Delivering Pizza To Random People, Then Paying Their Rent
FaZe Rug
This was so heartwarming.
We delivered pizza to random strangers but when they opened the box, it ended up being a months worth of rent!! This was very emotional and I had a lot of fun making a positive change in the world!
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug

    Spread some positivity everyday. Love you guys.

    • Yarabolu Yashwanth Sai
      Yarabolu Yashwanth Sai

      Dude u put a smile on my face every day bro Thank you


      I reallly love your videos and big fan of you From INDIA❤️❤️

    • Richard Wager
      Richard Wager

      I desperately need a money pizza (Ashlie Blount) please make my day

    • Syple Flex
      Syple Flex

      Your so kind💯😁

    • gene palalon
      gene palalon

      can i work for you?


    I wouldn’t be surprised if they ordered pizza that night

  • Hassan Kabir
    Hassan Kabir

    Copied Niko omilana

  • V Telugu
    V Telugu

    Bro really you are doing so great job by helping people in this pandemic situation, but pls take care of u r self as well by wearing mask when u approach people..

  • Marie Louise Colley
    Marie Louise Colley

    U are great man like wat u doing thou

  • BiggRod ATL
    BiggRod ATL

    1200 for rent I cannot do, may as well get a house and pay a mortgage

  • Eric Barrera
    Eric Barrera

    Come to Chicago

  • chitranath sharma
    chitranath sharma

    Do chug rug available in other countries?

  • chitranath sharma
    chitranath sharma

    Persons who dislike this video are monster who doesn't understand the good deed of people. Please like this video.

  • TTL Gaming
    TTL Gaming

    I liked can you give me a Lamborghini pizza

  • Siva N
    Siva N

    Seeing smile on others face great thought.keep going...

  • Gemma Mondido
    Gemma Mondido

    God bless bro..thanks

  • Matthew Loeza
    Matthew Loeza

    nahh chug rug is not good

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    JuanUbaldo TV

    Can someone help me buy new phone or gaming rig by subscribing to my channel? I know i can’t have any money from you guys so can you please help by just by subscribing? Please!? So broke i really need your help guys. Thank you and God bless! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Solomon Jabateh
    Solomon Jabateh

    U really help people

  • Martha johnson
    Martha johnson

    I want money pizza

  • Pluto

    7:28 that mom 👀

  • Bertha Marie
    Bertha Marie

    I would start crying if you showed up at my door.

  • Chamling II
    Chamling II


  • JJ 87
    JJ 87

    She says ; i like money pizza hahahahah

  • De cool Jo
    De cool Jo

    am watching your video all the time /from Ethiopia


      From kenya

  • De cool Jo
    De cool Jo

    brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooo/ grate work u do

  • De cool Jo
    De cool Jo

    you are amazing bro

  • Muhammad Rizal
    Muhammad Rizal

    . Your very good man. Like angel for everyone. I am from indonesian

  • Vin DiGregorio
    Vin DiGregorio

    I DON'T mean to sound like a hater cause there's nothing kinder than these acts of charity and good will, but I don't get why the random people got more money than the mother of all those kids having a hard time who are your supporters.

  • Amyl Amyl
    Amyl Amyl

    Bro your every video is mind blowing bro and bro help some homeless people too I hope u will do that.keep it up bro u have big heart people prays for you

  • 11giraffelover

    I cant stop crying. Your so genuine. :) love your videos.

  • Aubree Dean
    Aubree Dean

    I'm litterally eating pizza rn I should've ordered money pizza:(

  • TG Fox
    TG Fox

    See you at the next house😞

  • Asma Mohamed
    Asma Mohamed

    The only thing bigger than he wallet is his heart

  • lil menace
    lil menace

    Ye 😂 😂 😂

  • Satisfied Gam3r
    Satisfied Gam3r

    Noah nodding his head 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • RobloxMan FlavorPurpp
    RobloxMan FlavorPurpp


  • Andy Hopper
    Andy Hopper

    If a drug well I've been a fan of yours since 2017 when I first seen your page I keep hitting to get a new phone so I had to keep driving to your side I know sometimes describes late but I just want to let you know you really want to help people don't you come to Memphis and help some people in Memphis Tennessee that people like me really need the help here I'm struggling month by month I don't know where I'll be living by this time next week if you love to help come in Memphis and health of Memphis

  • angelina angel
    angelina angel

    This is so nice. I wish this happened to me. Wow 1200 for rent a month 😳

  • Zach'sCombat

    I want money Pasta

  • Marisol Lomeli
    Marisol Lomeli

    Faze rug is gana keep growing his not greedy like the other you tubers like the ace family faze rug helps ppl

  • Marisol Lomeli
    Marisol Lomeli

    Yes go to the neighborhood we’re they need it

  • Viral Videos Famous videos
    Viral Videos Famous videos

    I love you guys you are such a kind

  • Sierra Yale
    Sierra Yale

    I love you faze rug you're amazing and awesome!!! I love that you help the people in need that's awesome!!! 😀❤️

  • Deeanaaa T
    Deeanaaa T

    I love his energy when he’s giving back 💛

  • Emilo Odyuo
    Emilo Odyuo

    Rug ..come here in nagaland...india

  • Lanja Abdulla
    Lanja Abdulla

    Very good

  • Tanya Juarez
    Tanya Juarez

    Faze you are awesome 👏🏽 😊

  • Vanesa Flores
    Vanesa Flores

    So we not gonna talk about how FINE that dude was? He so fine Brian went back to see him twice 😂😭😭

  • thomson thomson
    thomson thomson

    Awesome work bro ...good going stay safe bro

  • Edmar Dumaguing
    Edmar Dumaguing

    Good job man. Hope you can spread ur blessings here in the Philippines 😊

  • William Shortt
    William Shortt

    Your a nice man right now I'm not working because of health issues I'm fixen to loss my wife and daughter car keep up the good work bro

  • Lenie Biasura
    Lenie Biasura

    I really appreciate your videos but one things I'm heartbroken is when you say "me" instead of "we" your friend (camera man) does the work too💪.

  • Life with Niyah
    Life with Niyah

    Lol the first women

  • Shmacked YT
    Shmacked YT

    Dude rug when I first watched u it was hard to stop and now I can’t I want rug merch so bad but my parents can’t buy it. So I’m saving my allowance so I can

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter

    Dude I respect you 💯💯🔥

  • sourav Blog
    sourav Blog

    Hi faze Rug,,, i am new subscriber,,give me your whatsapp number?

  • Mubashir Qamar
    Mubashir Qamar

    We love u broo❤️

  • James Todd
    James Todd

    I can't believe rent in those apartments is $1200! Come to the Mid-West folks.I pay $800/month for a 2,500 sq. ft. house in a prime location. Good stuff Faze!

  • Erika Beniga
    Erika Beniga


  • SuperYep2222

    Me being an idiot and would rather have a pineapple pizza with mushrooms and sausages than that money pizza

  • SuperYep2222

    I like how he went to the houses that didnt look rich and to the people who need it😲

  • Mike Rotchburns
    Mike Rotchburns

    Copying niko omilana but ok

  • Yosie M. Diaz
    Yosie M. Diaz

    You Have a Heart Of Gold 😘

  • Mickey Disney
    Mickey Disney

    I Love Especially the Falvor Chug rug Cause i love Faze rug and his videos are Fire i am a good fan Trust me i will never lie The Chug Rug is my Favorite Flavor

  • Stephanie Estrada
    Stephanie Estrada

    The way Noah looks at rug . Is the way I want someone to look at me.😭

  • Wills Footballskills
    Wills Footballskills

    Drop a sub on this amazing channel as Rug is such a nice guy and keep spreading the love bro

    • Rachel Hanna
      Rachel Hanna

      I like and I agree.

  • Joan Vasquez
    Joan Vasquez

    God bless Brian and his family, I love his content. Spread positivity during this time

  • Emelie Tiid
    Emelie Tiid

    You should have bought pizzas and put the money on top of it 🙈

  • Tajul islam
    Tajul islam

    Brother, I am your big fan. I am very poor. Give me a mobile phone

  • sEnorito TV
    sEnorito TV

    stay safe bro.. keep it up, those good things that you are doing.. spreading love and paying it forward... i love your videos. please keep helping people inneed and keep doing lot of videos it make's me happy... take care

  • certified G
    certified G

    FaZe rug ur videos are fire 🔥😂 bro there are other people who are living in Africa who r ur subscribers and there are. Down down ,i help them on ur behlf

  • Michelle Herrera
    Michelle Herrera

    Rug bless your heart and soul your amazing never change and your such a kind hearted person❤️

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    whoever disliked this.....Me:dis dude got 16 mil i no you ain't talking and he trying too spread positivte

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