Can Men Handle the Pain of Giving Birth?! (LABOR PAIN SIMULATOR)
FaZe Rug
I bought a device that makes you feel what women feel when they give birth and saw if men can endure what they go through...

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If you read this far down the description I love you

  • Giovanni Concepcion
    Giovanni Concepcion

    You should of tried it on a girl that gave brith to see how accurate it is and how much it compares

  • IIGalavizII

    8:27 Announces she’s pregnant not even a month later

  • Jennifer Morales
    Jennifer Morales

    Wait isn’t she like pregnant now? After she quote on quote said “I’m not interested” to having a baby? Lol

  • the newabi
    the newabi

    Girls feel it 516494679181548x times pain

  • Luka Matijevic
    Luka Matijevic

    ”i can’t get up my stomach”. I need to poop then he jumps up from bed and goes

  • Marky Turtle
    Marky Turtle

    That intro though

  • Boobo J
    Boobo J


  • The Villareal’s Journey
    The Villareal’s Journey

    I’m 19 and have two beautiful daughters n planning to have a 3rd one before I find out I can match my dad to donate him a kidney ❤️

  • Jazsmine Guess
    Jazsmine Guess

    I've had 3 kids and we're planning a 4th

  • KingShane

    When someone has a roblox profile picture

  • Moonlight wolf 365
    Moonlight wolf 365

    I'm a girl and now I'm scared

  • someoneee .
    someoneee .

    Brian: Do you think you’re ever gonna give birth one day? Amanda: no no , after that, I’m not interested Me after watching brandon’s video: 😏😏

  • Vonnie’s Playscape
    Vonnie’s Playscape

    I’m giving birth in March 2020

  • izatahmed ahmed
    izatahmed ahmed

    I'm scared when I give birth now

  • DC Bringman
    DC Bringman

    You should have tried the pain simulator on a mom to find how accurate it really is because they can compare it to real labor.

  • NzX NaCs
    NzX NaCs

    I think getting hit in the nuts hurts worse cuz I have never said hit me in the nuts but girls be like let’s have another baby😂

  • Meriam Herbawi
    Meriam Herbawi

    Omg love this I’m a mom of two and this is fun to watch 😂

  • jmfs81

    I bet that hurts so bad

  • 1 hour loop songs
    1 hour loop songs

    My mom gave birth 8 times i have 4 sisters and 3 brothers plus me is 8 people i dont think she had pain becuase she was probly yousto it

  • it's ya boy cam
    it's ya boy cam

    At 4:41 when he knocked I started looking around I thought it was real 😂

  • Rena Kowalczyk
    Rena Kowalczyk

    that's correct Jessica. HE gave birth 13.6 mils! HAHAHA

  • 15k subs with no videos challenge
    15k subs with no videos challenge

    Sub to me or you don’t love your parents


    Bro. Rug won the challenge, but the video dudn't make it to 200 thousand likes....

  • Feb Cafino
    Feb Cafino

    Noah is cute. 🦋☺️

  • IsaDalawaTatlo

    Can u do a gaming vid

  • Fjuskf

    Have people died when having babies?

  • Guadalupe Sandoval
    Guadalupe Sandoval

    You should do a simulater on girls To let them know how much it hurts to kicked in dem nuts like if u agree

  • Bianca the girl Jinx
    Bianca the girl Jinx

    She had me

  • Bianca the girl Jinx
    Bianca the girl Jinx

    No but my mom did which is me

  • Sspaz_Daniel0203 Ormsby
    Sspaz_Daniel0203 Ormsby

    I'ma a man and gave birth I got you

  • lil k legend
    lil k legend

    Ive been stabbed in the chest and face almost died that pregnet challage woudnt be anything

  • lilly frasier
    lilly frasier

    Men: I think i need to poop. Women: My baby!!!

  • lilly frasier
    lilly frasier

    nope only at 10 years of life.

  • Rocco 123
    Rocco 123

    Rug is so dramatic

  • Amalee Higgins
    Amalee Higgins

    My mum gave birth to 4 people

  • PARADOX nightcores
    PARADOX nightcores

    Make women feel the pain of getting hit in balls

  • cheese TV
    cheese TV

    Damn Noah's hot

  • snagh

    Says will you give birth one day and says no not after that.... couple of months later pregnant

  • Katie Leaman
    Katie Leaman

    Pretend I said something funny that got a lot of likes

  • Cammie McAneny
    Cammie McAneny

    If men were to actually give birth they'd be such babies about it. Like this is what women go through all the time. I hope in the future they make some invention where men can give birth too its really unfair and annoying like what did women do to deserve this shit. Men don't ever have do shit during a woman's pregnancy they just sit back and relax. Must be nice

    • Yankee Fan101
      Yankee Fan101

      Cammie McAneny only women are strong enough to handle birth no way we could do it so hopefully they don’t

  • i r i s : w o l f
    i r i s : w o l f

    Let’s be real for a sec. 30% of the people likes to see people suffer

  • Anahi Gonzalez Martinez
    Anahi Gonzalez Martinez

    and on thanksgiving she said that she was pregnant

  • Chloe Brown
    Chloe Brown

    Random fact: when my mom had me the doctors did not fully numb her😬😳😱🤢🤧

  • Adam the king
    Adam the king

    I have given birth to triplets

  • krystle robertson
    krystle robertson

    Getting weak

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera

    2 weeks later she's pregnant

  • Kaleigh Fletcher
    Kaleigh Fletcher

    I just had my baby and I guarantee that thing is no where near the pain level of giving actual birth

  • Sandra Rose
    Sandra Rose

    Yess I gave birth at 20 years old. Ill be 26 next month. That shit was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. And I feel I have a high pain tolerance. It’s no joke. At least y’all can give up and say stop LOL! We be like “I can’t do this” like we have a choice lmao

  • Enzo Marroquin
    Enzo Marroquin

    8:25 Couples weeks later she pregnant

  • The Doge
    The Doge

    It’s that but for 10 hours :/

  • The Doge
    The Doge


  • adan merino
    adan merino

    w0w laaaa

  • adan merino
    adan merino


  • Dilon Gamin
    Dilon Gamin

    What if girls try to feel the CIRCUMCISION

  • OddAndy Doyle
    OddAndy Doyle

    Get the mums to try it so they can say if it is more, less or the same amount of pain

  • Angelo Martinez
    Angelo Martinez

    Rug:think you'll ever give birth one day? Amanda:no no no no no, after that im not interested Also Amanda:pregnant the next week

  • Apy Pagadala
    Apy Pagadala

    8:27 well the answer from Amanda should be yes cause she is pregnant and it’s a boy.....

  • Clarisse plays hi
    Clarisse plays hi

    Why did lugh to funny 😂😂😂

  • Clarisse plays hi
    Clarisse plays hi

    baby s come for the bum lol 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Magic _ Void
      Magic _ Void

      Clarisse plays hi you came from your mommy’s a*s

  • YEET

    You should of did this on a women to see how close it was to birth

  • Mystoryxan

    2:16 start of video I would say your welcome but no one cares

    • Mystoryxan

      Just trying to be helpful this was a stupid idea

  • Cynthia Mccraigie
    Cynthia Mccraigie

    I wonder what all the names are 😂

  • Cynthia Mccraigie
    Cynthia Mccraigie

    I. haven't

  • Nun ya
    Nun ya

    Bruh the Walmart lizzo commercial

  • zoya hafiz
    zoya hafiz

    ✋mom of two babies

  • Paulina aleman
    Paulina aleman

    It’s worst

  • Nick The Gamer
    Nick The Gamer

    8:22 she said never😂

  • Ella K
    Ella K

    After watching this, I don't want to have kids anymore

  • Jacob Zumaya
    Jacob Zumaya

    B R O O P

  • Jacob Zumaya
    Jacob Zumaya


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