Josh Richards
This Teatalk Sway Boys are joined by Jason Nash to talk about the drama surrounding tiktok!
Snapchat: Joshrichardzz
Edited/Filmed by JROD:

  • Mel Yunga
    Mel Yunga

    I 😂😂

  • Andrea Vintage
    Andrea Vintage

    Josh you know lil huddy is hotter and more genuine than u will ever be and u are so annoyed rude and skinny asf lol for making fun of chase

  • Alison Tippetts
    Alison Tippetts

    Do you even need energy drinks lol

  • McDonald's Big Mac
    McDonald's Big Mac

    Noah and griffin should box in the yard you know do it for the CONTENT That shit would do NUMBERS

  • Nene Nealy
    Nene Nealy

    I am legit obsessed with the sway boys bro😭

  • Phone gaming
    Phone gaming


  • georgia simonds
    georgia simonds

    5:31 is literally me trying to sound smart in front of anyone 🤨😅😂

  • yael friedman
    yael friedman


  • brielle smith
    brielle smith

    a lightsaber lmaoooo

  • Harold T
    Harold T

    Jason is a boss !!

  • chris lamastra
    chris lamastra

    do more videos with jason

  • Alexandra Guidone
    Alexandra Guidone

    So Bryce finally admits it

  • Bella. Tess
    Bella. Tess

    when josh’s shirt is literally just a bib

  • Jocelyn Clara
    Jocelyn Clara

    Jason is so realll we need more of him 😂😭

  • Lorena Heller
    Lorena Heller

    Jason looks so uncomfortably

  • Rabinow Hater
    Rabinow Hater

    former vlogsquad member?

  • Melissa Monte
    Melissa Monte

    Bryce: Never any positive things Me: CORONA

  • IamKimBrown

    I have slid into JNashs DMs and he wont write back. boooooooo I love him, and he is the reason I am watching, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Malinda Bissoon
    Malinda Bissoon

    They're the paparazzi just puts them in a deep hole, and I'm pretty sure that all of you listen and believe them

  • Malinda Bissoon
    Malinda Bissoon

    Don't lie you always laughe when you watch these videos

  • Eve Garson
    Eve Garson

    “former vs member” ? girl WHAT he’s still apart of the vs 😭

  • The Joker
    The Joker

    Is josh anorexic i can see his ribs

  • Adisyn Polzin
    Adisyn Polzin

    *He was making a face at me*

  • Adisyn Polzin
    Adisyn Polzin

    Charli said = Didn’t *he* cheat Me= *Wowwwww*

  • Tory Andrews
    Tory Andrews

    I mean Charli defended Dixie obvi cuz there siblings

  • Akisi V
    Akisi V

    "Lets think about it,, when does the media ever pick anything positive that anyone does,, we only talk shit, because thats apparently the world now!!" - BRYCE I'm not gonna lie,, but Bryce spoke facts here,, its not tiktokers or celebrities that are problematic its simply the media nd fans spreading false shit about others and assuming stuff!! its disgusting if you auctually think about it nd put urself in their shoes!!

  • Mimi the cat
    Mimi the cat

    They all have her back 🥺

  • Noella Trotter
    Noella Trotter

    In the music video Noah was supposed to be the ex boyfriend

  • Eftihia Ragavi
    Eftihia Ragavi

    I'm the only one that realized that Bryce confirm that him and Addison they had date 🤯😮🥺🤧

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H

    I swear if josh replys I will be so happy u are my life Josh I watch u every day and my friend Hannah loves u to I love u so much💖🥺

  • Michelle H
    Michelle H

    Love you Josh!


    they had a big glow up damn

  • Grace Rensi
    Grace Rensi

    We do something called ANI charts at my school.

  • Tina Gregoria
    Tina Gregoria

    You can tell josh is taking supplements to beef up.

  • Emma Grady
    Emma Grady

    Bryce definitely doesn't need any more of that energy drink.

  • Julisa Padilla
    Julisa Padilla

    Not to be mean or anything you guys really need to stop being disrespectful Griffin and you guys are just starting problems so just top

  • Mackenzie Edmiston
    Mackenzie Edmiston


  • Life as Lani
    Life as Lani

    Tbh some of these dramas are literally just like 5th grade dramas lol

  • Chelska Pretty
    Chelska Pretty

    That boy in the left i hate him and josh is a freak

  • Egor Kane
    Egor Kane

    lol 75mg of caffine thats less than a cup of coffee

  • Nour Fattal
    Nour Fattal

    "" and im single"" me too jason me too

  • Nevaeh & James
    Nevaeh & James

    OMG my comment was on the video!!!!

  • Adia and jaiv k
    Adia and jaiv k

    No one Me : looks for time stamps in the comments for interesting parts Also me : realised the whole vid will be interesting and watches the whole thing again 😂😌

  • fanelina addames
    fanelina addames

    where’s anthony??

  • Kelly Smallz Roybal
    Kelly Smallz Roybal

    How long were they together

  • Kelly Smallz Roybal
    Kelly Smallz Roybal

    Is that drink gonna be in stores ?

  • Imani White
    Imani White

    Noah it's a unbothered king

  • Nikolina Pejčić
    Nikolina Pejčić

    Josh tea

  • Alejandra Sanchez
    Alejandra Sanchez

    me unfollowing my dad on TikTok Bryce it's a big deal to unfollow someone. It's a bigger deal then corna.

  • molly jeannine
    molly jeannine

    “we’ve done like a shit ton of them like one” 💀

  • Maria Mendes
    Maria Mendes

    And I'm still waiting for the second part of still softish👁️👄👁️🍵

  • Elizabeth Soriano
    Elizabeth Soriano

    It's the picking on a 16 year old child then getting called out for me

  • Caitlyn Kirk
    Caitlyn Kirk

    love how they are now confirming they were dating

  • TrinGrant

    I swear Bryce it’s giving me mad anxiety with the way he can’t keep still

  • Sophie Rox
    Sophie Rox

    Yo he was wrong 6 days later world is still “going”

  • Shirley Adams
    Shirley Adams

    This is a trio I didn’t know I needed in my life 😂

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez

    Big fan of josh

  • Carla Guenzi Latorre
    Carla Guenzi Latorre

    Someone plis buy josh a shirt 🙃

  • gali bdeb
    gali bdeb


  • Jackson Everett
    Jackson Everett

    Man grandpa can sing

  • Chloe

    I wanr Josh and Bryce's friendship

  • angelix

    i would watch this more if i didn’t hate josh and bryce so much

  • Samiya Ahmed
    Samiya Ahmed

    I love how they say teatalk

  • Samiya Ahmed
    Samiya Ahmed


  • m i a s c o r d o
    m i a s c o r d o

    talking abt braddison makes my heart hurt 😔

  • Naomi Cinzah
    Naomi Cinzah


  • • mimi’s touch •
    • mimi’s touch •

    It’s been 6 days and the world hasn’t ended yet! Phew

  • Navine Nidal
    Navine Nidal

    We like to bully them 😂🧐

  • Attalay

    Ok but i died when jason sang be happy🤣 bruhh ngl i thought griffin was actually a doctkr when i saw him in attaway general oh name is Attalay AUTOCORRECT TO Attaway LMAOOO🤣

  • Naomi R
    Naomi R

    Am I the only one that is confused how they know Jason? Hahahahaha

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