Can This Pill Take The Spice Out of Spicy Food?
Good Mythical Morning
We found a pill that makes spicy food NOT spicy... or did we? GMM #1158!
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  • pnloya

    It was so funny pleas call me l watched you since i was 7 so for 3 years

  • Dante Trixter
    Dante Trixter

    Link should regrow that beard lol

  • Noah Kimble
    Noah Kimble

    Great links get it link

  • Carrus Brick Productions
    Carrus Brick Productions

    Could’ve just changed links peppers

  • Cristian Rodriguez
    Cristian Rodriguez

    Who told Rhett to wear the fadora?

  • SirHabibi

    This is literally my favorite video of GMM😂

  • disappointed link
    disappointed link

    placebo/conformity for the win

  • Ignitedflame95

    3 year anniversary of this episode tomorrow

  • The Real Ghost Tracker
    The Real Ghost Tracker

    why does Link look like Josh, from Drake and Josh?🤣

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller

    placebo effect in full form

  • Misa N
    Misa N

    Its called Anti-cap but Rhett was full of cap.

  • Feel The Hertz
    Feel The Hertz

    Bruh they need to release a pepper with no burning sensation at all, no cap.

  • Thevideogamechallenger

    Watch this one, and then the most recent one to see the transformation of Rhett

  • Tim Krash
    Tim Krash

    Placebo effect 101

  • The Pootis birb
    The Pootis birb

    Top 10 anime betrayals

  • Crusader_HolyMan

    Links beard makes him look like one of them sexy Mexicans

  • Yasure

    at 5:27 you didn't say sink it after you said dink it and i'm going to end it all right now

  • true countryside
    true countryside

    You gotta love the placebo effect

  • ASUDOM 17
    ASUDOM 17

    I don’t what link to have that beard ever again😨

    • Jonah Gray
      Jonah Gray

      I don’t want Rhett to have a fedora again

  • Gena Yang
    Gena Yang

    They really missed the chance to call it "No Cap" instead of Anti-cap

  • Gorgey boi
    Gorgey boi

    There is a reasonwhy link is better

  • Stoica David
    Stoica David

    Placebo effect probably

  • Creature Named Maggot
    Creature Named Maggot

    I wondering what Rhett Would look like with that hat on now lol

  • derpfacedargon

    Placebo effect

  • Bribrini

    The disappointment and confusion on Rhett’s face when Link said he feels nothing.. and then excitement creeping back in when Link says he feels something on his ear

  • Kowonski

    Wait… it worked on his tongue where he put it, did they accidentally make it real?

  • フローライト愛している

    Link's "im totally fine too" is a mood😂

  • nursehigginbotham

    Link looks good with some scruff!!

  • Rory Krec
    Rory Krec

    link + beard = daddy

  • Just Emma
    Just Emma


  • Luka Smed Visholt
    Luka Smed Visholt

    "I don't feel anything" Rhett mclaughlin 2018.

  • Benny Bacon
    Benny Bacon

    😂😂😂😂😂 I feel bad for link tho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rajan adhikari
    Rajan adhikari


  • rootbeer666

    Link should rock the bearded look every day.

  • Panda_Tutorials

    Just buy m berries from vat 19

  • Oladunni Jimoh
    Oladunni Jimoh

    eeeeeeehhh ttttthhat!!!!!! that beard!!!!!!! is specialllll

  • Cloudflick


  • Blaž Ljubljana
    Blaž Ljubljana

    Well the placebo effect is strong

  • Jody May
    Jody May

    Who else thinks that link looks kinda like dr. Ranj from BBC in this?

  • Donald Nguyen
    Donald Nguyen

    werewolf link

  • Malin

    I’m rewatching this during quarantine and I was NOT prepared for Link’s beard in that intro haha

    • Jody May
      Jody May

      Oh god

  • Clay Cudahy
    Clay Cudahy

    Aaaah link beard

  • Om Mishra
    Om Mishra

    Man this was the best until now ❤️

  • Tumur Sukh
    Tumur Sukh

    Seriously how you eat spice is think it’s not spicy

  • Jennifer Sarabia
    Jennifer Sarabia

    Nice prank..🤣🤣

  • E

    I miss this intro.


    They should have given him non - spicy food (that is supposed to be spicy) and worked it up to a ghost pepper or something like that at the very end. That would be hilarious

  • Rógvi Reynstind
    Rógvi Reynstind

    Rhett you dont have to whisper

  • Jaden Page
    Jaden Page

    Link: I have it all over my tongue and I don't feel anything Rhett: 👁👄👁 *wut*

  • Rebecca Greenway
    Rebecca Greenway

    Oh my. Link’s beard is doing things to me

  • 3p1cG4m3r

    The true placebo affect

  • Im Smiley
    Im Smiley

    2:15 Link: Skur Skur I never expected that xD

  • kyle john
    kyle john

    Omg, i was saying “skirt skirt” the way link has for 2 months and I finally found the episode he SAID IT ON! Yay! Skirt Skirt!!! yeah

  • Derpy Purple
    Derpy Purple

    I’ve watched this like 73352 times

  • K Lo
    K Lo

    thats so messed up link didn't eat the final pepper. C'mon maaaan. Great video still though as usual.

  • nicolò

    this is like homeopathy, placebo is real.

  • Glö Stiçk Fœr Jrïñk
    Glö Stiçk Fœr Jrïñk

    W-what happened to link

    • Noxes Pro
      Noxes Pro



    At 6:45 there was a hair hanging from Rhetts fork... lol

  • GD Exoblix
    GD Exoblix

    Fake fun fact: chewable vitamins actually have effect on the tongue that can actually turn down the capsaicin on the tongue

  • lil cutebutt
    lil cutebutt

    Placebo is scary

  • Connor Rombough
    Connor Rombough

    Placebo effect at work

  • GamimgWithTACJHON

    Wtf I didn’t know this was a series

  • Lizandra Modoli
    Lizandra Modoli

    Rhett's laugh is what I live for

    • Ellie Fuller
      Ellie Fuller

      I know, especially his laughs at 11:33-11:43

  • Sabrina Miller
    Sabrina Miller

    link with a beard is...just no..I can't...

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    It’s is weird seeing link with a beard

  • Unevensomewhere

    link: I'm not feeling any pain Rhett: *surprised pikachu face*

  • J T
    J T

    Whose on another marathon of gmm😂😂

  • Areel Pervez
    Areel Pervez

    The pills aren’t CAP get it

    • Chase Vasquez
      Chase Vasquez


  • Whatdoyouthinkaboutcats?

    What happened to ThisIsMythical?

  • Slug Eater
    Slug Eater

    In 2020 this pill can be used as a lie detector “anti-cap”

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