Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
Alex Meyers
disney descendants 3 animation
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Descendants doesn't make any sense...
Descendants 2 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers

    Hey everyone thanks for watching. With recent events still fresh in some people's minds I just want to reiterate that these videos are mainly just for jokes and I have nothing but respect for the cast and crew who made this movie, and every movie or TV show I talk about. It's all just light-hearted fun around here, so I hope you take it that way.

    • Ahmed Ali Jadallah
      Ahmed Ali Jadallah

      No rip Cameron Boyce???

    • Rubel Erfan
      Rubel Erfan

      Hate you bro

    • Marilú Cruz
      Marilú Cruz

      Good and I hope you're not lying

    • Ukulele Sounds
      Ukulele Sounds

      Alex Meyers you have got to do the show Clarrie diaries when you can

    • Jessica Longo
      Jessica Longo

      Alex Meyers do the show black lightning

  • Reddy Rudoulp
    Reddy Rudoulp


  • Willow Mac Leod
    Willow Mac Leod

    The only thing about the movie that really confused me was how the scepter was supposed to have a curse that whoever holds it would be put into a deep sleep for 1000 years. Mal and her mother are the only ones who are SUPPOSED to be able to hold it due to the dragons blood, so how is Audrey able to hold it and not be cursed?

  • Ship Master
    Ship Master

    So youve done Shadowhunters but can you now do The Mortal Instruments City of Bones

  • Norman Sann Thinn
    Norman Sann Thinn

    The only good thing from descendants 3 is the song with Hades

  • Ann Jel
    Ann Jel

    You should do Degrassi, there's so much to talk about

  • Matthew St . Croix
    Matthew St . Croix

    Did I see trogdor

  • Dorothy the weeboo
    Dorothy the weeboo

    11:10 my little pony

  • Ghoulish

    She sings a song fresh from 2012

  • Vanz Girl1
    Vanz Girl1

    And Hades being Mal's dad doesn't make any sense. He just so out of place. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Dee Wills
    Dee Wills

    Do spider-Man. Love your videos BRB

  • Eliza Care
    Eliza Care

    You funny

  • Maggie Machado
    Maggie Machado

    I swear Ben and Audery didnt even break up.

  • Jean Oh
    Jean Oh


  • Jackie Moreno
    Jackie Moreno

    This video sucks

  • Ashley Yu
    Ashley Yu


  • RealCraft

    I know. My sister binges it.

  • William Miller
    William Miller

    Doesn’t make any sense........ You don’t make any sense!

  • cady amr
    cady amr

    Ugh can u shut up its the best movie

  • Vivian Quevedo
    Vivian Quevedo

    Thanks for making it dude

  • Rubena Alexander
    Rubena Alexander

    I didn't watch the Descendants Trilogy, so I thought I had no right to make any comments on anything but... Dove lips...Her nose looks totally wrong. I felt uncomfortable seeing her in this video - I mean I could not explain why I felt kinda sad watching her. And I said it was bad acting. BUT NO! It's the plastic surgery. Her nose is too upturned and her lips are plump in weird places. I thought it was the makeup but when she was smiling...her lips BARELY got any thinner. Welp...whatever...if she feels insecure about her looks that's her business. She's a grown-up now and she can do whatever she wants to her body.

  • love BTS
    love BTS

    The second one was my favorite because Uma, harry, and Gil were pretty much the only good character other than carlos and jay *And Hades is the best*

  • tea anna
    tea anna

    Audrey could’ve captured Mal with Malificents septor or whatever but she just makes her ugly instead lol

  • marie charles
    marie charles

    Yooo you crack me up but you’re so right. I watched it with little sister and we felt the same. We liked the songs but it’s like what happened 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Bunbag

    Do a review on skins uk

  • Ava Grace
    Ava Grace

    Aren’t male and uma 1st cousins because poseidon and hades are brothers. Ursula is the daughter of Poseidon and Ursula is umas mom. And hades is mals dad.

  • Lily Sowienski
    Lily Sowienski

    Ok you need to do zombies

  • Izzy mcnugg
    Izzy mcnugg

    I was like what the hell did they do to Hades? And was laughing at it but when she said hi dad I was like WhaT ThE FRICK

  • Hailey Donda
    Hailey Donda

    Anna oop-

  • Fendi Hilliard
    Fendi Hilliard

    May I say it’s musical what do you expect

  • Octopus going through the internet
    Octopus going through the internet

    *the trailer is so different to the movie* I thought it would be better

  • Kate G
    Kate G

    Leave some room for Jesus 😂😂😂😂

  • Haleysongtopaz

    Teen beach movie

  • Zaire Payton
    Zaire Payton

    @Alex Meyers, You should do a video on a movie from Netflix called sextuplets

  • Rebeca Genifer
    Rebeca Genifer

    u have no sense!!!!

  • sarah Geangranger
    sarah Geangranger

    Isle I’ve always wanted to say this it’s not island it’s .ISLE.

  • LPS Poodle
    LPS Poodle


  • Its Ma’heira
    Its Ma’heira


  • Number 1 Shopkins Fan
    Number 1 Shopkins Fan

    You're so funny!

  • Alice Ballesteraguirre
    Alice Ballesteraguirre

    alex: while the guys try to find ben me: while the kiss and make out >:3

  • Rwby Smidt
    Rwby Smidt


  • Patch Cosplay World
    Patch Cosplay World

    The reason why it's so crammed up in the last movie, was because the series was going to be in 5 movies, but Cameron Boyes said he was gonna quit after the 3rd one. So, they rushed the last movie

  • M Banks
    M Banks

    hey can u do fuller house as a long on going fan i would love to see a video on that specific show like this comment if u agree

  • JULIANA Kaca
    JULIANA Kaca

    The reason why the security of the museum is so low it is because no one steals in Auredon and no one is bed there that's why😄😍 And also the Descendants 3 is a great and awesome movie 💖and we don't care about the mistakes or if the movie makes sense or not 😄because Descendants is a wonderful and has a deep meaning story. We love Descendants 1,2 and 3😍💞

  • Aqua_Gacha

    Wait but in he first movie mal and the others sneak in and also try to steal the wand but they get caught almost but how come Audrey doesn’t and even weirder mal set a sleeping spell on the guard but Audrey just walked in and he was sleeping. (Also how does the guard not hear her scream/sing/break glass?)

  • Zoe Pastorelli
    Zoe Pastorelli

    8:20 technically the water hasn't cancelled the spell. Not all at least... and if you remember the first movie even the fairy godmother was struck by the spell of Maleficent so the the wand is not more powerfull than the sceptre. Edit: i love how you do videos this is not a negative criticism.

  • Amy Alone
    Amy Alone

    ✈️ to auradon

  • Amy Alone
    Amy Alone

    #Descendants3🧕🏻 Audrey 👑 👸 👗 👠👠 🥿🥿👛👜👝👑

  • Amy Alone
    Amy Alone

    Listen little girl your talking to a god Do what you gotta do d3

  • Mam Bffs
    Mam Bffs

    They’ve always been the VKs

  • Wolfie’s Potatoes
    Wolfie’s Potatoes

    Um Alex enchanted lake water is not a spell it’s magical water she said a SPELL and water is not a spell so it’s not a lie

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat

    If your think about it this is the stupidest thing: Descendants 1: *Carlos Jay Evie and Mal break in museum* Descendants 2: *luckily no one goes in there* Descendants 3: *Audrey breaks in* Mal: *surprised* Me: BUT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH GOOD SECURITY,THERE HASN’T BEEN FOR YEARS!

  • Mxnty Rxses
    Mxnty Rxses

    Celia’s dad is named the shadow man I think

  • Charlotte Sakharet
    Charlotte Sakharet

    U should do f the prom it’s on Netflix

  • Flashback ._.
    Flashback ._.

    Make video about good omens it is not teen TV show but its amazing

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee

    Ok is anyone realizing uma is the most reasonable character because she wanted to open the barrier when that's what they were gonna do anyways

  • fred billsworth
    fred billsworth

    No matter what kinda movie it is, no matter how mediocre, no matter how flat out bad, whenever I see someone propose I get excited! Edit: the costumes in this are pretty rad tho

  • Caroline Philogene
    Caroline Philogene

    Pls do TEEN BEACH MOVIE!!!!!

  • SavageCabbage

    You have to review the movie ‘after’ please it’s so cringe and weird I can’t eveb

  • Tamika Jones
    Tamika Jones

    It did make since

  • Hailma Raja
    Hailma Raja

    No one cares what u think so stop criticising

  • Fallen Graceful Horror
    Fallen Graceful Horror

    would have loved the Desendents trilogy so much more if there was some sort of serious version like Once upon a time , I know it's for kids but it would be chill if I got to see it.

  • Winter Berry 309
    Winter Berry 309

    Bold of you to assume any Disney channel original would make sense


    kinda like sun and moon its more aimed at kids, even though Pokemon has been going on for 20 years+ so anyone who was watching Pokemon when they were 10 are now over 30.

  • Řūbýğāćhãツ :3
    Řūbýğāćhãツ :3

    I honestly didnt like the decendents 3 its was dumb they sing every 2 mins it's just annoying

  • Cory in your Bed
    Cory in your Bed

    People: “Mal and Be are 18 so technically legal” Me: 18 year olds shouldn’t be getting married

  • Shan Sucaldito
    Shan Sucaldito

    Hades:we both hate our mother Me:WSIT THAT COULDNT BE TRUE😤🤣

  • Smita Ghosh
    Smita Ghosh

    Well I have not seen the movie well you now u showed me ..... Thanks ❤️

  • Valentina Claes
    Valentina Claes

    Do a video like these about the show stranger things pls!! Love all your videos btw :))

  • ShaftPlayzYT _
    ShaftPlayzYT _

    lol I'm gonna die cuz of his jokes of this unpredictable cringey disney movie xDDD

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