Chris Brown - Go Crazy (Remix) (Official Video) ft. Young Thug, Future, Lil Durk, Mulatto
Chris Brown x Young Thug - "Go Crazy (Remix)" feat. Future, Lil Durk, & Mulatto out now!

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Director by DAPS
Executive Produced by Andrew Listermann
Production Company: RIVETING ENT
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  • Kevin Marie
    Kevin Marie

    Chris browm t’es un bon

  • Andreea Lucia Ion
    Andreea Lucia Ion

    Am I the only one wondering where I can find those white sunglasses Chris has??

  • Joy Jamir
    Joy Jamir

    this video looking valid

  • The Sundance Kid
    The Sundance Kid

    'sup? Steal any good art, lately?

  • Freddy G
    Freddy G

    Imagine sitting next to Chris on a commercial flight😂 I'd be like... Sup.

  • Dun

    Young Thug is in the remix without singing. Ice Cold.

  • niyaaaP !
    niyaaaP !

    future ain’t nun to play wit !!

  • Soul bap Beats
    Soul bap Beats

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    GenerationaL Secrets and Old SkooL Remedies That Remain Legendary and SacreT ✨ The issues We Face 4 a healthier CommuniTy * Boo boo The FooL

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    [ *idk ] The language is idoL BuT The bigger equaTion is The QuesTioN *? WhaT happened To PhenomenoL Blk Music .... Coffee Brown , Mya , Escape , Toni , 2pac * Seems Like We geT oFF On Controversy as Opposed 2 harmonizing n PerfecT Mended Voices .... The Language I'm getting is Species 👽*

  • WNM

    This song and “Clover Cage - One More Try” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you...

  • fleek girl TT beaut
    fleek girl TT beaut

    Love this remix version

  • Syd H.
    Syd H.

    Am I the only one wishing there was more of Lil Durk singing like he does in this?? I love his voice!😍

  • Erochukwu Shedrach Ugwu
    Erochukwu Shedrach Ugwu

    Poor video, sky diving and face cap still intact? 😂

  • Marquinho Suavi
    Marquinho Suavi

    Chris é uma Lenda!!

  • Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts

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  • Shellaz Vevo
    Shellaz Vevo

    I'm from the trenches fasure u got my back let me know......🦅 durkio's verse was 🔥🐐

  • Lady Digobe
    Lady Digobe

    Future killed it

  • Asialii Diamond
    Asialii Diamond

    Lil durk killed his verse

  • Jay Frank
    Jay Frank

    I use to be a chris brown fan...lmao.

  • Ngash Bamby Kenya
    Ngash Bamby Kenya

    2:36 NO HE DIDN'T JUS SAY THAT 🤐🤐🙅🤦

  • Ngash Bamby Kenya
    Ngash Bamby Kenya

    Who else is watching 4 the 6th time? 🙌🔥🔥

  • Kristan Morelli
    Kristan Morelli

    This happens when a teacher tell the top students of the class to do the task.

  • San Tan
    San Tan

    It's what blood? It's bold.

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    Skydiving with a fitted on, nobodies cooler than breezy

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas

    Nobody peeped the guns on durks rorschach test ? 😕

  • Naomi King
    Naomi King

    I went Throat Crazy just like Big Latto and Future kilt this track 🥵

  • Fidel José Nhamuenda
    Fidel José Nhamuenda

    why messed up such a great song with a remix? I'm a big fan but that song was perfect and didn't deserve a remix....

  • Awesome GenetiX
    Awesome GenetiX

    Young King Breezy back at it again love always EmileLeo

  • Jason Doan
    Jason Doan

    nobody gonna talk about how chris’ hat?

  • Mike Healon
    Mike Healon

    Mula handled that shit good shit bitch #RPG

  • Brahim Mesi
    Brahim Mesi

    song 2021 .............9000

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious Tisby

    Go crazy 😝

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    Quiangco Lewis

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    • Martavious Tisby
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      Coelho_ Elisabeth

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    • Power_ boiz2KO
      Power_ boiz2KO

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    • MasonJ

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    • MasonJ

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  • Harriet Tippets
    Harriet Tippets

    DURKIO DID MAGIC WIT 30 SECONDS... Great work y’all

  • CarGamingEnthusiast

    Original was better but it's still ight to see a mix tho 💯💯💯

  • Judy Ruiz
    Judy Ruiz

    Have to dance too bad yesssssss

  • Rocky Clarke
    Rocky Clarke

    Young thug didn’t rap

  • Pstarlol

    Nice Song

  • Nikki Teachey
    Nikki Teachey

    Can cardi b your girlfriend

  • Nikki Teachey
    Nikki Teachey

    Chris Brown im your biggest fan


    When that beat switched up at 2:56 🔥

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    iF iTs One Thing iN Life I've Learned iS too Never Let PpL know How good you doing ....... * Misery And i'LL geT ThE KaT ( .oFF. ) DogS * 🐩 *iiiiii Wanna Be Me Too - Cover m3 ( Max ) *

  • Brian Carter
    Brian Carter

    One of My favorite, made a dance to it and everything 💯🙌🤗

  • NaGatha Brown
    NaGatha Brown


    • NaGatha Brown
      NaGatha Brown

      Love Messi of India Na-Gatha L. Siler

  • AV N
    AV N

    Idc what you say, Future is fire man damn!

  • Santosh Gauchan
    Santosh Gauchan

    I love you maan

  • CamiLLa Kareem
    CamiLLa Kareem

    Enjoy your Birthday Kanye WesT .... Pray *

  • Clarence Rogers
    Clarence Rogers

    Chris brown never been underrated

  • Kian Turner
    Kian Turner

    On my 42, on my dog.... I feel like Doug now...???? You losers dont even know Doug funny!! # cremated

  • phinda mzimba
    phinda mzimba

    That cap must be glued to his head

  • Issy Collette
    Issy Collette

    I want the one with Nicki Miraj

  • Cayluss lus
    Cayluss lus

    Yeah wahts popping kwek happy Mother day..

  • Frank Acosta
    Frank Acosta


  • Emotionless

    Still waiting for Young thugs part, I didn't accidentally miss it now did I?

  • David Shannon
    David Shannon


  • That One Transgender Guy
    That One Transgender Guy

    Art is cool.



  • Bianca

    I don't see young thug but I still like the song

  •  Belinda Rebo    (Japan Tour)
    Belinda Rebo (Japan Tour)

    I like Chris Brown

  • bukoye gbolamu
    bukoye gbolamu

    Nobody gone talk how future killed this trackkk

    • 2k Ragz
      2k Ragz

      Naw future was door to

    • melinda r
      melinda r

      Because he didn't durk did simple.

  • Dave O.
    Dave O.

    yah taking these verses as literal lifestyles. This is all for show. remember that.

  • chronicles of lenny
    chronicles of lenny

    Chris never disappoint 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • chronicles of lenny
    chronicles of lenny


  • Rashaad Akil
    Rashaad Akil

    Future suck as rapper

  • Amaya Clayton
    Amaya Clayton

    The fact durkio in ts surprises me after what happened with him India and young thug..

  • M N
    M N

    Damn Chris brown going down sad 😂😂 guys just can’t stop tryna be like youngboy 🤡🤡

  • Jephte Nzengue
    Jephte Nzengue


  • Anas Boulouaiz
    Anas Boulouaiz

    only chris brown who can jump out of a flight without his cap falling out of his head

    • Nicki Minaj
      Nicki Minaj


      He's a real magic

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