Dan + Shay - I Should Probably Go To Bed (Official Music Video)
Dan And Shay

All of my friends
Finally convinced
Me to get out of the house
To help me forget
To help me move on
Then I heard you’re back in town
In a crowd of strangers and lovers
Someone told me that you were coming
I should probably go to bed
I should probably turn off my phone
I should quit while I’m ahead
I should probably leave you alone
'Cause I know in the morning
I’ll be calling
Saying sorry for the things I said
So I should probably go to bed
So I don’t undo
The got over you
That it took so long to find
'Cause all it would take
Is seeing your face
And I’d forget
Before I question my decision
Is it love, I know it isn’t
Now I’m all up in my head again
'Cause I know I don’t
Have the self control
To walk away if you walk in
I know I should probably go to bed
I'm all up in my head, I should go to bed

  • lyv

    honestly i’ve never heard a bad song by them and that’s on straight facts 💛

    • Holly Moseley
      Holly Moseley


    • Juliet Bengulo
      Juliet Bengulo

      @JimmyJab tf are you thinkin bout

    • Erica Sherwin
      Erica Sherwin

      Dude same

    • Dennis Coonrad
      Dennis Coonrad

      @Taryn Burgess then why are you here?? 😠😠😠

    • Dennis Coonrad
      Dennis Coonrad

      @Tfd they are good artists idiot

  • Marissa Patterson
    Marissa Patterson

    Is it just me or is this video a remake of the movie up, and ariana grande's song?

  • Walker Olivia
    Walker Olivia


  • tyierria nwabuisi
    tyierria nwabuisi

    scott manley

  • killian knight
    killian knight

    my favourite radio station plays this in the car and now i can't sleep because this is stuck in my head. i'm listening to this so it leavessss lmao

  • M 91
    M 91

    How does anyone consider this country?, Let me be the first to inform y’all that this is pop and please quit playing it on country stations.

  • Joilson Evaristo
    Joilson Evaristo

    Estou viciado nessa música 😻❤️🇧🇷

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star

    I should probably get up.

  • P L
    P L

    So right Ivy, me either!!!!!

  • Vanessa c
    Vanessa c

    OMG this song is going to be my song for ever your the best singer ever ❤️

  • Kelly Black
    Kelly Black

    Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it

  • Ella Lu
    Ella Lu


  • Okeh Kehyo
    Okeh Kehyo

    So underrated yet so talented💓💓💓 the world needs to know them and remember what “music” really is, not those beat drops with meaningless lyrics.

  • Bachi Khoa
    Bachi Khoa


  • Steven Napier
    Steven Napier


  • Golrh Smith
    Golrh Smith

    If you like this youll probably like the amv Type ittou shura dan+shay amv

  • Chris Builds
    Chris Builds

    Why is this on a country music radio station?

  • The Boot Films
    The Boot Films

    THIS is cinematography gold right here. Music videos at their best

  • Carol Lopez
    Carol Lopez


  • Stephen Carter
    Stephen Carter

    A vocal god

  • AyyExcuseMeSir

    This song is so on point in ways its scary.

  • Rambo 101
    Rambo 101

    Fell in love the first time I heard it... There is one person in everyone's past this song can apply to..

  • Kyle Vacca
    Kyle Vacca

    You guys never fail to release a good song keep grinding

  • Peggy Mittag
    Peggy Mittag

    You two are too fun! Bless you both!♥️🌠🙏

  • DarkSouls 40
    DarkSouls 40

    I am proud that Dan + Shay has improved a lot, there is not a single bad song in any other album ever. They are both talented guys whatsoever, whenever I think of hard work I think of these guys! from 19 you and me to I Should Probably Go To Bed, you should know it is not impossible to make a music video like this during the pandemic. This is how you know this is hard work at it's best. Dan + Shay, you guys are way too awesome, I am actually inspired by you and your music

  • Faith Thomas
    Faith Thomas

    If this isn’t the smoothest country r & b song ever ( or at least one of them: Cole swindell ( ain’t worth the whisky ) I’m telling you black folk if ur not natural a country music fan , this has the smoothness of r&b y’all r looking for

  • Savannah Davis
    Savannah Davis

    I love y’all your so good my fav is 1000 hours and this one

  • elizabeth alfonso
    elizabeth alfonso

    so i was putting the song on and at the exact same time my radio puts on the same song so the whole time they were in sync XD

  • Dosè Of Kentucky
    Dosè Of Kentucky

    Their album is amazing. I grew up on rascal flats but dan+Shay is definitely the rascal flats of this younger generation...I can't get enough of their music because it has helped me fight depression ❤ and definitely helped with my break up with my ex girlfriend. My ex and I dated 12 yrs and we're still friends after 5 yrs after deciding to split. Yall are amazing.

  • Bailey Walker
    Bailey Walker

    The way they hits those notes, give me goosebumps! They're soooo good!! ❤

  • Bailey Walker
    Bailey Walker

    Ok.... So these men are TALENTED. I seriously can't stop listening to any of their songs. I wish I could be as talented and gifted as they are with their voices! God has given them a gift and I absolutely love how they use it!!! Would've also been at your concert in Tulsa, but COVID-19 threw a curveball!! Love y'all!! ❤

  • Raabe Melo
    Raabe Melo


  • Daniel Villasenor
    Daniel Villasenor

    By far the gayest song on the radio

  • Dillon Rodriquez
    Dillon Rodriquez

    There's no way this isn't a rascal flatts dub video!! You have a voice soo angelic that I've not heard it since Gary levox

    • Dosè Of Kentucky
      Dosè Of Kentucky

      Exactly. They're definitely the younger generation's rascal flats They are truly special

  • Tiffany Stephens-Birk
    Tiffany Stephens-Birk

    Absolutely beautiful❤

  • Megan Musselman
    Megan Musselman

    i’m not really a fan of them, but this song is pretty catchy

  • Jaycob Short
    Jaycob Short

    Yes loveisland conner was so mad mckenzie didn't choose him

  • Wapman1

    I typed in songs that sounds like rascal Flatts and it brong me here. But it sounds good live no offense rascal Flatts I still love you

  • Darren charles Wachsmuth
    Darren charles Wachsmuth

    You both have such amazing voices and keep it bro 💯 ❤ 🙏 🙌

  • Not Gay Bear
    Not Gay Bear

    You should probably stop eating bread.

  • Bryan Zimmerman
    Bryan Zimmerman

    if u think dan and shay are country your probaly gay

  • ray strickland
    ray strickland

    Not country

  • JDM crew
    JDM crew

    I came here from Lauv's video The Story Never Ends. And yes they sound soooo similar. Catchy 4 chord song

  • Seungmeme’s Netfelix account
    Seungmeme’s Netfelix account

    0:43 every teenager right now

  • Erika Pollack
    Erika Pollack

    I love this song

  • Clouds The
    Clouds The

    Love it 😍💓

  • Avery Ingram
    Avery Ingram

    See i like dan and shay but when you have a country station on and this crap comes on im confused how its country

    • Trash Panda BSA Videos
      Trash Panda BSA Videos

      It's because of like how he's singing it.

  • Kaitlin Arney
    Kaitlin Arney

    I don't really like this song. I'd rather like country when it was years ago. This just doesn't seem like country.

  • Gage Mcneece
    Gage Mcneece

    One of my favroit songs it is truly a really good song everything matches up perfectly

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    *Random people who like this will be billionaire someday.*

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    *Only people who did not come from tik tok can like this comment.*

    • Alex Brandon
      Alex Brandon

      Dr. Phil fax g

    • Dr. Phil
      Dr. Phil

      What is tac tic? Probably another google internet machine. Kids these days...with their dancing socials and shaggy hair styles. 🤦🏼‍♂️


    but when I sleep its with the same person GOD LED ME TOO

  • King Baba James
    King Baba James

    Hearing rascal flatts sound. I like his voice. Another song of them I heard on the radio. Can't remember the title..

  • Samantha-Jane DeClercq
    Samantha-Jane DeClercq

    This is my new favorite song! Thank you so much!

  • Dilip Kumar
    Dilip Kumar

    Such a nice song yet underrated !!!

  • Dalvin Salome
    Dalvin Salome

    Carl Fredricksen wants to know your location.

  • Erin Vinson
    Erin Vinson

    Up 2 Staring Dan + Shay

  • Gasmi Fahmi
    Gasmi Fahmi

    i don't this guy , I'm discovering this song for the first time and it's really awesome 👏👏 keep up the good work 💙💙

  • Poro Roy
    Poro Roy

  • Ruby Cleave
    Ruby Cleave

    When is this song coming out on CD because I REALLY LIKE Dan&Shay. I like their music but can't find their CD and Song.

  • youtube viewer
    youtube viewer

    i was not ready for this

  • Rui Guilherme
    Rui Guilherme

    muitoooo bom

  • Kim Pruitt
    Kim Pruitt

    I can’t stop listening to this song!! It’s stuck in my head I’m so obsessed ❤️ the second half of always gives me chills with those strong vocals 🥰❤️

  • Chloe Seluchins
    Chloe Seluchins

    This is an absolutely amazing song!! I cannot stop listening. Dan and Shay are one of the best country music duos ever!! :)

    • Croissant Carson
      Croissant Carson

      Need to be pop artists.

  • Edgy Lemon
    Edgy Lemon

    I wanna stay in a fantasy world, If I could choose to leave this world and NEVER look back I would 100%. Not that anyone cares but this world is sick and cruel. This has nothing to do with this song, I have no one to tell this to so I'm just saying this here.

  • Lina K
    Lina K

    The song is AMAZING and I haven't heard one yet i do not like from them. The video/production is also so unique and beautiful 😍 I have yet to stop obsessing over their songs

  • Caroline Awe
    Caroline Awe

    This song is amazing and makes me cry

  • adolfo robles
    adolfo robles

    im singing this and sending it to you guys

  • Harley Edwards
    Harley Edwards

    love this song its the best :)

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones

    No such thing as a bad song from these guys

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