Danny Duncan | Best of 2018
Danny Duncan
Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan

    Thanks for another amazing year! Love you guys ❤️ got a bunch of new videos coming sorry for the lag. Another will be up soon. www.dannyduncan69.com

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      Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas

      Danny Duncan Shit 😾hi

    • hey im retro
      hey im retro

      Static upggggh

    • Steve Spagnualo
      Steve Spagnualo

      What? The fuck?

    • aka__ tryhard
      aka__ tryhard

      @G G m l

    • weedCHANNELLCALI SG THE best team
      weedCHANNELLCALI SG THE best team

      lol Rr

  • Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas
    Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas

    This fucking gta5 in real life 😹

  • meme friend
    meme friend

    Best 1 hour and 30 minutes of my day.

  • Dr.Philadelphia

    LMFAO "Im Not An AssHole" Proceeds To Put like 10 mins straight of him fucking with people. Love You Content

  • Logo Zervos
    Logo Zervos

    Best Line in the whole thing: Homeless man: “I’m blind but that was a good recovery.”

  • Luke War
    Luke War

    iceposeidon xD

  • Julius Gv
    Julius Gv

    them cops were full of crap

  • Luke Plessinger
    Luke Plessinger

    Who’s watching during corona

  • Ikonik smilez 123
    Ikonik smilez 123

    anyone else watch these over again because they have nothing else to do

  • Awoken xMacaroon
    Awoken xMacaroon

    1000 dollars is quit on the spit

  • Awoken xMacaroon
    Awoken xMacaroon

    jake needs a rematch he would smoke him

  • joey watkins
    joey watkins

    i see juju with that seahawk roll

  • Spencer Sampson
    Spencer Sampson

    i laugh so hard at all your videos

  • desTROYer


  • Aztecs-pxllzy

    Who stayed up all night to watch danny

  • Mango Tango
    Mango Tango


  • quientin tyler
    quientin tyler

    I just realized you cant sleep on how awesome of a life he is havving

  • Kpglo Jr
    Kpglo Jr

    51:31 is that what I think it is?

  • SuperBiteSizedBuckets

    Hey someone plz tell me, I am rly confused, is that actually juju

  • Mr. pig Gaming
    Mr. pig Gaming

    When a mosquito flys by your ear @1:19:56

  • Joe Gold
    Joe Gold

    I've woken up to 'Best of Danny.." 4 times this week!

    • Joe Gold
      Joe Gold

      Make that 5

  • Na chase
    Na chase

    How much was that girl tweaking 😂

  • Racinq


  • Blake Wissing
    Blake Wissing


  • Compact47

    57:54 best joke of the video 😂😂😂😂

  • Chinese Food
    Chinese Food

    47:47 that ass tho !. I mean garys ass

  • Mike OnaBike
    Mike OnaBike

    Basically do have Danny’s life I just drive around and do stupid shit to make myself laugh money isn’t shit tbh😂

  • Riley Compton
    Riley Compton

    i bet he regrets that tattoo now lmao

  • Frveshy Gaming
    Frveshy Gaming

    could u imagine walking down a isle at a grocery store and seeing juju smith schuster dragging a midget

  • Karmah

    Anyone know the song at 11:26?

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja

    I’m blind but good recovery like how tf did she know wot happened

  • Cosmik


  • Cade Mauldin
    Cade Mauldin

    Is he even monetized

  • Benjamin Page
    Benjamin Page

    1:02:00 that is the stuff of nightmares honestly it’s like slender man

  • allgolfalot

    the capital property belongs to tax payers. next time say nah bro we own this, you work for us

  • MOB BaeBae
    MOB BaeBae

    He should’ve had the Logitech guy ride the horse

  • Sebastian Circone
    Sebastian Circone

    Merch idea: Get plane white slip-on Vans on put your name all over it. 1000000IQ

  • Larry Cockrell
    Larry Cockrell

    That Karen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lucas Nelson
    Lucas Nelson

    danny was lookin thiccccccccc in the roller skating part mmmmmmmm

  • Taggart_02_07

    39:45 I love how he went from pissed about him hitting the slider to pitching🤣

  • Moto gone wrong Clips
    Moto gone wrong Clips

    I wish I had A mom

  • Lil Perkyyy
    Lil Perkyyy

    You can have my 🚽

  • Thales Rivas Jordan
    Thales Rivas Jordan

    I’d vote

  • Cameron

    2020 where you at

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F

    So your a pussy. If you need a stunt man. Let me know. Seriously I would do anything. Not kidding either. rflahardy@gmail.com

  • Nanu Bardock
    Nanu Bardock

    I loved the part we‘re he said Pubg baby 😂🔥

  • Great Gamers
    Great Gamers

    At 24:40 I was dying bad boys😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Flo Bro
    Flo Bro

    47:39 im blind but that was good recovery lol

  • Isaac Mitchell
    Isaac Mitchell

    5:04 what am I seeing

  • Ox Aim
    Ox Aim

    Frankie is a male karen

  • Jimmi Johnson
    Jimmi Johnson

    Shit never would of thought I would watch a 1 hour and 30 minute video😂

  • Justin Connerty
    Justin Connerty

    Toilet paper for a dollar damn.. days before covid

  • Hyperi_anthony !!!
    Hyperi_anthony !!!

    whos watching in 2020 like if u are

  • Deqota Posey
    Deqota Posey

    11:18 what's that song called?

  • jack

    who else watched the whole thing

  • The 3 Chuck Kids
    The 3 Chuck Kids

    cameron got a bubble

  • eac792

    41:38 when you laugh at your own joke

  • Cottoncandy


  • Oso Productions
    Oso Productions

    34:07 funniest shit

  • Kaden East 2025
    Kaden East 2025


  • Christian Marquette
    Christian Marquette

    Anyone else watch every single second of this video?

  • Alexander Savage
    Alexander Savage

    Bruh was that Brandon bebiel wanting smoke

  • Clean Potato
    Clean Potato

    Danny could've taken the smoke lmfao

  • Guy Martin
    Guy Martin

    Anyone Else watching this in 2020 ⬇️

    • XxOKI xX
      XxOKI xX


    • sprixlol

      Guy Martin no

    • Tuti Gonzalez
      Tuti Gonzalez


    • Goated_Doom 28
      Goated_Doom 28


    • edit god
      edit god

      Do you know the song at 10:15

  • Kaden Piper
    Kaden Piper


  • Grizz Daw
    Grizz Daw

    Good recovery I’m blind but good recovery



  • Jessi Peck
    Jessi Peck

    He is like shorty from scary movie

  • Cobra Mata
    Cobra Mata

    Danny Duncan plz get Papa Jim high af

  • {KARMA}

    28:51 I didn’t see a single black kid the entire time they were there

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