Cash vs Flight 1v1 Basketball! Shave Beard or Burn Shoes Wager!
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  • Vontae Zack
    Vontae Zack

    Hand-checking is in football 🏈🤣🤣🤣

  • Liam Matthew Llamado
    Liam Matthew Llamado

    Cash is a lot better with his moves now

  • Poweruptalan YT
    Poweruptalan YT

    18:00 😂

  • Cj Neal
    Cj Neal

    Flight and cash suck

  • I Am Iavzh
    I Am Iavzh

    Remove that damn condom on yo head you’d probably see 😂😂😂💀

  • Quick Edits CC
    Quick Edits CC

    Guys a pussi🤣🤣 wE pLaYiN WitH fOulS

  • TJ Avant
    TJ Avant

    He called Flight a hooper?!?!?! lmao

  • Martin Francis
    Martin Francis

    Bro flight got doubled up cash wasn’t having it 8:07 - 8:09

  • Bepo ivic
    Bepo ivic

    Daaaammn bruh ur both that terrible omg

  • Viperzz

    10:37 he made that had me sleep

  • Aaron Nieves
    Aaron Nieves

    flight traveled hard bro

  • King James
    King James

    Yo ain’t no fuckin “halftime” I’m 1 on 1

  • BOSSMANforever

    Flights first 2 points was off a carry 😂

  • Jonathon Cross
    Jonathon Cross

    U guys r both awful at basketball

  • Awesome lyrics
    Awesome lyrics

    3:30 i almost slap my phone

  • Jayden lim
    Jayden lim

    Travel at 9:16?

  • TYME

    This nigga pockets out mane I can’t

  • Boi Scrub
    Boi Scrub

    Man said stop shooting but next time flight shoots he almost air balls

  • Chub ZERO
    Chub ZERO

    Dam cash you WeT LiKe WATER

  • Daniel Zelealem
    Daniel Zelealem

    18:13 Ohh my 😂😂😂 I peed my pants

  • Marc Joseph
    Marc Joseph

    Fck I thought its a mirror 9:20

  • TheRealGuyHagi MOnkeYl
    TheRealGuyHagi MOnkeYl

    Bro it hurts my eyes js seeing flight play like that

  • Jeffery Mccoy
    Jeffery Mccoy

    Somebody tell Flight I will play him $1k per game!


    You took dam near 20mins to drop flight off

  • Najohn B
    Najohn B

    He put his hooping shoes on in the parking lot😭

  • thi nguyen
    thi nguyen

    Flight literally 6’3” for nothing

  • Sandhip Kh
    Sandhip Kh

    Flight need to stop playing the B cuz he has no juice

  • Madula

    Flight plays ball Goofy as hell lol. Cash u handle that ball like a boss.

  • Aaron He
    Aaron He

    Lol flights reaction when he scored

  • Bogdan Croitoru
    Bogdan Croitoru

    I love that Flight still trashtalk to Cash, and Flight still lost

  • Cortez Neal
    Cortez Neal

    1v1? Flight?


    Flight getting all hyped when cash already has 9 points. Like it’s only 2 points, ur still losing by 7

  • Jaymond Baruso
    Jaymond Baruso

    Trainer does not know what he’s doing 😂 don’t listen to that man

  • Ritchie Rowland
    Ritchie Rowland

    Flight a baby

  • MangoBoiii

    Is lsk recording?

  • Ahmon Bryant
    Ahmon Bryant

    Aye who ya got 1v1 @Cashnasty or @DivontayFriga 😤🎤👀

  • Ahmon Bryant
    Ahmon Bryant

    13:38 I think ya midrange could work I didn’t see any attempts

  • Sheizan Fernandez
    Sheizan Fernandez

    Flight doesn’t have the strength the frame the speed the quickness the reaction time needed to be a decent ball player 😂😂😂 it’s crazy how he think he’s nice

  • manav kattel
    manav kattel

    Why is that not a mirror

  • Layup Peep
    Layup Peep

    Is there a viewer market for terrible basketball every ymca has better 50 year olds than these pair

  • Swmoonhomie

    FTC flight team stand up cash be like YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOO

  • FR.Skynet

    10:42 “he made that” killed me

  • Marko Jovanovic
    Marko Jovanovic

    This is painful to watch

  • Speedy Beast
    Speedy Beast

    Flights a baby bruh I’ll take him next year hit me up if you see this flight I’ll take you

  • Eshawn Haskins
    Eshawn Haskins

    Bro u should of said green green fuck that talking about

  • Braylen Haney
    Braylen Haney

    I never realized how bad flight is at basketball

  • Darth Yoda
    Darth Yoda

    Im not tryna be rude but they both garbage lol

  • Joshua Gomez
    Joshua Gomez

    Damn his shoes looking lit 🔥 👟

  • HK Lxquid
    HK Lxquid

    U gotta give flight one thing he knows what he’s talking bout when it comes to basketball

  • The state of OHIO
    The state of OHIO

    Ohio loves you

  • Kevin Wisniewski
    Kevin Wisniewski

    This dude flight sucks he literally loses to everyone

    • Tawanna Twine
      Tawanna Twine


  • jaylen frm 315
    jaylen frm 315

    Cash and flight I'm looking forward to going again yall I live in utica new York

  • marcus Powell
    marcus Powell

    cash u pretty decent goin against flight ✈️

  • rough times
    rough times

    Good try guys but scores 4 - 0 flight plays like a 8th grader haha love u dude but that dribbling needs to come up

  • ZoSoUsAm 68
    ZoSoUsAm 68

    I'm fifty one yrs.old and I think I could give them trouble!!! If I never smoked!!!,lol

  • Keys 808
    Keys 808

    Both shit 😂

  • Sin City Quinn
    Sin City Quinn

    Whoa. Flight plays ball like he’s playing 2k.

  • fortnite bot
    fortnite bot

    Cash 1v1 2hype and get your shoes burnt

  • javaughnie Jones
    javaughnie Jones

    What height is Cash?

  • Bella Lozier
    Bella Lozier

    I thought that there was a giant mirror behind the basketball goal 😂😂

  • Charles Carter
    Charles Carter

    I’m sorry but why at 18:15 flight talkin bout “Irish spring green green green” when he just got points🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryunsuke Blue
    Ryunsuke Blue

    8:34 remove that damn condom on top of ya heaad

  • Joshua Gaines
    Joshua Gaines

    Whats up cash Shreveport vs Shreveport whats good

  • JARS House
    JARS House

    Young boy needs a left hand dribble and drive

  • Harry Scrimshaw
    Harry Scrimshaw

    Flight straight up be looking like a twig bro

  • Rawinder Singh
    Rawinder Singh

    You have a shooting coach!? You sure...

  • Taylor Rhodes
    Taylor Rhodes even was that!?!...jus threw that shit up lol

  • Htoy ML
    Htoy ML

    has anyone tried watching this.vid during high? i am.dying😂😂😂😂😂

  • cash brothers
    cash brothers

    No offense but flight has lost all his match ups

  • M0cnas

    That guy with bandana really can't play

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