DaBaby & Roddy Ricch Make Powerful Statement In “Rockstar” Performance | BET Awards 20
DaBaby & Roddy Ricch perform “Rockstar” at the 2020 BET Awards. #DaBaby #RoddyRicch #BETAwards #BETAwards20

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    Beeping really spoil the song

  • Mbali ibe
    Mbali ibe

    What do that mean

  • Tierra Sams
    Tierra Sams

    Black lives matter 💯 love u black 💙


    Music: life black love Womens in tik tok: 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

  • Damiane M. Curry III
    Damiane M. Curry III

    Yo who else dropped tears and thr end of the song when the little kid spoke. So powerful message that resonated the thoughts of black kids in America. If you didnt feel the pain then you obviously don't know what blm means. Stand up be heard lift evey voice and protest against the core of our treatment as a black person in America. This is America!

  • MrCalverino

    Mr. G Floyd had a heart attack- YALL NEED TO STOP WATCHING THE NEWS there's 2 autopsies and they're not telling the truth

  • MrCalverino

    LAME- Gang violence far exceeds anything that police do-

  • Joaolucas Rodrigues
    Joaolucas Rodrigues

    A melhor 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

  • Xxkyky_Honey

    Some don’t support blm cause there burning all the stuff the stores that people work every day of there life to open up to come this but I do support blm

  • Isaak Wilson
    Isaak Wilson

    To all the people who disliked this, it isn't a joke, nor is it funny, it's just simply the truth.

  • Hunzi

    Gotta be honest not saying this for clout. I reckon he won🥺🥺

  • Pikachu

    This beat tho 🔥

  • Adam Harun
    Adam Harun

    Black lives matter

  • Adam Harun
    Adam Harun

    Hyper refreshment

  • Davidd Wrightt
    Davidd Wrightt

    This is the furthest thing from LIVE. WTF

  • Michelle


  • Владислав Утков
    Владислав Утков


  • Lil Жувачка
    Lil Жувачка

    Не понял что он этим хотел сказать

  • Marius Krøger
    Marius Krøger


  • Mediha Talic Pivcic
    Mediha Talic Pivcic

    Black live matter 🙎🏾‍♂️❤️❤️🖤🖤🙅🏿‍♂️

  • Mbali ibe
    Mbali ibe

    I came hear this for an hour

  • god jesus
    god jesus


  • Arri Sic
    Arri Sic


  • Burning_Vibez

    When I first felt like being black was a blessing I feel like it isn’t just whites or Asians we should love one in other no matter our race.

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia

    Honestly they just used Floyd’s death as an excuse to take over, and I believe that destroying stuff it’s not the right thing to do but anyway I respect anything they do I’m not trying to get to their business it’s their life, black lives matter ✊🏿

  • Will

    Police body cam footage of the George Floyd case is finally out for publics to see. George floyd was never attacked. According to the footage George floyd was reacting like he was on panic probably do to the drugs in his system. A woman that was with him told george to stop resisting as the cops put george inside the cop car George was already starting to say I CAN’T BREATH, and requested let me repeat that REQUESTED the cops to put him on the ground. George floyd was never attacked and didn’t started saying I can’t breath after the cop put his knee on his neck like we were told.

  • Chiquita Wingfield
    Chiquita Wingfield

    He changed this from a hit to a Anthem

  • Kylie D
    Kylie D

    This is so powerful, I'm pretty sure this is going over a bunch of peoples heads.

  • Youssef Games
    Youssef Games

    The boy in end he is sad me so much

    • Youssef Games
      Youssef Games

      And who like me ?

  • paulo silva
    paulo silva


  • neria Ashatmker
    neria Ashatmker

    How come LeBron James is not showing in this clip?

  • James Khaokeo
    James Khaokeo

    We need people to be safe and more Love ❤️ and you guys are safe and beautiful

  • Sunny wu
    Sunny wu

    Everyone have his own...

  • RBG



    Can't believe this guy copied Jon Jupiter

  • Queen Abbi101
    Queen Abbi101

    Everyone who disliked this their racists

  • WOLF Ice Craper
    WOLF Ice Craper


  • Frank

    Well especting no police brutaly but rapping about guns nd clocks nd ammo drums, not to mention whose sitting in the bush's tryin to ambuse or the onces stealing the rims of your car... for sure there heck of racisms assholes out there, but burnin peoples properties down nd espect them doing nothing... nd tell them gangs stop killing eachother... watch the problem gets solved by time

  • Sceptical_V

    I'm asian and all lives matter 👌

  • IVXY Challenge's
    IVXY Challenge's

    Preach my brother

    • IVXY Challenge's
      IVXY Challenge's

      People think he is a gangsta but everyone should realize how amazing he is and ricch

  • Miguel

    All lives matter✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻

  • SiriahylLife

    That"s what I like about DaBaby he isn't who you think he is. And he shows it like me.

  • angel juli
    angel juli

    mariah carey

  • Antonios Ligkovanlis
    Antonios Ligkovanlis

    Imagine a social media app taking the very powerful song and making it to dance I feel bad for people who are addicted to TikTok 😔

  • Jamariah Kennedy
    Jamariah Kennedy


  • Jada_PlayzRoblox

    Get this to 1 BILLION BLM!!!

  • Ivo Langen
    Ivo Langen

    All lives matter

  • 901_Inspired

    Guessing the 11k dislikes are from white people or black sellouts!

  • Bertha Garibay
    Bertha Garibay

    Oh and BLACK LIVES MATTER SAY THEIR NAMES They will always matter and your life doesn't matter until black lives matter and let's stop the virus called racism because this has been for a long time and we need to stop it no justice no peace stop treating people like trash because they have feelings what happens if you were treated like this that the real question

  • Bertha Garibay
    Bertha Garibay

    This song makes a powerful point and this is so powerful like what they been through

  • Nicole Chowning
    Nicole Chowning

    whats the point of killing a black person like boy

  • Alfucene Seidi
    Alfucene Seidi

    Ganda son

  • SophieEster

    Someone said alm is racist, how??? 😰😰

    • SophieEster

      @Jared- roblox I said ALM which means all lives matter 🤡🤡🤡

    • Jared- roblox
      Jared- roblox

      BLM not ALM

  • 颜山


  • Latayveion Russell
    Latayveion Russell

    Yasssssssss baby

  • Amaw

    are we not going to talk about how he is scratching those diamonds?

  • Neema Squires
    Neema Squires

    3:43 I cried the most at this part

  • Neema Squires
    Neema Squires

    1:40 hit hard

  • Krystofer Siaca
    Krystofer Siaca

    he spittin straight facts

  • imKingtex

    ok bro

  • Kavan Henry
    Kavan Henry

    This world needs change

  • Mateja Drinovac
    Mateja Drinovac

    Ful try hard song

  • mercy MENSAH
    mercy MENSAH


  • London Sanders
    London Sanders

    This is my favorite song and savge

  • Tiara Jones
    Tiara Jones

    The ending with the little girl...😭 Great song and message!

  • I know I'm dope
    I know I'm dope

    The intro to the end gets me🔥

  • BBK GGs
    BBK GGs


  • Fichri Chksuma
    Fichri Chksuma


  • Jeremiah Nesbitt
    Jeremiah Nesbitt


  • TwEzE xD
    TwEzE xD

    *Can everyone Stfu about people coming from Tik Tok can’t like stuff? Whats wrong are u racist? and can’t they listen to the godamn song*

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