Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)
Good Mythical Morning
Can you determine if a cookie is Chips Ahoy or a knock off? Today, we're back with the game Can We Find The Name Brand? this time with COOKIES! GMM #1659
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  • WildFireWoo

    Rhett missed a great opportunity to say “you don’t knock a mans Newton”

  • Meagen Kasey
    Meagen Kasey

    Fig Newtons are disgusting 🤢🤢

  • Patrick Fairbanks
    Patrick Fairbanks

    LMAO. At one time Kroger owned Albertsons. I worked for them when they bought them.

  • It’s me salty
    It’s me salty

    3:22 for the best duo

  • BeatBoxu Samurai!
    BeatBoxu Samurai!

    How did he know he switched em thoe?

  • Shiloh Hawk
    Shiloh Hawk

    I find it so strange that Rhett was hounding on link for liking stuff that’s bad but then link goes “those are stale” and Rhett says “don’t hold that against em!” Like what...?

  • icewolf

    Chipsahoy are good cookies

  • lana rose
    lana rose

    i’m sorry but i can’t think of tide pods and not think of the tide pod challenge lmao

  • hazu268

    At this point I feel like putting in Trader Joe’s products is almost unfair, lmao

  • hannibalism

    n i l l a w a f e r t o p h a t t i m e

  • SyMpHOny

    as a college student I watch these for research purposes lol

  • Cyndi McMurrian
    Cyndi McMurrian

    Just rewatched this episode. Had some Clover Valley Saltines that I swore tasted like FeBreeze. I'm not crazy!

  • Cyndi McMurrian
    Cyndi McMurrian

    Just rewatched this episode. Had some Clover Valley Saltines that I swore tasted like FeBreeze. I'm not crazy!

  • Von Prater
    Von Prater

    It’s funny because I’m an Oreo fanatic and I was eating great value brand in disappointment while watching the video. Imo only Oreo make the proper...oreo lol.

  • Jared Canter
    Jared Canter

    Oreos is actually a ripoff of Hydrox



  • Synaiツ

    I like how Rhett was about to eat the bills cookie then put it down

  • Diyosa Funk
    Diyosa Funk

    Them not knowing the real Barnum ones hurt my soul😭. The only animal crackers I EVER liked were Barnum, they are the best and that's that😗

  • OneAndOnlyDamo 1
    OneAndOnlyDamo 1

    You should have somehing to clean your pallette in between bites

  • vincent deschatelets
    vincent deschatelets

    i so relate with link, chewy chips ahoy are my weakness

  • Devyn Marlin
    Devyn Marlin

    good vid

  • Drawing4 Fun
    Drawing4 Fun

    This is how much times they said “cookie” 👇

  • Emily

    Murray has the best nilla wafers

  • Caedes

    1:12 can you see the ghost? 👀

    • Caedes

      Get pranked 😆

  • Salon Sharpy
    Salon Sharpy

    Were they extra southern in this episode?

  • Gigi

    I have the same shirt as link lol

  • Tra'mayne Gaines
    Tra'mayne Gaines


  • Brian Morrissey
    Brian Morrissey

    That isn't a cookie Jar Jar! That's a cookie jar Jar Jar!

  • Ellie Jared
    Ellie Jared

    *on the vanilla wafer round* Clover Valley:👁👄👁

  • Madison Evans
    Madison Evans


  • Loopdi2039

    Who eats a cookie brand that Rhett and Link badmouthed? lol

  • YO TRU
    YO TRU


  • Alyiah Larkins
    Alyiah Larkins

    It makes me happy to know I’m not the only one who went through years of eating whole fig newton boxes and now I won’t even touch it.

  • Laura

    Why in the world doesn’t ur animal crackers have chocolate on them ? In Scotland ours have a chocolate side and a plain side. 🤯

  • Kate Bryant
    Kate Bryant

    I rewatched "Nilla wafer tastin time!~" at least 10 times over LMAO

  • Garrett Brodnik
    Garrett Brodnik

    How do they know what detergent tastes like 😂😂

  • GoatGoose

    animal crackers > barnums

  • Josefin S.
    Josefin S.

    They're like toddler siblings and Stevie is their mom just trying to do her best with raising them.

  • Elie Altgold
    Elie Altgold

    I like how Rhett almost takes a bite of that nilla wafer from dollar general but then catches his mistake

  • Rougue Ninja
    Rougue Ninja

    Can the mythical crew make their own versions of these idols in the food industry and see if they can tell the difference

  • random anything
    random anything

    I wish I could've led do this with them

  • Rae

    *Rhett you STINKER!!*

  • jargon

    The callback to their Nilla Wafer Top House Time song!!! Old Rhett and Link anyone?

  • Mack N
    Mack N

    Alright, the blindfolded thing needs to be a thing.

  • Amara Yang
    Amara Yang

    I cant with the fig nutons- always just tolerated those as a kid..

  • Blood Redstone
    Blood Redstone

    I liked fig newtons until I discovered how figs grow

    • Milford Cubicle
      Milford Cubicle


  • Samuel Benson
    Samuel Benson

    Listen up, buddyroll.

  • ThatGingerGuy

    I feel like the loser should have gotten the “Cookie Jar Jar”

  • Blueismyrealname

    “Please do not throw the figs” me: SHUT YO ***********

    • 「artsyplantzz」


  • Isaiah Carter
    Isaiah Carter

    Link tried to cheat and still lost, there is no higher dishonor 😂😂😂😂

  • LJRossPhoto


  • soxnation1000

    Why did Stevie tell Link not to throw the fig newton but she just ignores that Rhett threw the Oreo?

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham

    Link likes Signature select over Nilla, great value is better than fig newtons, rhette like trader joes over Barnum animals, trader joes can compete with Oreo

  • Olwydd

    When you get old your sense of taste changes. 😂

  • Maswiyat I
    Maswiyat I

    rhett fricking cheated

    • Maswiyat I
      Maswiyat I

      what a loser

  • Nobody

    Sorry, Link.. You Failure at cheating..

  • Diego Villarroel
    Diego Villarroel

    I’m watching these snack videos to torture myself knowing that I’m on a diet

  • Halfgood IG
    Halfgood IG

    0:50 Pillagers be like

  • JonO387

    Animal crackers are more of a cookie than a fig newton ever dreamed to be.

  • FOTO Productions
    FOTO Productions

    “Someone sat on these” “these got sat on at the store” 😂😂

  • Kelley

    When Link said "Rhett! You stinker!" It reminded me of my uncle, he used to say that all the time.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo

    I absolutely LOVE Link's collection of Keith Haring shirts

  • j geyer01
    j geyer01

    Rhett is the biggest can see him feeling for the oreo logo on every cookie...pathetic!

  • duck in pond
    duck in pond

    This video has the exact same title as another one of their videos two months before this

  • Claudio Guzmán
    Claudio Guzmán

    They finally fix the "edition" misspelling!

  • Coolsky64

    I've literally watched 2 grown men just munch on cookies for over 10 minutes.

  • KinkyWitThaBoys

    8:06 so they talk about how animal crackers aren't cookies but the when it comes to a fruit filled bar of fig they don't even care

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    I didn't much like regular animal crackers as a kid, I ate a bunch of the frosted ones. But, I bought some recently and didn't like them anymore

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin

    I dip my nilla wafers into banana pudding, I really don't like them soggy.

  • Wolf Cub
    Wolf Cub

    She sounded so mad when he threw the fig newton 😂😂

  • launa

    in the first two link looks like he wants to put the right answer but he sees rhett going for it and changes his mind 😂

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