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today, when teacher says pick a partner, teen girls when power goes out in class room, when quiet kid in class gets upset lol, sonic the hedgehog & avengers end game movie memes smh

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  • Clumsy

    *You have 3 wishes...*

    • Overseer Doge
      Overseer Doge

      Clumsy I wish I was dead

    • Cj Kavanagh
      Cj Kavanagh

      Me:make it 4 : ok u got 3 left bro 🙃

    • The Pika The Takis
      The Pika The Takis

      Me first wish is to make everyone drink spgetios Second is to make everyone eat milk Final wish mammoths are reserrectected

    • Wolfdoge

      I wish people quit being terrible people, I had many money, and I get doom 4 for free

    • Marshy Mello
      Marshy Mello

      #DDM Me: I was wish that animal abuse will be gone in 1 second

  • JD - 05BF - Credit Valley PS (1653)
    JD - 05BF - Credit Valley PS (1653)

    after school: DEEZ NUTZ during french class: . . . neuf, DIX nutz

  • amethyst tvgl
    amethyst tvgl

    7:36 why the hell is nihiga at the front of the bus??? He is one of the most off the wall and flat out insane youtubers ive ever seen!!!

  • flying turtles
    flying turtles

    I remember when I saw shark boy and lava girl again, all my friends in Durango thought we were watching a Mexican movie

  • Imagination


  • Vaughn Sweeting
    Vaughn Sweeting

    When you get vote kicked by bots Me: eXcUsE mE wHaT tHe FuCK

  • Inih8ij8nijijijih Buhbibubibi
    Inih8ij8nijijijih Buhbibubibi

    #DDM Kid plays fortnite on new xbox 10 min later....

  • LeaderOf TheRedSlimes
    LeaderOf TheRedSlimes

    5:53 that’s mr electric from shark boy and lava girl. Where’s my Discount?

  • banana cat
    banana cat

    5:52 hacker man

  • Gamernate_ moore
    Gamernate_ moore

    Damn...I got friend zoned by a girl with cat ears...that hurt

  • Chance Griffith
    Chance Griffith

    5:54 i always hated him


    # DDM (This text is a funny one )

  • Galaxy Knight
    Galaxy Knight

    At 5:29 its actually 11 Eyes of Ender's in the portal because there is already 1 in it to began with. :/

  • ツ


  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade

    #DDM hey i remember him meaning i have a veteran discount despite being only 13

  • RickTGB


  • Aratrika Lahiri
    Aratrika Lahiri

    5:56 bruh I remember him and I was born in 2007 after the movie came out you don't have nothing on me fam (ps I miss Sharkboy and Lavagirl too much for my own good)

  • Abildgaard

    I’ve got a horse cock in my ass, shane Dawson fucked my cat. I’m going with my cousin, Cus we just started fucking

  • 2K FILMS
    2K FILMS

    2:10 Ok she is a women of true knowledge

  • eTburger boi 1o0
    eTburger boi 1o0


  • Dragon Games
    Dragon Games

    #DDM Pewdiepie is playing minecraft and that's why it is popular again. IT-my rewind 2019:Write that down, write that down!

  • Doodle Dragon
    Doodle Dragon

    7:30 #DDM I be one of the people at the back

  • wells speedjr
    wells speedjr

    3:57 graystillplays no dont kill us

  • darko

    4:35 there a Beatle that shits fire and also ont that breaths it

  • hunterJany yeet
    hunterJany yeet

    #DDM nobody:wen i find a rl inposibel try not to laugh vid Me: I did it Yt:she did it My friends:she did it

  • LightningStrike

    # #D #DD #DDM #DD #D #

  • TheMaskyBoi


  • Marcy Gacha
    Marcy Gacha

    5:55 weres my discount? Thats the villan from shark boy and lava girl

    • I am
      I am

      The discount is the fact that you remember it

  • Aaden Arias
    Aaden Arias

    Ha ha Ha

  • captain shrimp
    captain shrimp

    #DDM When picture finaly have colour Minecraft:colour update

  • Harry Wade
    Harry Wade


  • DarkShgurr

    #DDM Me: see's Donald Trump Also me: you are the enemy of the people

  • Aj• PlayzGamez
    Aj• PlayzGamez

    5:56 I’ll tell the dollar tree employee that

  • January Huckins
    January Huckins


  • catski

    do you legit take felix's videO?

  • Nova _ Rex
    Nova _ Rex

    Shark boy and lava girl was such a good movie 😢

  • Dark Wolf Gaming
    Dark Wolf Gaming

    2:34 it was the opposite for me in four the grade but the dog is the exam

  • Indiscribible Gaming
    Indiscribible Gaming

    #DDM clumsy: would you rather fight 10 dany davito sized whals or one whale sized dany davito Me: what's the difference

  • GlowstoneLove Pad
    GlowstoneLove Pad

    8:55 More like The Openings and Endings

  • TrixterPotato

    I had a Substitute teacher call me Robert once. My name is Rosie.....

  • PhantomReeper

    My brother, last month:* leaves minecraft for fortnite. Him now: * back to minecraft * Minecraft: you could not live with your own failiare and where did that bring you? Back to me

  • Olivia Hunt
    Olivia Hunt

    7:36 wHaT iF i Am A mIdDlE sEaT pErSoN

  • the bombing soda
    the bombing soda

    5:56 me in the early 2000s shark boi and lava girl and wimpy creator

  • Greg does arts
    Greg does arts

    *when somebody buys a booster for a pvp game* Me: that shield doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve it #ddm

  • Ultimate Kougar
    Ultimate Kougar

    #DDM Me: I want five wishes Genie: OK you have 4 wishes left Speak 101

  • CommandoWolf Pack
    CommandoWolf Pack

    0:15 is me almost every time

  • Aiden Jang
    Aiden Jang

    #DDM Genie: there are 3 rules, no falling in love, no resurrection, and no making me bad at math/getting more wishes Me: I want Stan Lee to come back to life Genie: *sniff* *holds back tears* fine, there are 2 rules

  • Captain_ Skyfal1
    Captain_ Skyfal1


  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith

    Me watching this video knowing it won't have anything related to the game I'm playing. (4:24) me: I stand corrected

  • Your local Bisexual
    Your local Bisexual

    #DDM Me: *plays an hour long version of a song* My audiomack account: I thought we were friends 😖😭

  • GrEaZyFrEnChFrY

    2:29 that dude totally fucking passed his exam

  • Cat Kool aid
    Cat Kool aid


  • Huntersquirrel

    #ddm Me: #ddm my funny comment Clumsy: doesn't add it Me: you weren't supposed to do that

  • Gaminggecko2759 X
    Gaminggecko2759 X

    #DDM 4:45 Oh he might be me

  • Big nipple Byrne
    Big nipple Byrne

    5:48 #DDM for ya’ll American viewers SaTs are tests you take In year 6 (grade 6) end of primary school (Elementary school) to determine nothing but your skill at that age

  • kys or ban lol
    kys or ban lol

    #DDM Teacher: spell 'w' Me: d-o-u-b-l-e. Y-o-u Speech *100*

  • journee davis
    journee davis

    I would fight 20 danny de vito sized whales, that would make them dolphins


    Genie: you have 3 wishes Me: i want to be skinny Genie: if you want that go to a gymmy

  • rockstarfox0

    Lol I can’t stop laughing

  • JoJo boi Ahasteen
    JoJo boi Ahasteen

    #DDM no one: Not a single soul : Me: ps1 hagrid is so hot

  • h i
    h i

    ah, yes the movie up is going down

  • Qeen spiri
    Qeen spiri

    *ba hasbtdoe git huwt qkew qkob5y34b8gv3

  • Shimmeing Howl
    Shimmeing Howl

    I wear cat ears to school and i put someone in the friendzone cuz i liked someone else.. I NEED ANSWERS

  • -Roman Smith-
    -Roman Smith-

    Genie: you have three wishes Me: I wish everyone believed what I said even if I lied Genie: ok you have two wishes Me:wrong #DDM

  • Aiden Mischian
    Aiden Mischian

    I know the good boy point video

  • hell boi
    hell boi

    8:58 smart, you can show off to humanz that you thicc

  • R. B.
    R. B.

    Normal people: Other people: No-one: Not a single soul: *Insert name here*: *Weird or ridiculous thing happened*

  • Glazed Donut
    Glazed Donut

    #DDM Dem Doggo is now my profile pic

  • Sad boi
    Sad boi


  • Shawn Peek
    Shawn Peek

    4:45 that would be me who got friend zoned

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