Commercials BEFORE and AFTER Special Effects !
Azzyland - Commercials BEFORE and AFTER Special Effects !
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  • チューmilque

    Azzy: imagine how many money they spent Me:and we just skipped it :

  • Cheizey&Trisha BalPro
    Cheizey&Trisha BalPro

    0:46 Philippines 😀🇵🇭

  • SG - 02BJ - Ross Drive PS (1419)
    SG - 02BJ - Ross Drive PS (1419)

    Azzy:who is Inchard of eating the s’mores because can that person be me I don’t even need to get paid I can do it for free. Me: umm what if you need to pay bills but you don’t have money then what are you gonna do. Just to let you know I love Azzy

  • Indomitable Gamer
    Indomitable Gamer

    I played burger time on a cool app! It’s so fun!

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar


  • Kerry COX
    Kerry COX


  • Lilypad Flower
    Lilypad Flower

    Hi Edit: wow thanks for 0 likes that’s the biggest likes I got!!!

  • Piedade Joao
    Piedade Joao

    I love when Azzy says delicious

  • Piedade Joao
    Piedade Joao

    The camera is upside down Azzy

  • Shiv Anya
    Shiv Anya

    I love it 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️😍❤️

  • carlos cruz
    carlos cruz

    azzy can u make a gaming channel pls and play roblox or minecraft

  • Gigi Love
    Gigi Love


  • Gigi Love
    Gigi Love

    azzy shes so nice i love you azzy if you s ee this

  • lundon bridges
    lundon bridges

    3:14 OMG!!!!!!!!

  • Erika Meraz
    Erika Meraz

    Now I feel bad for Annoying The commercials

  • Lolbit_Dreamz

    Is anybody else hungry?? Also hi Azzy can you please reply hi Avery I have watched you since I was 6 i am 10

  • Coop Sellhorn
    Coop Sellhorn

    Yes we are living in a simulation Azzyland because we are electronics nerves use electricity and flesh is some sort of metal

  • Jamil Jamison
    Jamil Jamison

    OMG Read more

  • limau anak bantil
    limau anak bantil


  • AG Plays
    AG Plays

    I got to know what that background was at the end tho

  • Randall Plyler
    Randall Plyler

    Azzy we r living in a world

  • Zoe Glasby
    Zoe Glasby

    yes you can get the job-Athean

  • Harvey Hughes-reynolds
    Harvey Hughes-reynolds

    This is how many pepole want to stop corona

  • Mae sisters
    Mae sisters

    I love you sooooo much

  • Reagan Kerr
    Reagan Kerr

    Azzy:I dont think i could ever!!! Me: TRUST ME AZZY, YES YOU COULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SkyplayZ GameZ
    SkyplayZ GameZ

    Azzy, whenever I am sad I watch you, and at the end where you say "I love you all so much! Stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget to be nice to each other!" It just makes me really happy. You are amazing and don't forget that ✨🌻💛

  • Stella Tzotzos
    Stella Tzotzos

    I,m scared of paint

  • Rose Pin
    Rose Pin

    Me after watching thing video: I'll never skip an ad again Ad: Hey how you doing Me: *skips ad* Also me: oop-

  • Turtle Person
    Turtle Person

    Boy: Yes Girl: Do you hate me? Boy: No! Girl: Do you love me? Boy: Of course! Girl: Do you cheat on me? Now read it backwards.

    • SkyplayZ GameZ
      SkyplayZ GameZ


  • Life of Greaza
    Life of Greaza

    Omg sara g

  • Jada Bell
    Jada Bell

    i love how azzy is soooo sweet i mean she is so nice

  • Alia Ahmed Kamar
    Alia Ahmed Kamar


  • Hailey Cayer
    Hailey Cayer

    Your hair is beautiful Azzy never feel less superior to any one

  • Christy McCutcheon
    Christy McCutcheon

    I will never watch the hair commercial ever again

  • Alicat


  • Fluttershy1234 Mlp
    Fluttershy1234 Mlp

    There so cool 😎

  • Angela Benites
    Angela Benites

    us scared of spiders, snakes, death, Azzyland scared of.... PEACH JUICE

  • KG_Kitty Gamer Meow Fun シ
    KG_Kitty Gamer Meow Fun シ

    7:45 for me it’s backwards the vid is In sub and to sub is in watch another video

  • •øøgãbøøgã•

    I never get cool adds 😪

  • Aya Bouchlaquem
    Aya Bouchlaquem

    me watching the hair commercial then an ad pops up GET THE DOVE SHAMPOO

  • Abul Khair
    Abul Khair

    If you want a viral ad, add bts and blackpink together...... I swear it will work like magicccc and power of armlink

  • Zoe Pawson
    Zoe Pawson

    Azzy: wouldn't it be creepy to have some dude touch your hair me having a boyfriend: ummmmmmmmmmm

  • Sophia Miller
    Sophia Miller

    The tornados that form in water are called water spouts.

    • Racist Mommy
      Racist Mommy


  • 12345 Zays
    12345 Zays

    Just saying im from sssnipwrwolf ;))

  • Mint Love
    Mint Love

    I wish my hair was Shiny


    Who else loves Azzy

  • *Addie Røse•
    *Addie Røse•


  • Amna Matar
    Amna Matar

    If i tricked you you have to pin me Read more

  • Ashe Everleen
    Ashe Everleen

    Not to Flex but I have pretty good hair though

  • Jaxsen Boldus
    Jaxsen Boldus

    Hey Azzy do you live in the USA

  • gen mason genevieve m
    gen mason genevieve m



    When I was watching this I got the same ads😂

  • нєѕтιαッ

    I litteraly had a treseme ad befor dis (i know i spell bad..)

  • tracy knight
    tracy knight

    I liked you on instagram azzy

  • Phyo Hein
    Phyo Hein

    I love azzy

  • Lakshya arora
    Lakshya arora

    She belong to da....

  • Project Rouge
    Project Rouge

    Thanks for not loading this with ads

  • Das Gimp
    Das Gimp

    I want Smores now

  • Lauren Pair
    Lauren Pair

    I love video The first one or not

  • David Ritchie
    David Ritchie

    I am having s’mores today

  • Helena Crennell
    Helena Crennell

    Bruh if we were living in a simulation i would be rich Maybe

    • Racist Mommy
      Racist Mommy

      So random lol

  • Braeden Beggrow
    Braeden Beggrow

    It’s called a whirlpool

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Federico Jimbo Smithson

    see, not all you see is Special Effects one digitally

  • Annabelle Bacerra
    Annabelle Bacerra

    Hey the commercial is Palmolive it's from the Philippines.

  • JustJess_Roblox

    Fun fact: in some places, it is ilegal to use cgi in a comercial. All that can be used are people, robots, and cameras.

  • Melanie Eviota
    Melanie Eviota

    that one is sarah geronimo shes filipino shes also the one who danced tala

  • Becong Cabahug
    Becong Cabahug

    Tha girl with the hair commercial was marian rivere shes a filipino

  • Gwen That Bitch
    Gwen That Bitch


  • Gwen That Bitch
    Gwen That Bitch

    Kinda sad that she gets views but gotta make a living

  • Sara Godwin
    Sara Godwin

    nobody: Azzy: lAnd In mA mOutH

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