Danny Duncan’s Birthday Party with Danny Duncan!
Danny Duncan
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    I Danny Duncan wanted to tell you guys that Danny Duncan loves you lots ❤️ but seriously thanks for making my birthday so much fun! Tour tickets and Merch available at www.dannyduncan69.com

    • AL Heat
      AL Heat

      Danny Duncan i

    • Shivr Turtle
      Shivr Turtle


    • Stephanie Lugo
      Stephanie Lugo

      Hey Danny ur the best it would be great if u can wish me a happy birthday bc my bday is on Jun 11 and iam turning 13

    • Mokney

      Happy Birthday dude.

    • Geovon Gomez
      Geovon Gomez

      What shoes do you skate with

  • luke bateson
    luke bateson

    I fuckin love how he doesn’t give a fuck

  • iRockii

    Dalton is too pure for this Earth 😂

  • Ricky Rome
    Ricky Rome

    “Boy in striped pajamas”

  • Tyler24Savage 21
    Tyler24Savage 21

    Your birthday is 1 day before mine

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker

    I love how Danny’s family is as crazy as him 😂

  • yep yep
    yep yep

    David dobrik has Jonah hill and Danny Duncan has DJ khalid

  • Boomer__ 89 games
    Boomer__ 89 games

    This guy got me tho school aka Danny

  • Shablulsky

    Me: Mom, can we buy DJ Khaled? Mom: No, we have DJ Khaled at home. DJ Khaled at home: 7:00

  • djey khali wadhup negga
    djey khali wadhup negga

    dj khaleds ass was showing

  • Faceless Animations
    Faceless Animations

    11:01 what it sounds like when you rip your ass taking a shit

  • Clink

    Sunhat baby is at 7:28 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • allgolfalot

    that mix of 10000 miles over bust down tatiana wtf

  • allgolfalot

    you need more dj khaled guy videos

  • Your Movies
    Your Movies

    I comment a lot of shit talking but in all honesty you're my hero.

  • daniel nvarro
    daniel nvarro

    DJ Khaled with the fucked up teeth

  • Tyler Oswald
    Tyler Oswald

    What the song at 1:00

  • Springport Speedway
    Springport Speedway

    he said "boy in striped pajamas" OMG

  • Akshath Khokhar
    Akshath Khokhar

    that bbg guy was dope dude please put him in all your vids god bless you man peace

  • Nolan Trierweiler
    Nolan Trierweiler

    7:00 Drake in three years

  • Tito V
    Tito V

    Who’s virginity

  • Chargey

    I like how you just found a random guy on the road and became friends with him.

  • Cam49erw

    7:07 the getto dj kalahid

  • Jadan Beale
    Jadan Beale

    We almost lost DJ Khaled

  • BlockFN

    No one gonna talk about 8:02 I didn’t know he has a brother or twin brother lol

  • wk cave
    wk cave

    Ol fake Khaled is trying way too hard to fit in

  • Spencer Strowbridge
    Spencer Strowbridge

    I’m apart of the bbg

  • Peyton Hoffman
    Peyton Hoffman

    Danny just cares about loyal viewers, not how many views😁

  • Pickle Nick
    Pickle Nick

    Whats the song playing at 5:38

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump

    Dj Invalid

  • Jacob Jordan
    Jacob Jordan

    I think it was 11:01 and when he opened the ducking door of the shittin stall u smelt it through the phone

  • Ty B
    Ty B

    Literally spends a grand on his own merch😂🤣

  • - girlslovesteven
    - girlslovesteven

    dudes fucking hilarious 😭

  • FX scoped
    FX scoped

    Anybody notic that Danny duncan is just good at everything he does

  • Mr action guy
    Mr action guy

    My birthday is 7 August

  • Omar Rodriguz
    Omar Rodriguz

    You know the DJ kalhed guy is a trump supporter

  • sukairo

    Doesnt that mean you get some of the money back😂

  • JaysOddFuture

    Boy in the striped pajamas lol

  • Risky

    2:00 OOOOOF

  • Chubbs Gives Lzz
    Chubbs Gives Lzz

    Bruh I’m so smacked I thought Danny was handing himself the ice cream

  • L.A.T.H

    Daniel your mom spent 100 dollars on that cake

  • From_Tha_Shadowz 22
    From_Tha_Shadowz 22

    5:01 most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen 🥺❤️

  • Nick Conzone
    Nick Conzone

    Danny has weird skinny kid strength when he fights like wtf

  • Lucas Elliott
    Lucas Elliott

    This man said the boy in the striped pajamas I’m weak

  • Ellis Goldman
    Ellis Goldman

    8:15 downy getting turnt to the music in the background

  • SlimeySyndicate

    5:02 was the cutest thing ever

  • FuZe Souly
    FuZe Souly

    Dude, I can’t believe you had cj Khalid there man, so lit

  • Park H
    Park H

    2:12 stap dude

  • Scott Glover
    Scott Glover

    I’d give my left nut to live with Danny

  • 4DR14N

    Love how everyone was fighting during the thotianna remix

  • plain haney
    plain haney

    She was mad 😡 “your mom spent 100 dollars on that cake l”

  • TTV_ Wicked0666
    TTV_ Wicked0666

    5:58 grandma pops a tiddie

  • flikz

    - Mom can we go do DJ Khalid's show? - No son, we have DJ Khalid at home. DJ Khalid at home: 6:59

  • ItsManny

    Lance sterwerts grandma and Danny’s mom should be friends

  • Ollie Craggelz
    Ollie Craggelz

    7:00 woah it’s DJ khaled!

  • RexBlox 69
    RexBlox 69

    Walmart Dj Khaled

  • Roman Harpur
    Roman Harpur

    U and zack goes should do a video

  • Small living
    Small living

    More DJ Khaled please

  • Nate Gomes
    Nate Gomes

    Damn do khaled smoked meat meth wtf bro.

  • Saul Cruz
    Saul Cruz

    That 1000 mile remix at 10:00 lowkey nice

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    You should go to sokol hall in nebraska, it would be fucking perfect so do a 3rd one and include nebraska

  • Braden Strain
    Braden Strain

    The best job ever is being Danny’s friend

  • Neil Byrne
    Neil Byrne

    Just me or was that mr beast in the toilet when they tried to push it over

  • jonah

    DJ Ahkmed.

  • Ronan Conroy
    Ronan Conroy

    Happy birthday Danny Duncan was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Ethan Brawchuck
    Ethan Brawchuck

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice the second danny duncan at 8:01

  • Adamsavage 2105
    Adamsavage 2105

    That looks like nav

  • Maclin Loomis
    Maclin Loomis

    7:18 dalton got moves

  • Emil Sundberg
    Emil Sundberg

    Broo, did the lunchlady actually save it? Thats fucking crazy if she did.

  • cringesoft 171
    cringesoft 171

    No one: His teeth:⚪ ⚪. ⚪

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