• Non

    ur trash at singing ur dog water, u be riding on the fortnite burger disease

  • joannie Bb
    joannie Bb


  • Makel Eik
    Makel Eik

    Dang pooh face at the end make me feel bad

  • Roszlen Heller
    Roszlen Heller

    I like that outfit

  • Alexandria Dyer
    Alexandria Dyer

    The first woman that got me truly believing little booties matter 🥰

  • EXP33RT

    You can just tell it’s gonna be lit when shiesty says blrrr

  • Kevin Barr
    Kevin Barr

    That violin and piano though 😵😵

  • cammy's roblox
    cammy's roblox

    POOH SHEIST!!!!!!

  • Kevon Lowks
    Kevon Lowks

    Why he shakeing like dat at da end

  • King Jahiem👑👑
    King Jahiem👑👑

    who say big prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr big what big prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Dae Sky Channel
    Dae Sky Channel

    For some reason I don’t trust Pooh Shiesty. I never heard of him until he made a song with Lil Durk which I don’t trust him either because all he do is sacrifice people in the industry.

  • | 7rakkzz._  |
    | 7rakkzz._ |

    He looked so disapointed at the end 😂

  • ENT Youngan
    ENT Youngan

    Make a part 2 bruhhhhhhhh

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day

    Hell yeah!

  • KYANA worse gamer
    KYANA worse gamer


  • mechaFoxs

    dang, she can shake it.

  • beauty brains
    beauty brains


  • Macayla Powell
    Macayla Powell

    But i like your tiktok

  • Macayla Powell
    Macayla Powell


  • Macayla Powell
    Macayla Powell

    You is on Tiktok

  • BriRhi Everything
    BriRhi Everything


  • fast editor
    fast editor

    yo the starting of the song sounds the same as lil baby the bigger picture :O

  • oj vic
    oj vic

    For real tho... how do y’all enjoy music like this😂 Maybe I’m out of touch or something😂

  • TheWeirdUber

    Pooh deserves better

  • ENT Youngan
    ENT Youngan

    Coi and pooh shiesty would be a good couple

  • Hotdog2340

    Are we gonna still get a big purr 2 due to the current situation with Pooh Shiesty

  • Hotdog2340

    Can we get the sequel already

  • Rob Reese
    Rob Reese

    So on beat offbeat to the left words can’t even describe it so why the fuck am I talking this ish slap

  • Javon jones
    Javon jones


  • Christopher Ambroise
    Christopher Ambroise

    My Girlfriend

  • Christopher Ambroise
    Christopher Ambroise


  • SG Darks
    SG Darks

    Whats up big daddy daddy

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez

    Free shiesty

  • Cora Vee
    Cora Vee

    She's the black Leeloo (from the fifth element).

  • Tamber Mckenzie
    Tamber Mckenzie


  • Curly head Barbie
    Curly head Barbie

    Why on the thumbnail i thought it was Bella porch 💀 😂

  • Jazlynn Begay
    Jazlynn Begay


  • charles gonzalez
    charles gonzalez

    Wtf some people listen to trash they know this garbage when they put it out

  • charles taiatini
    charles taiatini

    I was with you on your come up baby girl 🎼 so glaaad you made it xo

  • Kathryn Hayes
    Kathryn Hayes

    On repeat 4L

  • AJ Stone
    AJ Stone

    I know it's a video but damn them henchmen gotta be tired or sum from delivering Amazon pkgs during the day. In reality they would've tore that duck tape off her ass the way she moving. JS

  • Derrall Lewis
    Derrall Lewis


  • V

    Soon as I bought my first chain she got attached

  • bunny bear
    bunny bear

    i been waiting to

  • AnOnimOuZ1245

    Can yall stop acting like this song is good, its hot garbage yall cant even lie

  • Abhinay Chettri
    Abhinay Chettri

    That twerk though

  • Nonchalart TT
    Nonchalart TT

    Coi leray the baddest, i hope she go far

  • Coleion Dumper
    Coleion Dumper

    Pooh sheisty fucked the song up 😭 ain’t tryna here that shit

  • C H O N K
    C H O N K

    Is it just me or is Pooh shiesty f i n e

  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari


  • Tam Shari
    Tam Shari


    • Tam Shari
      Tam Shari


  • Andrei Miturca
    Andrei Miturca

    She s perfect 🥰

  • the queen
    the queen

    Girl shut up its a music video

  • Cadisha Alexander
    Cadisha Alexander

    All 😆 look

  • Djidjelli Grey
    Djidjelli Grey

    Wtf is this shit 😂💔

  • Vivi 510
    Vivi 510

    The face expression on Pooh’s face lol klocking what ever gun he had like, Ight now it’s time to really play aha

  • Nico Las
    Nico Las

    Bass hits so nice

  • theyyyloveeearie

    you cut

  • General Zod
    General Zod

    good song, bad video...has nothing to do with the song

  • Jc Castaneda
    Jc Castaneda

    Man wtf this whole time I thought it was Gucci mane

  • Marsh Mello
    Marsh Mello


  • pinkxglo

    if u here from tiktok here the part 1:18

  • Candy Apple
    Candy Apple

    They look mad good together 🤗

  • Faux Family
    Faux Family

    This girl fs a trend setter 🤷‍♀️ 🐐💦

  • AshW451

    Wtf I can't barely understand them. He can't rhyme in time, but hey she's fine 🙂

  • Keyshia Jordan
    Keyshia Jordan

    Pooh shiesty

  • CubanBhrat

    Spam big purr

  • qaseh (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ
    qaseh (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ

    1:17 nah don't worry I just wanna put it here

  • NBA YoungBoy never broke again
    NBA YoungBoy never broke again

    Damn coi

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