• Yaqub Shahan
    Yaqub Shahan

    my mouth hurts so much because ive laughed so much

  • Daniel Mendez
    Daniel Mendez

    F's in the chat 4 mumkey.

  • That One bitch
    That One bitch

    Where narrator when we need him?

  • Moh

    what is the name of this VR game?

  • Gaming Channel G
    Gaming Channel G

    /juicy/ sirenhead touched my no no f***

  • Carlos Osnaya
    Carlos Osnaya


  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia

    Lol 5:12

  • Chris Musgrave
    Chris Musgrave

    Wow you are so funny love you

  • Matheus Bruvoll
    Matheus Bruvoll


  • Michael Romero
    Michael Romero

    are you the red one mully

  • Danisha Qaisaara
    Danisha Qaisaara

    I Love How Mully Play VR and I love How I play with Mully in VR!

  • James Rembert
    James Rembert

    Cool mully

  • Geoff Sheridan
    Geoff Sheridan

    Hahaha 😂😂):

  • GumpBaby Eric
    GumpBaby Eric

    12:36 the best part of the whole video😭🤣🆑

  • Brisksoda949

    Bonus memes this is how you drink almond milk *gurgles* AHHHHHHHHH

  • Shiro Wolf YT
    Shiro Wolf YT

    What the red so noob green so ciut

  • Câmîlâ Pîôlâ ¡!
    Câmîlâ Pîôlâ ¡!

    *that doesn't matter the letters are still there*

  • Young Hh
    Young Hh

    Wanted:Mully Info:crackhead murder stabbing a baby

  • Cassandra Jackson
    Cassandra Jackson

    eddie: what you didn't fell that? smashing: no.It felt like a rerverse fawrt mully juicy: XD

  • Mindy Rice
    Mindy Rice

    I’m actually 7 weeks premature

  • Notcheally YT
    Notcheally YT

    Wait I can knock people out with that blue bottle? Me if I see a baby with Blue bottle:*RUN 40KM FAR AWAY AS FAST AS I CAN

  • Chrintine Tait
    Chrintine Tait

    What is this game called

  • Dino lord
    Dino lord

    9:14. Why am I crying?

  • Laingbajin

    Why are 30 years old sucking on bottles

  • Monica Folsum
    Monica Folsum

    It’s messy on drugs

  • Miikka Saxlund
    Miikka Saxlund

    This shit right here is the pinnacle of entertainment

  • Chloe Zhang
    Chloe Zhang

    btw what game is that?

  • Kalyn Clark
    Kalyn Clark

    The dumbest shit these bois do have kept me in the channel for so long.

  • Bunnyhub5 Gamer 2
    Bunnyhub5 Gamer 2


  • Tigerqueen loves Doughnuts
    Tigerqueen loves Doughnuts

    Is it me or is it that. Kinda have a feeling in me that I ship mully and juicy

  • Abdul2f3a Assmi
    Abdul2f3a Assmi


  • Jeanette Greig
    Jeanette Greig

    What game is this called

  • Leon Putheodossiou
    Leon Putheodossiou


  • jeremy

    The game please ??

  • Faze adam baseball Martinez
    Faze adam baseball Martinez

    Lol he said it’s back words then he said the words are still there

  • Enchanted Creeper
    Enchanted Creeper

    Accurate recreation of my school

  • Harry the gaming pug
    Harry the gaming pug

    Rick and Trevor had a baby

  • Matthew Llamas
    Matthew Llamas

    Take the red ones milk is mommy’s milk

  • fidan berisha
    fidan berisha


  • Naiya Lara-Zuniga
    Naiya Lara-Zuniga

    Freaking nasty

  • A Human Being
    A Human Being

    I feel like we should see more Red crack brush baby

  • Dainius Rumba
    Dainius Rumba

    That i even pissed

  • Dainius Rumba
    Dainius Rumba

    In the video

  • Dainius Rumba
    Dainius Rumba

    Bro i laughed so hard on :11:00

  • Jewel Hope
    Jewel Hope

    11:04 my favourite part.

  • A

    Mully said the f word like 50 times in one video

  • who guess
    who guess

    Reminds me of the voice from Rick and Morty😭💀

  • Xavier Fuss
    Xavier Fuss

    I cried 9:53

  • Crumpet Fn
    Crumpet Fn

    No the monkey

  • Prepared4Fun


  • Norma Melendez
    Norma Melendez

    When Eddie said ball pit he meant shit pit

  • Deneele Scott
    Deneele Scott

    lol the part when the monkeys died i acualy cryed its too hard i have a britle soul please dont i am elergic to water so when i cry my skin burns eney where it touches

  • FunBun World TV
    FunBun World TV

    Omg I can't with y'all

  • The Ginger Warlord
    The Ginger Warlord

    My favourite part is at 13:29

  • John Palubon
    John Palubon

    I'm a big fan MULLy jussy eddevr. Narrota

  • Markiplier Is My Senpai
    Markiplier Is My Senpai


  • Gunji Masahiro
    Gunji Masahiro


  • JaaQun Eno
    JaaQun Eno


  • Tanya Smith
    Tanya Smith


  • Anka Gaming
    Anka Gaming

    I felt the same when monkey died when my Cat died infront of me.. im serious

  • im brandon lol
    im brandon lol

    I love the blue bottle milk. Especially mine.

  • Conrad Harvard
    Conrad Harvard

    My brain cells are holding out for a book.

  • TSR Slxpzy
    TSR Slxpzy

    what is this game called?

  • Isabella Gang
    Isabella Gang

    This is funny lol

  • Clan plus Clan owner
    Clan plus Clan owner

    This kids on crack

  • Kai Barnhart
    Kai Barnhart

    I hope you are having a good day

  • Kai Barnhart
    Kai Barnhart

    Hi mully

  • Violette

    Red kinda sus

  • Retro WhiteHat
    Retro WhiteHat


  • inverted top hat
    inverted top hat

    if mully knows colors then why dose he look confused when juicy says the blue one

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