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  • among us
    among us

    I love Lexi she's my favorite IT-myr

  • M&M’s Crazy Life
    M&M’s Crazy Life

    Lexi should do the crying in the bathroom prank on BRENT since all he does is ask “what r u doing” lol

  • Patel Uttamkumar
    Patel Uttamkumar

    Ben is the worst person ever he copies videos of mr beast

  • Monika Krasniqi
    Monika Krasniqi


  • Skeptical

    My guy Jeremy drove to get her sushi that’s what I call a simpppp

  • Analisa YT
    Analisa YT

    Lexi can you do a makeover with me but 'm in india so try to come

  • Jennifer Fuentes
    Jennifer Fuentes

    Lexi is so pretty

  • Samantha Suñén -.-
    Samantha Suñén -.-

    Ben cares 🥺🥺🥺🐼

  • G. Zoliet
    G. Zoliet

    So lexi is ur nickname?

  • Manna Rachel Govathoti
    Manna Rachel Govathoti

    So funny story, yesterday while I was watching my iPad my brother tried the pass out prank on me but his acting was horrible, so I knew he was pranking me... So what I did was I kept both my feet on his face and massaged it, like I touch my whole sole onto his face and started scrubbing it but he still didn’t budge until he got annoyed and woke up 😅😂

  • galvinmagnusfan fan
    galvinmagnusfan fan


  • Shristi Baral
    Shristi Baral

    She literally has the best friends ❤️

  • Gabbie Langerz
    Gabbie Langerz

    Are u Lexi Rivera

  • Nivetha Thangadurai
    Nivetha Thangadurai

    I thought it was the most cutiest thing when he was like "ok,ill sit out here and when you come out we can talk"

  • 胡胡

    jeremy is so cute

  • Saisha S
    Saisha S

    Can we just appreciate what a good actor Lexi is-

  • Meetali Dhar 9 th B 40
    Meetali Dhar 9 th B 40


  • Zomuani Mualchin
    Zomuani Mualchin

    i don like makelup

  • B G
    B G

    Lol your mom‘s reaction when you were in the car was hilarious!

  • Cherry bobaX
    Cherry bobaX


  • Jaci Gonzo
    Jaci Gonzo

    When Lexi said what's on your face the other Lexi sould have said buttey

  • Xi Wen Huang
    Xi Wen Huang

    The squad (probably): “talking about something” Andrew: “yo” Me:” why do you sometimes say yo a lot Andrew”

  • Melanie Carpenter
    Melanie Carpenter


  • MinecraftIsBetterThanYou L
    MinecraftIsBetterThanYou L

    she looked like addisonra's mom

  • Ahaana Jain
    Ahaana Jain

    Jeremy is a simp.... Who else died when Lexi "passed out" and Brent just said "what are you doing?"

  • Gabriella Robb
    Gabriella Robb

    aw jeremy seems so nice.. he greets her with "hey lexi! how are you?" and then goes and gets her her favorite order... like wtheck

  • Mattlie

    How she walked back into the bathroom after Jeremy got her food😂😂😂

  • Isaac Nevarez
    Isaac Nevarez

    awsome acting

  • Janice Land Gamer
    Janice Land Gamer

    Jeremy is the most sweetest then the rest of the people

  • Cheyenne Perkins
    Cheyenne Perkins

    Girl Lexi you are so beautiful and funny ❤️😂

  • Luvs Car
    Luvs Car

    OMG, when I saw the makeup I died out laughing lol!

  • Aminah Jamshed
    Aminah Jamshed

    Good acting

  • Maahi Vaswani
    Maahi Vaswani

    Guys I got a peanut butter lover’s Reese’s ad and I don’t get’s just peanut butter with no chocolate. 🤯

  • Alessia Herrera
    Alessia Herrera

    Awwww andrew,ben,and jeremy are sooo sweet it almost made me cry😭💗♥

  • Kavita persaud
    Kavita persaud

    Love these pranks, definitely trying them on family and friends 🤣

  • Marjorie Butler
    Marjorie Butler

    You are so funny

  • dereck mperi
    dereck mperi

    Jeremy was so sweet

  • dereck mperi
    dereck mperi

    I feel really bad when you pranked Ben because he was so kind🥺😊

  • Nuri Marzuqi
    Nuri Marzuqi

    andrew is so sweet

  • Joyce M
    Joyce M

    Andrews bae material 10/10

  • Ondrej Balog
    Ondrej Balog

    It would be so wears if Andrew did that while she was showering😂🤣

  • Blaise Covey
    Blaise Covey

    Awwww jermeys so nice

  • Aryana Bougor
    Aryana Bougor

    When andrew just sat there that was so sweet

  • Taylor Clements
    Taylor Clements

    I felt so bad for Ben when Lexi said Go away

  • milan cm
    milan cm

    Poor ben

  • Palwashah Sohoo
    Palwashah Sohoo

    Lexi I know you have three brothers make a video with your brothers

  • Colaeina Moreno
    Colaeina Moreno

    Lexi: go away! Jeremy: *leaves Lexi: :0

  • Lacey Huynh
    Lacey Huynh

    No offense I love Lexi Rivera videos but her laugh is so annoying.

  • Thestirman

    Lexi hits floor dramatically Brent did u pass out

  • gianna

    Jeremy is so sweet 💖

  • Nicole Weaver
    Nicole Weaver

    I would like for you to do my makeup But Like your daily Like the blush knives the eye shadow nice I mine or nice and just tell Brent and Lexi and then Ben and you that I love you guys and you're most 1 of my favorite people

  • Revital Wanono
    Revital Wanono

    Do the pass out prank on Andrew and see how much he loves you plssssss

  • Angelina Anil
    Angelina Anil

    Awww..... Jeremy was soooo cute....

  • Elme Kashfia Dhee
    Elme Kashfia Dhee

    Poor ben was really thinking she was crying 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alexa Paulse
    Alexa Paulse


  • mishal hussain
    mishal hussain

    Your friends all of your friends and you

  • mishal hussain
    mishal hussain

    Its bin a dream of my to met you all

  • Mare Borić
    Mare Borić

    ,, Lexi i dont think you ever cry " 😂

  • Sumi Thakuria
    Sumi Thakuria

    Hey lexi,can you do my makeup as u did to yourself I kinda like it a lot😂😂😂😂

  • Naude Van Der Merwe
    Naude Van Der Merwe


  • Yemna Pundir
    Yemna Pundir

    1:00 😅

  • Diyanah Arman
    Diyanah Arman

    jeremy is so sweet!!!!

  • Adrera O3
    Adrera O3

    Lexi was a good actress 😆

  • Aya Sophia 2B.05
    Aya Sophia 2B.05

    Lexi you have to get an oscar for that

  • Molly Thompson - SOES 2028
    Molly Thompson - SOES 2028

    2:04 I think Ben was a little scared when you screamed at him 😂

  • anthony moll
    anthony moll

    i feel so bad for the crying with the door loked for the peaple

  • Chris Afton
    Chris Afton

    I wonder how Lexi Hensley has 2m subs and she's still not verified

  • Quazi Siddiqui
    Quazi Siddiqui

    No please don’t do for make up

  • averytheadventure •
    averytheadventure •

    jeremy is so sweet

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