Cold Fusion: How it works
Cold Fusion. Explain this, if you can.
This was gathered April 20th 2009, roughly 20 years after the initial 1989 press conference where their findings were shot to shreds, instead of the scientific community pulling together and trying experiments to make it work.

  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu

    Ferya Hela Norse godeess

  • Andrew

    And the Yanks said it was all fucking LIES!

  • M Th
    M Th

    well its been 10 years since the video was posted. has anyone created a verifiable, working cold fusion reactor? and if so, why isn't it powering a car for all eternity?

  • dumbcreaknuller

    so tony stark was actually into cold fusion that make sense.

  • unkown bruh
    unkown bruh

    Love this

  • Booyaka9000

    "This was gathered April 20th 2009, roughly 20 years after the initial 1989 press conference where their findings were shot to shreds, *instead of the scientific community pulling together and trying experiments to make it work* So you're shitting all over the scientific community in the 80s because the University of Utah prematurely claimed they'd effectively achieved nuclear fusion at room temperature based on an unfinished paper that the scientists themselves opposed the release of, that when peer-reviewed by other nuclear physicists and electrochemists even in it's unfinished state, was found to be sloppy, poorly conducted with failed controls and relied on assumptions, missing 'evidence' and baseless claims? Well, thank fuck BlackBoxTechnology wasn't working science back in 2010! I'm hoping in the decade since this was posted that you've been able to either buy a clue, or finally pass fifth grade science at least.

  • Abdo Asnouci DZ
    Abdo Asnouci DZ

    تحية السلام و المحبة، ما صحة هذه المقولة أو الأثر و شكرا بعدد النجوم و المجرات!؟: 5665 - عنه (عليه السلام) - حيث كان جالسا على نهر الفرات وبيده قضيب، فضرب به على صفحة الماء وقال: لو شئت لجعلت لكم من الماء نورا ونارا (1) (2). (1) لم يفصح الإمام (عليه السلام) عن مضمون كلامه بل أجراه مجرى الرموز، وذلك لأن عقول الناس في ذلك الزمان لا تتحمل أكثر من هذا. وفي قوله: " لجعلت لكم من الماء نورا ونارا " دلالة خفية إلى ما في الماء من طاقة يمكن أن تولد النور (وهو الكهرباء) والنار (وهو الطاقة الحرارية). وإذا تعمقنا في النظرة وجدنا أن الماء يتركب من عنصرين هما الهيدروجين والأكسجين. الأول قابل للاحتراق وإعطاء النور، والثاني يساعد على الاحتراق ويعطي الحرارة. وأبعد من ذلك فإن وجود الماء الثقيل O 2 D في الماء الطبيعي بنسبة 2 إلى... / 10 يجعله أفضل مصدر طبيعي للهيدروجين الثقيل الذي نسميه (الدوتريوم) ونرمز له بالرمز D. وهذا النظير هو حجر الأساس في تركيب القنبلة الهيدروجينية، القائمة على اندماج ذرتين من الدوتيريوم لتشكيل الهليوم. علما بأن الطاقة الناتجة عن هذا الاندماج والتي - هي منشأ طاقة الشمس - تفوق آلاف المرات الطاقة الناتجة عن القنبلة الذرية التي تقوم على انشطار اليورانيوم، ولأخذ فكرة فإن اصطناع غرام من الهليوم نتيجة اندماج الدوتيريوم يعطي طاقة = 675 مليون بليون ارغة = 200 ألف كيلو واط ساعي (تصنيف نهج البلاغة: 783). (2) تصنيف نهج البلاغة: 782.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    So... all this talk about cold fusion providing massive amounts of energy for all - energy far greater than that provided by nuclear power- simply amounts to boiling water.... just like every other power plant. Seems like all we can do is turn turbines to create electricity. That's it. And all we're looking for are more and more expensive and far fetched ways to... turn turbines. Even if we had a way to create anti-matter to cause matter/anti-matter reactions, all we'd ever do with it is boil water and use the steam to turn turbines. We're never going to get more energy until we can do something other than turn turbines.

  • WISE

    *ok can someone explain what the technology barrier is?*

  • USS Based 1
    USS Based 1

    But how does it work? Why does it fuse impossibly easy in the metal?

  • matthew Arendt
    matthew Arendt

    I remember when the story broke about cold fusion. The Russians said they knew about it years before. I'm like ok if you knew about it? Why didn't you develop it into a viable source of power? They always come out with a stupid false statement like this, like they said they already have a COVID-19 vaccine. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded, they said Americans cannot be trusted with technology. Ironically there Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded about a week later.

  • Wilderbeast

    Who's here again after NASA made claims of Cold Nuclear Fusion without actually saying it, and then excusing it by saying that the samples weren't cold (referring to heat), as though we're all braindead?

  • Jonathan Bell
    Jonathan Bell

    watching in 2020 Nasa just announced deuterium soaked metals being able to overcome the column barrier via deuteron density and neutron pressure.

    • Wilderbeast

      Very on the ball!

  • Esteban Garita
    Esteban Garita

    I solved my energy problem, I attached a wind turbine to my ass.

  • Lifescapade Travel
    Lifescapade Travel

    is there a much efficient way to generate electricity than a spinning turbine? neither fusion, fission uses this method to capture electric. batteries also promised something though limited by current use.

  • Renite HD
    Renite HD

    Can someone Tell me how i make with that energy?

  • Sam Ham
    Sam Ham

    I’d D2 Supposed to be H2?

    • Lucas Curtis
      Lucas Curtis

      Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen that has one proton and one neutron. ("Normal" hydrogen has one proton and zero neutrons.) To distinguish between "normal" hydrogen and deuterium, people often use the symbol D for deuterium. So to answer your question, technically, yes, D2 is H2, but with an additional neutron in the nucleus of each hydrogen atom.

  • Roy Rodriguez
    Roy Rodriguez

    Can someone send help? I'am in McAllen, Texas. I don't know what to do! They just shot me in my heart after breaking into the house, or stabbed me.

    • Roy Rodriguez
      Roy Rodriguez

      I've tried asking NASA for help, No response.

  • David Williamson
    David Williamson

    Theirs a better way of making cold fusion with vacuum and pressure in the same formality it doesn’t have to be in a liquid form

  • spontanp

    You didn't see graphite because it wasn't there!

  • Tyler Golemon
    Tyler Golemon

    The issue with this is that it doesn’t give the figures about how much energy you use to get the D molecules to fuse into He, also it neglects the fact that the D molecules need to gain energy in order to fuse, if they don’t have enough energy not enough will fuse to release net positive energy. Most fusion concepts use thermal energy at really high temperatures to get molecules to undergo fusion. More data on how much energy is gained by D molecules and the D density and cross sections (the effective “area” of the D) also the amount of energy put into the process vs how much you can get out via use of the heat. This does not provide enough information to see if it is at all feasible.

  • Berkana

    What ever happened to this? If this actually works, this should be a massive breakthrough. Has anyone followed up on this reactor concept?

  • Matteo Piccioni
    Matteo Piccioni Is 2.45Mev not 24Mev (assuming that the whole process you describe is possible in a such "small" experiment)

  • Scar Man
    Scar Man

    Physicist here. This unfortunately doesn’t work.

  • Kevin Moore
    Kevin Moore

    Although everyone already knows that this cold fusion is bunk, it can still offer lots of lessons of how to produce energy for our society, which is always hungry for more.

  • resistancerat

    cold fusion of da highest orda!

  • Domo

    There's something very interesting going on. Palladium is used in this process. For so many years, palladium was never as high as it is now. Far more than platinum. And cost more than gold right now as well. What's the cause of this? Is someone actually using this technology for themselves? If not, then why is palladium the highest priced commodity on the stock exchange? It's also used in catalytic converters, but auto sales are not skyrocketing. They are down.

  • Crobular I
    Crobular I

    If only.

  • Washington Hoax
    Washington Hoax

    The science of wishful thinking theories. More Unicorn farts from the educated beyond intelligence academies.

  • Big Dividends
    Big Dividends

    i believe cold fusion is possible. if you look up HID headlights that is basically how cold fusion is supposed (i think) to work. "HID headlights use electrodes to charge the gas inside the bulb". I understand that the headlights are meant to help you see but it still produces energy, cold fusion uses water and electrolytes but its basically the same concept. And why does it have to be palladium why can't it be another type of metal or at the least a metal similar to palladium like platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, osmium? or why does the gas have to be hydrogen when there are 10 other gases to choose from, there are also Xenon headlights out there and it probably follows the same principles of HID headlights? or why not use halogens instead of water or use halogenated solvents instead? From my understanding, it looks like you need a SOLVENT + SOLUTE + ELECTROLYTES + CATHODES + ANODES + METAL. Maybe its not that simple but like I said from my understanding.

  • wasted credits
    wasted credits

    Explaining a mechanism to something that can't be replicated or proven to work. OK kids, we call this "pseudoscience"

  • Paul Neilson
    Paul Neilson

    in the original apparatus the platinum wire was wrapped all around the four posts

  • Dax

    This is not fusion.

  • Alpha Beta Omega
    Alpha Beta Omega

  • DerBerliner

    Hey, I wanted to ask if you can answer my questions about your video ...: 1. Why does the heavy water separate at the beginning of the whole? 2. Why do the deuterium atoms go into the palladium?

    • Jack Tomlinson
      Jack Tomlinson

      both basically due to electrolysis, you will want to study that in detail

  • Sun Sun
    Sun Sun

    There are some thoughts in video maybe help someone to do real cold fusion. Cheap energy source will make global collapse for governments and companies so I don't think companies and governments welling to that. There are smart people everywhere. I hope someone do something to help our planet and poor people.

  • spectrumofreality

    Cold fusion is possible and this isn't how it's done. Also there's no need for heavy water.... I have a concept that can prove show how it's possible and the science behind it taps into the reality of infinite abundance of energy. The people working on this idea have missed some very fundamental principles of how it's possible and how it works.

  • Sagan McVander
    Sagan McVander

    It's a shame the guys who made this discovery have to wait until they die before getting a noble peace prize. They should have bragged to another country for money instead of bragging to their colleagues who are a part of a community that has historically assassinated people for making these discoveries. Also these are currently working cold fusion reactors in labs nobody cares about because they aren't stupid enough to go around waving a red flag.

  • Yaroslav Sobal
    Yaroslav Sobal

    Mind blown... Lets burn some "clean" coal!

  • Andrew1974

    I missed cold fusion part. I heard excess heat and excitement in the scientific community.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis... You need to realize the reality will not occur on this planet at this time. This world is governed by fixed opinions, arrogance and vested interested. Just look at how easily the hypothesis of CO2 and climate change has taken hold- you pin meddles on charlatans and war criminals.

  • Erium

    It doesn't.

  • Does The Name Matter
    Does The Name Matter

    They said we couldn't fly either

  • jam63112

    This is how the flux capacitor works

  • ThePattycake1313

    Oh, Now I get it!

  • N BOR
    N BOR

    There are criteria required for higher yields. Two of those are: A high current density (A/cm2) and a high ratio between deuturium atoms and palladium atoms (more deuturium than palladium)

  • J Bright
    J Bright

    Next week! We'll show you how the Em Drive works. (Using cartoons)

  • Steve D
    Steve D

    Unfortunately the formation of helium atoms with this truck the Flavia matrix additionally play and has a relatively low melting point of the heat released by fusion would cause the entire matrix to melt

  • Emperor Bartu
    Emperor Bartu

    Than do it already

  • Jonah Beale
    Jonah Beale

    For anyone who isn't versed in fusion wondering why this is snake oil: When the nuclei (cores) of two atoms get very close together, they attract each other with tremendous force, like magnets. Upon colliding, they release a large amount of energy, and a heavier element is left behind, (ie two hydrogens combine to form helium). This is the basic process of fusion. Sounds great, but the nuclei will actually REPEL each other until they're close enough to fuse. The "cold fusion" reactor claims that it accomplishes this with the "lattice" material; holding the atoms in such close proximity that they have no choice BUT to fuse. I am not at liberty to say whether this "lattice confinement" is feasible or not, but I trust those who say it isn't. A REAL fusion reactor forces the atoms to fuse by heating them up. How much heat are we talking? Fill a shot glass full of various gasses and disperse them inside a giant vacuum chamber... about the size of a small house. Then, take enough energy to power a town and start pumping it into those gasses. For example, 50,000,000 watts of heat is going to be used in the ITER reactor when it starts running. Because you're putting so much energy into such a tiny mass, the temperature skyrockets to several million degrees. Remember, heat = movement on an atomic level, so if you get the fuel hot enough, the atoms will dart around with enough velocity to overcome the repelling force and fuse instantly when they collide. Finally, the soup of ionized gasses must be kept away from the vacuum chamber walls with extremely strong magnets. This process is hugely expensive and requires gargantuan amounts of engineering, which is why the idea of cold fusion is so appealing. Please don't be deceived by the crook/idiot that produced this video. Don't get me wrong, fusion IS our ticket to nearly limitless energy supplies, but not like this. We NEED fusion to become mainstream as soon as it possibly can, because every day it doesn't, we lose a bit more of our dwindling nonrenewable resources and environment. The LAST thing the human race needs is for something as important as fusion energy to be tainted by cult followings and myths.

    • Muskrat7

      Lol I love how people say they trust those who say it isn't possible. Well that is NOT science. Science is experimentation. Fact: Experiments have shown increased heat and helium from experiments. So what needs to happen is more people doing these in a peer reviewed manor. If you look into the politics of how Cold Fusion got tossed out you will see it was not about science. There are still reports of increased heat from running these experiments and Tritium, etc. So no real scientist says, "I trust those that say it is not possible."

  • Ujification



    So this is what homeworld thinks of fusion.

  • 刘宇龙


  • War Peace
    War Peace

    I am not trained in advanced physics or electrical engineering or maths so the technical stuff largely is lost on me. What I do understand is logic, reason, and motive. No breakthrough in any technology would start with youtube videos before commercialisation. It defies logic, reason and any motive for pursuing a technology. Preposterous notions come to youtube to be ridiculed and forgotten.

  • Abe Shudug
    Abe Shudug

    How much does it generate compared with the amount of energy it takes for the current and voltage heating up the solution with the end result of H4?

  • finao o
    finao o years ago cold fusion was a reality? I would have expected more news on that.


    if it ever worked even once, it would be worth looking in to thoroughly. a number of scientists have reported that is has worked.


      Ben Rich of skunk works sed we already have everything you can think of but it would take a act of god to get it all revealed to the public,,,, that paid for it all.

    • Robin Sénépart
      Robin Sénépart

      may take a look at patents

  • Bruno swag
    Bruno swag

    My bs sniffer is sniffling

  • Nathan J
    Nathan J

    Sounds more like splitting than fusing and also i highly doubt that a lattice can force atoms together as per fusion does. If it was that easy to force atoms together then we wouldn't be heating them up to ionized gasses to strip electrons from the nucleus to make fusion achievable without immense gravity

  • Smokey Walker
    Smokey Walker

    So fusion happens creating helium??????????? Well, if the strong force is the strongest of the 4 known forces, what over comes it to cause the fusion? Still not getting any answer to that one. So stuff get trapped between the palladium atoms, so what, what force does the palladium have which can over power the strong force of the protons. It's only held together by bonds at the electron level which are in no way a match for the strong force. 25 yeas have gone by and the bad science is still not answering real questions.

  • Juliusz Kociński
    Juliusz Kociński

    Even if CF don't work... I learned what is Electrolysis from physical perspective.

  • daniel_960_

    So what is this? Does it work only in theory and not praxis? Or doesn’t it work at all? We know fusion is a thing, but I never saw it working like this. This just looked like the next step of electrolysis.

    • The Book Dragon
      The Book Dragon

      +daniel_960_ Praxis was a moon orbiting the Klingon home world in Star Trek 6. It contained an energy production facility that blew up and destroyed the entire moon. So, technically, nothing works on Praxis.

  • Bo McGillacutty
    Bo McGillacutty

    Any physicists here to comment? This vid does NOT explain how it is possible to overcome the repulsive forces between the ions at low temps, nor what happened to the neutrons or why this simple method has failed to revolutionize the world. Cold fusion obviously does not work as much as we'd all love to believe it.

  • Cyrua Graham
    Cyrua Graham

    Big Hype Somewhere: Chain Reaction The Saint

  • athiest physicist
    athiest physicist

    If you make a video designed to convince a nay sayer of the validity of cold fusion, it would be best to demonstrate this with an actual cold fusion reactor. Instead of some sciency; atomy, timey wimey video editing software to give the illusion of evidence to the audience.

  • Науч.Студия SERGEY KACHAN
    Науч.Студия SERGEY KACHAN

  • chris Bryson
    chris Bryson

    Wait... so what? This creates energy? Electricity? If so, why the fuck hasn't this been developed and used to power homes or cars?? WTF is this??? 😂 😂 😂

  • Jayesh Chak
    Jayesh Chak

    We are using electricity to produce more electricity

  • Mike nel
    Mike nel

    I believe you can get heat from eucalyptus interaction with peppermint

  • Nick G
    Nick G

    this is b******* d2o isn't a thing the reason heavy water also known as deuterium exists is because it has two neutrons in its nucleus they can't detach like electrons!

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