Chris Paul Leads the Phoenix Suns To A Dominating Game 2 Win Against the Denver Nuggets | NBA on TNT
Chris Paul and the Suns cruise to an easy 2-0 series lead against the Nuggets in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals. Presented by Kia
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  • Jason Shin
    Jason Shin

    Shaq and Chuck not even commentating on basketball 😂. They just throwing jokes

  • Alex Sepulveda
    Alex Sepulveda

    Kenny showin he could b a coach

    • Surgical

      The Knicks didn’t think so.

  • steve monroe
    steve monroe

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  • Rakhal Sarker
    Rakhal Sarker

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  • A L
    A L

    Jazz vs suns go at it with the 90’s uniform 😉

  • Sunny Rai
    Sunny Rai

    Suns were dropping to many bomb for the Nuggets by many players

  • V Beard
    V Beard

    As a die hard life long Nuggets fan (I own a Lafrentz and Tskitishvili jersey) you can't keep demanding you're underrated and lose all the time. Last year we were healthy and made it to the western conference finals. This year with Murray out we probably losing tonight. We can't keep giving excuses and free passes to either the roster or coach.

  • Miguel Ransanz
    Miguel Ransanz

    LOL they called cameron payne the dancer

  • Ced Ed
    Ced Ed

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  • grant c
    grant c

    Lol dont show that shi no more

  • Asa Barr
    Asa Barr

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  • Karan Phull
    Karan Phull

    I got a feeling it’s gona be Suns Vs Utah

  • Georgie Konrad
    Georgie Konrad

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  • RiruKrypto Tempest
    RiruKrypto Tempest

    That comeback team last year had Murray, they need that dude.

  • Byron Petersen
    Byron Petersen

    Are those Kenny’s real eyebrows?

  • Amina Branda
    Amina Branda

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  • Jared C
    Jared C

    Pretty sure nuggets are supposed to be gold nuggets not chicken nuggets shaq

  • Alajouwan Turner
    Alajouwan Turner

    If Chris would have came to the Lakers with Kobe he would have had all the rings they knew that 😂😂

  • Jorge Valenzuela
    Jorge Valenzuela

    Interesting point you make...

  • R/WallStreetSilver

    I can see why the league rejected his move to the Lakers. He's able to get .500 teams into the playoffs, imagine what he can do w/ LBJ.

  • rimdanful

    The didn't play like chicken nuggets today.Played like chicken gizzards.Oh Shaq 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gorkie

    nuggs tryin to come back from 3-0 to win the series.. just wait

  • susan miles
    susan miles

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  • Rahil Arora
    Rahil Arora

    Nba should be 50 games regular season and then play in tournament. Make it happen. Let’s go!

    • Surgical

      Why only 50?

  • Mr Ovi
    Mr Ovi

    Laker land

  • sessahme

    The teams that play better defense are the ones that are winning. Phoenix has looked great on defense and that is why they are winning. If CP3 does not get injured, they are going to get the ring.

  • Martha Murphyfgiigd
    Martha Murphyfgiigd

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  • shakir smith
    shakir smith

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  • rico bands
    rico bands

    2:14 That was just pure poetry by Chris Paul. He still got it💪🏾

  • CJ Vergara
    CJ Vergara

    Chuck: "I like gizzards." Me: "That's why we love you, Chuck." XD

  • PR45 B
    PR45 B

    I usually hate on Kenny but what he said about always being able to use the first option and using a pick and roll example was solid.

  • Dj Madnass Screwed
    Dj Madnass Screwed

    Chris paul trade from New Orleans to Houston then Okc the Suns Is looking the right team to get a championship with

  • Dj Madnass Screwed
    Dj Madnass Screwed

    The suns vs jazz is what it's looking like and the finals may be suns vs Brooklyn

  • Prana Deep
    Prana Deep

    Chris Paul is better then Jake from state farm. 🤾🏿‍♂️

  • Rickey Vinluan
    Rickey Vinluan

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  • Rawlewin Chapman
    Rawlewin Chapman

    Yo Shaq I heard when you told Drew holiday he is a superstar ... really he so afraid of Uncle drew he is lost right now net in his head...

  • Ryan Makarski
    Ryan Makarski

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  • R D
    R D

    No heart no win. I am really disappointed as a Nuggets fan. I wanna see the fight.

  • xwers1234

    They don’t respect pronouns! They need to say “Jokic, he/him” or “Chris Paul he/him”!!!!!

  • Capricorn

    GO SUNS 🌞🔥🔥🔥 Keep them coming 👏👏👏

  • Malik Samari jones
    Malik Samari jones

    This explanation by Kenny about how to quantify effort - making people give up their first option and default to the second or third pass - one of the best definitions I've ever heard.

  • STRA writing
    STRA writing

    Wow is so good

  • Justin Woody
    Justin Woody

    We going back to Denver baby.

  • Mitch Belles
    Mitch Belles

    Suns fan since they used to allow smoking at the games in the Madhouse at McDowell. I remember watching the game thinking I can barely see the court for all the smoke. So since then to now think how many good to great Suns teams I've seen fail. Let me get one Suns just one.

  • Parker Essential
    Parker Essential

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  • Kohner Warren
    Kohner Warren

    All these clown analysts making it all about how bad the nuggets played smh

  • lovetownsend

    You gotta love Crowder. He was awesome on celtics then hearing his backstory made me a big fan of his

  • Russell Bradwell
    Russell Bradwell

    The league weak. The nets go this. They have the most vets. Everyone else young. Nets should win this.

  • Ian Dione Martinez
    Ian Dione Martinez

    I mean the suns must be really really good, they just beat lebron man

  • Vietizy Campbell
    Vietizy Campbell

    The Suns are ballin'..ain't even my team but gotta respect it man. Good stuff 💪🏾

  • Dreamwake

    TNT > espn Who else agrees?

  • Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava
    Shiv Vashishtha Bhargava


  • z z
    z z

    Kenny actually made a good point but in this "forum" it still sounds to complicated because shaq and Chuck basically always say " they didn't play hard " haha.

  • Charlie Day
    Charlie Day

    Ernie's bowtie is straight 🔥

  • Cig Sally
    Cig Sally

    Kenny did well. He used his insight to make some smart points. Usually hes just trying to say things no one would ever think of and ends up sounding like a goofball.

  • Big Blue-Nation
    Big Blue-Nation

    Sweeeep! 👍

  • PotatoesForLife123

    Fun fact: Kenny's highest-scoring game was 41 points.

  • Admiral_Ackbar

    CP3 is still the point god

  • Apollo

    Chris Paul was lowkey my MVP pick. ⭐ And Suns had a better record? Oh, yea. He got snubbed to me.

  • Chiniwins Bastards
    Chiniwins Bastards

    The move in the middle by the joker was a travel.

  • Devonte The Dog
    Devonte The Dog

    3:44 This Is Gonna Used In This Fall!

  • Nova Tron
    Nova Tron

    Chris Paul deserved MVP

  • Eric Neuharth
    Eric Neuharth

    Why don't Denver jump hard and trap CP3 on that pick & roll or dribble handoff from Ayton. Then scramble it up from their rather have Bridges, Crowder decide or drive. Lakers best D was that. CP3 going to just toy with you boys if you don't adjust

  • Cooltown2021

    Again, Keny Smoth doesn't want to give any credit to the Suns team. He just blamed the Nuggets didn't play well. He hates the Suns....

  • Ball N
    Ball N

    Denver gizzards 😂 goteem diesel ... Denver shouldn’t even have pro sports ... 😂

  • Johnny Shaughnessy
    Johnny Shaughnessy

    How bout the nachos Chuck ?

  • Anthony Dooley II
    Anthony Dooley II

    The reality is that this series doesn't even matter. Neither the Suns or Nuggets will win a championship this year. Ironically they are just playing for who will get eliminated first.

  • berserker96

    Nugs shouldn't have gave up on Gary Harris he could have helped fill in for Murray

  • mrmacross

    In MLB, a "Maddux" is when a pitcher throws 9 IP in under 100 pitches. In NBA, a "CP3" should be 10+ assists and no turnovers.

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Can these guys plz commentate the finals!?!?

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