Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Kawhi Leonard Chokes and LeBron James is STILL the Best in the World
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THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the LA Clippers losing BIG in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals to the Denver Nuggets after being heavy favorites going into the series.
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  • Mad Pun057
    Mad Pun057

    Lol Rob Parker's hate is turning him to a poor analyst. Lol he Really hate LeBron , him and Paul Pierce are just true haters

  • MC

    They would pick the team going against Lebron. I remember this Rob Parker told Lebron went to Lakers to be a 6’9 Kevin heart 🙄

  • Arnel Villapando
    Arnel Villapando

    How can you say kawhi is great when he load management, while every greats play everytime they have the opportunity. Maybe if he played every game he might nit reach the finals because he's injured.

  • Arnel Villapando
    Arnel Villapando

    You're also a twitter muscles. You're great in mocking lebron but you cant accept one. 😅😂🖕

  • Eddie Vo
    Eddie Vo

    Rob, you're a straight up hater.

  • John Laurence Chan
    John Laurence Chan

    Rob Parker is just typical LeBron Hater

  • Chris From Hawaii
    Chris From Hawaii

    Rob should've said, "I picked them to win and LeBron to lose. I was wrong. They lost and the Lakers and LeBron won." Ain't no way Rob gonna do that and straight up say he was wrong. There's always a rationale reason he was wrong.

  • Jeremy Cornier
    Jeremy Cornier

    Rob you are an idiot! Nerdy guy that suvked at playing sports.

  • K A
    K A

    2019-20 nba season Lakers after being defeated by the Bucks, if my recollection is correct it's on dec 2019? Rob Parker: the Lakers are a championship team.. A championship FRAUD!!!(saying it with so much conviction) 👏😂 this dude got so much hate for the man that he disrespects all the team that that person goes in to... Damn it, it's so hilarious.

  • bilal rabah
    bilal rabah

    Lebron the only Athlete in History who has multiple journalists who made their career off hating Him! They live off Hating and critiquing LBJ!

  • J Jax
    J Jax

    No rob it's not because you pick against a person that makes you a hater. It's the fact that you only have negative things to say about a person that makes you a hater. Not that hard to understand.

  • santosonly7

    Y’all notice how when Chris says ‘LeBron is still the best player in the world’, Rob goes painstakingly quiet and stay quiet and doesn’t start talking until Chris talks about someone else. 😂😂😂😂

  • Rashad Mcneal
    Rashad Mcneal


  • Zairee-Ruby Eborlas-Abing
    Zairee-Ruby Eborlas-Abing

    If u dnt admit 2b a chokers(clippers) fan, fine, bt Ur clearly a lebron hater & hilariously backfired.. :-) :-) :-)

  • jack boyon
    jack boyon

    Poor Rob he predicted that lakers not gonna make it in the playoff in undisputed show... he’s bad sports analyst he don’t look and check the facts.. the words coming out on his mouth is based on who he hates not on facts..

  • j spi
    j spi

    Hating on lebron for so much now after he wins they still find a way to hate 😂😂

  • Jamel Grant
    Jamel Grant

    Just stand behind it and eat it up.....where’s that energy they had when they were yelling on the mountain tops that the clippers would win. They sure had that fan of the clippers type of energy but now it’s gone lmao

  • KRS Afoa
    KRS Afoa

    Keep the SUICIDE line open...cause now all these KAWHI cup holder's are gearing up to changing the GOAT narrative... gonna try to keep KAWHI in an blame LEBRON for them not meeting up...the KING waits on no one...

  • Gary Mcintosh
    Gary Mcintosh

    Rob Parker is a punk lmao!

  • Carlton

    Patriot's fan here: Did Rob move to Mexico yet? We been wondering

  • Julian Burrell
    Julian Burrell

    At 5:21 they finally stop bitching about people being mean to them on Twitter for being haters and get to the topic at hand.

  • jasper calibuso
    jasper calibuso

    Stfu Rob lol pure hater

  • Nathan Hogan
    Nathan Hogan

    Rob is such a pathetic, lonely, and bitter human being.....He needs to crawl into a hole far away from the sporting world.

  • Rmell Robinson
    Rmell Robinson

    Man; When Lebron retires a lot of these T.V. Guys will be out of a job

  • Rafael Braggs
    Rafael Braggs

    Rob you did pick the clippers cause you hate bron and all you do is hate on that man

  • Luke Karwath
    Luke Karwath

    You always wrong Rob

  • jack boyon
    jack boyon

    Wow 😳 😳 rob parker wow!! Lakers will not win the championship!!! 😳 rob 😶

  • Deangelo Carter
    Deangelo Carter

    Kawhi couldnt even make it past the second round to choke.

  • Reggie Thomas
    Reggie Thomas

    Usa easy for Rob, "pick against LeBron" that's all it is. Mvp not LeBron, Champ not LeBron

  • Lady Hinata Dorham
    Lady Hinata Dorham

    Here rob parker say he sometimes get wrong. But he is always wrong with brady and lebron. Get this clown out of the radio.

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P

    Rob Parker after the Clips choke “I have never said the Clippers were the best team, I don’t even know what a Clipper is” 😂😂😂😂

  • Skip Brainless
    Skip Brainless

    We could've buried LeBron James? All of y'all did your best to do that. LeBron since then been averaging 29 12 8 in the finals. SMH

  • Trap Gang91
    Trap Gang91

    I remember one show Chris Broussard turnt RED explaining how much the clippers where better then the lakers they couldn’t handle the comeback kids duo lebron and AD on another level

  • Mike Colin
    Mike Colin

    Rob can only blame his irrational hate of LeBron for the heat he gets.

  • kevin mix
    kevin mix

    He’s been wrong a whole lot !!!

  • Jaamal 6
    Jaamal 6

    Rob a fraud

  • Joe Duckett
    Joe Duckett


  • Raul Magdaleno
    Raul Magdaleno

    ZERO chance

  • Paula Justice
    Paula Justice

    You are wrong abt Stephen Curry.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez

    I love how we all forgot about KD on the best player conversation this year

    • Damon Parks
      Damon Parks

      We have to wait and see

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg

    AD been playing more consistently great in the playoffs so far tbh. But who knows what Lebron's gonna do in the NBA finals? Might put up oscar numbers or something, because i don't think the heat have ANY shot to beat the lakers at all. I have zero faith in them because as good as Jimmy is, he's a couple levels lower than AD or Lebron.

  • Crispin Pastrana
    Crispin Pastrana

    This two cries like a child,sorry guys

  • Tommy McCardell
    Tommy McCardell

    We haven't forgot about Chris's source that said KL was going to the Lakers.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    These ninjas are funny as hell. All that talk now you want to minimize. Funny.

  • Ninertribe004

    Do ya'll really want people to start running up on ya'll in public lol? Stop it.

  • dmanlove2011

    Rob Parker I just want to say the Lakers are still in in the Clippers are out so I don't think you should bring up the LeBron James name because you are on the subject of Kawhi Leonard and what happened to him this year no matter what happened with LeBron backbend this is all about you picked the wrong team that's all

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    Old people figuring out twitter and social media lmao

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia

    We’re rubbing it for u being stupid and picking the wrong team. Ur job is to try and make the right pick. That’s basically your job ur objective. But you were wrong. So. We clowning on u cuz u suck at ur job. Not cuz. I like the clips

  • Isaac Newton
    Isaac Newton

    Yeah right we all know you hate lebron Rob

  • Bryne Lanham
    Bryne Lanham

    Those people aren't coming up to you in public.

  • GMS Hagnos Anastrophe
    GMS Hagnos Anastrophe

    Stop discrediting the Mavs, they kicked the Heat's ass period point blank!! you don't accidentally win a Championship

  • GMS Hagnos Anastrophe
    GMS Hagnos Anastrophe

    anybody fool enough to pick the Clippers deserves the smoke

  • #1P4P_Akq B
    #1P4P_Akq B

    They need to change the podcast name to The Backpeddlars😂

  • Billy Clyde
    Billy Clyde

    Rob Parker it's different from what you're saying, go back and look at the video you gloated so hard for LOAD MANAGEMENT, but effort and determination out weighs the easy path. Denver never gave up. Let's see if you put Kawhi in the fire like yall do LBJ.👀

  • Stephan Rodriguez
    Stephan Rodriguez

    Tbh i feel the odd couple should be fs1 mainline show

  • cmvegalaw

    Ohhh, so Bob job is to be objective 🤔. Let’s see if I can fin any comment of him picking Lebron to win a title right from the beginning...

  • Chase Mulaji
    Chase Mulaji

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i still like yall...bron da goat yall can still join the winners just ask durant, aint he a champion?

  • Bertong Pader
    Bertong Pader

    Rob I just wonder why u treated Dallas like a medeocre team when talking about Lebron's worst loss (as they said). Lets look at 2011 Dallas road to 2011 Championship: -Dallas is 3rd seed in loaded WC -1st round Dallas beat Aldridge led Blazers -2nd Round Dallas beat Phil Jackson coached LA Lakers led by Brant and Gasul which was in NBA Finals for the past 3 years and defending champ -WCF Dallas beat Thunders led by durant, harden and westbrook which is WC champion the following year Now with those lineup, do u really think the newly assymble miami heat had a chance to beat seasoned dallas?

  • D Reynolds
    D Reynolds

    Rob Parker: Another exposed Laker hater caught hiding behind the Clippers. Pathetic.

  • 2k Nelly
    2k Nelly

    Nah Rob can’t come with that energy.Remember during the season he was yelling calling the Lakers Championship frauds,there’s 2 teams better than the Lakers.Also remember when he said after they acquired AD, he said he’s not sure the Lakers could make the playoffs because he couldn’t see what teams from last season that made the playoffs is going to fall off this season.

  • richard rankin
    richard rankin

    Rob Parker is a LeBron hater and he's wrong about the Clippers LeBron about to get his fourth championship and still the best player in the world

  • Xdane37 Wulf
    Xdane37 Wulf

    yeah.. rob just picked any random team to win.. against lebron.. so he doesnt cry himself to sleep during that clipped lost.. he just cry every time lebron win..

  • Nalaz One
    Nalaz One

    Your not a clipper fan you’re a Lebron Hater!!!!

  • Catcher Freeman
    Catcher Freeman

    Who the f is a Clippers fan???...Just because we picked the clippers to win the championship doesn't make you a damn clippers fan lol and now that they are out I'm rocking with Miami so now does that make me a Miami fan?

    • Catcher Freeman
      Catcher Freeman

      @Braxton Matthews A lot of people picked the Clippers because they were a team assembled to beat the Lakers and they matched up perfectly against them and the regular season match ups showed that the Clippers beat the Lakers without PG and the 3rd game when the Lakers won it was because Avery Bradley had hit 5 threes lol so yeah there's always logic.

    • Braxton Matthews
      Braxton Matthews

      Idk your reason for picking the Clippers so I won't judge you but alot of these analysts, mostly on FS1 picked the Clippers solely because they don't like Lebron and want a team to beat him and Rob Parker was one of those people and there's nothing objective about that

  • Jerrod Andrade
    Jerrod Andrade

    Let’s see the finals and the second round !!!!!!!! Rob Parker still hating

  • Mr Del Rio
    Mr Del Rio

    I'd like to know what point guards Chris has over Isiah Thomas other than Magic.🤔

  • Mr Del Rio
    Mr Del Rio

    Rob is not a Clippers fan....he IS however a Lebron their's that.😂🤣😂

  • Johnny Ali
    Johnny Ali

    Now leave MJ alone. He NEVA choked.

  • Les Matthews
    Les Matthews


  • Cedric Essono
    Cedric Essono

    Rob Parker excuse is that he is a band wagoner?

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