Cutting up my Skyline GTR!
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Today, we cut into my dream car, the R32 Skyline GTR!!! Wish us luck, because there's no going back. I hope I don't regret this...
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    Iluminate merch shop sells cool things I wish I could buy but I don't have us money

  • Sheeraz Solangi
    Sheeraz Solangi

    Nice gtr bro

  • Allan Lacuna
    Allan Lacuna

    Its not impt

  • anthony benitez
    anthony benitez

    Ima be like you guys one day

  • Rhys Zilla
    Rhys Zilla

    8:05 oh look it’s kaz... oh wait that’s randy 😂

  • Goldenkingdom21

    Dude where'd you get that drift cart?! I need one

  • r1dge5000

    backk it up thomas!

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    Randy please get a lift for the wearhouse! 🤙🤙😘😘😘💞💞💞

  • Zekai Wu
    Zekai Wu

    Yo you should make a video of the process of importing the GTR

  • Andrew chavez
    Andrew chavez

    Hey @illiminate I never got my order of the workxilliminate shirt, I got the order # but never got a email with a tracking #. Was purchased on June 4th

  • Jose

    It’s kinda ugly but I love it because it’s Randy’s

  • Tom Anders
    Tom Anders

    Great channel! Big up from Sweden...


    Lookin Fresh with that Glasses and wristwatch Randy.. HAHAHHA

  • Jay R
    Jay R

    What happen to him and his gf ?

  • HiroZelp

    The GTR looks like it has a mustache

  • J_C_Kickz

    Missing your videos man! 6 days............

  • Manvir_Dubb

    Cmon bru it's been 6 days bro u gotta bring us some joy hate tho..... love u homo

  • SpooderAGENT

    Why you wanna go fast it's gonna ware out everything, people take there cars to the track, win money n refix there cars left off saying why you wanna go to fast when you could go far there.

  • Jay 17
    Jay 17

    Yo randy what’s up you slacking on vids homo lol

  • Jay 17
    Jay 17

    Yo randy what’s up you slacking on vids homo lol

  • Stephanie Martinez
    Stephanie Martinez

    I just wanna know when I’m getting my hoodie I been waiting forever , sooooo when are you guys shopping out?

    • Stephanie Martinez
      Stephanie Martinez

      * shipping oops

  • Trickshot-Torgrim

    Clean af

  • fritz lucelo
    fritz lucelo

    Bro you wont get 600k subs if you dont push content

  • Parra Armando
    Parra Armando

    I’m saving up for a 240sx and I’m sixteen but u inspire me to get one bc I saw how urs came out and want mine like that

  • Amusing Tree
    Amusing Tree

    When are the work x illiminate merch shipping

  • Angelo Panelli
    Angelo Panelli

    Been like 2 weeks and still waiting for my hoodie.

  • Edgar Villa
    Edgar Villa

    I’m tired of this fools shit man. Always says he’s gonna upload more and have more content but never delivers.

    • Edgar Villa
      Edgar Villa

      **b00sted** ok dad

    • Manvir_Dubb

      Ik bro but bring it down a little that to much hate bro

  • Pinkarmada01

    getting a 02 black lancer soon, gonna start modding it and have some stuff ready before my long trip to arizona with my honda civic friend. cant wait, i really wanna swap it once i get to a point where i like the look. maybe evo swap idk im too stoked also kinda new to the car world i found all your guys channel and kingsmen the guy with the green frs some time ago. really love it

  • Josue Rivera
    Josue Rivera

    Power stance at 12:01

  • Mu gen34
    Mu gen34

    Remember guys that you can take rear fog lights from civic ef to do it on budget

  • j Sampang
    j Sampang

    What if you change your hood into a carbon

  • Task514

    Swiss and Japanese watch or bust! But hey, if sponsors are paying, why not 😂

  • FrostBite

    Failed sparkler bomb

  • Joshua

    u are awesome! Sky's the limit

  • Joshua


  • Happy Sendings
    Happy Sendings

    Ayyyye n1 duct gaaaang!

  • Tyler Kurz
    Tyler Kurz

    I think it looked better without the ducts or only one duct. Now it really looks like an Asian guy with a mustache that’s cut in 2 pieces

  • Orlando Aranda
    Orlando Aranda

    Sheesh where the videos

  • Brent Fullero Real
    Brent Fullero Real

    It'll be better looking without the plates in front and install a BNR32 GT-R intercooler shroud Randy! Thumbs up so Randy could see! 😍

  • sharon niranjan
    sharon niranjan

    Hey, randy what camera do u use for your videos?

  • Beanos

    hey, ship my shirt already 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 239 Peytonn
    239 Peytonn

    Vu + kaz = Randy

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    That was a wack af firework

  • Tristyne Frutos
    Tristyne Frutos

    What value?? Lmao

  • Tristyne Frutos
    Tristyne Frutos

    I’m just mad because he doesn’t show any type of moving forward like Christian it’s like he just wanna keep the party rolling. Wish randy did what he told us and got his shit together

  • Tristyne Frutos
    Tristyne Frutos

    Fell off nasty slow ass uploads

  • Jose Munoz
    Jose Munoz

    All you see is Thomas flying in the air

  • You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin
    You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

    Yoooo with all this Twinkie shit, Twinkie and Mike worked it out and realized they both fucked up. So yeah. Randy doesn’t need to get his S13 from Twinkie.

  • Cretoxyrina123

    Rip to your wallet... as long as you like it. Looks sick though.

  • Melo Gaming
    Melo Gaming

    Illiminate should drop the jackets again

  • Cris Wireless
    Cris Wireless

    Faceshield needed before eyes get fucked up and you find out that they don't grow back.....

  • Vincente Colón
    Vincente Colón

    Sometimes bumpers will have the outline of where to cut on the inside of the bumper. But overall badass install and diy vid

  • Ivan Gastelum
    Ivan Gastelum

    Best clothing brand that’s all I can say. 🙏

  • Kei系

    "shiit im bout to go home" haha

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero

    If you fucked up, just get a few bags of ramen

  • Eduardo Rivera
    Eduardo Rivera

    How come You guys haven’t made an official farewell on Christian leaving illiminate

    • Eduardo Rivera
      Eduardo Rivera

      He Left About 2/1 Month Ago Already

    • Brandon_since_99

      Eduardo Rivera Christian’s leaving Illiminate?

  • joaquinthuking

    Where the s13 at tho?

  • Saney

    I saw Kevin in the ad so Ima buy that watch asap

  • Alex Tavares
    Alex Tavares

    Looks sick👍🏼

  • sneakerhead samuel
    sneakerhead samuel

    14:20 I like them on and keep up the good work

  • space dinohyper
    space dinohyper

    Hey what happened to the gokart that your dad got for free. Would love to see it again. Like if you would want to see it as well.

  • QUMER892

    Why wasn't ur car at Driven Vancouver

  • Brian Shim
    Brian Shim

    Looks like huge nostrils

  • Its.Rennie

    Out of all the GTR 32 I came across the one you owned trust me its the freshest of all keep up the great work and awesome content bro ✌

  • Welding OCD
    Welding OCD

    Good work boys, I would suggest looking into wearing face shields when you guys start using grinders and dremel cut off wheels next time. Its good practice. Go Google " cutting wheel in face " , your career will be over cause your ugly after a fuk up. lol

    • Welding OCD
      Welding OCD

      My boy from nextmod had a cutting wheel explode and parts of the disk flew into his knees.


    Sorry to say but i skipped the video to see how much you fucked up with those holes, so much cleaner without them

  • Damian Figueroa
    Damian Figueroa

    Randy you’re making me want a r32😡 I got my s14 bc of u

  • pablo Villa
    pablo Villa

    Where the fuck is the s13 bro, your content has been weak lately 🙁


    S13 gets cut* Gtr: mmmm daddy me next😩💦🏎

  • HentaiSoft

    What is that electric gokart called at the beginning?

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