COUPLE'S CRINGE: tattoo show
Cody Ko
tattoo has "too" in it that's why its called that haha
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Cody Ko

  • Thatartguy

    Cody’s getting the word frictionlessly tattooed on him. I’m not specifying where but connect the dots

  • violet girl
    violet girl


  • professor pongo
    professor pongo


  • tugz

    Heyy shawty😈😈

  • Naiya McHargue
    Naiya McHargue

    This show is terrible!! And those people are in the most dysfunctional relationship ever. Edit: Also, that cover up is hideous too. And much harder to get removed. Yikes.

  • swiftmarshtomp

    oh my god you can faintly see the original tattoo underneath the flowers it must be real

  • bailey grainger
    bailey grainger

    please keep doing these for more of these episodes

  • Drew

    13:25 cause he's totally lying. He completely backtracked after seeing her devstated.

  • wolferz studios
    wolferz studios

    4:02 Did they literally blur the "o" in asshole? They basically went Assh*le. Like the point of censorship is to take out profanity. That's the equivalent of shith*ad

  • Singlerainbow

    Somebody know the song at 14:53 ??

  • Graham Dolamore
    Graham Dolamore


  • Amanda

    omg I started off laughing so hard... and then I started actually crying. and then I couldnt tell if the tears are from the laughter or genuine sadness for that girl

  • Cameron Birdy
    Cameron Birdy

    the only reaction i have.........WHY DO MEN

  • Shadow Blue
    Shadow Blue

    9:20 thats not a band-aid thats... nvm

  • shannon celeste
    shannon celeste

    I think this is my all time favorite Cody ko vid

  • MilkJuic3

    im sorry i didnt mean that

  • Castrocuba

    this show is just a tat too far

  • Riley Stewart
    Riley Stewart

    The tattoos are real, I met one of them in the waiting room of a laser place where they were on like session 5 of getting it removed

  • Nina K.
    Nina K.

    omg the cover-up is somehow worse...

  • Taylor

    That coverup looks terrible

  • Alec Nasser
    Alec Nasser

    I bet a million bucks that couple just has fake drama to get views, and they got ballsy and got the tattoo knowing she wanted a tattoo and thought since they’re cover up the previous tattoo, it’ll be okay

    • Alec Nasser
      Alec Nasser

      Hence why the guys tattoo didn’t look nearly as bad

  • Relatable

    The fact that she has to post her relationship on Twitter to get his attention just shows how much he actually pays attention to her smh

  • Ima Go Apesht
    Ima Go Apesht


  • Jourdon Prince
    Jourdon Prince

    They have to be fake tattoos like that girl that got Harry styles on her face

  • Mateo Tolmos
    Mateo Tolmos

    This video was more intense than watching Chucky

  • BlueLad gaems
    BlueLad gaems

    8 mins till new year watching kody haha 😭

  • Cowboy YBug
    Cowboy YBug

    Dude like eh, girls like waahhhhh

  • Bob Cheese
    Bob Cheese


  • J-Station 4
    J-Station 4

    14:26 it's triggering me so hard that she's not wearing a seat belt

  • Hannah

    We need more of these

  • _killerbangs

    I feel bad for the tattoo artists but DAMN who decided this TV show was a good idea?! That honestly took a dark turn

  • Stfuryan

    What's the background music at the beginning of the video ?

  • LuNaR Zion
    LuNaR Zion

    Noel seems different. 🤔

  • Anomalocaria

    i have no real opinion on whether or not this is real - but when i get carved, my skin gets a whole lot more red than that. maybe it's just because i'm pale. there's also like a little bit of blood and leftover ink. if it's real - the producers definitely had some makeup put on that shit or something, which is the last thing you want to do to a fresh tattoo lol she's definitely crying for real tho. police interrogators look for those sobbing gasps when questioning potential suspects that may be full of shit. sobbing gasps are really hard to fake convincingly. there's a reason you almost never see it happen in film.

  • i eat a lot
    i eat a lot

    What is the ambient music towards the end?

  • i eat a lot
    i eat a lot

    Any word on the tattoo artists repose to Cody?

  • lingo kingo
    lingo kingo

    If someone is really fucked up to you, get Dr. Phil tattooed on their face

  • lizzy

    I'm sorry but I hate her cover up tattoo... like it's better than the original but that's so dark and in a year or two its gonna just look like a black blob.. like it's just gonna get so muddy as it heals and I feel so bad for her


    The way Kelsey and Cody look at each other is beautiful 😱

  • StarDust Stables
    StarDust Stables

    are we not going to talk about the fact that girl who got the tattoo was sitting next to the douchenut who gave it to her in the car **on the way to get the coverup** I'm about 97% sure that's him (he doesn't deserve a name, tbh) and I really hope she made him pay for the cover up and that's the only reason they went (as in, they better not be dating, are you kidding me?!)

  • bannaanlana

    update: theyre not together anymore but they did stay together after this for a good while

  • MrMcDonalds714

    Stephen is a LEGEND. ABSOLUTE MADLAD. WHAT A BADASS. HE IS MY HERO. Edit: this is a joke

  • guitarman64100

    honestly seemed like a way to promote their vlog channel lol

  • Roan Martin
    Roan Martin

    If you actually look closely, you can see the outline of the toilet lid on the new tattoo

  • leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories
    leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories

    9:11 that is DOPE. She runs prankchannels bro. Good move on him

  • Kartik

    I really want to know if they’re still together

  • King Phoenix
    King Phoenix

    The funny part is Stephon won a National Championship with LSU. He now plays on the Seattle Seahawk's practice squad lol.

  • That guy with a Controller
    That guy with a Controller

    1:36 am I the only person that thinks he looks like sans

  • Sidsi

    i think they went tatoo far

  • Fish Bruh
    Fish Bruh

    Look at a marriage proposal one

  • ceara knowles
    ceara knowles

    PLEASE do more of these, they are hilarious!

  • Yatoe

    I lost it at “youdumped” oh my god lmfao

  • Frogcesca

    Stephen’s tattoo is fucking S I C K

  • Paige Carlson
    Paige Carlson

    damn ball sack face

  • Barusolle

    14:40 if you look closely you can still see some details of the old tattoo.

  • Lily Burger
    Lily Burger

    That cover-up is awful. Jesus.

  • Anna Springolo
    Anna Springolo

    I think it’s all fake. I mean why would you agree to get a tattoo from someone you hate and also is a jerk . Also you know what’s the show is about. If it’s real I feel no pity for her

  • Mizzi


  • FullMoon3072

    the cover up looks worse 14:40

  • Shackira Centeno
    Shackira Centeno

    Winston bishop prank vibes

  • Рози Роза
    Рози Роза

    The best revenge is if you tattoo something really nice on them, and they gave you a horrible tattoo. That would be guilt.

  • Estelle Ahhs
    Estelle Ahhs

    Did they broke up tho ?

  • Jonathan Curet
    Jonathan Curet

    10:14 When mom says no McDonald's

  • rukyabi mohammad
    rukyabi mohammad

    damn the audio of this video crisp af❤️

  • Cheater Echo
    Cheater Echo

    Simp alert

  • Finn Glück
    Finn Glück

    Codys girl ist just so uniquely beautiful

  • Virgil Celis
    Virgil Celis

    More tattoo far Cody. Please 🥺

  • Kevin Luper
    Kevin Luper

    How is she not in the wrong in any of this??

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez

    The look on that tattoo artists face. I can imagine sad music playing and a voice over telling me to adopt.

  • Sean Higginbotham
    Sean Higginbotham

    cody I love the vids man keep up da good work :>

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