Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Europa Trailer
Beyond the surface of this frozen wasteland lies the secret that can win our fight. Are you bold enough to dive deep into Europa’s dark history to uncover the truth?
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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.

  • m Woodhouse
    m Woodhouse

    Finally the Empire of the fallen with stasis powers vs the Gaurdiens Shut up and take my money 👍👀👍 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • southern 795
    southern 795

    renegades react

  • Ilona ismooi
    Ilona ismooi

    david goggins


    I only wait for the 10th November

  • FireFly Guardian
    FireFly Guardian

    The sandbox might be a bit broken atm and objectives can get kinda grindy at times but it is a rare occasion I don't enjoy this game. Been playing since Season 2 don't plan to stop any time soon.

  • xReckless Clout
    xReckless Clout

    Dismantle minessss yes?

  • Cavderite

    That fallen at the beginning kinda looks like mithrax

  • Ryzo X2
    Ryzo X2

    Is that a revamped wrath of the machine at the very very end

  • Tyler Kremer
    Tyler Kremer

    Im confused cuz i can preorder this right now is this a full new gane or a dlc add on anyone know????

  • TheRealGKV

    This narrator sounds like the G Man from Half-Life. Gordon Freeman?

  • Nathan Morgan
    Nathan Morgan

    “What do you hope to find he-“ Me at 1:12 : Hold up... was that a tank

  • Jhonny Marin
    Jhonny Marin

    This is why I like destiny, exploring these new areas. Also I’ve been so intrigued by Europa in general, they really nail the atmosphere too

  • zanesnep

    Looks like the same ol' scam as ever Actibungie! Keep up the terrible work!

    • zanesnep

      @ShoobaLooba I'm not going to even say anything about your wording, but the fact that you think that Bungie is still Bungie even though Activision fired virtually all of Bungie's employees and replaced them with people on their behalf (boring corporate douches that couldn't make a fun game for the life of them) blows my mind at how gullible Destiny 2 players are.

    • ShoobaLooba

      Tf you on about? Activision got removed from bungie

  • sniperloaf


  • Ezra Nael Old Acc
    Ezra Nael Old Acc

    An intellectual would think darkness is just atlas from no mans sky

  • Holly Day
    Holly Day

    1:38 is the title screen jingle btw

  • helsing S_1171
    helsing S_1171

    Im still like the idea of haveing players choose to be light neutral or dark

  • rina

    if variks dies i quit

  • ali kemal
    ali kemal


  • Cayde-6

    i mean yeah

  • Alastor


  • SSGoku 71
    SSGoku 71

    So some of the areas will be taken out for this Not forever just for this campaign and I guess after it will come back

  • Shraben

    1:23 that vex just used thunder crash...

  • Odin Warlock
    Odin Warlock

    Ok. So what is the *F I S H* i assumed it was the darkness ghost. B

  • Anhtuan’s Antics
    Anhtuan’s Antics

    Coming out the same time Cyberpunk good luck bungie

    • meme prez
      meme prez

      I dont think it will affect d2. Being that people still gonna have the login bugged just like last year lol

  • Salty Gamer
    Salty Gamer

    Man, this game has had a rough life of ups and extreme downs but look at it now, glad that the community is still here- 1:21 new vex with knife legs-

  • My name is jeff
    My name is jeff

    10 glimmer says the dlc is either average or below expectation. Are you just gona meet the expecations bungie or maybe its gona be is super rushed and buggy? Or is beyond light going to be greatly beyond your past development skill in destiny 2 content and be the greatest most perfect piece of dlc content ever. My eyes are open. This guardian isnt blind anymore. And if we can complete amazing feats, then so does the potential for you to do the same exist aswell Inpress your player base... yessssssss?

  • stingerNWO

    Dismantle mines, yes? Super excited!

  • The Awaken Television
    The Awaken Television

    Definitely the best thing about beyond light is variks is back and exo stranger

  • Mr M3rcenary
    Mr M3rcenary

    Not a fan of the Exo Stranger having the exact same voice as the Emissary of the Nine

    • Giga Olive
      Giga Olive

      I dont rly care, as long as its similar i couldn’t care less. It’s been a long time since the original strangers voice actress was used. She probably left a while ago.

  • [][][][][][][][]



    If you wanna now whats below the ice ?.... i googled it its Water😂

  • TheVoidLord

    Trailer: "wh-" ITS VARIKKSKSK!!!!

  • Cobalt Epsilon
    Cobalt Epsilon

    I want the SIVA to return. Hopefully they are ultimately planning on bringing that back one day. I really hope so.

  • Fionn MacCumhaill
    Fionn MacCumhaill

    It's the music in this game that really makes it for me. It's absolutely sensational!!! Plus the guns, the guns are good too

  • Lolxtale 9260
    Lolxtale 9260

    yay they bring back variks

  • Hot Trash ඞ
    Hot Trash ඞ

    "What lies beneath the ice? My Brain:Pilot Servitor of a war wrecked fallen ketch

  • Rik Mannix
    Rik Mannix

    Me polishing gnawing hunger: I just wanna talk to him I just wanna talk to him

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    Variks English has gotten better of course he still stretches out his words


    Ice to meet you, Variks

  • Adam Heacocks
    Adam Heacocks


  • Chris

    The developers are showing the incredible laziness theyre selling you the same enemy types since six years and theyre not even making the effort anymore to even reskin them pleasy you destiny zealots dont buy this blatant rip off and instead learn an instrument go to a party and meet the love of your life or do some sports everything is better than this blatant bumboozling of the fanbase that is more in denial than schizophrenics in a mental hospital.

    • an aaalu
      an aaalu

      ok Chris

    • meme prez
      meme prez

      So since you obviously dont know what youre talking the reason why the enemies are fallen specifically house of dusk fallen is because their kell eramis is on europa everyone knew this since the black armory dlc this was no secret either if you did the outbreak perfected quest the lore is literally thrown in our faces. There is literally no point in making a "reskin" its just gonna be used once like the scorn and you know how stupid it sounds bringing in a new race out of nowhere? No narrative of why theyre here no lore.

  • Linksays

    Lmao just checked out the video again today, and it has 777 Dislikes

  • Caoimhe O'Reilly
    Caoimhe O'Reilly

    star wars battlefront 2

  • P G
    P G

    Ooooo this music is SOOOOO GOOOOD

  • HYDRONO 229
    HYDRONO 229

    hey bungie could you bring back the theatre mode from Halo thank you for coming to my TedTalk

  • chunky bunny 64
    chunky bunny 64

    Yeah yeah, but what does Variks sound like... *in french?*

  • Extract Kun
    Extract Kun

    “What do you hope to find here” A new raid?

  • Rosa Melendez
    Rosa Melendez

    the mandalorian trailer

  • Hi_im_cool 99
    Hi_im_cool 99

    Fucking variks

  • Kyle McCormack
    Kyle McCormack

    Please, Bungo. Just do a straight up Fallen War between the Houses of Light and Dark. Just do it. You know you want to.

  • Marcos Levi
    Marcos Levi

    And nothing of a new race.. Disappointed

  • Tyler Miller
    Tyler Miller

    Hope Variks dies, it's what he gets for causing Caydes death :/

    • an aaalu
      an aaalu

      No I love him

    • meme prez
      meme prez

      He's on everyones bad side

  • Freddy Guy
    Freddy Guy

    When will be this?

  • Yomanzdevz

    Hopefully in the future you can equipped a full exotic load out, but this looks great. I want to start playing this again it’s been a while.

  • 0 MP Matt
    0 MP Matt

    "What do you hope to find here?" A way to defeat evil 3D Doritos.

  • Astral Mizuki.
    Astral Mizuki.

    First 4 seconds into the trailer and the voice gave me a sense of dread as "Dismantle Mines, yeesss" came into play..

  • Christian Trujillo
    Christian Trujillo

    Variks is a really interesting character I would really like to see how he ties into the story currently happening within destiny. One question I do have is how are you going to keep this story going all the way until lightfall and is there going to be more after lightfall or is destiny 3 going to release later on after lightfall

    • meme prez
      meme prez

      Considering destiny is an rpg it may go on as d2

  • evaskull

    All these people bashing on destiny tho, if you don't like it.. then just uninstall & go play a diff game *gasp* a solution...

  • • ll B A L A N C E ll
    • ll B A L A N C E ll

    Europa will have chatterwhite

  • Modern Crusader
    Modern Crusader

    Isn't it somehow sad that this looks more like star wars than the new star wars movies at least the first moments of the trailer.... But it also looks like a new beginning something we all need...

  • TJ

    Looks amazing!! Just deal with the cheaters so the worlds first raid conpletion and pvp can be legitimate and it could be goty in my opinion!

  • PR 787 PG
    PR 787 PG

    1:22 and 1:23 stranger ghost looks like

  • Fruity Troll Roll
    Fruity Troll Roll

    VARIKS?? VARIKS?!??!!??? VARIKS??????????????????

  • Deadweight

    If only bungie put as much effort into their content as they do in trailers

  • Director 00Donut
    Director 00Donut

    its weird that essentially im hyped for new and subsequently less content. im quite honestly gonna miss the leviathan.

  • John Aldag
    John Aldag

    Europa? The frozen, radioactive hellscape iceball moon of Jupiter? Shit, I live in Minnesota, this should be easy-peasy.

  • Sejad Alabudi
    Sejad Alabudi

    looking at the mix of fallen and vex tech reminds me of venus.. woop

  • Zykler

    Variks: What do you hope to- Guardian: DISMANTLE MINES, YESS?! Variks: What? No we’re- Guardian: KEKIS THE BETRAYED!! Variks: You already killed them dead at The Prison, I don’t underst- Guardian: *SYLOK THE DEFILED..* Variks: That was years ago we- Guardian: *..THIRSTS FOR YOUR LIGHT!*

  • Macattack

    You guys know at the end of the trailer that beyond light song at the end I wonder if that is going to be the new starting screen song for this expansion

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