Death of the Author 2: Rowling Boogaloo
Lindsay Ellis
I'm so tired.
Death of the Author:
Riley Dennis:

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  • Lindsay Ellis
    Lindsay Ellis

    Pee is stored in the balls.

    • Captain Zork
      Captain Zork

      Y u so hot??

    • Matthew Serda
      Matthew Serda

      My day was ruined until I saw this

    • RollyAces

      Wrong it's in your balls

    • James Meow
      James Meow

    • David LS
      David LS

      I love how somehow your fanbase never gets your references. Like, they fly over their head so easily.

  • Jesujej

    finally a succesfull woman writer but she has mean thoughts oh nooo!!11

  • Panda

    The JKR who wrote the Harry Potter isn't JKR on Twitter now, there are no underlining tones/messages/hints about her Twiter opinions in Harry Potter the book franchise, so why can't you separate the author when reading it. If you don't like her opinions you can stop financially supporting her and supporting her BRAND of Harry Potter, but you can still reread the books and enjoy them independent from the author.

  • Ben Evans
    Ben Evans

    If you dont like her behaviour, buy the books 2nd hand from a thrift/charity/op shop if you want them. She doesn't get royalties and you help a charity.

  • Zedatkins Zed
    Zedatkins Zed

    Ok, I'll out myself as someone who NEVER like JKR or trusted the HP franchise. It was based on so much English boarding school stuff that it reeked of old school white English privelage (even Harry being the poor orphan under the stairs is solved by him being a magical Jesus avatar). But the argument here is less about DotA and it's ethics and more about cancel culture being ok. I'm not disagreeing with you re JKR and her influence- I'm just saying this argument isn't actually about Death of the Author. Personally I started ignoring JKR years ago her Twitter antics have been bonkers from the start.

  • VictorianGM777

    "shameless TERF-ery" is not "normalized" in the UK...idk why you think that? Bit of a sweeping generalization, don't you think? We think transphobes suck too. Source: I live in the UK.

  • Conny Bengtsson
    Conny Bengtsson

    It must be hard to enjoy life being as smart as you are. Ignorance is bliss indeed! Keep up the amazing work, your channel rocks!

  • Sajra Galesic
    Sajra Galesic

    All Hail the Algorythm. Wanted to say that Lindsay and Elisa (Maven of the Eventide) helped me to develop a positive form of feminism.

  • Jack T
    Jack T

    I need a captain (I’m not on twitter): what happened and what did JK Rowling say/write ?

  • Showmanship Gaming
    Showmanship Gaming

    I'm still confused a bit. Didn't Rowling say that Dumbledore was gay? Where is the homophobic stuff coming from?

    • SaveMeMoon

      She hasn't stated anything homophobic yet (what I know of at least) but she's continuously posting transphobic articles on her twitter.

  • Kasilyn S.
    Kasilyn S.

    She ruined Harry Potter for so many people I hate her for that I love HP, I love the world she created, I have bought so many merch and started the 20th year edition of books I'll wait till she dies to finish I guess. I still love HP I won't buy anything anymore till she's in a tomb

  • thekitchenchikens

    In europe terfs are usually on the left, there s transphobes on the right of course but they are not feminists. If we are being completely honest here her books are kind of racist and overall problematic.

  • That One Person
    That One Person

    I literally only got into Harry Potter an couple months ago, (mostly because people I know kept recommending it to me because it was a staple of their childhoods) and I bought all the books and now hearing about all this stuff, I wish I didn’t help support. I should have just got them second hand 😔

    • SaveMeMoon

      It's not as though you should feel bad when you didn't know and just bought the books! Some of us have been supporting her our entire lives and now wish we hadn't, but non of us could know what she was like until she dropped the evidence on our heads. You own the books now, so make the best of them even if the author is a total git! =)

  • Jaz Barraza
    Jaz Barraza

    Nice perspective!!! It's very difficult to let HP go for people, they put the movies on TV dozens times, they put as a Twitter trending celebrating Harry's birthday, the Hogwarts Batlte, every important date on HP universe, then we have the Fantastic Beasts movies, the theme parks, at this point the world is not ready to move on with HP and JKR will make sure of it for good or for worse...Until some story, universe, whatever comes to finally beat HP

  • Gabby Alvarez
    Gabby Alvarez

    Harry Potter has been an integral part of my life and I would never give it up regardless of my opposing views with the author. However, moving forward I will regard JK Rowling through a critical lens- as I think everyone should be regarded (like the way we read about the old poets and writers that did sketchy stuff but are still considered literary geniuses). I acknowledge Jk Rowlings faults (the ignorant views on trans people) and her merits (such as her contribution to charitable foundations, Lumos, Harry Potter and the strides HP has done for children's literature and fantasy in general- getting kids to read ect.) I think what she's done will definitely be a stain on her reputation, but I don't believe in ignoring the good she has done, or pretending that she doesn't exist. Like I said we should all acknowledge what she's done wrong, not ignoring that problem.

  • V Oliver Rutherfurd
    V Oliver Rutherfurd

    That’s okay. I always thought Harry Potter was all style and no substance.

  • El Titiritero
    El Titiritero

    I dont think we have to do anything JK is destroying herself everytime she tweets. I loved Harry Potter. I didnt find any transphobic remark on them so iam ok with it but i am not looking foward for another fantastic beast movie or anything else from her. She doesnt have a future. She will be always the Harry Potter author and we have to live with that

    • SaveMeMoon

      Yeah, but as a fandom we also need to show her that we don't think what she's preaching is ok. We can't keep giving her our money if we think what she's doing is wrong.

  • Rob Buelens
    Rob Buelens

    A secret world parallel to ours, filled with people who have so much disdain for us that even when inhabitants have a hobbyistic facination with us are seen as weird for it. Almost everyone in this world has a natural talent that they mostly get from their family lineage, people who are not fully "ethnicly pure" often have no talent or are very stunted in their ability. There are two factions in this world, the 'genocidal racists', and the group that wants to keep this world secret and largly segregated. Even though they have medicine that could save millions of normal people each year. The bank in this world hoards the vast wealth of old families that always have high positions in the government, the humanoids who work here look like old depictions of Jews on Nazi propaganda posters. There is a prison in this world used mainly to psychologically torture inmates until they die of natural causes. People are kept in line by the public knowledge that this place with a mission to violate human rights is kept open. There has been a race war about a decade ago, so some genocidal racists are in this prison, but most got total amnesty and kept their jobs, titles and wealth. During one of their raids the leader of the racists nearly got killed by a pureblood infant, this infant shows great talent in his teenage years. This is expected by his peers because his parents showed great ability too. He is known as the chosen one. He goes to a school where students are socially devided between four houses on the basis of family lineage during an ancient ritual, no personal choice, merit or accomplishment can rescind this decision. Plus there is a race of humanoids who naturally enjoy being enslaved... Wooow I did not see bigotry coming, from an author who came up with all this...

  • IHug Kittens
    IHug Kittens

    Just paused the video to say that I am one of those "I don't care" people, who seperate art from artist, still I intend to thoroughly enjoy your incredibly adorable rant. Ok, pressing play now.

    • SaveMeMoon

      As long as you understand that her main point in this video is that is you claim death of the author and disagree with their views but then still consume and financially support their art you are part of the problem; you're all good!

  • Sapient Pearwood
    Sapient Pearwood

    This works just as well as an argument for pirating books, which might be a more viable moral answer here than boycott. I do not want to financially support bigots like Scott Card or Rowling. But at the same time, speaker for the dead is an important part of my childhood too, and I have a vested interest in shielding that emotional touchstone from the horribleness of it's author. If speaker for the dead had a bigoted message then I would need to let it go, but it doesn't. It truly has a message that advocates for empathy, and acceptance for the "other". That is an important message to me, and is a touchstone for my own empathy. The fact that it was said by a horrible bigot is mostly just ironic.

  • Juliana Atteberry
    Juliana Atteberry

    You didn't mention that if we still choose to support HP then we are also still supporting the wonderful people that helped make the movies, like Emma Watson, that are actively making the world a better place,. What JK has said is hard to swallow, to put it a little too lightly, but the good that has come of her work before we were all aware of her views has brought such good into the world that that should not be dismissed.

    • SaveMeMoon

      The film series finished up a decade ago, supporting them now will support no one but Rowling and maybe some other bigshots in the industry. All the main actors (Emma, Daniel, Rupert) have distanced themselves form Rowling since all of this cane to light and they would probably not want you to continue supporting her on their behalf. Remembering how hard people worked on these films, plays, etc is a good thing but financially supporting them if you firmly stand against Rowling's views makes you part of the problem.

    • ramywiles

      I would argue that engaging with Harry Potter doesn't really elevate Emma Watson's platform any more than it already has -- her involvement with the series has been finished for almost a decade. Rowling's involvement, though, is ongoing.

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    in the harry potter fandom death of the author means they wish the author was actually fucking dead

  • adrian velante
    adrian velante

    This is why I like Tim Hunter more than Harry Potter.

  • Ramon Gomide
    Ramon Gomide

    i like the hot-takey tone every now and then

  • Saff Michael
    Saff Michael

    Lindsay, love the topic and your thoughts and had nothing to add so I thought I would just mention to slide your ring light 6 inches to right so we are not blinded by its reflection :)

  • Everything Music
    Everything Music

    Honestly I never payed attention to JKR all that much. I was more invested into the books and films as a kid. I mean I already own them and this was way before her Twitter fiasco. I can completely understand if someone wanted to get rid of their copies and I can also understand not wanting to support future products of Rowling’s. I stopped supporting her work after Deathly Hallows pt2 because I simply lost interest. Just how my love for Star Wars died long before Disney took over 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  • BunnyMan456

    Detransitioners exist. Their stories are a valuable resource for anyone seeking hormone treatment or surgery. And yet she’s being shouted down for giving these people a voice.

    • SaveMeMoon

      I just saw the tweet that probably made you write this, let's clear something up in a simple way: Just because there are people that detransition does not mean that every trans person made a rash decision that they regret. Ofc their stories matter, but what Rowling does is that she tries to use those stories to push an anti-trans agenda which we should not let her do. She's a white cis woman who is speaking about a topic she knows little about just to trample all over a group that are already being stepped on every day, please don't let her sway you, trans people need your support more than the world's richest author ever could.

    • Josh Cottle
      Josh Cottle

      I want to be clear, I do genuinely care about people who detransition because the wrong choice was made. I just wish we lived in a society where they were able to access the healthcare they need and where they don't have to make a legal oath to live as their chosen gender forevermore, rather than one where they do not get this support and their testimonies are instead used by non trans people to restrict trans healthcare.

    • Josh Cottle
      Josh Cottle

      @BunnyMan456 The keyword in my phrasing was _"almost."_ There is a risk, I would not deny that, and me citing the figures around detransition is not to invalidate the experiences of those who do so. It is just to point out that the testimonies of some people on social media does not make the treatment bad. Every treatment has risks, all medication can have side effects and not every procedure will be successful for everyone. We do not put all healthcare into question because of this. Instead, we have to look at the data and find out what the overall trends are. The facts of the matter are that around 99% of transitions affect the individuals positively, and of those who regret the process, a majority do so because of the social response to the transition, rather than the transition itself. This is not the case for everyone, and those who do have different experiences should receive support, but their individual experiences cannot be used to harm the overwhelming majority of those for whom it would be hugely beneficial. It's true that not everyone will benefit from medical transition. It is also true that an even smaller proportion of people with cancer benefit from chemotherapy. This does not mean that we stop offering chemotherapy or make it harder for those who need it to access it. It just means that we need to make sure that the individual knows about the risks, how common those risks are, and are given the power to make a choice for themselves. In relation to your last questions, in the US and UK, minors cannot access transition treatment, they can only take puberty blockers that postpone the onset of puberty. They can remain on these until they are not minors, at which point they can choose to go ahead with transitioning or come off the blockers and experience puberty as they would have done. As for whether parental consent should be involved, I generally agree with UK law that has determined a doctor can provide treatment to a child against the parents'/guardians' consent if the child's safety is threatened. Ideally it would be a conversation between all parties, however. As for "fast-tracking," I would say that transition treatment should be treated the same way we treat other issues surrounding mental health. You open a dialogue with a therapist who isn't there to challenge you, but rather to help you explore your feelings and understanding your experiences. Then, if it is deemed appropriate for the situation and with the consent of the patient, the medical options will be presented and the risks explained, at which point the patient can choose to go with it or not. Then, as it is currently, you have an ongoing dialogue with your therapist and/or GP about how the procedure is going and any complications you experience. Given that this is how we treat all other mental health issues, it seems silly to treat transition differently.

    • ramywiles

      @BunnyMan456 See, this is the difference -- Josh Cottle up there is talking studies and research, and you're talking individual IT-my videos and tweets. Those anecdotes prove that transitioning was the wrong thing for *those people,* not for every trans person.

    • Josh Cottle
      Josh Cottle

      @BunnyMan456 Medical institutions certainly do not have a "trans until proven otherwise" stance. To speak of the UK, where Rowling is speaking of, I am currently on a 3 year waiting list to speak with a gender therapist. After I first meet with them, we will spend around a year talking about my experiences, what options are open to me and what those options look like. It is then only my decision whether I take any of these options. This all comes prior to the 2 years where I have to "live as my gender" in order to legally change my gender on documents. This is the opposite of being "fast tracked." This all seems borne out from the data. A 2016/2017 study of patients at the NHS Nottingham Gender Idnetity Clinic found that only one patient of 303 detransitioned while working with the clinic, and they would later go on to retransition. A further two patients detransitioned _before_ accessing the support of the clinic. All 3 of these patients reported that a lack of family support was their primary reason for detransition rather than being mistaken in their identity, as shown by the first retransitioning and the second and third continuing to access the service despite their detransitions. Individual detransitioners should be supported, whatever their reasons. But the data doesn't support the idea that people who aren't trans are being made to transition. This certainly was a greater risk in the past, when trans identities and medicine were less understood (for example, a 1998 Swedish study found that 3.8% regretted transition for one reason or another, stating that this figure had "changed for the better over the years," with the last case of someone regretting transition being diagnosed 16 years prior to the study). Currently it seems like the risk is almost non existent.

  • attlue

    Most people use their wealth and power to influence others, especially the young. How are J.K. Rowlings tweets insidious? What about Fast / Junk Food Ads? Can they be seen as insidious? Is Rock'n'Roll / Video Games insidious because of its wealth and power and influence? Does watching "The Fast and the Furious" franchise promote illegal racing? Does anyone who agrees with J.Ks tweets and enjoys the rest result in them being bad people? Does anyone care about the lived experiences of minority groups that believe in 'Earth is Flat' and /or 'Fake Moon Landings' etc?

  • Jessica Channing
    Jessica Channing

    I love most of your stuff. But I don’t agree with you here. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, including famous people. Leftist ideology is offensive to many people. But that doesn’t make them stay away from films and such. Just like I don’t like your opinion on this matter, but I still appreciate your intelligence and your subject matter.

    • Paul Elkin
      Paul Elkin

      First, no one is claiming famous people should be imprisoned for transphobic statements. Second, a lot of the people offended by basic human decency do in fact stay away from "films and such," that don't pander to them.

  • Tymbus

    I am amazed that anyone thought Harry Potter books were in anyway progressive. They always struck me as fantasies based on the British class system, particularly their boarding school setting and their chat about bloodlines. They were a disaster for Children's literature

  • Anyone or Anything. Whatever
    Anyone or Anything. Whatever

    A hot take for a hot summer. Perfect for 2020. Much love

  • Arachne

    I have to say. I’ve never liked Harry Potter. Fuck Harry Potter. Fuck JK Rowling

  • Jeffix

    Nice different perspective. Love your stuff! I'm indifferent on the whole thing, but you're very interesting.

  • Lew Archer 1949
    Lew Archer 1949

    I’m about 15 yearstoo old to really get into the HP franchise, but I am familiar with the books and movies. But even if I was a die hard Potter phile who would be genuinely conflicted by Rowling’s TERFy stance, the utter shittiness of that last Fabulous Beasts thing made up my mind for me.

  • Pearl Ahern
    Pearl Ahern

    Thank you. Love, A trans woman

  • angela jang
    angela jang

    I have decided to read harry potter whenever I want and not talk about it to anyone or be a part of the harry potter community like I used to.

  • tvoja mama
    tvoja mama

    Giuseppe Stromboli

  • Andy English
    Andy English

    I propose a new acronym. Trans-Women Exclusionary Repugnant Person. Yes I realize this spells TWERP but I assure you it's a coincidence.

    • Paul Elkin
      Paul Elkin

      I've always preferred Feminism Appropriating Radical Transphobe.

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G

    I don’t understand how TERF is not a slur

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman

      It's literally just an acronym for what they are, Christopher.

    • Allen N.
      Allen N.

      Is it that hard to comprehend? TERFs aren't oppressed lmao. The N slur and the F slur have been used against marginalized groups and have a history associated with oppression. Name-calling isn't using slurs, bud. Especially since TERF *is* the appropriate word to name-call with :)

  • Michael Nichols
    Michael Nichols

    I don't like that mechanics are generally scam artists, but I pay then to fix my car anyways. I doubt I'd ever want to become close to my favorite living artists or know their personal lives or viewpoints, but I buy their material. Maybe I'm crazy, but the exchange of money for a product isn't a moral ethical dilemma for me. People suck! Still need what they have to offer. They still have to make a living. If their product is so useful/compelling that they gain a platform and say something one disagrees with, so be it. Doesn't detract from the product they produce and/or cause me to feel guilty for buying it. Now donating to them for a specific purpose/cause... All the same, if it bothers people and they need to boycott, I get it.

  • Aze

    Working in a library, i just cringe every time i see HP materials circulating. I try to comfort myself with "at least they're not buying the books/movies themselves and financially supporting her" but it's still spreading the influence of the series, so i still end up being depressed about it.

  • Issa G.
    Issa G.

    I love you saying Joanne. I feel like it takes away some of her power and makes her more human (and thus accountable). Plus there's a dismissive, almost condescending tone when you say it that is amusing. I've held on to a lot of books, often with the justification of "so the kids can read them when they're older" but HP is one series that I'm looking forward to getting rid of. There are better books and better series out there.

  • Peter Korman
    Peter Korman

    Remember that time JK Rowling sent her lawyers after a news publication for children that simply reported an unflattering news story about her, forced them to apologize for things they literally did not say, and she completely got away with it?

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman

      Sentient Blob: it’s almost like when rich people complain about “cancel culture,” they’re actually complaining about the pushback they get on their opinions and how unusual that is for them.

    • Sentient Blob
      Sentient Blob

      Canceling in its purest form

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman

      @Katie Bayliss Yes. A publication called The Day, which reports news for kids, gave a shockingly balanced overview of the whole JKR situation, which you can read here: They were forced to apologize for things they literally did not do, like apparently calling for a boycott, calling her unpleasant and saying her language was harmful. Even if they were to fight that in court, the cost would put them out of business, so they had no choice but to apologize for things that literally weren't written. Joanne clearly did this to send a message.

    • Katie Bayliss
      Katie Bayliss


  • Chloe Caley
    Chloe Caley

    I'd love if you did a series (because I feel like one video would be like, 2 hours long) or something about Tolkien! I also feel like if you've got HP, books or films, then you shouldn't feel bad about it, especially as lots of people can't read it without just imagining the cast, who have openly denounced Rowling. That's how I'm choosing to view this whole crazy mess!

  • Miles Nicolas
    Miles Nicolas

    perfect example of a youtuber who has stayed consistant, improved, and stayed amazing.

  • thepositivelynegativ

    death of the author is a principle you could use to infer meaning from an artist's work that is "not the intended meaning". at this point it's an overabused phrase. we're talking about wether you can separate the art from the artist or if by consuming said art you are enabling harm done by the artist. That's cancel culture and it's a separate conversation that has little to do with DOTA...

  • Thali Venom
    Thali Venom

    but there wasnt any trans in HP? so.. how does this even apply?

  • Aric Montgomery
    Aric Montgomery

    Yikes those dislikes

  • Be L
    Be L

    Another interesting question is, in what situation would someone "need" to read from an author that they'd rather not support? I read all the Harry Potter books after it became apparent that nearly all pop culture references were infused with nods to Harry Potter. I felt that by not reading the books, I was missing some part of understanding the younger generation. Same with Ender's Game--I read it b/c everyone who talks about science fiction talks about Ender's Game, even as I already knew his gross ideas. Are these justifiable reasons to seek out a work? You're not trying to support the author, but trying to understand what the conversation and common references are about. As an aside, I don't see how death of the author is possible, anymore than death of the [product]. The same moral questions come up: what do we do when we find out that almond farms in California are depleting scarce water resources? That Nike turns a blind eye to manufacturers that commit flagrant human rights abuses? and so on. At some point everyone ends up picking the issues that matter to them, and turn a blind eye when it's products that they really want.

  • KazDragon

    Should probably be thankful that Frank Herbert isn't on Twitter either.

  • Pyotr Growpotkin
    Pyotr Growpotkin

    I can separate the art from the artist with Charlie Manson, but Rowling, naw.

  • ujustgotpwned2008

    I'm from the UK and I'm not sure "shameless TERF-ery" is much more normalised here... what's your source on that?

    • James Shipp
      James Shipp

      ujustgotpwned2008 i think it’s just about how in the media both left and right and in “feminist” organisations its more common to see here than even in the US

  • CzarPeppers

    As much as I'm not a fan of inter-generational antagonisms, I can't help but feel with these baby boomers (I'm not sure if Rowling technically is but its besides the point) get sucked into all these fringe weirdo websites and "news" sites because they grew up in an age when critical thinking skills weren't exactly valued in primary and secondary schooling. Now all these people are having the internet dumped in front of them and bam, they become right wing nut jobs. This happened to my Mom too, she was a late comer to the internet and then got sucked into the Trump alt-right stuff. Thankfully she has snapped out of it, but even my boomer Dad has noticed this trend with people he knows, turning him into a bit of a doomer. Also back then information was more centralized so I think a lot of people didn't really feel like they had to do any critical thinking so those skills weren't regularly exercised. Whereas to the two generations thus far that have lived their formational years online are much more use to sifting though bullshit. Now of course this hardly means younger people don't get sucked into conspiracies and right wing rabbit holes, but based on the purely circumstantial experience of myself and those around me I do see a trend. Whether this is due more to the issue of critical thinking or generational differences I don't know. But that's my half-baked theory.

  • Charmiskit

    Imagine being so hung up on some dumb children's books you once read that you'd rather support an openly transphobic bigot's platform rather than just find something new to like. Fucking pathetic.

  • Aaron

    She doesn't seem to get it honestly. The ONLY thing that bothers me about the whole gender wars is the whole, it's personal choice AND a product for society. And it cannot be both a personal choice and a social construct. But sex and gender are not the same thing. I understand that much lol.

    • Josh Cottle
      Josh Cottle

      Something certainly can be a social construct and a personal choice. For example, names are a product of society-if it weren't for the society you grew up in, you wouldn't consider yourself "Aaron," and saying "I am Aaron" would be meaningless without a society around you to understand what that means. Despite this, you are free to choose a name for yourself, and this chosen name can be as legitimate as the one that came before it.

  • Felix Flax
    Felix Flax

    As a trans person who is absolutely no longer consuming Harry Potter anything, thank you for this video! Thank you for using your influence!

  • phoenix

    She was always obnoxius right wing bygot. I am actualy sad she was critisized only for her transphobia, when in past she repeatedly talked against social services and systemic help to poor, proping herself for going from rags to riches - her argument was I guess that every poor person should get a grip and get rich like her.

  • Chris McBride
    Chris McBride

    I have decided to take a time out from all things HP. I can no longer find enjoyment in her work with the hate that she's pushing, especially when it's effecting children and young adults, the very people her books meant so much to. She gets no more of my time, I don't even look into what hateful thing she's said lately. She's dead to me and so is her work...until she no longer matters, she becomes a better human being, or she's dead. Sad but true. She's just gross and hateful to me now.

  • maya rose
    maya rose

    Deleted all my pirated Harry Potter audiobooks! No need for that lady in my life

  • Negativebunnyhunters

    Can someone write Fanfiction where Harry slowly becomes a bigot against muggles or giants or something ? Just to point out the obvious

    • Peter Korman
      Peter Korman

      Already happened with Cedric Diggory in Cursed Child. I was still holding out hope until that happened.

  • AmpersandXVII

    I love this hot take so much. I would love one on HP Lovecraft if you ever get the urge.

  • Isaac Skywalker
    Isaac Skywalker

    Well at least we still have the movies...right?.........right?

  • BigGahmBoss

    Honest question: isn't separating the art from the artist kinda part of the reconciliation?

    • Allen N.
      Allen N.

      Like Lindsay said several times, it's for emotional reconciliation just between you and the art, but if you separate it the point that you keep consuming the new content Rowling puts out, it'll just help her harmful influence grow.

  • Secret Steve
    Secret Steve

    Dunno what you're on about, pretty sure Miku wrote Harry Potter

    • James Shipp
      James Shipp

      Just like how she made Minecraft

  • zxthehedgehog42

    I stopped listening to her far before she ever went into this insanity. I hated Fantastic Beasts, Cursed Child, and that weird tweet about wizard dung. She lost all credibility from me far before this point, and I'm fine ignoring everything she said and continues to say online.

  • onnevan

    12K dislikes? What’s not to like about this? Maybe it’s the pajamas or the Canadian soda? Because it is soda, isn’t it?

    • Lupin

      @Mark Tylerson Spreading misinformation about a group of people JK doesn't know anything about is pretty wrong imo

    • lawrence sahanna
      lawrence sahanna

      @Mark Tylerson *academics: That's where you're wrong kiddo

    • Mark Tylerson
      Mark Tylerson

      No its because J K Rowling didn't say anything wrong.

  • onnevan

    If we didn’t separate the author from the work, what could we enjoy without remorse? Even if we just count wealthy and powerful people alive and in social media? Maybe we couldn’t even type this on such social media platforms, like Zuckerbook...

    • Krasser Dude
      Krasser Dude

      No one could ever listen to music again that's for sure

  • Makrill0

    As someone who is more right-leaning I have since long been forced to separate authors from their political ideology. But in general my experience us more right-leaning are better at compartmentalizing or separating things from emotions, so maybe I'm just a wildly psychopathic person.

    • fierytopaz

      Separating "emotions" from "political ideology" are different things.


    Unrelated, I just realized that Death of the Author is DotA for short. Just spoutin' this, great video though Lindsey. :)

    • moviedave2001

      I thought defense of the ancients, as well.

  • Francesca Courtin
    Francesca Courtin

    the bubble you guys live in is so frustrating. I'm not so sure you as a nation should be proud of being more aware of transpeople's rights than the UK. Your president negates climate change and your country continues to cause the harm that will end probably all life on earth in about 40-70 years and left wing americans prefer to talk about Rowling's views on transpeople because it's easier than not owning a car or not eating meet. It's morally shallow and unconsequencial.

    • ramywiles

      She deliberately framed this as the *one* thing we are *slightly better at, maybe,* almost definitely because she knows the rest of this.

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