Demetrius Andrade REACTION After CURSED OUT by Canelo!
Demetrius Andrade CALLS OUT CANELO ALVAREZ after his win over Billy Joe Saunders
#CaneloSaunders #Boxing #DemetriusAndrade
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  • Humberto Marquez
    Humberto Marquez

    Ramble on That's plagiarism.

  • Richard Laurent
    Richard Laurent

    This Andrade is just black mouth, no hero fought bums.

  • CityCat

    He forgot too wear his red nose.

  • Lomo’s SO RARE
    Lomo’s SO RARE

    He dont want your belt yet

  • Brandon Weaver
    Brandon Weaver

    It’s funny people are making fun of this guy but in actuality he’s probably doing this on purpose and it’s working.. we are talking about him now.. it’s working. Watch his video with Bernard Hopkins and this will make more sense to people. More people will most definitely tune In to his fights.

  • S-Class Entertainment
    S-Class Entertainment

    A lot of fighters are scarred of this man

  • Rosejane31 Alta
    Rosejane31 Alta

    Imagine- walking into the ring with canelo, waking up while Los Tigres del norte is playing in the background while canelo is holding your belt.💀

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez

    Bro you got nothing that Canelo wants

  • PauliNo Eugenia
    PauliNo Eugenia

    Canelo should be Sponsor by Payday candy Co.

  • Danny Martinez
    Danny Martinez

    Fight some one you want a pay day

  • Swamp Donkey
    Swamp Donkey

    I never seen this guy 😴

  • piehnoharmony

    Like Tyson said to Bob Sapp, "Sign the contract big boy."

  • J V
    J V

    Booboo is no where near on Canelo level of boxing it’s not even worth even talking about period I hope billy calls him out to a fight cause even billy would knock this man out

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins

    One Day I hope you get the fights you deserve. Canelo scared like a bitch.

  • Erick

    That dude ain't nobody he knows if he gets canelo he will get money and get more known

  • Jay Flores
    Jay Flores

    Dude hasn't fought Daniel Jacob's, Charlo, Benavidez, GGG,...but want Canelo already 😅

  • Butch Cunningham
    Butch Cunningham

    Talent speaks for itself. This guy is making Tshirts, wrecking interviews doing everything but proving himself worthy. These guys want that fat payday kinda reminiscent of that clown jake Paul they know the talent isn’t there so they arouse people’s curiosity with loud antics

  • I Can Fly
    I Can Fly

    I was wearing 15 oz sparring gloves when I knocked Demetrius cold, I would advice him to stay away from the professional game, I am surprised to hear DA talking foolish with any pro, I have the sparring session on my phone so I have proof

  • Dayne Wadden
    Dayne Wadden

    who? canelo would smash this guy

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez

    Take what you got? The only reason people know you is because of that disrespectful entrance you made to the press conference

  • Mr Serikoc
    Mr Serikoc

    No pay day for u sorry not enough money

  • Eliseo Pineda
    Eliseo Pineda

    This dude ain’t shit canelo seen it all inside and definitely outside the ring. Y’all think this dude is trouble for canelo?! Y’all wrong this is a joke

    • AMJ Rekton
      AMJ Rekton

      Payday payday payday payday

  • J EE
    J EE

    Canelos biggest fan

  • Robert Crisantos
    Robert Crisantos

    This fool will regret calln canelo out.....canelo will ko u f out ...break that face of yours

  • Germán Hoyos
    Germán Hoyos

    Bro STFU

  • Ylztrippy

    Clown ass foo trying to get clout lmao

  • Dino Martinez
    Dino Martinez

    You suck as a fighter and talk to much.

  • AlexisBlatek

    Bruh he looks dumb with that t shirt 🤣


    Hahahaha this guy is funny talking shit

  • Vitor Alcobia
    Vitor Alcobia

    This man got soul and moves and speed gonna be a fight... I like is style

  • Diego Murillo
    Diego Murillo

    You gotta this guy credit that for that hustle.... he really wanted that bag

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    Last but not least I think no I know Canelo s english is better than his boxing skills lol.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    You should be a comedian .

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    Lol this video was made just for laughs .

  • Arturo Bernal
    Arturo Bernal

    Horrible, Horrible Fighterrr

  • Joe

    Just came from seeing boo boos last fight against Williams and shessssssss this poor guy almost got knocked out 2-3 times in that fight against a C level fighter and wants Canelo ?? Hahahah

  • Lilya lilyam
    Lilya lilyam

    Dog is a Dog and if it not a dog - it is not a dog...:)

  • DG Wilson
    DG Wilson

    He should be asking to fight someone else first. He trying to retire soon and wants that payday.

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan

    such a bum and a loser, this guy has fought 0 champions and has padded his record with journeymen or people who have only fought journeymen, why is he even getting his 5 minutes of fame?

  • billy brennan
    billy brennan


  • billy brennan
    billy brennan

    I love Canelo. But no class. Just hype. Both selling the heat

  • Fernando Barajas
    Fernando Barajas

  • Foogazy

    It’s not fighting it’s boxing

  • infierno es jalpa zacatecas
    infierno es jalpa zacatecas

    1 55 reporter laughs at him like nah but foreal tho!!??

  • Turk McGirt
    Turk McGirt

    I checked this cats record. I swear not one name on list is a well known fighter. He should fight somebody/ anybody with a name first before calling out canelo. After researching im now embarrassed for him.

    • Anthony Mckissic
      Anthony Mckissic

      Actually it’s not his fault. It’s simply no one wants to fight him. That’s just the facts. As crazy as it sounds he ain’t ducking anyone it’s his style of boxing that can cause problems.

  • Michael Placencia
    Michael Placencia

    CANELO will mop the floor with this horrible fighter LMFAO. PAYDAY, PAYDAY, YOU WANT PAYDAY.

    • Arturo Gonzalez
      Arturo Gonzalez

      Canelo hasn't wiped the floor with anyone. Didn't hurt GGG and Saunders was a joke.

  • Arnold Rivera
    Arnold Rivera

    Let Andrade face GGG

  • Amiri Kiri
    Amiri Kiri

    “I’m tall Black and handsome”...enough said.

  • Francisco Farfan
    Francisco Farfan

    Canelo was right he is a nobody and he hasn't fight anybody plus he is a horrible fighter and a horrible person. Sorry bro you'll never get that big fat check

  • Next Level
    Next Level

    You fight nobody 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ernesto Sanchez
    Ernesto Sanchez

    Please canelo, all I want it’s to buy my house too, mjmjmjmj I mean fight with you, come on don’t be scared...... dad, dad let’s get out of this press conference.

  • Enrique Garcia
    Enrique Garcia

    Well damn he just got done fighting he probably wants to relax for the night if I was canelo I’d tell worst so disrespectful his pops or coach too surprised he didn’t have a heart attack of how upset that ol man got

  • wE aRe [Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅]
    wE aRe [Y̲̅σ̲̅υ̲̅т̲̅υ̲̅b̲̅є̲̅]

    The only reason I know who Demetrius even is now, is cause Canelo said "he's a orrible fighter, orrible fighter." I wanted to see who is this guy is that's so "orrible".

    • :Corey Sligh
      :Corey Sligh

      If he's so horrible then Canelo should prove that by knocking Andrade out within the first 3 rounds. Right!!! Yildrim was a horrible hand picked by Canelo as a mandatory. But when Charlo was his mandatory he avoided Charlo. But Charlo need to step up in competition but who the hell is Avni Yildrim?

  • Valentine

    Who the hell is this guy ????😆😆😆

  • Michael Ferry
    Michael Ferry

    Lol idk why he talking bout ready pickings with all the bums he be fighting lol

  • Francisco Trevino
    Francisco Trevino

    Who’s Andrade?


    Who the fuck is that 😂

  • Percy Johnson
    Percy Johnson

    They don’t want to fight him so they trying to clown him

  • Quinton ward
    Quinton ward

    The unfairness and frustration is unbelievable!!! No one will fight andrade they all say he is trash but what can he do to get a fight with anyone if yall keep making him fight bums i have personally watched his videos of him at fighters press conference's asking can they set up a fight with respect and they all disreapect him immediately after he is 30+ with the WBO belt and undefeated if he cant get a big fight soon his career will be over in 5 years due to bieng black balled out of the picture its sad and fucked up let the man have the same fucking chance!.......... floyd gave canelo a shot when no one gave a damn who he was!!! Or his record at the time!!! He had fought all has beens and washed up guys FACTS!!! Andy ruiz was a back up for big baby and got an opportunity!!! If you never give someone the opportunity to become anything they wont!!! Because no one can without opportunity the fucking word of the day its not about money dude wants to fight and they wont let him in they lil millionare club canelo fought chavez jr who the hell has he beat or fought? Exaclty bullshit excuses eddie hern you got some explaining to do mister easy money!!!! You are the promoter and looks like you are team canelo till joshua returns smh!!!

  • Sleepy_818 Rx
    Sleepy_818 Rx

    I mean you get mad he curse you out but you looking for problems with that shirt. A nobody tryna be somebody

  • Raul Bettencourt
    Raul Bettencourt

    Who the fook is this man isn't this the guy that sold elotes out side of the arena 🤔

  • D S
    D S

    Andrade...I'd never even heard of her before this happened.

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia

    Who is this character he not catching any belts fighting canelo lmao

  • john lenon
    john lenon

    Andrade stop this shit you going to get your ass whooped by canelo that you will regret talking shit your a horrible fighter

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis

    Before he got his eye blown out the back of his head Saunders actually did alright I thought

  • Carlos Aurora
    Carlos Aurora

    😂😂😂😂😂 Canelo will beat Andrade just like he’s been beating everyone else. Demetrius Andrade has a fake undefeated record. He hasn’t fought anybody meaningful. Demetrius honestly better watch what he wishes for because Canelo will gladly oblige eventually.

  • David P
    David P

    Demetrius apparently has not seen himself fight.

  • pardon me
    pardon me

    Lo que te falta es una vergiza del Canelo y tambien a su padre.

  • JR gz
    JR gz

    He just wants a pay day probably the fame that goes with it he wants to get noticed keep dreaming you are not worth canelos time nor sweat lol.. GGG can knock you out in the early rounds ha.ha. lol..

  • Luis Monroy
    Luis Monroy

    Canelo just needs to stop being scared and fight Andrade. He fought in the Olympics and holds a championship belt AND he's undefeated. Say what you want but with a resume like Andrade, it's clear as day Canelo is scared to lose against this "nobody"

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