Destroying 1000+ MECHS (dumb science)
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  • Nathan Ngadimin
    Nathan Ngadimin

    Are you wearing sidemen merch?

  • Jana Daigle
    Jana Daigle

    its the tiwin tower

  • Fringe a Ninja
    Fringe a Ninja

    Lannan before I want 5 of them Lannan now I want 1000 of them

  • Roberto Parra
    Roberto Parra

    What would Thanos vs mech be like???

  • David Noone
    David Noone

    I used lazar in the item shop

  • Joanna Bush
    Joanna Bush

    Sorry wrong day

  • Joanna Bush
    Joanna Bush

    Was this published late because the date it said its published was today!

  • Karina Best
    Karina Best

    6:10 my 12 year old son after someone challenges him to a 1v1 in fortnite

    • David DiBisceglie
      David DiBisceglie

      Karina Best funny comment!

  • adam does stuff
    adam does stuff

    Lazerbeam wearing sdmn clothing

  • YeEt Em HATERS
    YeEt Em HATERS

    This is why they removed bounce pads from battle royale people

  • dimondassassin 21
    dimondassassin 21

    Every mech that floats away: my people need me Me:??????

  • /Just in gaming\
    /Just in gaming\

    Fuck you

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S

    0 percent clickbait 0 percent hacks 1000000000 percent talant and skill

  • Paulo Groucho
    Paulo Groucho

    yes snap em lol

  • 3step no vid
    3step no vid

    8:03 ummmm fortnite just keeps getting nuked

  • 3step no vid
    3step no vid

    7:07 when fortnite REALLY gets nuked

  • 3step no vid
    3step no vid

    When fortnite gets nuked 5:15

  • Carmelo


  • Mirayda Serna
    Mirayda Serna

    What a bloody lendgen

  • simon phelan
    simon phelan

    its like the giant robots army XD

  • jo shaw
    jo shaw


  • jo shaw
    jo shaw

    Plz put Kevin back on the main island just for memes

  • TOXINstuff

    20XX Korea launched the bomb *Colourized*

  • ELIGUY27

    Fortnite players: remove the mech Epic games: extra health and dps for mechs😎

  • Eyad Azab
    Eyad Azab

    Mech party yo

  • Skull_Grin

    This is what actually happened in Season 4. The meteor hit a bounce pad and yeeted back into space. then ashit ton of mechs just blew up at Dusty.

  • T0xic

    They deserve this mass genocide

  • Rafferty Belgian
    Rafferty Belgian

    i got 15 ads

  • George Wilson
    George Wilson

    8:09 911 😱

  • Use code laser ik I copied someone but I had nothing to write

  • UnwiserAgent 708
    UnwiserAgent 708

    Mech army 6:10 everybody’s nightmare

  • Heds Gaming
    Heds Gaming

    The mechs were in *creative mode*

  • Roos Kroon
    Roos Kroon

    Exploding 10000 mechs would break the game!

  • Aiden MB
    Aiden MB

    Community: ban mech Epic: this sign can't stop me cause I can't read

  • Tilly And Lancer Gaming
    Tilly And Lancer Gaming

    This is an area 51 Alien but gey 👽 👗 👢 He wanna marry lazerbeam cuz his name is L A Z E R B E A M

  • Kev Splashy
    Kev Splashy

    How WW2 ended😂

  • Jordan Studios
    Jordan Studios

    3:36-3:42 me: that’s what everyone is doing

  • mr_ pantegro
    mr_ pantegro

    6:36 fortnite: say bye bye minecraft! U cant defeat my army! 6:57 roblox Alex legends mincraft pocket Java and bedrock edition some mobile games and also fornite v minecraft memes: ALLOW US to introduce ourselfs

    • mr_ pantegro
      mr_ pantegro

      I cant forget minecraft himself! He used a nuke mod to finnish this!

  • Cello Diaz
    Cello Diaz


  • Mateusz Solarczyk
    Mateusz Solarczyk

    You da best IT-myr evereeer

  • Roblox Hayden
    Roblox Hayden

    I wonder if anyone approves of this

  • iyad gamer7890
    iyad gamer7890

    Me:( hops on solos) Me:sees 1000 mechs) kill me

  • Haapsalu

    We need more fortnite memes and dumb science no offense minecraft but fortnite memes and dumb science keep me living

  • Kanye Crawford
    Kanye Crawford

    I needed to see this

  • Mr Derp
    Mr Derp

    Twin towers in fortnite

  • The ultimate Mr. peguin
    The ultimate Mr. peguin

    Minecraft so mush better

  • Storm Boy343
    Storm Boy343

    I used you're code in forrnite keep spamming junk rifts


    I ♡ brutes lasar made it more interesting on what I'm doing with mechs

  • Xtreme YT
    Xtreme YT

    Plant melons in nether it actually works

  • Theblock Smith
    Theblock Smith

    7:30 archived footage from the meator

  • Vijay Ulanday
    Vijay Ulanday

    Hello Lazarbeam joking the viewers that your name is Lazarbeam real name Lenen aket or akit

  • GoldenX

    Yea found out the creative map glitch myself :p

  • Inferrnus Inferrnus
    Inferrnus Inferrnus

    No one No one 8:13 9/11

  • Beach

    Self-destructing 1000 mechs vs tnt fill command Who will win?

  • Charizardfan1000

    4:44 that’s what she said

  • Lachlan Gilbertson
    Lachlan Gilbertson

    Fortnite: releases mech into creative Lazarbeam: hallelujah!

  • Ravin

    I used your code for the lazer blast dance cause its your dance

  • Ethan Benitez
    Ethan Benitez

    1000 mechs vs 1000 swords DO IT

    • Exal Reddz
      Exal Reddz

      Not possible idiot

  • Karan en een achternaam
    Karan en een achternaam

    LANNON you need to change your name to LAZARMEME Like this so lannon see this

  • Jacob Gillette
    Jacob Gillette

    Hi you please play

    • Exal Reddz
      Exal Reddz

      You're an idiot

  • SaydieIsDead Yeet
    SaydieIsDead Yeet

    Hey lannan Play Mobile Legends its a good game

  • ethan& logan
    ethan& logan

    How old are you lazarbeam

  • aisha rainey
    aisha rainey

    Lazarbeam made a mech army

  • josh Squad42
    josh Squad42

    Do 1000 mechs vs 1000 planes


    2.17 stypid

  • Jo-Jo Rose
    Jo-Jo Rose

    You should try to put mecs on every point of the map

  • Superdriftgod 1
    Superdriftgod 1

    That’s marcus

  • Gerlie Barasbaras
    Gerlie Barasbaras

    The part that mechs fly away it reminds me of monster vs robot event when the robot flies away

  • Ekyther Yea
    Ekyther Yea

    Do a dusty depot loot challenge

  • Dwayne smith
    Dwayne smith

    And yes I am using your creative code

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