CRAZIEST and COOLEST jobs you wont believe exist !
Azzyland - Weirdest jobs you wont believe exist !
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  • Ullas ezavarayathu
    Ullas ezavarayathu


  • Almira Ergasheva
    Almira Ergasheva

    I can force my tears without thinking or faking it i can also hold liquids in my throat and i can swallow it or get it back up

  • FastBeetle 95550
    FastBeetle 95550

    I got one of the hairy dogs for my grandad

  • XxEgeTheGamerxX

    Yooo ı am from turkeyy

  • hilal stoker
    hilal stoker

    The Turkish Ice cream guys play the game because it is a ancient Turkish game but you can ask them to not play the game and I have outsmarted them I love azzys vids

  • James Acton
    James Acton


    • zodiak


  • John Lynch
    John Lynch

    I have out smarted the Turkish ice cream makers

  • Spidyloveswebs and girls
    Spidyloveswebs and girls

    I like that her mind immediately goes to robbry

  • Lemonily Bubbles
    Lemonily Bubbles

    so i always go to turkey in summer and i got icecream one time and i got an extra cone cuz i snached it from the dude-

  • •Lemøn Shåde•
    •Lemøn Shåde•

    Oh but Azzy- what about a chocolate taster!

  • Ben Dpver
    Ben Dpver

    I’ve been to Turkey before and it really really annoying but you do care at the end

  • Lily Graziano
    Lily Graziano

    My grandma makes mozzarella but not for a job

  • TheLunahaven

    Azzy- Realistic cake maker. Me- What about *cake eaters?!* I’d do that.

  • Sienna Old-Orchard
    Sienna Old-Orchard

    Yes that is my nightmare T^T

  • Roblox Doblox
    Roblox Doblox

    Papa pops

  • Danny

    6:56 the male version of Sofie Dossi

  • Danny

    2:05 Benjamin Button?

  • It's me Chloe
    It's me Chloe

    Azzy:Mochi pounder Me:.... Azzy:Mochi is my favorite desert Me:JIMINIEEEEEE

  • Roger Randolph jr
    Roger Randolph jr

    You would get nightmares for days

  • CircusPeanutCat

    It's an avocado! Thanks....!

  • Linh Do
    Linh Do


  • MelonyXox

    6:15 thats why my watermelon is gone

  • fluppyducky

    that part when she was edited in all those legos was a clip from one of Mrbeasts videos.

  • gEnEvIEvE dOggEtt
    gEnEvIEvE dOggEtt

    I can make myself cry so yes good actors might actually make themselves cry

  • Sofi j's
    Sofi j's

    I hate cheese so much so sorry Azzy but being a cheese tester is NOT the best at least for me

  • Pops Signs
    Pops Signs

    1:12 I've seen a Turkish ice cream guy he was so funny lol

  • I don’t know what to put my name
    I don’t know what to put my name

    I laughed when she said “ninjas” and the ninja skin popped up

  • Kanya Whittenburg
    Kanya Whittenburg

    It should be the wow challenge because she saying wow a lot and it should be the delicious challenge because she saying delicious a lot

  • Brooklyn Hablitzel
    Brooklyn Hablitzel

    I love making stopmotions

  • Jolytha Lomele
    Jolytha Lomele

    AND THIS IS HOW MOVIES ARE MADE Me2020 EXAMPLE (Henry danger,thundermans,Icarly,ext)

  • Christine Ashmore
    Christine Ashmore

    My brother is a blacksmith -Theresa

  • Janet Taylor
    Janet Taylor

    My spirit Animal is a dog i would be a dog. Party planner

  • Abbi Kyle
    Abbi Kyle

    5:24 it was from Mr.Beast's filling my friends house with Legos. Comment GG for Chris, Katie, and Tucker

  • Rianna Erickson
    Rianna Erickson

    I know she was just joking but azzy saying that she would way twenty pounds extra for 10 gold bars 😂

  • Oluseun Taiwo
    Oluseun Taiwo

    I'm actually lactose intolerant so... yea cheese IS my worst nightmare.I mean,I CAN eat dairy things, but it's not good for me. Read more

  • 小熊猫Audrey

    my mom makes my feet massage her ;-;

  • Buhle Mahlangu
    Buhle Mahlangu

    Wait...soap is made by machines I thought it was a plant first I am offended and I’m never using soap again

  • Hana Shajahan
    Hana Shajahan

    Iam a contortionist actually But I don’t work for anyone

  • Makayla Price
    Makayla Price

    everyone stay safe

  • Makayla Price
    Makayla Price

    4:29 was I the only one who flinched lol

  • Hiroko Belgica
    Hiroko Belgica

    Y'all, there's something called being a professional sleeper or someone that tests beds for a living and GETS PAID FOR IT. Who's coming with me to become one

  • Kawaii Girl
    Kawaii Girl

    O_O Thanks Azzy, I just watched the Jurassic world fallen kingdom movie and the indoraptor left me in horror . Why u torture me like dis ;-;

  • Erin Foley
    Erin Foley

    My last name is Foley.

  • Xx ShadowQ xX Shadow
    Xx ShadowQ xX Shadow

    1:55 Wait a minute, I think I've seen that before.... *Remembers William aftons actual face in the Springtrap suit* Ahh, yes, t'd obviously a prop for FNAF the movie!

  • moon star
    moon star

    𝐖𝐨𝐰 𝕟𝕖𝕨 𝕜𝕖𝕪 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝓎𝒶𝓎 ℯ𝒹𝒾𝓉ℯ𝒹

  • moon star
    moon star

    𝐡𝐢 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐦𝐞

  • Dana Al-Thani
    Dana Al-Thani

    Um actually a girl out smarted one of the Turkish ice cream maker

  • Ray_of Sunshine
    Ray_of Sunshine

    Did anybody here azzy herself say a swear XD Edit: thx for 45k

  • Destined Bunny
    Destined Bunny

    0:48 Aren't there always bubble emergencies? I NEED THE BUBBLES! (If any of azzys editors are watching, can you tell me what edit app you use? Thanks! 😀)

  • Kayla Gomez
    Kayla Gomez

    I do stop motion videos with LEGO’s

  • Cintal Quadros
    Cintal Quadros

    They did the Turkish ice cream trick on me!!(it worked!)

  • Addysen Merriam
    Addysen Merriam

    4:03 i need one of those

  • Lyn Hearn
    Lyn Hearn

    I’m actually a synchronized (now artistic) swimmer, and I want to be a mermaid for a part-time job! Synchro is really fun to do 😁

  • I am a literal human
    I am a literal human

    0:53 that man be vibin

  • Vikki Howard
    Vikki Howard

    I make stop motion animations

  • Nebojsa Jankovic
    Nebojsa Jankovic

    Is it weird that I hate too much cheese on my pizza

  • Dianne Botha
    Dianne Botha


  • Cara Angela
    Cara Angela

    I masage my dad stepping on his back

  • Random Things
    Random Things

    6:59 Male Sofie dossi

  • Siddhartha Kurlekar
    Siddhartha Kurlekar

    What’s sad is that I don’t have a basement for them to renovate

  • Mata Mi
    Mata Mi

    This Chinese or Asian girl did every normal cone they gave her she took a bite so they didn't mess with her now--

  • It's Cupcake Kitty
    It's Cupcake Kitty

    "I can't look away. Can you?" *Me doing something else while listening to this video*

    • Victoria Muck
      Victoria Muck

      apparently you can 😂

  • Alexandra Wilson
    Alexandra Wilson

    It says on the ad quibi presents and then all of a sudden it says The coolest stuff azzy says

  • Kadence Aagard
    Kadence Aagard

    Sword maker aka a BLADESMITH

  • Isla Vassar
    Isla Vassar

    Hi azzy I am your biggest fan

  • Wolfplayz 862
    Wolfplayz 862

    5:25 doesn’t that look like me beast thumbnail for filling my friends house with legos

  • natalya shicks
    natalya shicks

    my stepmom was is this video

  • legend love
    legend love

    "Do you ever get the ice cream?" Azzyland 2020, Answer yes you do but for me it was after they smashed it in my face. Also Azzyland "has any one ever out smarted them", Answer yes I did But I cracked the cone Lol.

  • Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune}
    Rucy Lamone {cibzinjune}

    Private Island caretaker?! Bed tester?! Food critic?! Film critic?! Video game critic?! Hotel Inspector?!

  • Hope Greenaway
    Hope Greenaway

    The dinosaur part was from jurassic world fallen kingdom I love that movie also the call of the wild

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