Charli Was So Nervous To Be On The Show | Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio
Charli is BACK!!! I always have so much fun when I'm able to do videos with @charli d'amelio! You finally get to hear from Charli D'Amelio herself about how this show started!! Thanks to the best sister for being on my show. Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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  • The Adog world
    The Adog world

    Glad, I voted 4 Charli

  • Madz Yeeh
    Madz Yeeh

    It's so unfair how she think abt everyone else and never herself poor girl is suffering so much but she can't to shit bc everyone will attack her for having emotions like they want her to be perfect. She's fucking 17 she's a teen she's learning she's a fucking child

  • LoneWolf 95
    LoneWolf 95

    Horrible show lol 😂

  • Noahthebeast


  • RUBY

    LOVE dixie

  • Umme Abiha Ali
    Umme Abiha Ali

    i can't believe she's doing better than Lilly Singh...

  • ari

    ppl don’t realize that charli and dixie r the most unproblematic girls.😭

  • Micki Logan
    Micki Logan

    The aboard wire proportionally cough because crawdad correlatively concern round a stormy polyester. big, scientific soup

  • Hayley myovich
    Hayley myovich

    this makes me sad that Charli seems so sad, she sounds so hurt 😭

  • Jessica Amethyst
    Jessica Amethyst

    So corny. Ew. This is so fake. God kill me now. Weirdo. Who has this 19 year old a job to host this? Yikes.

  • Jessica Amethyst
    Jessica Amethyst

    Still don’t understand why they’re famous. Anyone in my era would of whooped these ppl. I just find it odd this shir is actually famous haha.

  • Roman Spencer
    Roman Spencer

    I will rearrange Charlie’s Guts with 9x3 bbc

  • Jim Chang
    Jim Chang

    They’re both boring with rich political fuck man dad

  • Megan Stoughton
    Megan Stoughton

    *Charli writing her name on the wall* Dixie: "...cute!"

  • Pau Bongco
    Pau Bongco

    Uhmm totally not related but Charli and Dixie should have microphones. Like the small ones because sometimes the sound can't be picked up by the camera.(Only a suggestion btw)Luv ya'll

  • Amelie Charles
    Amelie Charles

    Love the snail drama reference 🤣💀

  • Dione McDonald
    Dione McDonald


  • Emilio Flores
    Emilio Flores

    I can see charlie as iron man daughter as the new marvel star

  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith

    Charli is so sweet😍 why are many people and old people hating on her

  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith

    They don't deserve hate and no one does

  • Kyro Wilson
    Kyro Wilson


  • Cloud Vibez
    Cloud Vibez

    Lol she was looking around a lot 😭

  • SagitarianGypsy

    I dont think the industry is for her....I couldn't do it, nope I'd loose my mind

  • SagitarianGypsy

    I feel for charli....people suck

  • Amelia

    Charli looks tired

  • Brisa Garcia
    Brisa Garcia

    I love how charli is terrified in the beginning 😭😭

  • Leah Saxton
    Leah Saxton

    Charli is now this really shy girl from these haters i mean am not a big fan of her but i do support her tho!

  • Ria Roy
    Ria Roy


  • Peggy LaVine
    Peggy LaVine

    I am your biggest fan Dixie

  • olivia clark
    olivia clark

    This is painful to watch

  • Jordan Jumbo
    Jordan Jumbo

    0:55 December29th

  • phoebe weebee
    phoebe weebee

    charli, we will all be your friend!!! 💗💗

  • Actor life’s
    Actor life’s

    OMG Charlie 🥺🥺🥺✨🥰

  • Izzy B.
    Izzy B.

    her body language 🥺 sending love 💕

  • E. I. G.
    E. I. G.

    The big huge cosmic Nothing...

  • Kryztal Alvarez
    Kryztal Alvarez

    Chase and charli should take a lie detector test not me saying this someone kn TikTok said this and said to spread it

  • FloorBank

    Charli lowkey looks like Sasha Grey

  • hehe

    “why”... “oh i just love snails” lol i love them

  • T's and O's
    T's and O's

    I am a huge fan please say hi

  • GodJesus

    Her the bear?!?!

  • chloe mayhew
    chloe mayhew

    honestly though

  • chloe mayhew
    chloe mayhew


  • chloe mayhew
    chloe mayhew

    honsetly though

  • chloe mayhew
    chloe mayhew


  • yanyan

    Anyone else noticed the script... thats embarassing bro

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    AHAHAHAHAHA did anyone else see the screen with what to say... nooo let them talk from their mind not planned. Or have a card and let her answer on her ownnn

  • Nana Love
    Nana Love

    I tbh feel bad for them. I don’t think they don’t deserve the fame or wtv but I feel like it is so much on them. I kinda wish we sometimes didn’t grow their fame so they could just live their lives as a normal teen.

  • Sana Shakeel
    Sana Shakeel

    I love Charli

  • alissa ly
    alissa ly

    At 6:52 you can see that it is staged kinda

  • David Stockwell
    David Stockwell

    Imagine Olivia Rodrigo being on the show as Charli and Dixie are fans of her.

    • spawkle.

      No keep her off

    • rodrigo valdez
      rodrigo valdez

      If the money is right I’ll get in

    • Mia Han
      Mia Han

      omg yes

  • Bry Babe
    Bry Babe

    She’s so sweet, but she can be selfish with what she wants. It’s not a competition when it comes to music or acting because taste is eclectic, it’s wide and vast. The likes, views, streams don’t truly matter it’s the fans and listeners who are connecting to your content, listening to your songs, and relating to your body of work that counts.

  • Ceylin Dila
    Ceylin Dila

    Ben Türküm gardaş

  • Ceylin Dila
    Ceylin Dila

    So so nervous

  • Jazmyn Mcilvena
    Jazmyn Mcilvena

    If you know you know 7:00 😂😂

  • Diệu Nguyễn
    Diệu Nguyễn

    Love all

  • Kat Cole
    Kat Cole

    I feel bad for her she still just a kid and people hate for no reason it sad to see. I hope she find good friends and true people.

  • Tutoriales Ketchup
    Tutoriales Ketchup

    Charli: whispering Dixie: Screaming My volume: 🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔼🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽🔼🔼🔽🔼🔽🔽🔼🔽🔼🔽

  • Perfect Gilmores
    Perfect Gilmores

    charli looks TERRIFIED. all of her body language and shaky voice oh my god oh my god

  • Durgaa Patil
    Durgaa Patil

    The fact that you got famous because of your sister and you are promoting her is like... 🤡🎪🎪🤡

  • Money Mandi
    Money Mandi

    Charli is so sweet and funny i will beat a bxxtch ass for her. Period. Don’t let these haters get to you girl dream big! Also she was so tense in the beginning and then she fully loosened up towards the end 😂

  • Thy Nguyen
    Thy Nguyen

    Charli is so boring

    • Perfect Gilmores
      Perfect Gilmores

      no it's because she has anxiety and also feels like there's going to be a prank played on her. imagine talking knowing that 100 million people could misinterpret or hate you for it

  • MF NV
    MF NV

    This girls are amazing, and they are crazy young already accomplishing amazing things!!! They should be proud, confident and happy!!! 💖 i hope they get over the hate and embrace their amazing careers 🤗

  • Capi

    Is Charli on the spectrum?

    • Perfect Gilmores
      Perfect Gilmores

      @💕Charli damelio💕 how is that disrespectful? they actually asked that in the kindest way possible, as someone who's on the spectrum. charli actually exhibits some signs of it so I could understand where they're coming from. calm down.

    • 💕Charli damelio💕
      💕Charli damelio💕

      @Durgaa Patil how is it a opinion💀💀💀

    • 💕Charli damelio💕
      💕Charli damelio💕

      🎪 get in

    • 💕Charli damelio💕
      💕Charli damelio💕


    • 💕Charli damelio💕
      💕Charli damelio💕

      So disrespectful

  • Reese Sprague
    Reese Sprague

    Is that a video of fish 🤣

  • Dona

    Honestly I didn't like dixie and Charlie that much at the beginning cos of the becoming famous while kinda doing nothing just copying other peoples dances. but after this I think I'm starting to like them, and that they actually are not that bad.

  • Anna Bressi
    Anna Bressi

    her soft voice is everything

  • Zoe._97.5

    I love this

  • B.B. Sprite
    B.B. Sprite

    Not trying to be offensive but Charli seems a bit broken and traumatized.. its really sad and I definitely think people will look back on her life and feel bad for her. The world is so cruel to teenage girls for no reason and very few people could understand how it would feel to be in the public eye at such an early age. I wish her the best

  • Caylee Marchetti
    Caylee Marchetti

    Omg I love Dixie's look/fit 💕💕💕

  • trouble maker
    trouble maker

    realest episode of the show I've watched by far💖

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