Cremated DRAG Transformation ft. Gigi Goode
HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today the insanely talented Gigi Goode from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 is here to transform me and put her face onto MINE! Watch her do my makeup with the Cremated Palette while me spill the tea and get to know each other! Thank you Gigi for making me feel so beautiful and sharing your art with us!
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MUSIC: Leat'eq & Aleksei & ELEX ► They Watchin Me - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)

  • Athena Duke
    Athena Duke

    So much hate up in here, attacking someone who you don't even know personally is quite a way to pass the time. Focus on the product of this video rather than the other. Y'all gonna cancel Gigi too for doing this video?

  • tina♥️bee🐝 marie
    tina♥️bee🐝 marie

    I keep reading these comments and literally every single one of them are negative yall are all up in this man's business like it's yours or something that shit is hilarious and pety. y'all are a bunch of lifeless losers sitting around praying these folks spill their tea so yall can live vicariously through them. Wishing yall had some damn business if your own it's obvious you don't bc yall are taking the time to actually type out this shit as if you personally know him and are personally effected by his decisions or behaviors... Nosey as hell and they call them influencers for a reason because they have influenced the fk out of y'all following ass people. you are so worried about what he got going on in his life what the hell you do in your room huh what kinda foul play have you ever been guilty of but could you imagine the world acting like you owe them an explanation to said actions get a life smh @jeffreestar keep being silent it's Killin em baby oh and one more thing for y'all to say that that he's going to get cancer when he's done he's ruined and he's all this maybe he's a millionaire a multi-millionaire with millions and millions of assets. If you never bought another piece of makeup or merchfrom him, if you never watched every one of his videos that's he's paid for he's going to be straight the rest his life believe that.... #yalllame&icantrelate

  • tina♥️bee🐝 marie
    tina♥️bee🐝 marie

    Damn everyone calm tf he's a grown ass man and when he gets good and ready to address the drama he will, if he never does that's OK too it's his business his life he doesn't owe any of us an explanation for anything he does honestly..get a life and stop riding his diaaacckkkk

  • tina♥️bee🐝 marie
    tina♥️bee🐝 marie

    You look amazing Jeffree she did that

  • Ken Quartz
    Ken Quartz

    Yesss the collab I never knew I needed

  • Sunette Colditz
    Sunette Colditz

    Gigi should've won! She's a goddess, im sitting here in South Africa gagging. I just want to go to America and experience ALL THE GLAMOUR. Soon b*tch 🌹❤️🇺🇸 Jeffree don't listen to these nasty people, you're doing YOUR best! ✌️💕

  • Yaneth Lares
    Yaneth Lares

    Jeffree has been a problematic personality for the longest time now... I'm soo sad that Gigi decided to colab with him, I've staned Gigi for a couple of months now, and it just feels wrong to keep it like that...

  • MA Way
    MA Way

    They look so pretty❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • HJ K
    HJ K

    Run away Gigi *R U N A W A Y*

  • Mihaela Oana
    Mihaela Oana

    What he did ? I wanna know what's the reason for the hate he received.

  • Cxpxlot Lexz
    Cxpxlot Lexz

    Ahh I love gigi😍

  • Našid Karalic
    Našid Karalic

    Omg l want jeffree star to turn gigi in to jefree star

  • Kyla Jean
    Kyla Jean

    F U Jeffree

  • Alyssa Horner
    Alyssa Horner

    he didn't deserve to collab w gigi

  • Vicki LaVigne
    Vicki LaVigne Jeffre star prove me wrong, are you lying to everyone? How many people have you hurt and are you willing to actually own up to it and change

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo

    I’m here just for gigi, i could listen that girl all day, she is the best

  • Bev Maltby
    Bev Maltby


  • ʎǝlɥsɐ ashley
    ʎǝlɥsɐ ashley


  • lynette mc donagh
    lynette mc donagh

    Omg jeffree India just did a whoa full rendition of you on rupaul drag race!!!

  • lawliet1210

    “When people stay silent they’re guilty.Let that show you who someone’s true character really is” Jeffree Star 8-17-2018

  • benz500r

    Wow, that was a great video.

  • Zango

    Omg Jeffree has the same skin tone (kinda) AND face shape as Gigi!!! The makeup turned out amazing btw!

  • Mia’s Gaming roblox
    Mia’s Gaming roblox

    This is so inspirational for like teenage boys that wanna be drag queens and yeah you are the queen 👸 here

  • Olivia Osborne
    Olivia Osborne

    Remember me

  • B47 ANCE
    B47 ANCE

    That thumbnail looks like the doors to hell

  • Morgan Dalton
    Morgan Dalton

    Jeffree NEEDS to be a guest judge on Drag Race.

  • miami myka
    miami myka

    jeffree’s been quiet for too long. he’s gonna snap back. this time he’s gonna snap back HARD.

  • shjunsbuns

    gigi imma get you outta there babie

  • kylee

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  • el argileno
    el argileno

    I'm sorry for Gigi

  • Mareng Celia
    Mareng Celia

    I love you guys.

  • Isabel Fernández Agurto
    Isabel Fernández Agurto

    Love u 😍

  • S

    Cher called. She wants her face back.

  • Isabela Gómez Ríos.
    Isabela Gómez Ríos.

    Why Jeffree looks like Michelle Visage. 🥴🥴🥴

  • IcePrinCess22


  • Taylor Style
    Taylor Style

    We want an update on the dogs plz

  • Still a piece of garbage
    Still a piece of garbage

    “spill some tea” bitch the tea just started

  • lindaruiva999

    So creepy to see man wearing make up!

  • TikiTorchGamin

    Bruh what's wrong with the name cremated? 🙄

  • ThatsHot B
    ThatsHot B

    Truth always comes out.

  • Dillon Blake
    Dillon Blake


  • Eevee

    Gigi did great job!

  • Tea with Ti
    Tea with Ti

    Omg that tan

    • Tea with Ti
      Tea with Ti

      Live that tan hunni

  • R Radke
    R Radke

    My name is Rona and I just want to say, Ms. Rona, does have good qualities. 🙆🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ lmfaoo

  • Colltan Hutchinson
    Colltan Hutchinson

    Hi ueffreeeeeeee

  • amanda

    why is he still quiet about what's happening? he already got canceled, and said nothing! gigi is literally my favorite person in the world, I feel bad for her.

  • Cloudy Rainbows
    Cloudy Rainbows

    Y'all all tryna cancel him but I stan him still- From what I've gathered he was just being a lil bit of an asshole- correct me if I'm wrong

  • diorria

    Honestly, Jeffree hasn't changed at all.

  • Amina

    Джи джи девочка или мальчик??

  • GachaCookieGurlll101

    I really want Gigi to turn into you Jeffry!

  • GachaCookieGurlll101

    I’m only new to your channel and I already love it!

  • Fatin Azwari
    Fatin Azwari

    I just feel bad for gigi

  • ZEPETO_ Queen
    ZEPETO_ Queen

    Come on don’t lie! You know that you were confused who was who in the thumbnail!

  • knight night
    knight night

    How the hell is this social distance in Anyway shape or form? thumb down for taking This pandemic as a joke?

    • LoRon Pearson
      LoRon Pearson

      Not why I’m giving it a thumbs down, but ok...

  • Sofia Souza
    Sofia Souza

    Why people just waste there time's with comments if they think he is a bad influence? For some reason, he could be,but i can't lie and being an hypocrite cus this video is freaking good

  • Robin Early
    Robin Early

    What's going on? What did Jeffrey do THIS time???? I really don't get it lmao

  • noel’s world
    noel’s world

    like my videos if you love your parents skip if you don’t!!

  • Autumn Jones
    Autumn Jones

    Love Love Love!!!!

  • flashback mary
    flashback mary

    ugh gigi i love you but no girl why :(

  • andy yogi
    andy yogi

    Gigi goode shouldn't be doing this in the first place.

  • Carissa Keshick
    Carissa Keshick

    Still love ya jeffree will always

  • XxPikaPokePlayzxX

    Jefree nobody is gonna forget what you did. In a few months time you not addressing the situation is gonna catch up with you and slash back at your blackmailing ass. No wonder nathan broke up with you.

  • Akino-samai

    this make up is amazing luving it that lip GUUURRLLLL

  • Idelis Guzmán
    Idelis Guzmán

    The only thing that got cremated is your career and reputation.

  • eliza

    poor gigi she's too good 4 jeffree :/

  • Ady s
    Ady s

    Jeffree probably soul his soul, no wonder he’s so hard to cancel lmao jk but here watch this

  • drinyz kokainy
    drinyz kokainy


  • Shena Shena
    Shena Shena

    Baby you should have waited to buy that big house.

  • Ashley Stall
    Ashley Stall

    I can understand his silence. Everyone is asking for comment/apology on many things, but we all know it won’t matter what he says or does. People will still be dissatisfied; His statements will be called insincere and a ruse and undoubtedly anger people more or in new ways. He can only lose now. I don’t think trying to protect yourself is wrong, it’s instinct and it’s necessary. His silence is exactly that, an act of self preservation. I feel for him in this too. To castigate a person to the point in which their business and livelihood is destroyed seems unreasonable here. Even if he’s actually just an asshole in reality. 🤷‍♀️ Ily Jeffree ❤️ No one is perfect. The only other comment I have surrounding any of this is: It should give people pause to know that it’s more socially acceptable to the point of exploitation to be fascinated in serial killers/pedophiles such as Gacy/Dahmer who killed, mutilated and raped (alive and dead) young boys or Bundy, who basically did the same thing, than it is to make an extremely tasteless joke.

  • dance hall king
    dance hall king

    Looks good

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