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Corpse Husband
how 2 vent #amongus
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  • Joash Thomas
    Joash Thomas

    corpse is the only person who is disappointed to be impostor.

  • Alisina Rezaee
    Alisina Rezaee


  • anil jha
    anil jha

    I have goose bumps with your voice

  • Cookie Lolz
    Cookie Lolz

    Corpse : nooo nooo Earth : Shaking

  • Gyanaranjan Mahanta
    Gyanaranjan Mahanta

    Everyone: Focused on game Courage: Busy eating🤣😂🤣😂

  • Kskctb Griggs
    Kskctb Griggs

    Also here’s a Strat I’ve used before and it works amazingly if you ever get sussed I would just pick a random person and claim them to be your teammate it’s funny

  • Kskctb Griggs
    Kskctb Griggs

    I love Corpses passive aggressive blood lust

  • Valentine

    I love you i wanna write on my wall I LOVE CORPSEbut i have strict parents so yikes


    Your voice is soo deep i kinda like it hahaha

  • Living- Llama
    Living- Llama

    Lol toast calls lazar lay tar

  • jennifer cupcakeB
    jennifer cupcakeB

    Corpse vented to admin, killed and vented back immediately 😳 and noone noticed?! Hella cool strategy:0💞✨

  • A. Barajas
    A. Barajas

    Corpse should be a disney villain,like if you agree.

  • Julie Trejo
    Julie Trejo

    Dam among us loves corpses 😂😂

  • Tommy B O I
    Tommy B O I

    Imagine what he would sound like if he inhales surful hexafloride in his morning voice

  • Redhood Bautista
    Redhood Bautista

    I love you, Corpse, but... I'm just scared of your voice 😓

  • Mechille Saba
    Mechille Saba

    Even Corpse dont do much commentating in his among us its still soo satisfying watching him being big brain

  • Lachlan Buultjens
    Lachlan Buultjens

    why is poki doin makeup in a damm game?

  • Debshikha Das
    Debshikha Das

    i want this guy to be a voice artist for all anime guys🥲


    Why the fuck do my friend s think I sound

  • Antonio Manaserian
    Antonio Manaserian

    Corpse: The Imposter Also Corpse: Talks Everyone: There's no way I'm accusing him.

  • Danelya Han
    Danelya Han

    LOL @ how Muselk repeated the way Toast pronounced Lazar

  • Ashleywolfplayzgacha

    i just saw sykkuno vid and he said that you have a cute smile

  • starmint 20
    starmint 20

    hehe i heard that if u say a uterbeers name 3 times in ur comment you get pinned (O)_(O) Corpse Husband Corpse Husband Corpse Husband

    • starmint 20
      starmint 20

      @`Spoiled_ Electricity` lol ik :")

    • `Spoiled_ Electricity`
      `Spoiled_ Electricity`

      As much as that would seem to work, I don't think it actually will-

  • Vanessa Caballero
    Vanessa Caballero


  • ThrashTV

    0:49 its actually divert.. the other one was downloading

  • Mr Monday Radiance's Disciple
    Mr Monday Radiance's Disciple

    23:36 "Who has the Balls to do that?!" Me: *Clearly, a Corpse has more balls than any living creature on Earth*

  • Kingwafflexx

    Im fan of the sweet things he said about everyone and then: so heres clips of me killing my friends. lol

  • Harry Iva
    Harry Iva

    Can you show your face in a vid pls

    • `Spoiled_ Electricity`
      `Spoiled_ Electricity`

      He's not comfortable showing his face, and he's stated that in his music of his

  • bonniemustdie

    corpse: this is my part nobody else speak........ everyone else: speaks over him

  • Nicholas Thomas
    Nicholas Thomas

    Everyone: seriously discussing Poki: fixing✨ eye liner✨

  • Gamer Girl123
    Gamer Girl123

    Why is everyone doing a thumbs down? Corpse is trying really hard to get famous.

  • GiveUpOnYourDreams AndDie
    GiveUpOnYourDreams AndDie

    Poki is stupid tbh

  • chayanan pakaphongphan
    chayanan pakaphongphan

    corpse's voice is strangely attractive 🙃

    • `Spoiled_ Electricity`
      `Spoiled_ Electricity`

      Not just his voice, he's honestly so fuckin sweet to other people


    fun fact- many have the dream to have a voice like Corpse.

  • Juella Jelke
    Juella Jelke

    I wanna see tour fac your a famous other wonder how you look like or the say is that your real voice

  • ali

    not the "BEEP BEEP BEEP"

  • Albino_ Leopard
    Albino_ Leopard

    James Charles is cool, they are like super famous but they normally play with others. He literally respects everyone, and I hate how much hate he gets.

  • Mad Stump
    Mad Stump

    i looovvee the edits on these videos

  • Callan Walsh
    Callan Walsh

    corpse is so good

  • Idk my name Blood
    Idk my name Blood

    “How do I vent into admin?” *vents and kills pink INFRONT of everyone* everyone:🤷🏻‍♀️👩‍🦯

  • Jillianne Monsanto
    Jillianne Monsanto

    my baby cousin (hes 4) got scared of corpse voice he was like its scary

  • Nadine Elghool
    Nadine Elghool

    Wait... how did Corpse get away with that kill @ 6:33? There were a few people there loooool

    • Nadine Elghool
      Nadine Elghool

      Ohhhh just saw lights went out nvm haha. Was also wondering, how do you turn the lights out in admin and how do you know the lights are out if you’re the only one that can see clearly (as the imposter of course)

  • Jokūbas Žukauskas
    Jokūbas Žukauskas

    They should make a corpse hat

  • AmberThePeep

    *Best Funniest That Happened In This Video In My Opinion:* 0:30 "I love you" *aesthetically zooms into Sykkuno's web cam* Me: I get ya... 2:02 *Someone died & everybody is on detective mode* Poki: does makeup 2:19 we saw *Gay* in admin ( jk jk jk )

  • Jay Shingleton
    Jay Shingleton

    This Intro was wholesome, seductive and crazy at the same time 0.o ~ I'm so glad we've found you Corps, great vids!

  • Catastrophic Crude
    Catastrophic Crude

    Corpse uploads all types of dark stuff, of course he is good at killing 🤣

  • Name Last name
    Name Last name

    Please do a face reveal

    • `Spoiled_ Electricity`
      `Spoiled_ Electricity`

      He's stated that isn't comfortable or happy with showing his face

  • Sheila Cameros
    Sheila Cameros

    Corpse needs to teach my how to be imposter💀I be imposter and I say a bunch of bs which makes me sus and I barely get any time to be imposter🚶‍♀️I’m just a person who speaks bs all the time so I can’t help it but speak bs.🚶‍♀️

  • Imposter gameplay In Among us
    Imposter gameplay In Among us

    1:59 everybody trying to big brain things Poki: starts to put make-up near her eye XD

  • Emily Snyder
    Emily Snyder

    *Şčrëēñ tūrǹš rëð äǹþ Čørpßê kīllş* Me: Tælk åböût ēÿé śtrãijň! ÐÆT HÙRT MÁH ĒỲÉŚ¡!

  • Zackery Moran
    Zackery Moran

    I love use and greaseball


    *James vouching for corpse* *corpse killing James to win*

  • maria Flores
    maria Flores

    Bun bun

  • Keuz Clein
    Keuz Clein

    I was shock james charles 😹

  • Bushybrow_Sensei

    The people without facecams (im guessing they dont have one), you should make them squares with their colored character. That way they're included in the whole facecam convo moments.

  • Bushybrow_Sensei

    6:18 *big brain play incoming*

  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer

    Your so lucky I can’t play among us properly because everyone is so dumb no offence but they randomly emergency button for no reason and lie all the time

  • Bushybrow_Sensei

    Sykkuno didnt care about you doing leaves because like all good main characters in animes, he believes the bad guy can change.

  • Layla Konovalenko
    Layla Konovalenko

    Everyone trying to figure out who the imposter is: Poki: *fixes eyeliner*

  • Zimo Feng
    Zimo Feng

    How are you always the imposter?

  • Waster 420lifee
    Waster 420lifee

    Corpse what's the deal? Who cares if your ugly, We are just tired of seeing your avatar

  • Guszy

    I love corpse bro

  • Emiliano Guzman
    Emiliano Guzman

    He’s so good at imposter cause his voice enchants them

  • Ahnaf Riddhi
    Ahnaf Riddhi

    Corpse voice Oh my god

  • deadlydaylight122

    CORPSE is always imposter lmao

  • JJ_MX

    Bro I had no clue you had a IT-my channel, I listen to your music

  • Jameson Kenshin Chua
    Jameson Kenshin Chua

    I love corpse he IS OP

  • mercedes martinez
    mercedes martinez

    Bruh the amount of ads in this one video

  • ThEReaL0nE

    poki's just doing her makup lol

  • Berron

    Get that diamond play button i wanna see that diamond

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