Cyberpunk 2077 - Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer
Cyberpunk 2077
Mark your calendars - Cyberpunk 2077, the open-world, action-adventure story from CD PROJEKT RED, is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC April 16th, 2020.
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About Cyberpunk 2077:
In the most dangerous megacity of the future, the real you is not enough. Become V, a cyber-enhanced mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant - the key to immortality. Customize your cyberware and skillset, and explore a vast city of the future obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. The choices you make will determine the story and shape the world around you.
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Chippin' In is the track created in collaboration with REFUSED (Dennis Lyxzen, David Sandstrom, Kristofer Steen, Magnus Flagge, Mattias Barjed), All Rights Reserved, 2019.
Tracks "Blouses Blue" and "Frost" created by Konrad OldMoney for Cyberpunk 2077, All Rights Reserved 2019.

  • Nirmal Thap
    Nirmal Thap

    I can't believe there are 10/10 perfect games like this that only charge you £49.99, and there are half-finished games from EA like battlefield 5 and star wars that charge you £79.99 and more.

  • Nirmal Thap
    Nirmal Thap

    Take my money... As soon as it become available lol

  • Nirmal Thap
    Nirmal Thap

    This game looks so Gorgeous, most likely will be my favourite game. It seems to me that it's like Gta 5 in the future not as massive world but, with better story and gameplay like mass effect 2 & 3. Some people like massive world of Gta V where u can fly planes and explore but, this game will have better quality you know the design of the buildings, levels & peoples on the street. I heard you almost won't run into same type of people on the street which is amazing.

  • Glitch Theory
    Glitch Theory

    You have my money waiting for the release of your game CDPR. I can't wait to get stuck into this world

  • recklezz _child
    recklezz _child

    Man CDPR I already lost jackie from sleeping dogs why I gotta lose jackie from cyberpunk

  • H M
    H M

    Will xbox one have mouse and keyboard support?

  • Robertas Ruškulys
    Robertas Ruškulys

    can we get ost of the fight scene pleeeeeease?

  • drybones craft
    drybones craft

    Someone knows the song name of the beginning of the trailer ?

  • It'sAspectBro

    Nah not playing this game not my style lol

  • Glitch Theory
    Glitch Theory

    This is top of my list of day one purchases. Can't wait to play it !

  • jacqueline kierindongo
    jacqueline kierindongo

    Im pretty sure this video is meant to show how youre actions affect the game

  • Seth

    Is this an in-engine render?

    • Fenristripplex


  • atif

    me before this trailer: didnt know much about cp2077 and had little interest. me after this trailer: pre orders collectors edition

  • Jedi

    *opens one eye.... "Is it April yet?" "No" *closes eye...

  • freaky

    Czy CD projekt "przemyci" do gry jakieś żartobliwe rodzime wątki? Może jakiś pub z kielbasa... Tak na pokrzepienie serc rodaków :)

  • Arash Ghavasi
    Arash Ghavasi

    None gamer: ehhhh it's just a another violation based game (Sees keanu Reeves ) What a fabulous piece of art!!!!!

    • Homicidal Andi
      Homicidal Andi


  • kxmode

    01011001 01001111 01010101 00100111 01010010 01000101 00100000 01000010 01010010 01000101 01000001 01010100 01001000 01010100 01000001 01001011 01001001 01001110 01000111 00100001

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧

    Who tf would dislike this video? Are you dumb? 😂

  • CorkScrewDood

    Anyone notice the Bathroom door opening sound fx is similar to the original Doom door sound fx?

  • Vladislav Bagricevich
    Vladislav Bagricevich

    Проснись же, самурай, время сжечь твою видеокарту,.

  • Takumi Fujiwara Sousa
    Takumi Fujiwara Sousa

    *Agostinho carrara na thumb chamou atenção*

  • Inar Ord
    Inar Ord

    8 months to upgrade to my PC

  • L B
    L B

    Is that Charlie Hunmans voice I hear?????

  • NJ Grant
    NJ Grant

    T PAYN!

  • blackOut Royale
    blackOut Royale

    What’s with everyone saying I hope I don’t die until the game gets released, got me thinking about it now shiet!! Got me scared now don’t do that

  • Erron Black
    Erron Black

    You know... I think I’ll chip in.

  • LRM12o8

    man if this was actual in-game graphics, I would lose my mind! ... and A LOT of money, lulz

  • Dragonfly

    Anyone has the song on 0:20?

  • Gwynnbleidd

    I hope they keep the 2018 trailer version of Chippin' in. I like it more than the new one.

    • Jan Sobczyński
      Jan Sobczyński

      Biały Wilk

    • Gwynnbleidd

      @The Crow of Yharnam Oh I didn't know that. Thanks.

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam

      It's been scraped, keanu reeves liked this one better that's why

  • YourTrailer

  • Rustled Jimmies
    Rustled Jimmies

    Cocksucking attention who speaks like that?

    • SpicySpeed

      People in movies

  • sickcarnagerequiem

    Man, the cutscenes in this game makes me want a live action movie that stars Ryan Gosling as V. We could call it Blade Runner 2049! But seriously, a live action version of this game with Keanu Reeves would be epic. Especially if it starred Johnny Silverhand!

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      This is not a cutscene tho...

  • Magda M
    Magda M

    A ja czekam aż powstanie film na podstawie gry.

  • A I
    A I

    1:13 T-pain

  • Adnan Valuz
    Adnan Valuz

    I bet 90% of the likes are because of Keanu Reeves

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam

      Nope the gameplay reveal has 575k likes

  • WolfTante8 K. und T.Davin
    WolfTante8 K. und T.Davin

    A fantastic game😎👍👍

  • THEeggster

    Not Detroit become Keanu Reeves

  • TecDestroyer

    You do a perfect job in your game we can't fucking wait!

  • Солер из Асторы
    Солер из Асторы

    -Wow, this trailer is good! * 3:52* -I'm gay now...

  • The Zoo Police
    The Zoo Police


  • AFox739

    A UNIVERSE AWAY... Jotaro Kujo: Wake the fuck up schoolboy, we have a vampire to kill...

  • XtremeGamer69

    Why this game is so BREATHTAKING.

  • Justin batchelar
    Justin batchelar

    I'm one of those futurist enthusiasts so this stuff gives me a hard on when looking at the detail. Don't judge me.

  • Justin batchelar
    Justin batchelar

    Why the computer robot got on blue lipstick and blue eyeliner though? Even for a game that takes influence from punk culture, that robot looks like a psychopath.

  • pierre baron
    pierre baron

    Johnny Mnemonic story and then Johnny Mnemonic himself !!!

  • tvsinesperanto


  • Jani Boy girl
    Jani Boy girl

    Ea: Single player games are dead Cyberpunk : hold my chip

  • DelasVC

    0:37 haha isn't that the door opening sound of doom 1!? i'm pretty sure xD

  • DJmcghost

    Rockstar Games:We have a best games and good universe forever. CD Project Red:Hold my beer!

    • The Crow of Yharnam
      The Crow of Yharnam

      Rockstar can suck my cock they don't make games they make movies

  • Aidan Gordon
    Aidan Gordon

    3:44 The moment when everyone realized that this game was passing into legend, no matter what.



  • Geralt of Night City
    Geralt of Night City

    Meh 7/10 reveal would be much better if you revealed it was ME at the end of that trailer 😎

  • Marco Fernando Reina
    Marco Fernando Reina

    Por favor congélenme hasta abril 2020. I love you Cd Project

  • SuperPanda1 9 1 0
    SuperPanda1 9 1 0

    Hopefully, PS5 or the new Xbox One will be coming soon, I don't want to spend $10,000 to buy a new PC

    • Rácz Béla Rácz
      Rácz Béla Rácz

      Holiday 2020

  • Deniz

    Main Character: Ough Whats hapenning, Where am i? Keanu: *WAKE THE FUCK UP SAMURAI WE HAVE A CITY TO BURN* Main Character Again: How many days have you been waiting for, me to wake up? And how u know when i wake?

    • Kamil Kamil
      Kamil Kamil

      Keanu: I'm the chologram in your head, and I activated when you regained consciousness. If it happened in a month, I would say exactly the same. Moron.

  • Aland

    Me: Oh shit this looks sick! My CPU: :Heavy sweating:......

  • Mc Hockney
    Mc Hockney

    8 more months!!

  • Viks.R

    Русские есть?😅

  • Introspective Thought Process
    Introspective Thought Process

    EA saying people don't like singleplayer anymore be like - 2:24

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen

    bought a brand new $2000 PC for this.

  • YGN Light
    YGN Light

    Who the hell would dislike this????

    • 189wow

      ea ubisoft

  • YGN Light
    YGN Light

    Dont worry its my 2077th time here on this video

  • Valy Eugen
    Valy Eugen

    Why isn't this video showing up first when you search for cyberpunk 2077 and instead it shows all the game-shit reposts? IT-my, everyone.

  • James Ilagan
    James Ilagan

    *REMEMBER NO PREORDERS* **THIS** Alright fine just this once.

  • Marco Giordanella
    Marco Giordanella

    You're all beautiful.

  • romanon5

    I came for the Keanu comments

  • Setokaiva

    This trailer actually made me sad. Jackie was a really cool character. Gonna be a shame if this turns out to be canon.

  • infinite bliss
    infinite bliss

    My birthday is april 16 and the release date is on that same day...thank you for another great reason to live. Godbless CD PROJEkT RED

  • Finn Parrant
    Finn Parrant

    oh this game loo************** *laptop* dont even think about it man...

  • *Heretic

    I'm concerned about the bullshit around SJWs and CDPR. I will wait for some public review. No SJW garbage morals in games please.

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