Channel Awesome Retrospective #8 Lindsay Ellis The Nostalgia Chick | ft: NobleAbsinthe
Episode 9 AngryJoe:
NobleAbsinthe and I are collabing to bring to you a retrospective series on every contributor at Channel Awesome (formerly known as The reviewing community on IT-my owes a lot to guys like Doug Walker and James Rolfe for propelling many of the IT-my “celebrities” we see today. Channel Awesome also serves as decent folklore about the early days of IT-my. Also, since there wasn’t any other IT-my channel with an extensive compendium of these contributors; we thought it would be a fun project.
Today’s episode is on Linkara, one of the few comic book producers on Channel Awesome.
May god have mercy on his soul…
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*The videos may not be in true chronological order, but aim to cover all contributors.
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  • ExtraMana

    More CA goodness: episode 9 AngryJoe: Full Channel Awesome series:

  • krilc

    All the white knights in the comments lol

  • CraftyArts

    Whatever she seems to be doing good I guess despite the misstep of participating in that document.

  • Sosayweall jpg
    Sosayweall jpg

    Love seeing all the Lindsay stans in here. She's way better than this review says

  • Javier castillo
    Javier castillo

    You know what... she is very good... and you... not so much

  • Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive
    Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

    How the hell was she attempting to be edgy while making a video on her own personal experience with abortion? I'm pretty sure the content went right over your head, you simpleton

  • Khloe Kind
    Khloe Kind

    I'm sure this guy has a healthy relationship with his mother

  • Fairy Circle
    Fairy Circle

    This hate video made me hate you not her.

  • Sophie

    The concept of writing about her own abortion was sick? This is a bizarre opinion, and obtuse. People can make art exploring emotional and personal topics - that’s kind of the whole thing with art. Weird hearing you deride her work when this video was such low quality in comparison

  • Sam Harrison
    Sam Harrison

    I honesty think the channel awesome and new work of hers is reall entertaining. Sadly, people grow apart and theres always internal conflict in any workplace. Ill have to go and watch that abortion movie, but I think she has every right to talk about her abortion experience if thats what she wants to do.

  • MattTheLast

    This is pretty atrocious, guys.

  • Clinton Kirk
    Clinton Kirk

    Hit job. Sour grapes from the idiot at the end.

  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z

    why is this video so disliked? i don't find anything discussed here offensive but then again i only found out about lindsay ellis through her standalone channel i had no idea about the nostalgia critic or any of those people. is it just the NobleAbsinthe dude? bc that guy DOES sounds kinda up his own ass

  • oops __
    oops __

    What the hell, she was nostalgia chick? Damn, Ive been watching her video essays for years, damn, I guess she's been trying to distance herself from channel awesome, which is understandable

  • Alex Bennet
    Alex Bennet

    Maybe you just hear “white noise” because her in-depth analyses, despite being pretty accessible, are still too complex for you to follow lol

  • share bear
    share bear

    You had me in the first half ngl

  • Katrina

    The ChezZZZZ was so annoying. "She chose such a dumb name" ...idiot, lol.


    Awful lot of simps and stans in the comment section.

  • Air Quotes
    Air Quotes

    Why this video is pretty bad it's embarrassing.

  • kaboom

    I really like her but she's a typical overly privileged leftist who's 38 or 40 years old and ages lucky she ever met nostalgia critic . There's time of smart women out there, she is not remarkable at all if you knew us. Worse still, she's another conformist leftist and pro cancel culture. What amazes me is that people will admire and listen to her when a lot of women say the same things she dies, yet no one listed to us lol, cause we don't have a platform which got big from nostalgia critic and spoony , etc. But she's another 40 year old USA east coast liberal arts college leftist. How do you think.she met Nostalgia critic ? ... and Why are others still unaware of this?

    • Mrs. Arthur Morgan
      Mrs. Arthur Morgan

      You repeatedly using the word “leftist” tells me all I need to know about the nature of your comment and you. You are SO much worse than what you’re describing for being unaware that you’re just as insufferable and politically obvious as you accuse her of being. Yikes!

  • kaboom

    She's such an sjw... I used to respect her but her anti JKrowling thing is just sad, and she supports riley dennis ffs.. She's a typical 38 year told overly privileged leftist, yuck

  • El Kudos
    El Kudos

    Yeah, very politically charged and self-absorbed woman. In recent piece she's been promoting sex denialist stuff, and does not respond well to criticism.

  • Canadianswiss

    Lol "If you actually watched one of her videos" dude probably thought he was so badass for attacking the way she talks. gtfo.

    • Barbara Stanwyck
      Barbara Stanwyck

      "if you're actually one of the over million viewers of her videos..." lol

  • N P
    N P

    She’s the absolute worst

  • Square In Square
    Square In Square

    Lindsay Ellis is fantastic. Her content on her own channel is top notch.

  • Smell my cheese
    Smell my cheese

    chez was pronounced shay and it means "at the home" so chez apocalypse meant "apocalypse at home." You could have Googled it instead of making yourself sound like a fool.

    • Marta Tarasiuk
      Marta Tarasiuk

      @Joe Jordan Well, judging from the fact that their official site described Chez Apocalypse as "a media criticism site with a deliberately vague name", I'll say that in this case there never was such thing as "a decent translation" and everyone was supposed to interpret the meaning in their own way.

    • Joe Jordan
      Joe Jordan

      No, a decent translation should go along the lines of "in the house of apocalypse" or something like that. Chez doesn't just mean "at the home" but "at the home of".

  • Australia Forever
    Australia Forever

    She applied for the n chick job which had rules conditions and standards that she chose to be apart of If you get political and public on either side you are subject to critique from the public She made a short film and put it out there She is subject to critique Hell she has spent the majority of her career critiquing others and being political She shouldn't give what she can't take

    • KaBoom

      @dildonius simp

    • dildonius

      Doesn't seem like she gives much of a shit about your """critique"""

  • Deep Ghoul
    Deep Ghoul

    This is the same Nostalgia Chick who got poor Dan Rizzo f.k.a. That Aussie Guy kicked off Channel Awesome.

  • Frances O'Darcy
    Frances O'Darcy

    In an analogy to Ellis's love for Lord Of The Ring, Nostalgia Chick is like The Hobbit where Lindsay's new content is like The Lord Of The Rings. Nostalgia Chick is simplistic but charming because they are fun videos while Lindsay Ellis is much more mature and philosophical.

  • I'll let you finish but first
    I'll let you finish but first

    That guy comparing her unfavourably with a bunch of losers was funny. I did enjoy the factual aspects of the video though.

  • mr mago
    mr mago

    Id loved to see lindsay make up with chanle awesome

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Can anyone tell me the exact video this (3:45) is from?

    • Shannon Gibson
      Shannon Gibson

      John Doe Freddy got Fingered review. Good luck finding it. Lol

  • The satranger tomatoee
    The satranger tomatoee

    I gotta be honest. I have a major crush on her

  • Claire Pettie
    Claire Pettie

    Her recent content is great! She's intelligent, funny, and can be silly without seeming pedantic. She expresses genuine joy over the books and movies she loves (like Lord of the Rings,) without dismissing objective criticism (The Hobbit.) Her humor is deadpan, and I guess that sarcastic delivery is what sounds 'monotone' or 'condescending' to ExtraMana. I'm not sure why anyone would dismiss her content entirely as 'white noise,' instead of just saying "she's not my cup of tea."

  • One third of a brain
    One third of a brain

    How was The A Word political? It was an emotional piece of how she dealt with a deeply personal experience that is rarely talked about, hence why making a film made sense. The fact people in the comments are angry over gamergate, a thing only morons care about - same with Anita like who cares if a woman said things you dont like about games? Sorry but everyone in the comments, and this video, just seems like you have a personal issue with her based on sexism.

  • EpioN

    Lindsey is the best thing that came out of channelshit. I loved her lurch leftward and the fact that she doesn’t give a fuck about right wing dipshits. Her videos will only seem condescending to dimwits.

  • Rasfa

    She's great.

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore

    Her time on CA was cringey, but admittedly not her fault. She clearly began to have her own voice once she had a fanbase, and Doug hated that. She didn't deserve to be treated like that, simply for wanting to be her own self. However, once she was given the reins, it was clear that she was rather... hypocritical. She began attacking other women. She began to infantalise YA authors, to the point of making up one of her own, using someone else's photo, as a joke. It was gross. And she still defends it. Then, she finally was set free from CA - and she continued to be up and down with her essays. One thing she never took seriously was sexual assault. Her favourite movie is Showgirls, and when she jumped onto the GoT ship, that rape-apologist in her grew larger and larger, and the irony grew grosser and grosser, into sickening hypocrisy. CA was rampant with sexual assault, and yes, she fought hard and at the risk of her career to do it - but she still has yet to apologise for her double-faced bullshit. Once she grows up, once she actually grows up, maybe I'll be able to stomach her, better. Maybe once she moves away from rape culture, stops consuming and defending it so much, I'll come back. If she simply stopped being a part of that culture, I'll come back. But for now, she's... too much. Too hypocritical. And I'm tired of it.

  • J Kay
    J Kay

    Lindsay Ellis' video analyses are absolutely fantastic, I had no clue until this video how much drama she was in before.

    • Kieran Stark
      Kieran Stark

      I got mad when she made people who dislike film pentalogies like Twilight and Bayformers look like hypocritical haters. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say that while I like her roles in Todd in the Shadows videos and fee like her defence towards some films like The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Kirk Wise and Gary Triusdale are well-thought out along with her review on Rent starring a Frozen actor, I do feel like there are times when she can make people feel less than free to have their own opinions with her stern tone of voice.

    • André Cabrera
      André Cabrera

      Same here

  • anciano anciano
    anciano anciano

    damm, before i saw this, i was watching a ellis video and thinking, " I really hate her eyebrows, are odd, remember me the disgusting anita sarkesian eyebrows" ....

  • Michael D
    Michael D

    Man I can't stand this chick, perfect example of over educated and low intelligence.

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Im in the rational party i guess you can say

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Sorry darn phone is hard to type with

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      I when irrationaly fallowing there party blindly

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Also im politically motert but lean more left i dont care for partys as most democrats and Republicans are rational

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Feminism is not destroying socity and if you think that your a sexist a hole who needs to understand that few bad eggs dont make the idea bad because men and women are equal and i dont care about gender roles btw i think there a load of bs pushed by relgous zelots and far right morans who want everone to conform to there idea of socity to hell with that

  • NeoGamest123 Logic
    NeoGamest123 Logic

    She mest up the moment she joined the anti nerd and geek culture side of the culture war. The internet never forgets . I mean really mocking the very people who give you views. All over the presumed sexism of her biggest fan. Criticizing a conartist pretending to be a gamer is not sexist. Oh well see made her own bed now she must ly in it.

  • Dade Lee Murphy
    Dade Lee Murphy

    The A word. in Noooooooo WAAAYYY related to Spoony...

  • Ttoby89

    Why am I watching this Why is 'anti-gamergate' controversial and how is a video about abortion 'political'? I liked the several-narrators thing, but I'm out. It's cool, won't affect your numbers. byeeee

    • Djcm

      @ExtraMana I always forget that the concept of women having choices is still a very radical political position to some.

    • Barbara Stanwyck
      Barbara Stanwyck

      "i found the entire concept of her writing about HER OWN ABORTION sick." says the guy who calls academic discourse from a woman "white noise." this story checks out.

    • •TheKaisTzar •
      •TheKaisTzar •

      Ttoby89 Well thought out, the principle of reconsidering when a human being is considered alive so you can justify pseudo-murder is definitely not political.

    • ExtraMana

      'abortion is not political' Amazing take.

    • Stray7

      Whenever has taking a stance on abortion ever *not* been considered political? Even the most neutral take on the subject brings debate, vitriol, and cultural warfare. People's brains shut down when topics that touch on their core values come up as part of the discourse.

  • nicky the cat
    nicky the cat

    This video seams to be watched by Lindsey haters only. Jeez. I like Lindsey. I think she's great in every way. Your not like Lindsey would be valid if you all gave a good reason and not just "oh I don't like her personality" common guys, be serious. You know, it's OK to not like someone. But give a reason. A real reason. Like, I like her cause she's not afraid to take risks and be in your face with details, and opinion.

  • Chris Hype
    Chris Hype

    I sorta lost interest in Lindsay Ellis when it seemed like every single review she did had a “Ive been to film school” tangent thrown in. As if she needed her words to have validity because they don’t stand on their own.

    • c17sam90

      That’s because she came from a vantage point of film academia where you taught about script structure etc. And yes having that eduction makes it very hard watching a lot of commercial films because you know the flaws with them instantly

    • Francesco Birsa Alessandri
      Francesco Birsa Alessandri

      I haven't ween that particular one, but i will. On the opposite side, her series on Transformers and film theory was very interesting and informative.

    • Chris Hype
      Chris Hype

      Francesco Birsa Alessandri It’s not a bad thing until it becomes full on rants and your entire argument is based on going to film school. Did you ever see Lindsay’s “10 Guilty Pleasures” list? Almost every single choice was followed by “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t like this. I went to film school”. We get it, and we are proud of you seeking higher education. You don’t have to keep reminding us.

    • Francesco Birsa Alessandri
      Francesco Birsa Alessandri

      oh yeah, because giving actual context for your adfirmations and revealing what informed your deductions and opinions is a bad thing... Also, having been to school is bad, i guess.

  • Akihito007

    Nope I don't respect someone who MURDERS her own unborn daughter with the excuse of "it conflicted with me going to film school" then makes a self indulgent movie about it in order to excuse her complete selfishness. I hate her leftist, sjw West Coast politics and that she CONTINUES to bash the South and East TN, where she grew up and where I was also born and still live. But funny how she got drunk, assaulted her family and got arrested over the holidays in her hometown of Kingsport, TN and when she was arrested tried to break the cop windows by continually kicking them and bashing her head against the cage. Guess she's a baby murderer AND a lousy drunk!

  • Bridget McConaughy
    Bridget McConaughy

    Eh, I'm in the base who hated her channel awesome work, but love her post CA content. Turns out her heart wasn't in the CA stuff, and she didn't understand that she was expected to into a 5 year role that frankly was envisioned as a female version of somebody else's I.P. So it makes sense that she lacked passion for it. Her new stuff seems like the content she should always have been making. Her video essays typically don't go the route of thing bad because politics. The interviews she conducted for her hobbit interview took the politically charged nature of the New Zealand union colloapse, and brought out the human side of the issue. If ya'll can't watch her because of her voice or you find her condescending, I mean you're good. There's some superficial things that keep me away from other creators. But I don't think that her more recent content gets a fair shake in these comments. Overall, I'd say her content is the most improved out of all the CA contributors.

    • Kool Keith Productions
      Kool Keith Productions

      @Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive The only issue I have is when ungrateful ppl like her bites the hand that fed them, and then pretends that they became a success on their own, when the proof is all over the internet that they didn't. And what is your problem with Doug? You've mentioned him several times, but hardly anyone who have left CA has said a negative word about him specifically. The worst thing I heard said about him was that he didn't feed ppl who were on the set of one of his parody films. That's it. Doug is hardly the reason why ppl left.

    • Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive
      Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

      @Kool Keith Productions lmao you have too many issues with someone leaving behind a dumpster fire. C.A. doesn't deserve mentioning. Doug is going down the shitter and everyone else that associates themselves with him will too unless they wise up like Lindsey did. Also she chose that job because she was a young and naive fangirl. Good on her for stretching creatively

    • Kool Keith Productions
      Kool Keith Productions

      @Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive I'm sure if someone's first job was at Mcdonald's and they later became a billionaire, they would mention it ALL the time for 2 reasons. 1, to show others there right now that they don't have to be ashamed of a hard days work, even if it's not exactly the type of work you wanna be doing. And 2, to TRULY show how ppl can grow and evolve. The fact that she can't even mention their name doesn't show that she has grown. It shows she's childish, petty and immature, which judging by the criticism C.A. gets, would ironically make her a perfect candidate to work with them. Maybe that's why she was chosen as the Chick to begin with.

    • Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive
      Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive

      @Kool Keith Productions it's in the past. She's becoming more professional and has moved well beyond the lowbrow nature of Channel Awesome. Theres no point in bringing it up anymore and why would she? The environment behind the scenes of Channel Awesome was toxic and run by an autistic man-child (Doug Walker) she's making a name for herself on her own and not by being a dickless Nostalgia Critic. You don't see people bragging about McDonald's being their start because its all about what you're up to now.

    • Kool Keith Productions
      Kool Keith Productions

      @Bakamatsu - GojiFan1993 Archive That's right, ppl do grow. But do they have to grow into azzholes? She won't even mention their name anymore, but C.A. MADE her. Everything she has is thanks to them, so despite things not working out, would it kill her to show some class and just acknowledge what they did for her career?

  • Crazelord91

    Didn't care for her much as NC, and especially after her strong support of Anita Sarkisian (not because I'm anti feminist but bc Anita specifically is an oportunist who knows nothing about the mediums she covers) but I love her content as Lindsay Ellis now. Besides for the video quaility and writing, I think she has really found a way to speak about feminist theory in a more informative and less condescending way, and it's good to have someone besrable on that side just to offer differentiating opinions. She has made some mistakes publically back in the day but she's seemed to mature exponentially and makes some of the best researched and critically written analysis videos on IT-my now.

  • ggn3

    It wasn't until Lindsay started shifting from being a female clone of the Nostalgia Critic to her snarky and detailed critiques and observations on media that I started warming up to her videos. I felt it was a breath of fresh air from the typical "comedic review" format that many TGWTG reviewers adapted for their video series as it worked to her strengths with being analytical on those topics, while also tossing in occasions of snarky humor on the absurdity of a number of mainstream media elements. Could this come off as condescending and elitist? Maybe to those who are fans of the TGWTG video formula or any movie she critiques (most noticeably Disney movies). But for someone with Lindsay's credentials, her review format works great to her strengths as I always got the impression she seemed nailed down by the Nostalgia Chick act before finally deciding to establish her own identity outside of it.

  • Michael Buehler
    Michael Buehler

    So that's where the hotdog gif came from.

    • Phinal Flash
      Phinal Flash

      Holy smokes. How did I not notice this before??

  • Sailor Mercury
    Sailor Mercury

    I never liked Lindsay, tbh. I found her a unnecessary and unfunny knock off of the original when she was Nostalgia Chick. Then she became completely insufferable as her own channel. Just the most obnoxious hyper aggressive feminist nonsense i've ever seen. Also the abortion thing really left a bad taste in my mouth about her as a human being.

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      @ExtraMana i am not watching lindsay ellis videos because it's boring af

    • ExtraMana

      Why are you like this is a phrase that springs to mind watching some of her stuff. I thought some of loose canon script wise was perfectly good, bit of analysis of the industry, some personal critique etc but it always had to be loaded with this attitude.

  • Goff Daily
    Goff Daily

    This video failed to impress me. It wasn't really a short biography, or an editorial review of her as a internet personality, or really have much to say other than she's not monitone so not as good as this video.

    • IdlovemesomeGyro!

      @John Smith Soyboysoy detected

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      Soyboy detected

  • LeBlanc

    Lindsay should've aborted her career alongside that child

    • SuperNovaThomas

      lol damn!

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      Or aborted her youtube channel

  • Axetwin

    The condescension is why I drifted away from most of the CA producers. Moreso with Lindsay because I honest can't stand politically condescending. I can't stand those that are unable to differentiate between angry, and trolls trying to be offensive, so they just lump them all together.

    • Mak Galabuzi
      Mak Galabuzi

      Clearly not condescending how does she trigger anyone ? Lmao

    • dildonius

      I dont think you actually know what "condescending" actually means. Sounds more like you find her content intimidating.

    • SuperNovaThomas

      That's why I prefer Laci Green over her. She actually seems more down to earth and can admit the wrong doings on the left. Not just choosing one side on politics and feminism and blocking people that don't agree with her. I also think her content is a lot more interesting too.

    • KidSnivy96

      @Axetwin You aggression says otherwise

    • Axetwin

      If you think this is about "being offended", then you're REALLY not paying attention.

  • Name

    Ah, yeah, this person is just horrible. Not to be celebrated in the least.

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      @Elwood Hellsythe true

    • Elwood Hellsythe
      Elwood Hellsythe

      @mr mago They're just bitter because she's what they call a "Radical Feminist." "Radical" in the sense that she has a positive opinion about feminism.

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Your mean shes a perfectly nice person i bet you dont even know her

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      She is disgusting and stupid

  • JetSetDex

    I don't think it's fair to compare what Lindsay is currently doing to the works of Doug, Spoony or Linkara. She's not doing movie reviews where the entire plot is recited to the viewer with short skits and jokes inter-cut throughout, what she does now leans much more towards the academic. Delving into the subtextual theory, philosophy and historical aspects of the media we consume, they're about educating people to be more critical about the media they consume rather than simply trying to make a jokes about bad or popular films and television.

    • dildonius

      @jack thursby ?

    • jack thursby
      jack thursby

      @dildonius ooof

    • dildonius

      Lindsay Ellis is a legitimate film critic who does actual, respectable analysis. Her content is LEAGUES above the garbage that hack Doug Walker & all the other Channel Awesome fucks do, and it always has been. Lindsay Ellis, Todd in the Shadows, Brows Held High, and Allison Pregler are basically the only people associated with CA who are even remotely respectable.

    • •TheKaisTzar •
      •TheKaisTzar •

      Linkara isn’t even a lolcow. Everyone laughs at him, but he turns the other cheek to my knowledge and doesn’t respond.

    • Dean Choi
      Dean Choi

      Linkara is fine man.

  • Some Coder
    Some Coder

    Meh, condesending and mostly videos that are just lectures.

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      And boring

  • Allaster Crown
    Allaster Crown

    Lindsay is fucking cancer. Another toxic feminist. Sad, because she could do so much good

  • ReloadPsi

    Lindsay Ellis looked set to tumble down the extreme left rabbit hole, but seemingly clawed her way back out. She does discuss those "pesky liberal" subjects, but she makes an honest effort to do it in a way that's neutral and not belligerent.

    • HyrumHiggins

      She's still still very left wing, but her video essays aren't always super political. Her feminism has some overlap with right wing talking points like being opposed to the "badass bitch" cliche and wanting there to be more representation and empowerment of traditionally feminine characters

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      Hey at lest its not the extreme right rabit hole the far right scares me

    • FarelForever

      @ReloadPsi Woah woah woah, I'm sorry, I did not mean no offense! I used to be a big fan of hers, defending her when some friends of mine were badmouthing her, but with time she started to resemble the person that my friends accused her of being, and I decided to stop following her. I do not mind if someone watches her, doesn't see the issues that I see, it's all fine, and I don't mean to say that my fairly issues with her are objective nor that everyone should follow my example. I am sorry if I have that impression

    • ReloadPsi

      Wow, and shortly after making this comment I discover that her latest video has her explaining the difference between saying that something exists and saying that something is bad - of which she tries to do the former. Go figure. No doubt she'll be accused of being condescending just for having to explain that to people who refuse to have that explained to them.

    • ReloadPsi

      @FarelForever If that's your attitude, you're probably always going to believe she's in it. Unfortunately far worse people than her have poisoned the well so that these topics can't be discussed without being associated with them. I know I can't talk about my own mental health or sexuality any more without some dumbass either yelling "snowflake" or some other idiot telling me I should "check my privilege you white man," and that's largely actually the fault of people in the latter category turning the subjects so toxic. Either way, I can't stand talking to people in either category, and apparently if some of this video is believed then neither can Lindsay. Lindsay does neither of these things, or certainly not in her more recent videos. She just tries to explain the topics without being an arsehole about it - she brought up cultural appropriation in one video and then had to rush to explain that it's not actually a bad thing and obliquely implied that fat skanks on Tumblr need to stop assuming it is. That's what I call having clawed her way out. SJWs tell you how to feel about a subject without explaining it. Lindsay explains the subjects then leaves you to make to your mind. If that latter qualifies you as an SJW in your mind (didn't help she called herself one before, I admit that) then you are already lost. I don't know, maybe it's because I'm British and we have a less black and white political system that I can appreciate that; in the UK centrist or atheist aren't the swearwords they're treated as in the States, where only having two major political parties means everybody seems to feel forced to pick a side.

  • Plante Mor
    Plante Mor

    I've always had a weird thing with Lindsay Ellis. She used to be one of my favourite producers on tgwtg and to this day I still think she makes very interesting content but I have never liked her as a person. Not even in the early days. I used to say that I respected her as a content creator but I would never want to be in the same room as her because her personality is repulsive to me. I will say though that I think she's gotten less obnoxious with age but I also don't follow her as closely as I used to.

    • mr mago
      mr mago

      I kinda like her snarkiness

    • XanthelinHS

      this comment is a whole bunch of YIKES.

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      @bruh drake indeed

    • sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter
      sus #TF2soldierlivesmatter

      @ExtraMana i am not getting in her twitter account because it smells like a toxic waste of time

    • TheAlphaIncel

      silja lin The only weird thing I have about Lindsay "Wet Brain" Ellis is she finds new ways for me to find her repulsive.

  • Shaun Jay
    Shaun Jay

    She is a terrible person.

    • array s
      array s

      No she isnt.

    • Kosta Jovanovic
      Kosta Jovanovic


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