Coca-Cola ‘BE LESS WHITE’ Workplace Training
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  • Barb Kaup
    Barb Kaup

    You guys are cracking me up

  • Barb Kaup
    Barb Kaup

    R C cola is better than woke coke anyway

  • Feelings Prohibited
    Feelings Prohibited

    Does everyone know coke was invented by a confederate soldier. Have a coke and a smile racist.

  • G M
    G M

    Racism is not reserved for just white in my opinion major of black are more racist than any other race. They are less likely to be tolerant of other cultures.

  • John Murdoch
    John Murdoch

    Anglo Saxon?

  • janet

    Thank you Coco-Cola company, today I am less white. I went to the Post Office and did not speak to anyone unless needed. I did not tell the teller I liked her new weave and she should wear her hair up all the time nor did I ask her to have a nice day. I walked into the park, there were babies there. I did not wave to them or watch them swing or play. I crossed the street when I saw a black man coming down from the woods because I did not want to take up his space. I think I did good today. Tomorrow I will do better when I go to the library.


    This upset me so much, so now I am too WHITE to buy coke products, ALL of them! I have not spent one penny on coke products since this BS came out. Will take ALOT for me to buy their products again and then probably wont, finally beat the diet coke addiction. Would like to see an apology on their knees. I hope they get to the point they can't even give their poison away.

  • Billy Gann
    Billy Gann

    You'all Are cool O I'm white check out Buddy Brow [ Be less white ]

  • Joseph Reiley
    Joseph Reiley

    Coke is trying to retract their less white comment however it’s too late the Coke boycott is going strong.

  • Nikki

    My Nana is white and she drinks diet coke.. why would you tell them to be "less white"? What does that even mean? White is literally just a skin color. I could be half black and you would never know. I'm not but it is seriously just a color. Why would you tell your own employees to be "less white" that makes no sense

  • Barbara Christenson
    Barbara Christenson

    stop buying coke products watch raceism fade away

  • Barbara Christenson
    Barbara Christenson

    Thank you brothers God bless you ... Did you ever notice that in church all people love all people no race is excluded Could JESUS BE THE REASON ????? LOVE YOU!!!

  • Curtis Hunter
    Curtis Hunter

    If you guys don't drink coke what are you gonna mix your steroids in?

  • BlueEyedOwl

    i propose W.A.R. Whites Against Racism ,this is racist against us CocaCola

  • Debra Ellison
    Debra Ellison

    For years I tried to be less white. I sat by the pool or went to the beach whenever I could. The only thing is when winter came around I went back to my natural color.

  • bradffatt

    I want a "let's get serious on this" t-shirt 👕

  • Wilde Beast
    Wilde Beast

    Amen to the human race!

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph

    I be more white

  • GibsonSG1219

    "Be less white" so we can cancel you for cultural appropriation. Got it.

  • MsMommaRose

    I am done with Coca-Cola. After 50 years of drinking the product, I now find out that I have been supporting racists. So done with them.

  • RaChelle

    That class pisses me the @#$%^&*! off! I purposely came over to check you guys out on these issues. And you clown too. I don't always agree with you, but you are speaking TRUTH. ❤🤟 Hey i make the best sweet tea ever and I dang sure dont drink diet. Stop stereotyping me. What you racist? 😘 Thank you guys for pointing out issues for people to research.


    Call the corporate office, now coke is trying to deny it all and blame it on a third party service.

  • Steven Oxford
    Steven Oxford

    I think we as in 70 million +of us need to have a nation wide day no let's make it 90 days of Coke out, an just drink the big P brand an if that's not enough we just make it 364 day,s got to have one day for you ant black enough if you don't coke.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson

    Coke sells poison to millions of people with its sugar and high fructose corn syrup sweetened products, and its version of ethics is to support voter fraud. Just say NO! to coke.

  • James Zimmerman
    James Zimmerman

    Thank you guys maybe Pelosi will bring ice cream to kids in boarder prisons baby jail you need new discount code since Asian attacks so maybe less white 😉

  • AndrewBrandMusic

    Gotta love them bird products

  • Victor Edozem
    Victor Edozem

    Ti and his goons😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Roady
    Kenneth Roady

    You know something I learned about that in word that white people ain't supposed to say cuz well many things but I've learned originally in Africa where a lot of black people's ancestors somehow somewhere from it means my king that's what I was told but here in America it means my friend my brother you know stuff like that like you guys said although you look through history and find out where the white people back especially before the 50s and 60s they would say the N word as a negative word saying negative things to those who wear black at the time so very long ago but here you got the woke left using the race card to do some messed-up stuff I have had friends and people that I care about that are black I don't care if they're black there are human being just like me and also here's another thing I don't care about where somebody ancestors are from because in one way or another you're judging and prejudging someone off of some stuff that you were taught this is why I say show people the same love and respect that you would show your own family and also don't judge people not just because of what skin color they are but because of the way people have a habit of treating each other some people can be absolutely horrible awful jerks to each other there are people who treat others the way they want to be treated gosh dang it why can't people quit being such you know what if people would be more kind to each other not so hateful not so cruel to each other this world would be a little bit better but now there are people that are absolute jerks to each other good grief God Bless the USA and y'all have a blessed day❤🇺🇸.

  • Timothy Dodenhoff
    Timothy Dodenhoff

    Yeah, how to they get away with such rhetoric! Our country's in very sad shape!

  • billy bligh
    billy bligh

    "Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour,working with his hands the thing which is good,that he may have to give to him that is need. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth,but that which is good to the use of edifying that it may minister grace to the hearers."

  • Mike Mendizabal
    Mike Mendizabal

    Coca Cola is racist. Time to drink Pepsi.

  • Oneda Kraner
    Oneda Kraner

    Why should anyone be less white. Tell all the other races to be less of what they are. Someone is a puppet master and their goal is to tear America apart. Americans need to pray ask god to intervein in this. Wake up America. I have stop buying coke product.

  • Doctor Feelgood
    Doctor Feelgood

    BOYCOTT "WOKE a Cola"!!!!

  • Saul Angelo
    Saul Angelo

    Coke is poison Anyways

  • Cheryl Kruisheer
    Cheryl Kruisheer

    Progressive versus regressive =DUH. That a real step forward??!!!

  • Nancy Tuper
    Nancy Tuper

    I just love these guys!! They crack me up! Thxs for the truth in what y'all talk about!

  • D. Brown
    D. Brown

    Judge everyone by what they have overcome and the accomplishments they have achieved ! We should judge our politicians the same.If they bring nothing home should they really be where they are ?

  • Robert Brinson
    Robert Brinson

    It was called the hood and im white ive had rocks double d s thrown at me u name but as Shakespeare said it was the best of time's and the worst of time's

  • Robert Brinson
    Robert Brinson

    I lived where u had to eat watch tv watever u had to do it on the floor because bullets would fly through the windows

  • Robert Brinson
    Robert Brinson

    Cocacola can clean battery acid off and they used to make coke with cokecain

  • Elle

    Be less DUMB! SALES ARE DOWN, so Coke is targeting people of 'color. ' They are assuming ONLY 'white people' know SODA is UNHEALTHY! Talk about racism!

  • Cap'N. C
    Cap'N. C

    Wow! No more coke product/s for me. Wtf is happening to this country? Sickeningly sad times.

  • playlist55

    The wife quit buying Woke a Cola products after this. The All Star game mad me a believer. F-ck woke coke.

  • Variant Ways
    Variant Ways

    Isn't the MERGE of Gov't and Corporation a form of Mussolini style FASCISM?...and the FASCISM of Coca-Cola is really showing it's ugly face..

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Y’all should invite Uncle Ruckus To speak on your show It’ll be a Hoot

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Cultural appropriation They stole the N word

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    When groups say diversity they mean all colors Except white

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Be more humble really I’ve never seen a more humble giving group Less arrogant Less defensive Listen your kidding I think they were looking into a mirror

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Cancel culture Cancel race That would end racism

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Cancel culture should cancel Race Then there would only be humans That would end racism

  • Bill P
    Bill P

    Thank you guys Love y’all


    I dont drink pop anyway. Its bad for u


    Where the heck have these guys been hiding? LOL

  • JoAnn Turner
    JoAnn Turner


  • hope coleman
    hope coleman

    I drink diet coke too and I'm black. Than again I lost my black card too lol lol lol

  • Michael .Swartz
    Michael .Swartz

    Hey guys...happy Easter! my bird feeder is empty so i remembered you sell bird products but i cant find the bird products on your dot com store. Please help!

  • Ed Walton
    Ed Walton

    The democrats hate our country, they do not mean us well!

  • Ami Leopard
    Ami Leopard

    What's weird bout covid is that everyone has different symptoms.

  • Geo BignTall
    Geo BignTall

    You guys should do a segment on interracial marriages what happens if one is left and one is right how is that going to work out?

  • Geo BignTall
    Geo BignTall

    There's a war coming up on the horizon left versus right it's going to be the bloodiest war ever fought it's going to make the Civil War look like a picnic. All this will happen after Christ comes and the people left behind will be freaking out and politicians will be obsolete man's biggest mistake was to look to man and not God for leadership to hell with racism

  • Geo BignTall
    Geo BignTall

    Boycott Coke..showem how Patriots are less left

  • Geo BignTall
    Geo BignTall

    Tell them Coca-Cola left goons stop killing each other that's truth

  • Geo BignTall
    Geo BignTall

    Progressive like prego spaghetti sauce

  • Nate Lawton
    Nate Lawton

    "They took my black card a long time ago" 😂 had me laughing.

  • Praisegrrl

    Amen to that!!!!

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis

    I'm racist and I find this video white.

  • James Ellis
    James Ellis

    30 minutes ago I just ordered a hundred bucks worth of shit but this is the first time I've heard the #circleback promo code that gives 21% instead of only 20% from #ChineseVirus. FML. 🤣

  • Boxspring74

    Coca Cola needs to leave Georgia and never return, they aren't wanted here!! The drink itself is poison.

  • Stephen Brennan
    Stephen Brennan

    "Because focus on minorities ignoring all the masses" Tom Macdonald

  • Stephen Brennan
    Stephen Brennan

    Coke = high fructose cornsyrup = destroys vitamin d in your body vitamin D = the hormone responsible for altering rna in the nucleus of a cell = coke and obesity + lack of sunlight = high numbers of obese and elderly dying from virus 😳 math is a bitch

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