Dems Divided Over Appearing on Fox News | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Democratic presidential contenders debate whether they should appear on Fox News, while Trump fumes over the network’s decision to host any Democratic candidates at all.
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  • Purple Rain
    Purple Rain

    Dont give fake ass fox your ratings dems.

  • Mindy Hitchcock
    Mindy Hitchcock

    Scary news to you, punk ass pretend president. Fox News starting to tell the truth???? You know trump's scared. Without them, he's nothing but just another snake oil salesman.

  • Mindy Hitchcock
    Mindy Hitchcock

    Laura Ingraham. Drop dead, bitch. You really suck.

  • I See Truth
    I See Truth

    Thats the problem with US democracy. You care more about your competition and votes than what is actually right or wrong.

  • Nibiru Fazbear
    Nibiru Fazbear

    3:21 what did I just see? 😂

  • Eddy b
    Eddy b

    This guy is reaching bad huh

  • Jeanette Andersson
    Jeanette Andersson

    F*ckin' Love Trevor Noah!!! How he can Slide in disses sooo smooth(like a DM 😜😂)on Ben Carson's inability to KNOW or/and DO his JOB!!! ROFL and PIMP(PeeingInMyPanties)!!! Keep up the good work Trevor and Blessed be, 👍😉😘

  • John Bush
    John Bush

    Lemon the bigot.

  • Class Of Verse Me David
    Class Of Verse Me David

    Why am I IT-my

  • Jayden Woodward
    Jayden Woodward

    Look at all the old ass dudes in the crowd when he puts Trump on😂

  • cryptnick

    Laura Ingraham is just another blonde trump bimbo. Not worth any airtime. So sad.

  • Linda Piet
    Linda Piet

    @lauraingle called @peteButtigieg the Pope as a derogatory name in her segment. She done messed up bc WE LOVE THE POPE. WE LOVE MAYOR PETE. Maybe better luck next time.

  • Masato Indou
    Masato Indou

    ah laura ingraham, way to make a case for pete buttigieg :)

  • Paulus Rex
    Paulus Rex

    Why? Are they afraid that they will edit answers onto questions that were added after filming, like Trevor does?

  • Daniela Larranaga
    Daniela Larranaga

    Fox News is just WOW.

  • dougj dempsey
    dougj dempsey

    Laura ingraham sounds like she was about to cry about buttigieg “bullying” her

  • Mika Kurogami
    Mika Kurogami

    Trump:Something strange is happening... Everyone eles: Progress from the shit you made.

  • peter bogdan
    peter bogdan should know if Trump would have been the president of a small country he would take everything,,press, tv..and lock up everybody whos against his agenda. Thats what would happen. Hes an redicilous dangerous sociopathic Clown and I cant believe so many people there are so stupid and fall on his shit.

  • peter bogdan
    peter bogdan

    Republicans there are mean redicilous idiots.

  • Ellis Nigh
    Ellis Nigh

    Notice during the section where Ingraham criticizes Buttiggedge she isn't wearing the gold cross she prominently hangs around her neck, you know, so Laura Ingraham can pose as the arbiter of who is moral and religious. Should we call her Pope Laura?

  • EmLill Things
    EmLill Things

    Why aren't there any republican candidates?


    What Trump is realizing is that America and unfortunately fox will still be here long after he's gone.

  • badmiddens

    I'd never had the (ahem) pleasure... of witnessing the work of Laura Ingram before seeing this. Was she drunk? She seemed drunk. Or maybe just a vacuous hag with the arrogance of ignorance so many of these pant-loads posess. Gack.

  • vincent vangogh
    vincent vangogh

    Ehm, o.k. this next message is to the blond haired Fox 'news' lady....My dear Laura, I don't know you and to be honest i'd also never heard of Pete Buttigieg untill about two hours ago…..But take it from this European, Laura, from what i've seen so far i'd have no problem putting pete in an upper management position on the accomodation and support platform at sea where i work………. and you?..... You'd be in charge of the broom, sweeping the maindeck with instructions not to touch any of the deck machinery, because people that spew out batshit crazy nonsense like you is for me an instant red flag! That tells me that someone with your special needs mindset needs more supervision because someone with your intelligence level is more likely to loose a finger, an eye or some skin or get burnt or hurt when you try to do stuff that's clearly out of your league! Understand why? One of you comes across as reasonable, civilised, intelligent, knowledgable and caring and the other as childishly angry, silly, weird and frankly not as the brightest bulb in the chandeleer! Can you guess who's who, Laura? Change is coming, girl, no matter how hard you try to sabotage and torpedo the movement, …..It is inevitable and unstoppable!!!

  • Daniel On
    Daniel On

    Dance with fox?

  • Zeraiyah Ben Israel
    Zeraiyah Ben Israel

    Man I'm glad I wasn't an employee of Fox news during that "diss". I would have been fired for screaming "That shit was lame as hell!" after that attempt at throwing shade.😂😂😂

  • Docinze H. Martin (Satheist's Nightmare)
    Docinze H. Martin (Satheist's Nightmare)

    Lmao, hey trevor, Why you think dems are divided to appear on fox 0 huh? Is it possible that your show are so daft and worthless and nobody watch it,(like most of the shows fake news corporations) so theres actually no point for democrats to appearing in your show coz nobody is watching and their option is only fox news. Would that be possible thats the main reason dems are so divided appearing on fox? Because, if they go fox? Even 13yo student can even beat them easily... but dems sound like a geniuses in your show tho. I wonder why they seem to be so, could it be they are really far more smarter than you? Coz you seem drowning of their brilliance, did you know that, Noah? Do you ? Well now you know.... lmao whats a poor sod and so shameless about it : )

  • J K
    J K

    Come on Trevor, just because he's on Fox News doesn't mean the audience members are Fox News viewers. Anyone can show up at these Town Halls and usually it's the fan of the person they're having on that shows up.

  • Jay Vasallo
    Jay Vasallo

    Fox doesn't need Democrats. They have 4 million viewers who are conservatives versus CNN 500k viewers who are snowflakes. YOu can keep your snowflake viewers.

  • Korito Spirit
    Korito Spirit

    Wow isulted his dead granddad so you can make a laugh . You're disgusting cuntt

  • Korito Spirit
    Korito Spirit

    Lmao trevor you're jokes are trash .. bahahahhahahhaha you mutt

  • Vasco Apolonio
    Vasco Apolonio

    Righg Wing scream insults and make fake news. Left Wing explain things and dont impose points of view. Thats the big True!

  • 500stoney

    Democratic candidates definitely need to go on Fox and share their message with the desperately brainwashed audience.

  • matt filler
    matt filler

    He called him nathan for u I'm dead

  • Steve Lyles
    Steve Lyles

    the OREO bit was funny lol

  • Alex Ardon
    Alex Ardon

    I respect you choice but let say One lesbian never can be like normal man Or gay (man)people Can be beautiful like normal women I am man I think I see never gay man can be beautiful like the real woman

  • Fly-Orion

    4:30 I’m atheist and I think pope Francis is awesome

  • Silly Green Fairy
    Silly Green Fairy

    why don't you mention the Democratic candidate that FOX has actually been promoting? howsabout you mention how INSANE it is to see FUCKER CARLSON giving a fair and respectful platform to a dem while at the same time CNN smears a progressive democrat for actually being able to steal votes of tucker's racist audience viewers from trump. Just because he has the support of white supremacists doesn't mean he is anything like them. would people rather those trumptards never convert, or maybe we focus on something other than the hate that makes our differences and come together to fight the mutual problems we share as citizens of the same nation? Andrew Yang will be our next president and you won't be able to ignore him after the debates begin.

  • Seetiyan

    Lol the ending was unexpected, but also true. Let's not forget Trump has been picking the most absurdly unqualified people for cabinet positions.


    Let's call him big dick Steve 😂😂😂

  • 123seanisme

    I'm really interested to know if those people in the crowd were usual fox news viewers or people that came to see Sanders and Bootigieg (or however it's spelled) because that changes the impact of their response a lot

  • Noblesse Obligee
    Noblesse Obligee

    ..... Am I missing some context for that oreo bit? That kinda confused the hell out of me

  • {// WTF! //}
    {// WTF! //}

    Buttigieg, being gay, wouldn't set a "dangerous precedent" as POTUS as some have stated. He would be the second gay President we have had... "of record". Personally I don't care if POTUS dances around in the Rose Garden dressed in a pink tu-tu with spandex tights holding on a "strap on" surrounded by dead chickens under the light if a Blue Moon. It's been said that neuroses are good things ... they add interest to life. Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office... so what ? He was the first... I don't think so. He lied to MY CONGRESS about it and deserves to be strung up by the balls with music wire. That's HIS/HER personal business and NONE of mine but If B-alphabet thinks he has a REALISTIC shot at straightening out this mess we colloquially call a "government" IN THE LIGHT OF DAY WITHOUT PSY-OP DECEPTION AND "LOOK HERE, NOT THERE" then have at it by all means possible... PLEASE !!! So far, all I've heard is the same old crap. Openly "gay". Not my thing at all but chalk one up in the "+" column for him/her/it, whatever the preference.

  • {// WTF! //}
    {// WTF! //}

    Nobody's right if everyone's wrong .... we live in a virtual reality of the narrative where truth and fact become irrelevant. It's the narrative that defines the reality. This slot of time in eternity is completely devoid of any type or semblance of any form of God given common sense inherited at birth... oh, excuse me. I can't say "God" and I'm not sure if "birth" had become "hatch" or "spawn".

  • wendy b
    wendy b

    Followng the Amash town hall, a Trump supporter being interviewed said she was surprised at what REALLY was in the Mueller Report because she only watched conservative programs, I really think that having a town rally on Foxx is part of the solution to get the truth out! Besides, it really pisses Trump off!

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    #Tough, its just like activating NOTIFICATION BELL, its not just me.... YES BEN CARSON FUCK OFF!!!! MWAH MWAH AMERICAN AS FUUUUUUUCK!

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    I did too, TRUMP, you can't call it that, Fox is not LOYAL, fuck off? DUH!

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    She said, mentioning stupidity, no cause, no you are should, um be smarter? Yes, peace is better than Fox, that is why DISNEY, as much you argue, is better and left your NEWS, behind.... speaks to 1 percent or is tha jus how rich I'm not?

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    Oh well, I want to be Infamous and NOT Famous.... THANK YOU!!!!! (no sarcasm...) *bows....*

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    Thank you @TrevorNoah, I'm not a blame party... *bows*... thank you?> It is easy to agree and be nice, NO alterior motive.... spelled it wrong.

  • Cire Nordlaw
    Cire Nordlaw

    Probably, but #trevornoah, I haven't seen fifty shades of anything, Yet, but I'm being patient, to burst that cherry with a loved one. no yes is dirty :P.

  • EsquilaxM

    What's the Oreo thing about?

  • Rain Free
    Rain Free

    04:04 I dunno how news work in America... But aren't News Anchors supposed to be if not impartial, then at least not EMOTIONAL. that's what caused Oprah to leave her news job.. right?

  • AdmiralAckbar

    Buttigieg is a Republican plant

  • Grinning Duck
    Grinning Duck

    Anyone else hear loud and clear from his crowd “QUEER!” @ 5:20?

  • pheonixd2

    This take was so much better than Sam bee's on the same subject.. Hope Trevor keeps his rationale

  • Desiree Victoria
    Desiree Victoria

    This guys annoying

  • Sam Fuentes
    Sam Fuentes

    Typical Bernie leads everyone else follows. Let's make it official Bernie2020. Let's elect someone whose capable of leading. Bernie2020 Eli

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell

    For those folks who were mad that Bernie got screwed over last time, and are backing Biden this will have nobody to blame but yourself when Bernie gets screwed again.

  • ThatOneGuyKaboom

    Fuck Laura Ingraham

  • EklipsedDarkness

    Watch 200 Democrats Get beat by a Republican 😂😂

  • G money
    G money

    this little turd still trying to sway opinion of the American people? with his 3rd grade humor and lies ? I love to see these worms work so hard to lie to the people every single day relentless . oh the shame of it all MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

  • Hunter Millerson
    Hunter Millerson

    The "Fox Viewers" (which is a racist slur towards white people) are the same as the fucking people in the audience, you racist people think we are all white, uneducated hillbilly's lol...we just care about our fucking country, and the best thing for everyone one of us, regardless of race....

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese

    Dems are afraid of intelligent questions they can't answer. For them it's all about hate, devide, insight and impeach. I haven't seen any descent Dems I would vote for, so it's Trump 4more years for me!!!!

  • maridontable

    So buttigieg is a petty child and Sanders is a man of character. Got it.

  • McDouche77

    Any Democrat that goes on Faux is a disgusting traitor!

  • Debra VanSandt
    Debra VanSandt


  • Matlyn Smith
    Matlyn Smith

    T's conversation on fox, broken into another conversation, great imitation Trevor


    I hope Donald Trump wins again, and makes these people cry and we have new memes 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Grider
    Ryan Grider

    An openly gay man (as opposed to all the closet conservatives) got a standing ovation on Fox News! I love it!

  • Park Bench
    Park Bench

    When you don't know GOD nothing is FREE. Only those who steal, control and play god possess your freedom, capture your mind and place false values on what is FREE. Hence you struggle all your life to find Freedom. The only ones that are not free needs MONEY, those that (all other life forms) don't have a concept of money and are free.

  • Desiree  Cowling
    Desiree Cowling

    "Younger hotter candidate" 😂

  • jon vanders
    jon vanders

    What is Pete’s message?

  • Nimu Kim
    Nimu Kim

    Ohhh Treva Treva! I've laughed so hard my fake eyelashes have blown away! And I'm still happy to be lizard face! You rock, my fellow African friend! Jambo from Kenya!

  • CipherBytes

    Poor Trump. He's upset because he wasn't the center of attention on a news channel he thinks he owns.

  • Heathen S
    Heathen S

    Things you say when you don't understand who wrote the health care bill, and can't fathom the fact that Fox News is balanced.

  • capoodɐɔ

    The (big head billy) part had me crying from laughing, Trevor you are a pure genius comedian.

  • Gladys Smith
    Gladys Smith

    Trump wants to know what is going on at Fox. They finally got smart and see that you Trump and your cronies are nothing but a bunch of idiots. 🤣

  • Abraxas1177

    Other Dems need to do Faux town hall, anyone is better qualified than the toddler in chief, they can bust him and make him cry...

  • asra kristen
    asra kristen

    He’s a toddler

  • For The Win Podcast
    For The Win Podcast

    I miss John Stewart

  • Barclay Behie
    Barclay Behie

    Maybe the tides are turning.

  • Trigger Warning
    Trigger Warning

    The Dems will screw up the election somehow just like they have been screwing up everything for the last couple years.

  • Rainn Daze
    Rainn Daze

    I'm in love with Mr Trevor. ❤❤

  • GL K
    GL K

    Laura CUntham

  • Addie Alexander
    Addie Alexander

    Pretend the FOX people are human, it's hard, but do it and you get a standing, "O."

  • warren schasker
    warren schasker

    This is crazy and I’m staying out of it. Shit I would clear my mind

  • ruth dunmyre
    ruth dunmyre

    Need to take the high road, how else do democrats get they're message to republican voters. Can't stay in the comfort zone.

  • princess étoile
    princess étoile

    The oreo job 🤣

  • Karis B.
    Karis B.

    You act like those weren't Bernie Sanders supporters.

  • BrokenDisplay

    This will only further polarize things. CNN will be 100% liberal and Fox will be 100% republican. This is a dangerous game your playing and you don’t see anything wrong with your actions

    • BrokenDisplay

      Another thing. My grandma has Medicare that’s all she can afford, she recently had an open heart surgery in order to fix 2 clogged arteries. She can no longer afford her medication because Medicare only pays for a certain amount of medication per year. Basically meaning she’s completely fucked and won’t be able to have any of her medicine just because she has this piece of shit policy that all these fucking morons are trying to push on everyone

  • Merkaba

    You're a lame horse Donnie & they're conspiring to have you removed from office as we speak. I just know it. Tell your lapdog AG to investigate #TheFoxOoze.

  • William R. King
    William R. King

    Very funny guy; Although a side by side photo of AEN would have been a good touch. ;O)-

  • Jose Dias
    Jose Dias

    Get on Fox News! The president is supposed to represent all the people. Reach out to all the people.

  • Liberal Larry
    Liberal Larry

    Sanders is all about saving ordinary people. And he's willing to go anywhere to do it. End of the day there are good people watching Fox who just don't know any better. Especially older people.

  • Chance

    someone explain the oreo thing to me?

  • TheUnkown2u

    what did he yell at the end i didnt catch that

  • Chupacabra Ninja
    Chupacabra Ninja

    Remember when he used to he funny? I am so sick and tired of hearing about his opinions on any politician. Its low hanging fruit, and appeals to people obsessed with politics. There are much funnier things in the world, like the fact the Trevor Noah looks like a Monchichi. Not very funny? Neither is his show anymore.

  • Ken

    "Someone is going to have to explain the whole FOX deal to me." Okay. It is a bullshit network that cares only about ratings. Now someone is gonna have to explain the whole Forrest Gump in Office thing to me. Cause I don't get it.

  • Fred Bear
    Fred Bear

    News flash dummies Obama care is Government run. That’s why these people hate their health care.

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