COUPLE'S CRINGE: tattoo show
Cody Ko
tattoo has "too" in it that's why its called that haha
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Cody Ko

  • Rocker_Girl_828

    If I was the girl and he pranked me like that I would have broke up with him that is a toxic relationship

  • Nashad Mohammed
    Nashad Mohammed

    Who sees justin from wild and out 👀


    yo, i will kill to have a girl half as cool as kelsey

  • Robin White
    Robin White

    Wouldn’t the tattoo be still raw? Red and shit

  • Macy Peach
    Macy Peach

    Thank you for keeping IT-my alive!!

  • Hollie

    You know there's a British version called how far is tattoo far and it's

  • Cor Ma
    Cor Ma

    4:56 same expression to a tee. Hilarious

  • Michael M
    Michael M

    I straight up was expecting an iCarly twist where the tattoo was real but the ink was temporary. Yikes...

  • EvasiveZak

    I don't know much about tattoos, but shouldn't the text be swollen?

  • Sarah

    Y'all I stopped breathing when they revealed her tattoo...oh my lorddddd I cannot Jear Desus

  • Liam Castillo
    Liam Castillo

    Cody is a lady’s man

  • EtherealEscapist

    So fun fact, my sisters neighbor who she went to primary and high school with was on that show with her boyfriend and I can tell you...nobody who goes on this show has to do much to look bad (when it comes to personal experience with a person on the show) 🤣🤣

  • Tea -_
    Tea -_

    I just found out about this channel and I was lagging out loud the entire time

  • Jarod Russo
    Jarod Russo

    She's totally Cody I love it

  • crtns.

    12:23 favorite fuckin part

  • hello kittens
    hello kittens

    10:14 me when everybody forgets about me when im with my friends talking

  • ♪ Ebony Rose ♪
    ♪ Ebony Rose ♪

    You guys should do more of these tattoo ones oml

  • Maxharvey13

    Couple's cringe to Russell Hartley 🤩

  • Landon Williams
    Landon Williams

    please do part 2 cody

  • Zoe M
    Zoe M

    Please please please do a that’s cringe to Classically Abby

  • 伤心theblueboy

    Boys , it’s ok If your simping for kelsey

  • Madelyn Champlin
    Madelyn Champlin

    Y’all need to react to the episode where this dude gets a devil baby tattooed over his entire lower torso and dick

  • Jeik Romero
    Jeik Romero

    tell her to stop pausing every 2mins :)

  • Sharpsyy

    Just Tattoo of us is wayyyyyyy better...

  • AceLlamaFace

    Watch the British tv show tattoo fixers :)

  • twitkh

    the guys tatto would be so much better if it had an old style frame around it coving up the wierd things on the sides and her names

  • Garrett Jacques
    Garrett Jacques

    It is real I know someone who was on the show

  • Stupor Knockers
    Stupor Knockers

    Hey Cody I think you should put a chain on your cat

  • Kari Esca
    Kari Esca

    Very smooth cody😂

  • Emily Hurley
    Emily Hurley

    please do a that’s cringe for russel hartley

  • cnp53

    Please do a part 2 lmao

  • cnp53

    Omg I love watching these videos and so happy ya are reacting to it lmaooo

  • Evan Horne
    Evan Horne

    scott got em first


    Bring back ur best friend reacts not ur gf

  • Trista Maxwell
    Trista Maxwell

    the roses are even worseeee

  • Philip Knapp
    Philip Knapp

    can we talk about the inboundcloser free training ad rq, my mans doesnt look like he worked a day in his life

  • Sahil N
    Sahil N

    how tf am I unsubscribed to this channel

  • Myles White
    Myles White

    Binge watch and record these, they’re so funny lmao, keep it up

  • Jesse

    Please do more

  • George Aylott
    George Aylott

    The English version of this is way worse

  • Sunny Chey
    Sunny Chey


  • nnioop nnioop
    nnioop nnioop

    "You mean on your own body" Cha cha real smooth

  • Lucas Rokka
    Lucas Rokka

    you "too" look like your brother and sister

  • McLean Reid
    McLean Reid

    Something was very off about this whole video, from the confirmation of it's realism to the flat out poorly written jokes, this was a miss. I've seen every cody ko video at least 5 times, this seemed like a sellout vid

    • BanaenaeBoi

      That’s because he’s Mr. Struggle

  • sebastian popek
    sebastian popek

    He won :D

  • Insha R
    Insha R

    these are actually fucking creative ngl

  • 9mler

    You guys need to do a That's Cringe on Classically Abby. Specifically the "Stop Hooking Up" video

  • Sam C
    Sam C

    You should watch the british version 'Just Tattoo Of Us' it's literally wild

  • Bennet Wikle
    Bennet Wikle

    I’m addicted to couples cringe?!? No... YOU ARE

  • Brooke Macgillis
    Brooke Macgillis

    They are my parents... Period.

  • Thomas Beebe
    Thomas Beebe

    These tattoos don't look like real freshly done tattoos but this is disturbing nonetheless. Why do these people hate each other so much?

  • Jill Teglovic
    Jill Teglovic

    You wanna see cringe? Go down the “sexy male belches” rabbit hole on IT-my “Hot gassy manly men”

    • Jill Teglovic
      Jill Teglovic

      “Check out my large curd cottage cheese” is a good one too

  • Autumn

    I wish I was funny so I could have their relationship with someone. You two are seriously the cutest and funniest couple

  • Bald Titan
    Bald Titan

    You can call what she gets a tatoilet. 😂

  • Jamie Ferris
    Jamie Ferris

    I need more of these. you two are so funny

    • Jamie Ferris
      Jamie Ferris

      if you’re stressed about people on this show staying together you should watch 90 day fiancé and react to that

  • savanna


  • Angie blue
    Angie blue

    is nobody gonna talk about their insane height difference

  • Timothy Saunders
    Timothy Saunders

    Nah she can laser it off tho😂

  • Brianna Sizemore
    Brianna Sizemore

    That coverup garbage though. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Dragon Fly
    Dragon Fly

    .........Well then.........

  • gloria

    unrelated but I had a dream where I flipped both my parents off in a mcdonald’s then walked out and saw you and we had a rly awkward conversation then I got arrested

  • Rage Kira
    Rage Kira

    Those eyes are like Alexandra Daddario' eyes so beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson

    When he said it was a prank 👁👄👁

  • Blorb Jorb
    Blorb Jorb

    You dumped

  • Sea Bunnies
    Sea Bunnies

    Okay but like they are still together the couple are still together she says his name on the way to get the tat covered bro like what the fuck

  • Dark Rey
    Dark Rey

    9009th comment

  • Dark Rey
    Dark Rey


  • Dark Rey
    Dark Rey

    That was sick

  • Dark Rey
    Dark Rey


  • emani chantel
    emani chantel

    The girl has a IT-my channel and they broke up and he paid to get it covered up.

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