Dan Schneider | “Victorious” | "A Christmas Tori" | It's Not Christmas Without You
The awesome performance of "It's Not Christmas Without You," starring Tori (Victoria Justice), Cat (Ariana Grande), Jade (Liz Gillies) and Andre (Leon Thomas).
From Victorious "A Christmas Tori"

  • Llamar

    Ari and Jade are FUCKN it up!!!!!!! They must still be in pain from carrying this song. 🔥🔥🔥

  • World Arianator
    World Arianator

    Nostalgic... Forever victorious. ❤

  • Meraz Khan
    Meraz Khan

    Meh they had better songs

  • Julian Gutierrez
    Julian Gutierrez

    El sucio dan

  • Marisol Ramos
    Marisol Ramos

    Ok did this school not have dress coding or what ?

  • Berice Frederick
    Berice Frederick

    i love this movie

  • Владимир Иванов
    Владимир Иванов

    Белые девочки всегда хорошо смотрятся .

  • Angela Marcellus
    Angela Marcellus

    Love it!!!

  • You Tube
    You Tube

    am i the only one who was literally in love with jade tori and cat when i was younger -

  • Derkeks 88
    Derkeks 88

    I love Kate ❤️❤️

  • Brandon Gallipoli
    Brandon Gallipoli

    Anyone notice this? Tori had a song alone, Jade had a song alone, Tori and Jade had a song, Tori and Cat had a song, Jade and Cat had a song, Tori,Jade, and Cat had a song but I missed none Cat had no individual?

  • Piath Apach
    Piath Apach


  • anime yukihira
    anime yukihira

    y’all stay hating on victoria like damn it’s never that serious

  • Jay Khan
    Jay Khan

    As soon as Ariana did the rift at the end man I got goosebumps

  • いちごちゃん


  • Gin Jay
    Gin Jay

    This reminds me of thank u next MV

  • Dorys Viches
    Dorys Viches

    Tory it won’t be the same Christmas with out you

  • WillMac RealTalk
    WillMac RealTalk

    It's funny how no one noticed Ari's singing until after she became famous, now everyone who's rewatching this for the first time, pays only the most attention to her performance!

  • nihonjin rikugun
    nihonjin rikugun

    This is so wrong

  • Maxi Ibañez
    Maxi Ibañez

    Erection time

  • Totallytotal

    Love them all. 💕💕 Victoria is a great singer. I feel like some people just like to join the hate bandwagon.

  • KenozD2

    Why are all the songs of Victorious on spotify offline??

  • Два Жды Два
    Два Жды Два


  • минькун

    Thank you next beta?

  • 흐하하하하하

    Why is tori's outfit always the worst😂

  • Piath Apach
    Piath Apach


  • Gato do Nordeste
    Gato do Nordeste

    0:03 This is for kids?

  • Kayy Editz.
    Kayy Editz.

    Jade:So if you feel like coming🗣 Cat:On a special dayyy🗣 I got chillsss🥰

  • Tsachantye Kate
    Tsachantye Kate

    Wow so now ariana is a singer seriously

  • Turtle Shet
    Turtle Shet


  • Jade West
    Jade West

    Cat in that dress if she bended over there goes her reputation

  • Noah Hernandez
    Noah Hernandez

    We all know how liz and Ari sing without auto tune because they were on broadway and Ariana always sings without auto tune in her concerts but how does Victoria sound like with auto tune?

  • Mc Fatty
    Mc Fatty

    Anyone finna talk about Tori's outfit like .... 😐🤢

  • Mimi Cares for Kids
    Mimi Cares for Kids

    They went cheap on cats outfit

  • apce music
    apce music

    Me encanta xq resalta mucho la voz de mi querida Ariana grande te amo i love you

  • Fatima Zeynalova
    Fatima Zeynalova

    And this is how Dan was abused these girls and we didn't even notice when we were younger

  • Kahl Graham
    Kahl Graham

    Not Christmas Can't stop listening though

  • That one guy who killed Kenny
    That one guy who killed Kenny

    They’re dressing like they’re having Christmas in Australia

  • ShellyhazSeashells

    thank you next *who?*

  • Power Puff
    Power Puff

    Its unfortunate how sexualized the girls in this show was. I remember watching this and just feeling uncomfortable. Yeah, it was hot. But these girls were like 16.

  • Shadow Bunny
    Shadow Bunny

    Y'all Tori's outfit ain't THAT bad lmaoo

  • Ryan Rabito
    Ryan Rabito

    Is that Sam from iCarly at 2:07 ?

  • Ytomany

    Cat calls.... lol aren't these children?

  • Planet Sheen
    Planet Sheen

    1:47 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 they sound great together (but I know tori’s not singing)

  • Deadpool

    1:39 just look at jade

  • Alymama Maklani
    Alymama Maklani

    why dose tor have a pans a them have dress

  • hunter559

    This is fucking creepy and delusional

    • MkNitara

      hunter559 singing about Christmas is creepy? And you’re using the word delusional wrong kid. Read a book.

  • leo does stuff
    leo does stuff

    This feels like a song but sexy cause this went to far did the owner who made nickeldoen saw what dan was doing to these poor woman?

  • Holger Rossel
    Holger Rossel

    Can we just talk about how white Victoria,s legs are

    • MkNitara

      Holger Rossel their leggings what about it?

  • Fabiola Licerio
    Fabiola Licerio

    Cuando Ariana Grande no era un esqueleto rumbero.

  • Muxy CR
    Muxy CR

    the American series are absurd and stupid ..

  • marco figueroa
    marco figueroa

    Ozuna 😍

  • ĐEVIN g
    ĐEVIN g

    Thank u next jaja

  • CDHfilms

    I wanna know who's idea this was I wanna RIGHT NOW!

  • El Silent!
    El Silent!

    porque puro comentario en ingles JAJA

  • Stanley Marsh Games
    Stanley Marsh Games

    Who's watching this in December? Because Big Time Tour Bus.

  • Blackpink Mongolia BP
    Blackpink Mongolia BP

    what number??????

  • Monte

    They did Ari dirty with that dress

    • 5 Verse
      5 Verse

      They also lowered her mic along with liz

  • Leopold Litchenstein
    Leopold Litchenstein

    This is the main reason I liked this show

  • James McKane
    James McKane

    Don't know who the red head is but she's the hottest of them all 😍

    • James McKane
      James McKane

      @Commenter839 should've recognized her 😍

    • Commenter839

      The red head is Cat, coincidentally played by Ariana Grande.

  • Cookies n cream
    Cookies n cream

    Why does cat’s outfit look so much cheaper

  • eliott rada
    eliott rada

    Que planas son...dios

  • brendan roy
    brendan roy

    Wow after watching this i finally realized Victoria justice doesn't have that good of a voice. Cat and Jade are on a whole other level.

  • Allison

    Let's not forget that the teacher only gave Andre an A+ because 3 girls in really skimpy costumes sang.

  • Tayevaughn Williams
    Tayevaughn Williams

    2:02 Sing Ariana!

  • Aji

    did high schoolers look a lot older back then? Nowadays they all look like middle schoolers.

  • Ищенко Александр
    Ищенко Александр

    Бля, как три стриптизёрши))

  • Turtle Shet
    Turtle Shet

    Is nobody gonna talk about how Jade “barked” in 0:56

    • Faith Theresa
      Faith Theresa

      Turtle Shet Yeah I took it as she gave Tori a little growl and almost a snarl to say “Don’t poke my nose.” I laughed when I saw it because it’s like she’s acting like a dog because she can’t yell at Tori in the middle of the song

    • Turtle Shet
      Turtle Shet

      Faith Theresa huh i didn’t think of it that way🤔

    • Faith Theresa
      Faith Theresa

      Turtle Shet I took it as a warning growl, and I was looking for someone to comment on it

  • Harold Briones
    Harold Briones

    As family guy says: Nickelodeon, ask discrtly the name of that girl to your daugther and go search on internet.

  • Priv 6464
    Priv 6464

    Just something I noticed: At the start, jades the odd one out wearing a black coat while the others wore brown Cats the odd one out cuz she’s not wearing a Santa hat Toris the odd one out cuz she’s not wearing a dress

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