CREEPY TikTok Videos You Should NOT WATCH before SLEEP
Azzyland - CREEPY TikTok Videos You Should NOT WATCH before SLEEP
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  • Siddhi Bangera
    Siddhi Bangera

    And she send me this emoji 😠

  • Siddhi Bangera
    Siddhi Bangera

    After thus videw my friend texted me what are your doing and were are you

  • KayuriSan 222
    KayuriSan 222

    When im scared.. i always saw her face

  • shashi shashi
    shashi shashi

    You are So crazy that kind of videos are you seeing

  • katelyn cupcake
    katelyn cupcake

    I watch videos like this to help me sleep i know im weird

  • katelyn cupcake
    katelyn cupcake

    I bleach it box it gif it to my enemy for Christmas

  • Joery Strijtveen
    Joery Strijtveen

    beyblade burst turbo

  • Jenit Ryan
    Jenit Ryan

    I'm sceard of rats lol like a jumpscear

  • David Walsh
    David Walsh

    It's a giant spider!!!!

  • Samantha Sletmoe
    Samantha Sletmoe

    3:20 that was no ghost it was a invisible wire getting pulled by somebody

  • Dana Drabek
    Dana Drabek

    U know that thing u did not know what it was it what a bunny not to be rude but how are they scared of lil bunny

  • Nikita Deheney
    Nikita Deheney

    Bro the rat he’ll nooooooo

  • Alex Hansen
    Alex Hansen

    2.54 weta

  • Dutchess and Kay
    Dutchess and Kay

    Why do spiders always gotta take our shoes?!?!?!? Go make your own!!!

  • Keysi Quiñones
    Keysi Quiñones

    A got so scared

  • Arstotzka [REDACTED]
    Arstotzka [REDACTED]

    clickbait yaay

  • Kylie Trevino
    Kylie Trevino

    The 2 one is so scary

  • samuel macias
    samuel macias

    Some of these really scared me

  • Chris Quaid
    Chris Quaid

    That animal you saw was a BAT!

  • Kamilya Lisina
    Kamilya Lisina

    0:48 Okay, this was really REALLY creepy

  • Light Moon
    Light Moon

    Not eline

  • Light Moon
    Light Moon

    This was one of so discasting insaks in this world 🦗🤢🤮

  • Collin Mbikiwa
    Collin Mbikiwa


  • Sabrina Feils
    Sabrina Feils


  • Sabrina Feils
    Sabrina Feils

    The "alien" is actuly a species of spider commonly found in places with no water or barely any.

  • Miel Aveila Lazaro
    Miel Aveila Lazaro

    Do you have roblox?


    Me: *Sees title* I'll be good. I won't have nightmares. Title: *I WARNED YOU* video: *Boo* Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHH- oh wait. Its just a video.

  • Rachel Medina
    Rachel Medina

    I I’m spooked

  • Sweet Cakes UwU
    Sweet Cakes UwU

    What to know something scary My step brother and he’s friend went out in the Forest in the middle of the night. Because my step brother’s friend lives near a forest. And they played a scary game before the went out there. So they were exploring and they heading back and a man comes out of the brushes I running towards them and then the man disappears

  • Star Streak
    Star Streak

    13:42 into the video, so it's about to end and all of a sudden my house phone rings which is right beside me cause I'm sitting on my couch, my parents are in town and my older sister is in our bedroom, I picked up the phone even though I'm scared because I thought it could have been my mom calling again, I looked at who was calling and it said "possible scam4920" but then it changed to a bunch of wierd numbers and I quickly pressed the red button and set it back down... ;-;

  • Jolene Woolman
    Jolene Woolman

    It was an alien 👽

  • Kaden Luu
    Kaden Luu

    that bug making the scartching noise is a type of cricket aka a potato bug

  • Paolita Ramirez
    Paolita Ramirez

    Hi yay

    • Paolita Ramirez
      Paolita Ramirez


  • Omela Fuga
    Omela Fuga

    When I was watching this video the door opened by it self and I was alone in my house reply what do you guys think a ghost or a demon

  • Jaeda Galvan
    Jaeda Galvan

    Who else got Scared when they watched 1:04

  • Galaxy

    It is.

  • Frances Quiñones
    Frances Quiñones

    The rattttttttt😱

  • Sky Crumble
    Sky Crumble

    The rat under the frige scared me and my soda spilled

  • angela dhenyse gozum
    angela dhenyse gozum

    most scariest thing i found on my backyard its a cobra others:oh my goshhhhhhh!!!!! me:hi boi wanna snack?

  • Pauley Wally Funnies
    Pauley Wally Funnies

    Thank you for blocking out the curse words I'm a kid

  • Andy Towers
    Andy Towers

    Me seeing title of the video, checking the clock: 9 ocklock at night. Me: watches video.

  • Carlton Cooper
    Carlton Cooper

    Azzy:u will have no sleep tonight Me:uhh yes I will... Me:MOMMY DADDY CAN I DO L IN UR ROOM Mom dad:NO

  • Jimmy Hamby
    Jimmy Hamby

    That was a turantula

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith

    Omg when the mouse came out from under the fridge I literally threw my phone across the room.

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones

    The bug is a wheta

  • stan kpop for clear skin
    stan kpop for clear skin


  • Sprink Les
    Sprink Les

    I like ghost stories, but if people confirmed ghosts are real, I wouldn’t like ghost stories.

  • Casey/gareth Skerry
    Casey/gareth Skerry

    Me: 0.0/;.;

  • Donna McCoy
    Donna McCoy

    Not watching me with that no-good still going to be scared

  • Aaron Sohail Francis
    Aaron Sohail Francis

    It could be a scp

  • Bella Öberg
    Bella Öberg

    I have a ghost in my house😖

  • 《Dark Playz 》 {DP }
    《Dark Playz 》 {DP }

    That ice cream truck which azzyland was talking about there is a killer ice scream and he uses the same trick in this video dont beleive me type ice scream type they will show the exact same trucu but it's in white colour

  • Evangeline Baranggay
    Evangeline Baranggay


  • super badoodso
    super badoodso

    The rat was freaking scary

  • Owen Viljoen
    Owen Viljoen

    2:47 is a corn cricket from where I come from

  • Anthony Bell
    Anthony Bell

    You demon

  • 《Dark Playz 》 {DP }
    《Dark Playz 》 {DP }

    Did she just make those sad face ghosts behind her it actually looks its behind her AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • James Brickey
    James Brickey

    I think it’s a raccoon 4:39

  • Shaun Lampman
    Shaun Lampman

    Why would you watch this just give me nightmares

  • AbdElaziz Sayed
    AbdElaziz Sayed

    اتنتاناااااااااتمنكتكنتلاتخ،،؛:::… ++== /||.! غ همال ‏شميتنخرهرتخترتخرهاخاهاخارهخعهاخحعهاحتهخعتهحاحعاهاعحهعاهحعحاهحعاهعهاحاعهحاعهحته٠رتتراعاخت٦فف

  • Kimberly Riley
    Kimberly Riley

    I don't have anxiety

  • Min Tom
    Min Tom

    ok km

  • NotedWolf 1223
    NotedWolf 1223

    I have a ghost to living in my house but my ghost doesn't close the door it opens the door

  • mike graham
    mike graham

    the snakes are actually matting

  • Slushygacha

    The person that said never trust __ is lying because he had the same card evertime

  • kitty frames
    kitty frames

    I recognize the wierd bug but I can't think of what the name is for it

  • Lin Myint Naing
    Lin Myint Naing

    I a rubbid

  • Christina Varela
    Christina Varela

    Witch one ? Getting chased by 75 screams or a rat on your broom

    • Christina Varela
      Christina Varela

      Azzy: rat on broom

  • Sofyan Moflhi
    Sofyan Moflhi

    That rat or whatever that thing that kind of the room jump scared me so hard I thought I couldn’t breathe oh I’m never watching this again I am it’s just nothing over the scary or just scary

  • Lucy Randall
    Lucy Randall

    When the rat came out under the refrigerator I dropped my phone it's scared

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