Cristiano Ronaldo Goals That Made Juventus Fans EXPLODE |HD|
Allianz Stadium is lit this season!
Thanks for watching! 🙂
🎧 Music: Evan King - Guardians - Epic Music
Cristiano Ronaldo scoring goals & breaking records in Juventus!
Can he win the UCL (Champions League) with Juventus this season?

  • ron nady
    ron nady

    CR7 is the best in the world of football long time 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Hell Spawn
    Hell Spawn

    Plastic real madrid fans never appreciated him like this. Unworthy cunts

  • Alex Luizaga
    Alex Luizaga


  • Liz Guzman
    Liz Guzman

    Eres el.mejor CR7 leyenda.

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega

    This man is going to continue to break records at another club what a phenomenal player

  • North 7
    North 7

    Love him he will love you even more. Respect to juve fans.

  • InstintoGaming

    I like more the cristiano of manchester united and juventus than real Madrid, is more relax

  • RJ 17
    RJ 17

    watch 7 hatrick Cristiano Ronaldo for Portugal

  • Rally Mcintosh
    Rally Mcintosh

    Where's the Atletico madrid goals ? That was a time i thought i was the atomic bomb 🤯💯😎😎😎😎 #juventus4ever🔥

  • KG63


  • fauzan kusumah
    fauzan kusumah

    Imagine if Pirlo still playing

  • FaTe_Vapo

    Ronaldo looks better in a Juventus kit

  • Ryco
  • Emil Johansen
    Emil Johansen

    Its Portugal-England-Spain-Italy

  • Boisawm Haokip
    Boisawm Haokip

    Best player in world

  • yohan k
    yohan k

    1:03 this is what success looks like

  • Moonlight Mawsor Riangdei
    Moonlight Mawsor Riangdei

    Madrid fans are bad 👎. Juventus fans never boooo their players.

  • Moonlight Mawsor Riangdei
    Moonlight Mawsor Riangdei

    Icon, legendary celebration... Siiiiiii!!!! Just wow 😮. Awesome Juventus fans.

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    Where is the bicycle kick?

  • TheReal Aqeed
    TheReal Aqeed

    Dybala×Ronaldo=auto goal

  • Krenim Sopi
    Krenim Sopi

    basicly every goal he scored for Juve

  • Gavins Friend
    Gavins Friend

    He’s only the fourth top scorer in serie A, he’s so much worse than Messi 😂😂😂

  • Deven Mejia
    Deven Mejia

    Pro: ronaldo helped the team alot Con: took most of dybalas spotlight

  • bhushan patil
    bhushan patil

    Juve fans are true one....

  • J. Malik
    J. Malik

    I was once just another stupid guy who hated him. Haha. We mature.

  • Brian Wattanga
    Brian Wattanga

    Cristiano Ronaldo is phenomenal!!!

  • J. Malik
    J. Malik

    Can't wait to see Ramsey and Ronaldo pairing.

  • Ahoowoman

    What about him in Real when scoring that bicycle kick against Juventus? The Juventus fans exploded after that goal.

  • Launch Ready
    Launch Ready


    • Launch Ready
      Launch Ready

      No Matter wen you’re watching this video

  • RIP Elias
    RIP Elias

    how makt kits does juve have

  • Z B
    Z B

    They’ll win the UCL in 2020

  • Mohamad Raj
    Mohamad Raj

    Premier League, La Liga, and even Seri A. No matter what league is, this man is born to destroy teams.

  • Forhad Riyad
    Forhad Riyad

    ronaldo bast plyer in the world

  • David Kariu
    David Kariu


  • Ashes Bashes
    Ashes Bashes

    It's sad that 40% are fake Juventus fans.

  • Ali Cheseto
    Ali Cheseto


  • B Army
    B Army

    I want to see him wearing real Madrid jersey😭😭😭

  • TEEim Saza
    TEEim Saza

    Literally all headers or tap ins. Theres like 3 nice shots from outside the box. 0 dribbles. Great goals, sure.... but can you really call this guy a GOAT? god damn idiot kids now a days


    Ho is ronaldo fan ✌ ✌ ✌

  • Manju Ramawat
    Manju Ramawat

    Cr7 is very good player i like cr7

  • Buddha Lama
    Buddha Lama

    He is in alys right position..Juventus doesn't have good team for cr 7 .. lots of mistake by his team for cr 7..

    • Vitrag Vasa
      Vitrag Vasa

      Sorry but if u think those are tapins..then well those tapins won him 5 ballondors and hattric of champions league

  • Shivam Prasad
    Shivam Prasad

    Italiano ... Cristiano

  • Aman kushwaha
    Aman kushwaha

    Was it all goals by Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Censay

    Whenever they say siiiiii with him it's sounds like they are booing him lol



  • FakerBro17

    That first goal was unbelievable. 🤯👏👏

    • J. Malik
      J. Malik

      He makes De Gea look like a school boy goalkeeper lol

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama

    No hate but am i the only one that feels like Ronaldo has become irrelevant at Juventus?

  • Evan R
    Evan R

    thanks ronaldo. you make another player not happy and gonna leave juve

  • Jitubhai Shah
    Jitubhai Shah

    CR7 IS THE KING👑👑👑

  • hoit hoit
    hoit hoit

    Next year Barca vs Juve in Champions League, I want to see these two against eachother one more time

  • Trilochan Pokharel
    Trilochan Pokharel


  • Danny Dano
    Danny Dano


  • Isaac Muniz
    Isaac Muniz

    You can hear the fans saying "siiiiii".

  • naura naura
    naura naura

    You like ronaldo like

  • Eraj Sylejmani Sylejmani
    Eraj Sylejmani Sylejmani

    Soooo scheisse das ronaldo real verlassen hat

  • CheeseBall Gamer
    CheeseBall Gamer


  • giuliano mamane
    giuliano mamane

    2:52 i was there and there is no words! oh my god!

  • giuliano mamane
    giuliano mamane

    it's still hard to believe that the best player ever is playing in our team😍😍😍 thank you to give us this emotion Cristiano😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Alain Kurniawan
    Alain Kurniawan

    'HIM AGAIN!'....

  • Sreeram

    I'm a messi fan but I never compared ronaldo and messi. One just shows us miracles and other motivates us.

  • Công Nguyễn
    Công Nguyễn


  • Angel Lebron
    Angel Lebron

    In my mine I’m always best I don’t think Messi is better then in mind my I’m always best world

  • myrnin ortiz
    myrnin ortiz

    I ❤️❤️❤️ this video so much. And those siiiuu from the fans, giving him respect and support are just awesome.

  • Ashaful Gazi
    Ashaful Gazi

    He is the most hero

  • Tanner Barcelos
    Tanner Barcelos

    When he does his spin and the fans go “oooo” or whatever it is, it gives me goosebumps. It’s insane. My dream is to go to a European soccer game in my lifetime.

  • Marshall Gears
    Marshall Gears


  • TheDarkGhastMC

    But they are out of champions league. Shame 😂


    co co come mai la champions league tu non la vinci mai co co come mai la champions league tu non la vinci mai

  • Kyle Stan
    Kyle Stan

    After Ajax game

  • Krosdabluez Krosdabluez
    Krosdabluez Krosdabluez

    He always score an important goal,that why he is the best

  • Joe Dewhurst
    Joe Dewhurst

    Like for Messi

    • Joe Dewhurst
      Joe Dewhurst

      Is there any way you can dislike a comment

  • Joe Dewhurst
    Joe Dewhurst

    Like for ronaldo

  • John Mansfield
    John Mansfield

    Tomorrow against Ajax,Juventus is going to be destroyed and say goodbye to CL...and CR7´is going to be elapsed from that game!

  • Kerem Enünlü
    Kerem Enünlü

    His goals are just shit.

  • HAKIZIMANA Theogene
    HAKIZIMANA Theogene

  • Milton Valdez
    Milton Valdez

    The Best!

  • JohnnyL

    Lucky Juventus

  • Ricardo simamora
    Ricardo simamora

  • Jaime Castaño
    Jaime Castaño

    I like that celebration when scores not like others praying

  • s. s
    s. s The best goal of Ronaldo

  • game play jorge
    game play jorge

    Eu sou português e tenho muito orgulho do meu país Portugal

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy
    Cristiano Ronaldo Fanboy

    Love you Cr7

  • But Why
    But Why

    When your eminem become your best friend.

  • But Why
    But Why

    When your worst eminem become your best friend.

  • sherlock soul
    sherlock soul

    Only one for CR7 "Hard worker"

  • Văn kiếm Võ thư sinh
    Văn kiếm Võ thư sinh

    A rô bị bóp vếu kìa

  • stephen painter
    stephen painter

    Could of watched this all in 2 minutes if it didn't repeat average goals 5/6 times!

  • Golden

    Juve stara dama ronaldo stary książe of football

  • Dinh Tran
    Dinh Tran


  • Steve Eguaoje
    Steve Eguaoje

    Unconquerable adapted player in the world. CR7 is a phenomenon.

  • lenq

    i want that juve win the UCL , only for ronaldo, because he would have with every Club the ucl title and the 4th in a row

  • Bong Pov
    Bong Pov

    I believe u JR7 .

  • samoloko77

    I always hated him - because of the arrogance he showed through the years. Now He just found home and he became absolutely different PERSON. One of a kind - RESPECT RONALDO!

  • Dũng Nguyễn Trọng
    Dũng Nguyễn Trọng

    Nhìn cách cổ động viên Juventus cùng hò theo ăn mừng cùng CR7 thì mình nghĩ CR7 đã chọn đúng nơi hơn rồi...Fan CR7 từ thời MU

  • Lloyd Dranal Rodrigues
    Lloyd Dranal Rodrigues

    Send this guy to any club. He will deliver exceptionally

  • António Paixão
    António Paixão


    • eder aleixo
      eder aleixo

      *_CuRut7_* 👎👎👎

  • UhhD1zzys

    Who else thinks he should be a left winger again?

  • Koirala Binayak
    Koirala Binayak

    He is King Luv CR7

  • Gino Mattetti
    Gino Mattetti

    Vincerà tutto anche con la Juventus,e' il più forte giocatore europeo della storia ,tra i primi 3-4 piu forti nella storia del calcio di tutti i tempi. La Juventus può vincere la Champions affidandosi al suo campione più grande di sempre.

  • santos parada jose
    santos parada jose

    Un heroe

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