPlan in 2020: Can you survive The Corona Virse 😂

  • ZJG

    1:04 wtf, you can read the future?!?!

  • L1t3 Fr1t
    L1t3 Fr1t

    Honestly more people went

  • Bacons_ Skating
    Bacons_ Skating

    why u voice so high pitched

    • flammen rat
      flammen rat

      its her normal voice

  • Cooper Wagner
    Cooper Wagner

    ill watch anything if Stephen is in it :3 senpai

  • FrostyBoi Yt
    FrostyBoi Yt

    Wait so their camouflage is just wearing clothes

  • AG Wolfie
    AG Wolfie


  • Dots Mine
    Dots Mine

  • yori頼

    free bobby shmalien

  • Westhewrecker


  • Nikiya Carter
    Nikiya Carter


  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato

    In reality, regardless of if they were to be with a security guard, they do not have enough security clearance, once they made it too a certain ring of security, they would’ve been shot, no questions asked.

  • Борис Светозаров
    Борис Светозаров

    Nobody: Not even a single soul: Music: "we rush area 51 and now me know what's going on on area 51"

  • Ella

    Daniel low-key sounds like Oz Media.

  • Alexander Ramirez
    Alexander Ramirez

    By the way do you know what is in there?

  • Genji Main
    Genji Main

    Little did they no that bob started ww2

  • Ramen_Wave

    Going back to the memories R.I.P

  • シHershee

    Dan-this isn’t going to be relive my next year 2020-ofc it won’t cause covid19 will!

  • gachagirl13 hi
    gachagirl13 hi

    September 20 it's my birthday. 😊😊😊

  • gacha_fire_fox /weirdo
    gacha_fire_fox /weirdo

    This video was posted on my friends birthday-

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