Cristiano Ronaldo Goals That Made Juventus Fans EXPLODE |HD|
Allianz Stadium is lit this season!
Thanks for watching! 🙂
🎧 Music: Evan King - Guardians - Epic Music
Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals & breaking records in Juventus!
Can he win the UCL (Champions League) with Juventus this season?

  • Tanner Barcelos
    Tanner Barcelos

    When he does his spin and the fans go “oooo” or whatever it is, it gives me goosebumps. It’s insane. My dream is to go to a European soccer game in my lifetime.

  • Marshall Gears
    Marshall Gears


  • TheDarkGhastMC

    But they are out of champions league. Shame 😂


    co co come mai la champions league tu non la vinci mai co co come mai la champions league tu non la vinci mai

  • Kyle Stan
    Kyle Stan

    After Ajax game

  • Krosdabluez Krosdabluez
    Krosdabluez Krosdabluez

    He always score an important goal,that why he is the best

  • Joe Dewhurst
    Joe Dewhurst

    Like for Messi

    • Joe Dewhurst
      Joe Dewhurst

      Is there any way you can dislike a comment

  • Joe Dewhurst
    Joe Dewhurst

    Like for ronaldo

  • Kerem Enünlü
    Kerem Enünlü

    His goals are just shit.

  • Milton Valdez
    Milton Valdez

    The Best!

  • JohnnyL

    Lucky Juventus

  • Jaime Castaño
    Jaime Castaño

    I like that celebration when scores not like others praying

  • s. s
    s. s The best goal of Ronaldo

  • game play jorge
    game play jorge

    Eu sou português e tenho muito orgulho do meu país Portugal

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy
    Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy

    Love you Cr7

  • Lordpromise Atulaegwu
    Lordpromise Atulaegwu

    When your eminem become your best friend.

  • Lordpromise Atulaegwu
    Lordpromise Atulaegwu

    When your worst eminem become your best friend.

  • sherlock soul
    sherlock soul

    Only one for CR7 "Hard worker"

  • Văn kiếm Võ thư sinh
    Văn kiếm Võ thư sinh

    A rô bị bóp vếu kìa

  • stephen painter
    stephen painter

    Could of watched this all in 2 minutes if it didn't repeat average goals 5/6 times!

  • Golden

    Juve stara dama ronaldo stary książe of football

  • Dinh Tran
    Dinh Tran


  • Steve Eguaoje
    Steve Eguaoje

    Unconquerable adapted player in the world. CR7 is a phenomenon.

  • _lenq

    i want that juve win the UCL , only for ronaldo, because he would have with every Club the ucl title and the 4th in a row

  • Bong Pov
    Bong Pov

    I believe u JR7 .

  • samoloko77

    I always hated him - because of the arrogance he showed through the years. Now He just found home and he became absolutely different PERSON. One of a kind - RESPECT RONALDO!

  • Dũng Nguyễn Trọng
    Dũng Nguyễn Trọng

    Nhìn cách cổ động viên Juventus cùng hò theo ăn mừng cùng CR7 thì mình nghĩ CR7 đã chọn đúng nơi hơn rồi...Fan CR7 từ thời MU

  • Lloyd Dranal Rodrigues
    Lloyd Dranal Rodrigues

    Send this guy to any club. He will deliver exceptionally

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão


  • D1zzys

    Who else thinks he should be a left winger again?

  • Koirala Binayak
    Koirala Binayak

    He is King Luv CR7

  • Gino Mattetti
    Gino Mattetti

    Vincerà tutto anche con la Juventus,e' il più forte giocatore europeo della storia ,tra i primi 3-4 piu forti nella storia del calcio di tutti i tempi. La Juventus può vincere la Champions affidandosi al suo campione più grande di sempre.

  • Angel Lebron
    Angel Lebron

    Cris Rolando 7 better then Leo Messi .the man Rolando

  • santos parada jose
    santos parada jose

    Un heroe

  • Hector Alarcon
    Hector Alarcon

    Es una verdadera maquina de goles,q olfato goleador tiene. Estilo propio,no imita a nadie,el mejor del mundo actualmente,sin duda alguna.

  • Dusek Levay
    Dusek Levay

    Donarruma and curtois worst keepers on the world

  • Захар !!!
    Захар !!!

    Португалия Англия Испания Италия Роналду везде Роналду!!!!!! ДОКАЗАНО самим РОНАЛДУ!!!!!!

  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph

    Its a shame he shines every where he goes... Not like me

  • tejja permana
    tejja permana

    Cristiano ronaldo the killer machine ❤❤ l fans u for indonesian

  • Alish Dangal
    Alish Dangal

    Everyone will see the power of Ronaldo from next season ..2019/20 he will be in form with Juventus

  • BurbuL997

    this is the machine !

  • Ismail Daimari
    Ismail Daimari

    Serie A & Juventus have done incredible job by signing Christiano Ronaldo....forza Juventus & Italia. Love from India....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • andhy novian
    andhy novian


  • Obed Kanglom
    Obed Kanglom

    He is happier than he was in Madrid.

  • Ravindra Satav
    Ravindra Satav

    Cristiano is a machin.Great

  • boby salazar
    boby salazar

    The Machine goal has back

  • Kuba Tanu
    Kuba Tanu

    Просто пипес

  • Муса Марипович
    Муса Марипович

    7ronaldo super

  • Diego Marin
    Diego Marin

    Song plis?

  • Leslie September
    Leslie September

    Bad illuminati theme music spoiling the video.

  • Charo Harrison
    Charo Harrison

    Ronaldo is something else

  • Maureen McCarthy
    Maureen McCarthy

    The Great Cr7 the Best loved him since he came to my team Manchester United then went on too real the team I follow in Spain and then on too the team I follow in Italy juv always knew from the start he was going too be the best player in the world and he has proved me right

  • Juan Enrique Noches Trinidad
    Juan Enrique Noches Trinidad

    Es consentido de Dios Padre.... CR7 es el Regnier (indestructible) del Soccer

  • Juan Enrique Noches Trinidad
    Juan Enrique Noches Trinidad

    Wow que vídeo..!

  • rubina trindade
    rubina trindade

    Best player ever in the world.🤗

  • chanel Bóng đá
    chanel Bóng đá

  • manuel garcia
    manuel garcia


  • Ahmed AhmedAli
    Ahmed AhmedAli

    Ronaldo 10an apre sera Ronaldo et toujours sera Ronaldo


    En Italia si se siente amado, respetado y valorado...

  • Zana Kone
    Zana Kone

    I appreciate his relation with Matuidi

  • Wanderson Silva
    Wanderson Silva

    A máquina humana de fazer gols 😌😜

  • Valentina Campus
    Valentina Campus

    i love CR7

  • BINBI Vlogs
    BINBI Vlogs

    Since Cr7 has only 1 person, the king of football has only 1, no one can replace it, no one has made history like him Juventus will become even stronger when Cr7 is available

  • Rendra Fitra niza
    Rendra Fitra niza

    Everyone loves Ronaldo

  • Dimka Okah
    Dimka Okah

    Recently has any one score freely than him?

  • Rick Nelson
    Rick Nelson

    This man is a real life terminator and this is just the beginning !

  • curly headed
    curly headed

    No doubt the best player of this generation!

  • Maxius Ambrose
    Maxius Ambrose

    This man is a complete player smashing all records in Portugal, England, Spain and now Italy. Messi, Spain 🚮

  • omar khan
    omar khan


  • Semih Balci
    Semih Balci

    Absolutely genius

  • Scanner Printone
    Scanner Printone

    Take Ronaldo to any League on the planet he will make sure the whole world will start to focus to that league! Yes being an Indian I would like him to play in ISL so world will give attention to our league..... But the factor is that what he earns alone from any of these league, same is the amount we are budgeting whole ISL season

  • Sarah Soul 444
    Sarah Soul 444

    Ronaldo can play for any clubs and shine. He is a living football legend. The football world will truly miss him when he retire.

  • I Just Watch And Comment Your Video
    I Just Watch And Comment Your Video

    That's how cr end your whole career

  • Aisha Habib
    Aisha Habib



    Messi can't play in any other league and be successful... I mean just look at him play for Argentina

  • Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft
    Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft

    solution for the keeper: stand a little bit more on the left side :)

  • Magesse Ouede
    Magesse Ouede

    cr7 he is best player in world

  • Enkhbat Ch
    Enkhbat Ch

    I’m Cr7 fan from Mongolia

  • J C
    J C

    CR7 it’s legendary living

  • Laming Sawaneh
    Laming Sawaneh

    The greatest football player ever

  • Jairo Bermúdez
    Jairo Bermúdez

    Ya se quien le ayuda a hacer esas proezas 0.52

  • Garoba Younglord
    Garoba Younglord

    Am commenting from Africa . My question is why on earth do people compare two legends but I can't blame u ppl because they are playing in the same era . These two guys are absolutely incredible Messi makes playing easy for him and team mates . Ronaldo delivers motivationally with his team. They are greatest. Believe you me nobody on earth will enjoy football when these goats retires. We should not compromise any of them . This is a privilege we should love and embrace both of them.

  • Lucas Chavarria
    Lucas Chavarria

    Tá jogando muito

  • Lucas Chavarria
    Lucas Chavarria

    Esse sim joga muito

  • Nobita

    0:24 lol


    CR7 is better than Messi final full stop.

  • Arya S Ramadan
    Arya S Ramadan

    S mesin gol!!!

  • Boom Chakalaka More Fire
    Boom Chakalaka More Fire

    Put aside his big head This guy is phenomenal

  • Luiz Carvalho
    Luiz Carvalho

    CR7 é monstroooooooo... Marcou bobeira; já eraaaaaa.... kkkkkkkkkkk

  • carvalheira anostacio
    carvalheira anostacio

    dr is the best

  • Daniel Ngwenya
    Daniel Ngwenya



    Ronaldo is of a world and best player ever...doing it in different club...not like Messi...

  • Katongole Charles
    Katongole Charles

    Christianity is the world's heal

  • Chris F
    Chris F

    You probably need to do a remake as he got his hat trick against atletico. Or it seems like your only missing the big one now. After you made the video he got his hat trick but im sure if you remake one with his hat trick people would like it and view it.

  • Angshuman Sarmah
    Angshuman Sarmah

    Left foot Right foot Doesn't matter ... goes like a bullet.

  • YouCant KnowMe
    YouCant KnowMe

    I love that he now has a crowd that appreciates him, supports him, uplifts him rather than booing him when he's down. I'm happy foe him. So very happy.

  • Lebogang Campbell
    Lebogang Campbell

    Ronaldo scores so many tap-ins LOL. Don't compare him with Messi. There's literally no videos of experts seriously debating whether Ronaldo is the greatest ever. At least Messi is considered as the greatest ever.

    • TMDB

      You are clueless...

  • Bj Koi
    Bj Koi

    Iam mesii fan but i love 💘 c ronaldo

  • JP RV
    JP RV

    The Greatest Portuguese Dragon The Only And Real GOAT EVERBigest Proud Of Portugal

  • Manuela Cavaco
    Manuela Cavaco

    King Cristiano Ronaldo!

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