Daniel Cormier: Jon Jones is serious about giving up his light heavyweight title | DC & Helwani
Former UFC heavyweight champion and ESPN MMA analyst Daniel Cormier chats with Ariel Helwani about Jon Jones' recent public feud with UFC president Dana White. Cormier says he thinks Jones is serious about giving up his light heavyweight title because he's learned how to live without being the titleholder.
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  • Isiah Daley
    Isiah Daley

    Dc is a good dude

  • JoshPonny

    Ariel is such a weasel :(

  • Erick Socgfack
    Erick Socgfack

    Oh DC dropping jewels the other guy is like 😱

  • steve m
    steve m

    DC well said, Bring the PPV is the key however the fighters should have some basic SOP on how to rise through the ranks of the UFC, There has to be a standard paychart or bad things will happen

  • Better Know It
    Better Know It

    300,000 can be lost in a blink of an eye👊🏼

  • MacDonaldOutdoors

    I can't believe I used to dislike DC. Perhaps it was because I was such a Jones fan at the time. But whatever.. DC is the man and is the best ambassador MMA has. Also, I think he is feeding Stipe some BS saying single leg all day. He's going for the KO with that big overhand right. 🤜💥🥇

  • Travis Carr
    Travis Carr

    It's the UFCs job to promote the fighters... if they arent getting numbers it's their fault. If you cant sale Jones v Nganno then it's your marketing... not the fighters.

  • SabrinaLoveXoXo1993

    Dc needs to get a 3rd fight with jones and beat him wither submission tko or whatever and then retire and ride off in the sunset

  • Josue Polanco
    Josue Polanco

    We all know what type of bump he wants ;-)

  • Sean Mombourquette
    Sean Mombourquette

    I concede Jones did say 15 million

  • Jim Ross
    Jim Ross

    I think DC is an amazing person, someone that you could easily get along with plus he's a awesome broadcaster and fighter...

  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero

    Who cares if he vacates the title, give someone else a shot. Money is the route of all evil, it’s so ugly. There’s only one winner, the UFC. They’ll be around long after Jones retires.

  • Blurrface 34
    Blurrface 34

    helwany nose is SO BIG.

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    Hey Cormier if I push you next time I see you will you throw your shoe at me LOL

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    Cormier is good he has paper towels during the pandemic a microwave to heat up pizza rolls!

  • Jbyrd Texas
    Jbyrd Texas

    All these fighters fighting for more money. That's their job.

  • garykurthaas

    If the belt doesn't matter to you anymore than give it up! Go take up a new hobby like maybe bird watching!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    Wah! If Jones gets millions, Dana (Don King) White won't get billions. The bald headed Don King should run Amway, not a major sports promotion.

  • 1991Abz

    Deontay wilder was getting paid peanuts prior to Tyson Fury fights...just saying.

  • Linten Kolly
    Linten Kolly

    Jones would do better in One FC and Bellator. Not essentially better fights but he could really bring more exposure to OneFC and Bellator. Those two promoters have fighters with wider skill sets and I feel that it could be a challenge for Jones.

    • anonymous nameless
      anonymous nameless

      I think he knows what he is doing; that's why he taunted Dana on a post saying release my contract and put your money where your mouth is. He can even get shares of the companies and make way more money. Jones is an intelligent guy if he takes this route for the money.


    Jon bones jones undefeated undisputed 🐐

  • ShekiBrix

    how can you not like DC!

  • Michael Yavorsky
    Michael Yavorsky

    DC is just sneakier than Jones, but he's the same kind of guy. Here he is doing his best to get rid of an opponent he COULDN'T BEAT. Last we saw him, he was poking Stipe Miocic in the eye and whining about him having to take the time to get it fixed. DC is slimier than Jones ever was, because he's in disguise, playing a role. But he has zero integrity.

  • Utku Mert
    Utku Mert

    We ignore the fact that Reyes was robbed ?

  • Jesse Reddragon
    Jesse Reddragon

    Dc doing the the show from no other then the kitchen

  • Vkthao

    DC: It's like lighting in a bottle... Peele: But i already got that.... what about the App though?

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores

    I like the way he’s pouring his drink🤣..rs I do

  • AntiSocial214TEXAS

    Dc hurting rn after finding out how much Jones makes per fight . Lol plus you know dc was never a big draw that’s just facts until he fought Jones . Dc ain’t got that Juice.

  • Blafard666

    Remember that DC is an employee of the UFC. Dana literally pays him to comment fights and promote the UFC.

  • Aries Diaz
    Aries Diaz

    DCs a beast Nomatter What .Him n Cain will always show What leadership n heart is❤️🤝😤

  • Ant Bro
    Ant Bro

    Why wouldn't he be this way,look at how McGregor did it. Regardless his situations at the end of the day is he is money for the company point blank period and the Champion!!! Stay out of the guys pocket that's between him and management.

  • Gautam Ramsuchit
    Gautam Ramsuchit

    Jones should make in the millions now?

  • Gautam Ramsuchit
    Gautam Ramsuchit

    Jon Jones ,gone to beat him 1oo time more?

  • Nick Murphy
    Nick Murphy

    Jones is just afraid of losing his bely and forever further tainting his legacy. Anyone with a shred of common sense would realize his PED use removes him from the GOAT discussion, but the clean Jones we have seen since his return is hardly a dominant champion. The judges didn't wanna take the record from him for such a close loss, but Reyes won. Arguably Santos won. I dont think he wants to fight too much more realizing that if he goes against a Stipe, Ngannou, Reyes he realizes losing is a very real possibility. Even a guy like Jan, even though he has been beaten by people Jones beat, has the potential to KO anyone in any fight. I think this is a convenient out to save face before he has to truly prove his dominance as a clean athlete. Maybe he can, but I think it is a very realistic possibility that is not the case. Jones is realizing that. Guys like Ngannou and Jan may be less skilled, but they always have a chance with those punches. Guys like Stipe, DC and Reyes would be even worse for him. They have the power and the skill to convincingly defeat Jones and show everyone the reality of his athletic mortality.

  • ziggy 2311
    ziggy 2311

    DC will go down as one of the greatest fighters ever but he's an even better human! God bless DC!!! Much love!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Machete Yo
    Machete Yo

    Jones is cancer for anything he is associated with.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams

    If I was him I would just retire, he can only go down from here he has nothing else left to prove.

  • Alex Bazz
    Alex Bazz

    Dc made a great career living in jones shadow

  • El Guapo
    El Guapo

    In a world where people are hoping for a stimulus check to pay rent and feed there families these guys are upset because 5 million is not enough

  • cole simons
    cole simons

    Only way for dc to get the belt is for Jones to vacate 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeremy Bailey
    Jeremy Bailey

    Who made this graphic of a shitty wooden picture frame on a blue brick wall lol?

  • Leo Luna
    Leo Luna

    DC gonna always be a #2 guy and a company man so it gets old trying to believe him.

  • Big Country
    Big Country

    Why don’t fighters both MMA and boxing approach contracts in a percentage mindset. Whatever the total profit from the fight , you negotiate a percentage of that profit instead of a dollar figure. That way both the federation, promoters and the fighters have a vested interest in the fights success.

  • Jason E
    Jason E

    Maybe they should start giving people large one-time bonuses for moving up in weight and guarantee a certain amount of pay kind of like a steady half a million dollars a year or $1000000 a year plus bonuses and whatever else offered for people who carry the about. That would give everyone incentive to want the bell and I understand that already kind of is the incentive because when you become Champion you make more money but it's not guaranteed money it's just extra money because you are Champion so you getting more publicity they should guarantee the money and guarantee certain things that way people know for sure if they get that they're going to be living on Easy Street. That will give everybody a large incentive to try to get that belt which will also convince people to fight for less money because then they'll get a chance to get the belt which is Big Money. You should also give bonuses for everyone who decides to fight on one day notice or who decides to fight after having a year off or things like that. There's so many different ways he could take care of his Fighters and make them happy and he's choosing not to and that's what makes me sort of not respect Dana White in some ways.

  • Jason E
    Jason E

    Hopefully Jones don't get shot the shot that Dorian guy who's to say they wouldn't shoot Jones to get the clout?

  • SalmoTheFirst

    "life doesn''t seem that different" is what we should take away from this interview. we spend so much time on certain things but without it, life would be the same. whether we can convince gsp is the goat and not jones or vice versa or something trivial...DOES NOT MATTER. lebron or Kobe or mj or shaq....it doesnt matter. use that energy on something good. you believe blm or alm ( if genuine because alm at times is misused and sort of veiled racism) , fight for that. that will make a difference. it's not entertainemnt.

  • Wrarrior Class
    Wrarrior Class

    Jon jone know the competition is catching up. He can't take drugs.

  • Bes_ Bas_
    Bes_ Bas_

    Jon Jones, fight the easiest opponent out of the the 3 offered per year. Never fight top 2 contendors until you have a new contract. Check mate!

  • Ty


  • TM3aT T’s
    TM3aT T’s

    WHAT YOU ALL DO NO UNDERSTAND....Jboogie BROTHERS is much less than DEM TREE(3) TRUE KINGS and he handled them the right WAY:....HOOOORAYYYYY

  • Oyean Rhodes
    Oyean Rhodes

    Wow totally respect for DC no trash talk just good clean professional interview.💯🎯

  • therealbyrdman86 diego
    therealbyrdman86 diego

    DC is just a good person once a champion always a champion 🤙🏾

  • saul Guerrero
    saul Guerrero


  • Lemontarts01

    I like how my alternate plan i should have followed in life was to be a UFC fighter but seeing these fuckers make 5 mil and still want more - I'd rather be poor hoping for 1 good pay day still. How denegrated must you be that 1 event yielding 5 milion is not enough. I would rather not stain myself with that greed

  • TopMmaWear TMW
    TopMmaWear TMW

    Those interviews in the build up to first Jones VS D.C fight were insane.

  • Wrarrior Class
    Wrarrior Class

    The competition has caught up . The next fight he's know he's going to loose that belt.

  • Kshitij Dobriyal
    Kshitij Dobriyal

    Jones is the goat but dc is a good guy

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer

    Here u go great Daniel Cormier giving ufc 101 to Ariel Heiewani hahahahahaahahahahaahahaaah

  • Cesar Gomringer
    Cesar Gomringer


  • Bo Jackson
    Bo Jackson

    3:33 of course jones wants a bump

  • Jaheed Daniels
    Jaheed Daniels

    UFC is always disrespecting their best fighter jon jones

  • jay ty. vaughn
    jay ty. vaughn

    DC very insightful

  • Edrian Cunanan
    Edrian Cunanan

    They’re going to end up like Tyson and Holyfield when they get older. Friends.

  • tee jay
    tee jay

    Jones last fight though.. He didn't deserve that victory

  • fred wilk
    fred wilk

    Ngannou jones would be a massive fight at this time, they seemed to have underrated how big it could be??

  • Raymond Dam
    Raymond Dam

    Wow, loving DC in this interview.

  • Fil Fil
    Fil Fil

    I think if you sign a contract you honor that contract no matter what. He makes $5 million a fight and is set for life. People are losing there jobs.

  • 053002J

    We all know Jon is the goat, but let’s not forget that he almost lost his last fight to Dominick Reyes. And some have argued that he did lose that fight

  • Rafael Teran
    Rafael Teran

    He is not, just bluffing his way out! Jones Jones playing games. Throwing a tantrum!

  • Renegade Aotearoa
    Renegade Aotearoa

    DC needs his own show bro

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