Cleo Picks out my Makeup - 3y0
Bretman Rock
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  • DeviLived

    i want him as my uncle 😭😭😭😭

  • love indie
    love indie

    11:39 LMAOO PLS

  • Hannah Lyles
    Hannah Lyles

    Take a shot everytime Cleo walks out of the door lol 😂

  • thejollydiaries

    Cleo is so beautiful

  • Lilith Evergarden
    Lilith Evergarden

    she is so tiny compared to him

  • saba in the city
    saba in the city

    Bretmen can u do a give away of your not used make products which u don't use I want some makeup products....this is saba from India, Karnataka....please do a giveaway for me I really love your skin shades n ur way toooo good make up artist I have seen...

  • Nirjana Tanzin
    Nirjana Tanzin


  • Leslie Hernandez Martinez
    Leslie Hernandez Martinez

    Happy birthday 🎁

  • Ja Jai
    Ja Jai

    Ang ganda mo talaga. Manang mana si cleo ❤️

  • Anne Ziur
    Anne Ziur

    I love BRET... oh my gosh.. I wish I am Cleo haha

  • Genica Ballesta
    Genica Ballesta

    Bretman's make-up collection is such a goal❤❤❤

  • Eloisa Marie Arevalo
    Eloisa Marie Arevalo

    Cleo enjoyed this one hahahaa

  • w i n t e r n u r u l
    w i n t e r n u r u l

    I love how bretman still clam and not being rude like others youtuber. This is the best video peroid.

  • Ayessa Panlilio
    Ayessa Panlilio

    Cleo really looked like Mae

  • iiCosmoAngxlii

    I don’t get why people say SaVe ThE tUrTlEs their just gonna produce more turtles 😳

  • Johneric Trasporto
    Johneric Trasporto

    Have you notice? When her niece is listening she didn't say any words like shit fvck motherfvcker or anyting I salute you bret

  • Mary Garcia
    Mary Garcia

    Cleo is so morena. Philippine represent baby!

  • Amanda Vo
    Amanda Vo

    Make more videos with celo

  • Md Alom
    Md Alom

    I no Ummm

  • Aniruddha Gupta
    Aniruddha Gupta

    The makeup looks amazinggggg...Cleo slayyed it😉

  • Alaya Wallace
    Alaya Wallace

    She’s so big now

  • Meryem T.
    Meryem T.

    Pls do this next Year with her !!!!!!!❤️❤️

  • Arta‘s Palace
    Arta‘s Palace

    Imagine having a Dior primer and not use it for 2 years

  • Yassy Celino
    Yassy Celino

    Im proud of bretman patience for cleo

  • Yassy Celino
    Yassy Celino

    Hahaha kid is a kid hahaha

  • mikayla eldrake
    mikayla eldrake

    Cleo is an unproblematic queen that she is 😌✨

  • KATHY duH
    KATHY duH

    She is growing up so fast

  • Anna Riley
    Anna Riley

    omggg cleo looks so much like princess

  • Cecil A
    Cecil A

    Cleo looks prettier🥰

  • Estela Ribas
    Estela Ribas

    OMG Cleo looks so much like Princess

  • Pinay Beast
    Pinay Beast

    Cleo 🤣♥️ omg the makeup ! Me : one of each 😂

  • Kristina Kaka
    Kristina Kaka

    She is Princess maes daughter

  • a65o

    i’m high as fuckkkkkk , the concealer picking part got me dead asfff 😩😩😂 4:49

  • Young Dumpling
    Young Dumpling

    Merry Christmas everyone, go check out my new Christmas song. @

  • Mehtap Gok
    Mehtap Gok

    ur being kind of mean about the choices she makes for ur makeup. It takes the fun away from it :/// I was hoping to see u doing experimental stuff with all shades and colors and glitter!! Oh well, y’all are cute.

  • Fredric Marquez
    Fredric Marquez

    I can’t wait to be an uncle to my two older sisters kids

  • Miranda Rodriguez
    Miranda Rodriguez

    Hey keep an eye out on @backyardpuffs on IG theyre new and doing a giveaway soon! Love when influencers show love to the communities!🥰❤

  • Noora Queen
    Noora Queen

    What about his nephew!!! Ik he’s a baby but when cleo was a baby he had a stronger bond with her

  • Danielle Gabrielle
    Danielle Gabrielle

    Why is cleo literally lilo😭😭 when she fell on the floor

  • Nicole Palma
    Nicole Palma

    Bret being soft i luv it ❤️

  • Megan Dean
    Megan Dean

    Obsessed with your videos in general but the way you interact with Cleo is the best!

  • Leah

    Awh you’re such a good uncle Brentman ❤️


    Omg she looks just like her mom 🤯

  • Howe David
    Howe David

    she’s so pretty omg

  • Dr. E
    Dr. E

    omg she looks so much like princess mae its so adorbss

  • Luckie Wun
    Luckie Wun

    Beautiful lil girl, she looks just like her mom💜💜💜💜

  • The Beanie Boo Life
    The Beanie Boo Life

    Bretman: Byeeeee Cleo:*smiles while walking out the door* Bretman:She how she smiling on her way out I cannot with this girl *me outside of the screen laughing*2:55

  • Sasmi Fineseed
    Sasmi Fineseed

    Bretman- this should be my skin tone Bretman- oh my gud Omg Guddd

  • Leila Bailon!!
    Leila Bailon!!

    Looks: her ✨mother✨ Attitude/mood?: bretman 100%

  • Rose Redillas
    Rose Redillas

    Cleo just walked out , how cute is that 🥰🥰


    please make some more videos with Cleo

  • Mirriam Llamas
    Mirriam Llamas

    Ang ganda naman ni cleo😊

  • Amie LT
    Amie LT

    You can see the love in his eyes 🥺 best uncle in the world bitch

  • Theresa Rasak
    Theresa Rasak

    ok are we not going to talk about the amount of hair this 3 YR has???????????????

  • fuiste tu
    fuiste tu

    I Just love to the see how you love hear so much. Wish i would have had an uncle like you growin up.

  • Izabela

    SHES SOOO SAVAGEEE!!!!😂😂😂😂😂❤💪

  • Gheraldyn Galacio
    Gheraldyn Galacio

    So many brushes😳😳😳😱😱😱

  • Kath Saint
    Kath Saint

    Cleo is a scorpio that's why she been acting like that hahaha lol queen

  • Edryanna Symonette
    Edryanna Symonette

    but how old she is

  • Edryanna Symonette
    Edryanna Symonette

    she is cute

  • Be De
    Be De

    Looks just like her motherrrrr 🥺 Omg

  • Kat H
    Kat H

    Lol i have a 3 year old and oh ny gosh i swear 3 year olds really do be having attitudes like that! Lol

  • Cloud

    happy birthday

  • Veronica Hernandez
    Veronica Hernandez

    im poop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jungkook's Soap
    Jungkook's Soap


  • jane jeon
    jane jeon


  • Carol Anderson
    Carol Anderson

    Hahhaahaha 😅

  • My_vlogs


  • Athena and Friends
    Athena and Friends

    Girl that was epic

  • your mom
    your mom

    cleo is gonna be so beautiful just like her mommy 🥺

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