Choose Your FATE Riddles To Help You Escape!
3 doors, 3 choices, choose the right one otherwise you'll get eaten by an old lady, a sorry fate for a kid. Jay from the Kubz Scouts and I (Gloom) are back at it again doing some tricky, hard, dumb, weird, funny riddles. Subscribe to 7 Second Riddles!:
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • ParallelNiko

    My name is nick

  • Talya Kablawi
    Talya Kablawi

    Gloom:oh ok have fun with your stinky fish fele😂😂😂

  • Torrie Fields
    Torrie Fields

    She's dead can't wake up from

  • marco mario
    marco mario

    my name is Phoebe and you blame me that im the killer

  • (Joy) Joy Ungrangsee
    (Joy) Joy Ungrangsee

    So she got... ARROASTED! HAHAHAhahah

  • Bloody Tears
    Bloody Tears

    Jay: WHY CANT THERE BE FOUR DOORS!! Me: I’ve seen one with six Him *going on w/ the video * Me: * gasp* ARE YOU IGNORING MEH

  • ayemyanandaaung2


  • Senpai- Rayleigh
    Senpai- Rayleigh

    read this upside doɯn ɐɯɐɯ dןǝɥ

  • berryville •
    berryville •

    For the first one: If the dogs were so hungry. Wouldn't they end up eating each other

  • music station
    music station

    Click bate said which person should wife not proper English ew

  • Veronica Fogle
    Veronica Fogle

    It hit different when they said: I can't imagine that she would do that to herself. AT THE SAME TIME

  • Regie Lee
    Regie Lee

    Hey my brid happy agust 31

  • Priya .A.
    Priya .A.

    8:27 oh we love that.

  • WinterQuazer

    I’m pretty sure pharmacists have to wear gloves

  • Winter’s Best
    Winter’s Best

    Jay: is that a eggplant Kassie: nah that’s a plum Me: ....... it’s a prune but ok

  • Alexandria Hansen
    Alexandria Hansen

    See because destroy the City by year ago so that means it been there for year and I I'm a kid so

  • Alexandria Hansen
    Alexandria Hansen


  • Sarina Camacho
    Sarina Camacho

    Isn’t it so convenient that there is always something giving it away if only that’s how it worked in real life

  • Julia Staszczak
    Julia Staszczak

    Who’s getting confused when jay said 2019? Bc I’m watching this in 2020 ;-;

  • Madelynn Parker
    Madelynn Parker

    XD your so funny when you said come get ur cup of cold lava just heat it up in th microwave

  • Trosien Orthodontics
    Trosien Orthodontics


  • Jackye Alvarado
    Jackye Alvarado

    that dude done

  • Savannah Cheney
    Savannah Cheney

    1:27 Go the vampire because if you look to the far left of the screen there is heaps of garlic and vampires hate garlic

  • Cameron Blue
    Cameron Blue

    Better question: how do you get someone to swallow an entire bottle of sleeping pills? That seems unnecessarily complicated

  • Monique Damphousse
    Monique Damphousse

    They didn't say where the people lived when Phoebe said it was dark at 7:00 a.m. We used to live up North, at The Pas, Manitoba. For much of the year it's dark until 8:00 a.m. and then gets dark by 4:00 p.m. We would take a bus to school in the dark and get back home in the dark. Maybe Phoebe wasn't lying after all....

  • Aya Cos
    Aya Cos

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  • Lenny letinya
    Lenny letinya

    The first riddle reminds me of banjo from Nintendo 64

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf

    Jay and Kassie choosing door 3 at 15:29 Me, a wanna-be intellectual: 1, as boiling means it would have turned to steam by then and you could just walk through

  • Khloe Leo
    Khloe Leo

    The finger print is different

  • Maddie Sears
    Maddie Sears

    Did anyone notice how jay said jell cail?

  • Rina Kyat
    Rina Kyat

    Oop boop

  • Nxyaah

    5:21 perfect!!

  • The Homecoffee
    The Homecoffee

    8:27 perfect sync

  • shaheen Abrar
    shaheen Abrar

    Yeah your right I wake up in 7 am

  • Cordelia Quinlan
    Cordelia Quinlan

    For the fruit one I was thinking the number of letters in each picture (example: banana is 6 letters so one of them would be six).

  • john geraghty
    john geraghty

    Wait u can wake up in bed then die Ik it is a joke lol

  • DreamerGirl _12
    DreamerGirl _12

    Jay: "I can't believe that she would commit a ... ugh..." Me: A personal doinking is the term I believe.

  • Gage Boyd
    Gage Boyd

    I would get jump out the window 😉

  • ・ちんきんくん・

    Who is here 2020 👁👄👁🙋🏻‍♀️

  • ahmed al-adhab
    ahmed al-adhab

    I got bitten by a dog on the hand at the park

  • Scarlet Reeves
    Scarlet Reeves

    Why are they both wearing white shirts 😂

  • :D Mancare
    :D Mancare

    C yea Hahahaha now dude died will RIP

  • :D Mancare
    :D Mancare

    oh ye died

  • Katie castellanos vlog's
    Katie castellanos vlog's

    It always starts with this is bla bla one day he was found dead

  • ding ding ding
    ding ding ding

    11:38 In Germany it's dark at 7:00 am except for when it's summer

  • LoLsausage

    12:15 I thought that was the actual question lol.

  • LoLsausage

    7-second Riddles: Which tank should he jump into? Also 7-second Riddles: Jump into a tank full of solid rock Me: Wait what?

  • {Simple_gacha} MVP
    {Simple_gacha} MVP

    The same for jay

  • Olivia Bauer
    Olivia Bauer

    1:09 Why couldn’t you just take food and feed it to the dogs? ?

  • Gacha_potatopeeps XO
    Gacha_potatopeeps XO

    Let’s see how many likes this can get???

  • cxpy•heart•cxpy

    "he has a black belt!!!!" me: but Sponge o' Bob got the blacker belt

  • Charli Eats Gacha Cookies
    Charli Eats Gacha Cookies

    1:47 Can she just go throw the bars? Or is it like electric or something? ;w;

  • Rex Atienza Jr.
    Rex Atienza Jr.

    1214 bap bap bap bap

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker

    The kidnapper: Choose how you want to die! Hahaha! Me: *Old age, please.*

  • Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys
    Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys

    7-Second Riddles: "An evil scientist invented a heat protective cream!" Me: Sunblock...?

  • BoredStormmii YT
    BoredStormmii YT

    i know jay doesn't like nick but they dont deserve the three door treatment Kassie 2020

  • Esme Reat
    Esme Reat

    These are so easy guess them

  • •Reo•!


  • Thanigaivel M
    Thanigaivel M



    Kassie : I thought he went to the trouble of warming it back in the microwave Me : 😂 dies of laughter 😂 ________________________________________________________________________________ Jay : think of the children Me : since when do you care about children?!? Considering about the little kid he first said ah he Will be fine second he said think of the children! Like boi

  • Raivin and Isaac Oliva
    Raivin and Isaac Oliva

    Hi kassy hope your having fun 😁

  • Elise N.
    Elise N.

    Jay: "we all love waking up dead" Me: "wait... waking up?"

  • Anzeph

    Thumnail: Which Prisoner should you wife? Me: Scrolls past, but realizes that didn't look right. Also me: Scrolls back up, "Wait a minute.."

  • A xx
    A xx


  • Bookish Ravenclaw
    Bookish Ravenclaw

    10:29 all diehard HP fans (including me): 😱😱🎉

  • Jessica Barnett
    Jessica Barnett

    I think Jay and Kassie are soul siblings


    (i pick up the hand cannon and shoot it at the person that said choose a way to DIE)


    ( Undertale memes ) Sans: Papyrus Papyrus: what? (sans does a joke) (then papyrus throws sans into space)

  • a.

    no one: thumbnail: "which prisoner should you wife?

  • Zandie Wooster
    Zandie Wooster

    Gloom I don’t believe any of them me they all did

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